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Millionaire Gives Up Fortune to Care for Kenya's Street Children

Millionaire Gives Up Fortune to Care for Kenya's Street Children Read Transcript

EFREM GRAHAM: Look for the biggest and brightest

smile in these family photos, and you'll find Charles Mully.

His children, who were once orphans, call him Daddy Mully.

You yourself abandoned as a child?



As a young child, I woke up one day

to find that I was alone at the age of five, six years.

And that was my life.

No food.

Nothing that I could lean on.

No accommodation.

And then I became a street and a beggar.


I remember one day, I woke up, and everybody had gone.

EFREM GRAHAM: His amazing climb from Kenya's slums

is the focus of this feature film, "Mully."

And you go from being a beggar to a millionaire.


Sometimes it's so hard for me to measure at that level.

But I can acknowledge and say, yes, the Lord really

lifted me so high through His river,

through the small business that I started.

Small business.



Small business that I started.

MAN: Mullyways Agencies Limited.

And then my dad had a monopoly in oil and gas.

CHARLES MULLY: It was my time.



Where do you think that drive for you

came from, that entrepreneurial drive,

to want businesses for yourself, and to think, you know,

I can do more with this--

I can take what little is in my hand--


--and do more?

Where did that come from?

When I look at it and I look back,

I see God's grace, and a plan, and a good plan.

Does he say that, I have a good plan for you, Jeremiah.

And then, when you look at it, it's like, God had a good plan.


He was planning for me to become an instrument for the future.

When God wants to really to make use of you,

there's no way you can escape, even when you try to run away.

EFREM GRAHAM: Happily married with eight children, Mully felt

God calling them to sell everything.

That call came in 1986, after a face-to-face encounter

with children begging on the street.

CHARLES MULLY: I was really tormented

by these boys in the street.

I saw faces of me.

And I could not work [INAUDIBLE]..

I cried.

Why is it that God wanted to take me back again?

I will never ever work for money again.

God was speaking to me this way.

You were like them.

I saw that.

You were them.

I saw my face in their faces.

And because I was trying to hide myself.

And I never shared with anybody.

I don't remember one day sharing even a testament about my past.

I want, you know, people to see me a great man with money,

with everything.


WOMAN: Dad says that he needed to sell everything and start

helping the poor in the society, the children who

were abandoned.

How do you let go of what you hold dearly?

And how do you decide when to share your love?

EFREM GRAHAM: He started Mully's Children's Family,

now the largest children's rehabilitation organization

in Africa.

Growing that family to the size it is today

hasn't been an easy process.

All this journey has never been easy.

Together with my wife, especially

the rejection from our friend--

Your church.

--from the churches.

In those days, they never wanted to hear about anything.

They thought I was crazy.

We had three children, four children.

And the number kept on growing.

MAN: Say welcome.

This is your family now.

These are all your brothers and sisters.


EFREM GRAHAM: More than 13,000 of Daddy Mully's children

have gone on to become doctors, engineers, scientists,

teachers, and lawyers.

I see their world, I see Kenya,

I see continent of Africa being transformed

through them and through Christ who strengthened us.

EFREM GRAHAM: Transformation that began with obedience

and led to becoming a father to the fatherless.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

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