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First Look at Sony's 'The Star' - the Story of Jesus' Birth

First Look at Sony's 'The Star' - the Story of Jesus' Birth Read Transcript

TLYER PERRY: Tyler Perry here.

And I'd like to share with you the trailer

of this fresh new film that I'm in, it's called, The Star.

I play Cyrus, he's like a know- it- all kind of camel.

Grab your family and your friends

and check out The Star, in theaters this holiday season.

NARRATOR: This holiday season, witness

the story of the first Christmas through a whole new set

of eyes.

It's the wise men!

Hide, quickly!

On the left.

Deborah, are you OK?

How many hooves am I holding up?

NARRATOR: From the studio that brought

you Miracles From Heaven and Cloudy With A Chance

Of Meatballs, meet the unlikely heroes behind the greatest

story ever told.

Herod is up to something!

Mary needs help!

We need to save her!

You're in danger!

You need to listen to what I say extremely carefully!

Do you want a belly rub?

You want to get to my friends?

You're going to have to get past me first!

What is that?

What's what?

I wasn't supposed to look, was I?

Donkey kick!

I'm going to go find someone to poop on.

Nope, too big!

Almost down, one more chasm.

Well, didn't exactly stick the landing, but that was good.


I'm under you and in a lot of pain!

NARRATOR: And Deborah, Cyrus, and Felix.

The new king's in danger!

Run for your life!

Here's a little well placed distraction.


Wait a second are they eating chicken?

Ladies, run!


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