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High-Tech Lab Puts Regent University on Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity Trainin

High-Tech Lab Puts Regent University on Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity Trainin Read Transcript


MARK MARTIN: Surrounded by state and local dignitaries,

CBN and Regent University founder Dr. Pat Robertson

cut the ribbon to reveal the new Regent Cyber Range.

The Institute for Cybersecurity partnered with Cyberbit

to create this high-tech laboratory.


Coordinators at the Cyber Range say

it puts Regent University on the cutting

edge of cybersecurity training for students,

but also for businesses, governments,

and military groups.

Four times the average size, the multimillion dollar Cyber Range

allows users to delve into automated real-world attack

and defense, and multi-scenario training.

DR. PAT ROBERTSON: If there's an attack that

takes place against a corporation,

if their executives have been trained on this system,

they will be able to identify immediately what's happened

and to take corrective action.

That's what we will teach people.

MARK MARTIN: The Cyber Range is one

of the first of its kind at a private university.

Executive Director Dr. Deva Henry gave CBN News a tour.

DR. DEVA HENRY: from this station,

attack scenarios can be generated.

They can monitor how each trainee is doing.

So the trainer can actually take control over a trainee station

if he or she wants to.

MARK MARTIN: In the midst of all the technology,

Robertson believes the Cyber Range

has spiritual implications.

Here is a company that's going to train people

how to run the most sophisticated Cyber

Range in the world, and I think that's a major thing in terms

of establishing God's people as potential leaders.

MARK MARTIN: Reports show that cybersecurity

is one of the fastest growing career fields,

and the demand is expected to rise to six million jobs

in 2019.

It looks like Regent University is well on its way

in helping to meet that need.

In Virginia Beach, Mark Martin, CBN News.

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