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President Trump Visits Mercy Chef Volunteers in Puerto Rico

President Trump Visits Mercy Chef Volunteers in Puerto Rico Read Transcript

Joining us now by phone is Gary LeBlanc,

founder of Mercy Chefs International.

He's in Puerto Rico.

Gary, tell us how Mercy Chefs has been ministering

to the people of Puerto Rico.

Well, we have been working at one of the distribution

centers, where we're setting up a kitchen that will support

long-term mission teams coming to Puerto Rico.

And we've been out in the countryside with water

filtration units trying to make as much fresh water

for the folks as we can.

Wow, that's really important, because we

know that so many people don't have potable water.

And yesterday, we saw that you had a surprise

visitor, President Trump.

Tell us about his visit.

Well, that was a great surprise for us.

You know, we keep our head low and we work pretty hard.

You don't expect a visit from the president.

But when he was in Puerto Rico, he

had told his folks he wanted to visit a church

and he wanted to visit a distribution center.

So he met us at Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico.

And he did both at the same time.

He got to see distribution and visit with some of the 300

refugees that we're serving, and got

to see Mercy Chefs serve a lunch to those refugees

and to the work teams that are coming in.

So did he talk to you or maybe with some of the other people

around you?

If so, what did he say?

Well, he was glad to be here.

He's glad to bring focus on the tragedy here in Puerto Rico.

And he's very concerned that the needs are met down here.

Yes, I did get a brief minute to speak to him personally.

And he greeted me by name and said that Mercy Chefs

were the best in the business.

So we were pretty honored to hear that.

Well, he's right about that.

So talk about what it's like there in Puerto Rico.

We've heard such awful things.

How can we pray for the people down there,

and you and your team as well?

Well, pray for my team in that they will have stamina.

And they'll be refreshed and restored and ready to go again.

We've been in the field for five weeks now between Harvey

and Irma and now Maria.

We still have our eyes on the Gulf,

at other storms that may come.

But my team is hearty and they're called by the Lord.

So they'll be fine.

The folks here in Puerto Rico are

going to need stamina as well.

You know, you talk to folks that are praying that maybe they

might have power in three months or six months.

They're just hoping they can make it that long.

The big need here is water and food and construction support.

And the some of the folks we've talked to

said we don't need food.

We need water.

There's just a huge water crisis here in the country,

because with the power grid down,

the water pumping stations aren't working.

And so we're working as hard as we

can to help prevent any possible outbreaks that may follow that.


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