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Teen Survivor of Las Vegas Turns to God, Changed Forever

Teen Survivor of Las Vegas Turns to God, Changed Forever Read Transcript

This has been called the deadliest

shooting in US history.

Stephanie Riggs is also in Las Vegas.

She sat down with one of the survivors, Lyn Martinez,

and explains how life will never be the same for her.

It was just gunshots, and gunshots,

and gunshots and a guy fell behind me.

And he was covered in blood, my boots are covered in blood.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: Lynette Martinez

thought she was hearing fireworks,

but when country star Jason Aldean ran off the stage,

she ran for her life.

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: I'm just so grateful that I

get to see another day.

And there's people that couldn't.

And I see the videos online of the gunshots,

and what happened, and I can't even hear it, because it just--

I'm just numb to it, and I just can't--

like, I shouldn't be getting used to gunshots.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: This 16-year-old grew up overnight.

My heart goes out to everyone.

I understand.

I understand, I was there.

And I'm just praying for every single person,

for healing and peace.

When Lynette sees all of these people

packed into blood centers throughout Las Vegas,

trying desperately to keep up with the life and death demand,

she sees hope, healing, and good overcoming evil.

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: And it's amazing to see the blood

donation banks with hundreds of people lining up,

because they're not thinking about politics,

they're not thinking about religion

while they're doing it.

They're thinking about other people.

And they're thinking about people that are helpless.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: Martinez still cannot believe she made it out


I was waiting to get shot, I wasn't

waiting to come out alive.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: And now that you have come out alive,

how do you see the world?

So much different.

It's so different.

I find I have so much compassion towards other people.

I have-- I just--

I just thank God every single day.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: Church is the only place she wanted to go,

and is so grateful she has this community.

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: My heart is warmed

by the many people that are coming together right now, even

at this church.

And it's just amazing.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: And how do you feel about the gunman?

I don't think it's his fault. I don't think it's his fault.

He's not right, he's--

it wasn't God, it wasn't-- it wasn't him.

It was another thing.

It was an evil thing.

I forgive him.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: She plans to take it one day at a time,

and cling to her faith.

So I'm going to read The Word, and I'm going to worship,

and I'm going to pray, because that's the only thing that

can get me through it.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: You never really know

how you'll respond when your world comes crashing down.

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: I'm going to love people more.

I'm going to think of people as if they were my friend,

they were my best friend, because they're--

as if they were my brother and my sister, because they are.

We're all together here for a reason.

May we all choose to worship in the midst of the storm.

That was our Stephanie Riggs reporting


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