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New Details on Vegas: Paddock's Drug Prescription Revealed as Girlfriend Returns

New Details on Vegas: Paddock's Drug Prescription Revealed as Girlfriend Returns Read Transcript

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): The body cam video

from police shows chaos and confusion,

as the attack unfolded.


[INAUDIBLE] Everybody, stay down.

Stay down.

Where's it at?


also shows police doing whatever they

could to help concert goers escape and save lives.

[YELLING INTENSELY] No, you guys, get down!

Go that way!

Investigators say Stephen Paddock

was meticulous in planning the attack.

He set up cameras inside his hotel room

and on a service cart outside his door

to find anyone coming for him.

A hotel security guard, who approached his room

during the rampage, was shot in the leg.

He fired off and on for somewhere between 9

and 11 minutes.


found almost two dozen guns with him at the hotel,

along with bump-stock devices that

can allow a rifle to fire continuously

like an automatic weapon.

But what they'd really like to know

is what motivated Paddock to plan and execute

the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Profilers think there may have been

a major trigger in his life--

a great loss or breakup or news of a terminal disease.

Paddock was prescribed and bought an anti-anxiety drug

in June, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Studies have shown that such drugs can

trigger aggressive behavior.

Authorities could learn more soon.

Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley

returned from the Philippines to Los Angeles late Tuesday.

Authorities say Paddock transferred $100,000

to the Philippines in the days before the shooting.

In Las Vegas, more than 500 people

are recovering from injuries in the attack.

45 were in critical condition.

And survivors are still trying to process what happened.

It still hasn't fully hit me.

It's kind of starting to, but not fully.

Seems surreal.

It seems so bad.

[INAUDIBLE] But I just keep seeing in my mind still.

And it just haunts me.


memorials are popping up, as family and friends attempt

to honor those who died and those wounded

in this historic tragedy.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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