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Las Vegas Gunman Had Tumultuous Relationship with his Father

Las Vegas Gunman Had Tumultuous Relationship with his Father Read Transcript

As the country is reeling from the recent mass shootings

in Las Vegas, many are trying to understand

what motivated the alleged gunman

to commit this heinous crime.

With 59 dead and hundreds wounded

in the worst domestic terror event in US history,

there are many questions.

Our guest today suggests that the motive may well lay

in the shooter's upbringing.

Joining us via Skype is Ed Tandy McGlasson,

founder of the Blessing of the Father Ministries.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

Well, there are reports the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock,

was the son of a career criminal, who

actually even made the FBI'S Most Wanted list.

Is lawlessness or anti-social behavior hereditary?

Well, you know what?

Scientists that have this idea that they're

trying to make everybody believe that when we're born,

we're born basically we're good.

And if we do something wrong in our life,

then it must be our genes, or somebody else's fault.

And as we know that what the Bible says, it said,

we weren't born perfect and sinless, we were born broken.

And so everybody wants an easy answer

for why this guy did what he did, but one of the things

that we found in our work in this last 20, 30 years,

many times so goes the father, so goes the son.

Or that son doesn't have to make the same choices in their life,

but the wound the father is one of the most devastating

realities that we have across our world right now.

Well, along those lines, Ed, according to the National

Center for Fathering, there are 20 million children--

just in the United States alone--

living without a father in the home.

So how does this affect the child's development,

and what kind of behavior can this lead to?

They're singing a song right now

that was written in the Book of Lamentations 5:3.

And that was written over 2,500 years ago, and it says this.

Orphans we are, not a father in sight,

and our mother is no better than widows.

If you think about that, that's the rage

we see right now in the protests.

The Antifa movement, which I've actually

named the Anti-Father movement.

It's anti-any authority.

Could it be that in all this rage

that we see with kids today, that they started out

in their story without the guy that

answers one of the most powerful questions inside a very

young person?

Have you ever noticed, as kids, even when you're a perfect mom,

but when they're doing something,

they're looking for dad.

[LAUGHS] What does dad think about this?

Because they know they got moms.

They have moms from the very first moment in their story.

But when that same kid is taken away, and there's no dad there,

see, God's put something inside of every guy

to answer for his family and for his kids.

It's this identity piece that God's put inside of fathers.

So when the father is in the home, on the flip side,

we were talking before about children

who grow up without a father, when boys and girls do grow up

in the same home as their dad, what are some

of the blessings they reap?

See, the blessings they reap when

a dad is present and loving, it's

kind of like imagine we're building a house right now,

and we would say that our foundation is Christ, right?

Well, the artwork on the walls, it's mom.

She's relationship, she's color, she's beauty.

She puts that inside of a family.

So without mom's, families are unhealthy.

But imagine that same house, and there's no framing.

There's no walls to go up, there's no limitations.

A dad is like the structure of the home,

and the truth of the matter is who that father

is when nobody is looking.

Many times will be what their children turn out

to be in their life.

I mean, we all have choices, and this guy named Stephen,

he had choices in his life.

But the model of his early days was

a dad who was on the 10 Most Wanted list for the FBI.

Well, apparently his rap sheet was very long,

and apparently that young Stephen

saw his dad carried away by the authorities,

and so he was really traumatized by his father's lawlessness.

But that is clearly not a very usual case,

but getting back to the idea of dads in the homes

and the breakdown of the family--

which many people blame our society's problems on--

how do we encourage a two parent home these days,

and re-establish the importance of a father in the home?

I mean, that's a big reason that we

do Blessing of the Father Ministries

is to empowered dads, because God's made

you and I, and every person who's ever been born.

He's made us all word activated human beings.

In other words, a word spoken over us,

they either empower us for great things, or they tear us down.

That's why believers and followers of Christ, when

we read God's word into us and even speak it over our life,

it has incredible power to give us a whole brand

new story in our life.

But imagine a kid without a dad, and he gets no words over him,

or the words are negative, or they're

nicknames that are just really destructive.

Well, that child, he begins to develop these patterns

in his life.

Many times, they just kind of turn into a reclusive,

or they stuff their anger, and then look for places

to let it out.

And I don't want to say there's an easy answer for why

this guy became a madman, but everything

does start for all of us in the home with the words that

are spoken over us.

Well, Ed, you're a former NFL football player.

But more importantly to you, you're

the father of five children.

What are some of the fundamental principles

that you instill in your children?

Well, one of the things that-- and I write about this

in a brand new thing that we're releasing starting on Friday

on our website--

and it's called the Blessing of the Father for Families.

And one of the jobs that every dad gets to do inside

of the family-- the very first one--

is to build a culture of forgiveness.

And the way we do that as a father is that we first

model what it's like to go and ask

for forgiveness from our kids and from our wife.

You know, more is really caught than taught with kids.

And so if dads never say, you know what?

I really blew that son, will you forgive me?

Those words are incredibly powerful for a son.

It gives a son or a daughter a way

for them to even go to their brothers and sisters and say,

will you forgive me?

But I meet men, I've met men for the last 20

years, who have never asked their kids for forgiveness.

And you know where it started?

It started when they were unable to forgive their own fathers

for the way it started.

The first step for all of us out there--

and when Muggeridge was asked many years ago

what's wrong with the world, well, they

were expecting him to say it's evil in the world,

or it's this person, or this group, or these effects.

And Muggeridge spoke into the microphone

that day something I'll never forget.

He said, the problem with the world is me without--


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