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Tillerson: I’m Not Leaving and Won't Deal With 'Petty Nonsense'

Tillerson: I’m Not Leaving and Won't Deal With 'Petty Nonsense' Read Transcript

Vegas is my understanding.

REPORTER: Secretary, do you have a partner in Islamabad?

You just had the foreign minister.

Do you have a reliable partner in Pakistan

now after meeting the foreign minister of Pakistan

earlier today?

Yes, I believe we do.

I think the Pakistan--

it's very-- the Pakistan relationship

and the US relationship is extraordinarily important


And as we rolled out the South Asia strategy,

we spoke about it in a regional context.

It is not just about Afghanistan.

This is about the importance of Pakistan

and Pakistan's long-term stability as well.

We have concerns about the future of Pakistan's government

too in terms of them-- we want their government to be stable.

We want it to be peaceful.

And many of the same issues they're struggling with inside

of Pakistan are our issues.

So we think there is opportunity for us to strengthen

that relationship.

We're going to be working very hard at all levels,

from the State Department to the Defense

Department to our intelligence communities,

as well as economic, commerce opportunities as well.

So it really is a regional approach.

And Pakistan is critical, I think,

to the long-term stability of the region.

Thank you very much.

REPORTER: Mr. Secretary, what did

you make of the president's tweets on North Korea?


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