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Faith in the Fire: 'These People Had Blood from Head to Toe and They Are Praying with Us'

Faith in the Fire: 'These People Had Blood from Head to Toe and They Are Praying with Us' Read Transcript

It is another somber day here in Las Vegas,

as the city and people nationwide are still

mourning the dozens of people killed, gunned down

right here behind me outside the Mandalay Bay Resort.

In the midst of chaos, faiths and prayer

have taken center stage, during the aftermath of the worst mass

shooting in American history.

These people are blood from head to toe,

and they're praying with us.

So you turned to prayer right after?



BEN KENNEDY: Kelley Marone can't hold back tears

when talking about the terrifying moment when

the 64-year-old gunman fired a barrage of bullets

into a crowd of 22,000 attending a country music festival.

But as we were running, he had a clear view of fire.

And he was just laying down fire on us.

BEN KENNEDY: In an act of heroism,

an off-duty Texas deputy police chief stayed on scene

and helped rush three victims to the hospital.

They were all crying and they were

saying that we're going to die.

We're going to die.

And I still remember telling them, not tonight, not tonight.

Tonight's not your night.

You're going to be OK.

BEN KENNEDY: Turns out they survived,

thanks to Deputy Chief Ure who used his police training

skills to stop the bleeding.

So I was ready.

Saw his belt, took it off, got a tourniquet on this guy.

And he was really, really bad.

He had lost probably 25% of his blood volume.

Hundreds lined up outside the United Blood Services,

and in just one day donated 600 pints.

It's really been incredible.

I'm not surprised by the outpouring of donors.

And I think when all the investigations are over,

that we can all learn something that we can take forward

in a positive way.

Do you offer prayers to the victims?

My prayers, my condolences.

President Trump comes to the desert in a few hours

to offer his prayers and support,

but also to show the people of this city and nationwide

that in times of horror and tragedy,

America comes together as one.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Las Vegas.

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