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News on The 700 Club: October 5, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct. 5: President Donald Trump met Wednesday with first responders, doctors, nurses and people who risked their lives to save strangers during the Las Vegas massacre; Three U.S. Army Special Ops commandos killed ... Read Transcript

Well, welcome to this edition of "The 700 Club."

We're glad to have you with us.

We've got some exciting things to talk about today.

But you know, when you consider what happened in Las Vegas,

it was terrible slaughter, but it

would have been much worse were it

not for the heroic effort of individuals

who actually were willing to give

their lives to save others.

And President Trump honored them in his visit

to Vegas on Wednesday.

Well, there was another side to the President's trip,

and it's one that you won't see in the mainstream news.

Trump also spoke with local pastors about the tragedy.

Ben Kennedy brings us the story from Las Vegas.

The stories of survival are nothing less than incredible

as President Trump met with first responders, doctors,

nurses, and even those who risked

their own life for strangers.

In the depths of horror, we will always

find hope in the men and women who

risked their lives for hours.

BEN KENNEDY (VOICEOVER): The Commander-in-Chief

used words like amazing and incredible

when talking about the first responders and medical teams.

It makes you very proud to be an American when you

see the job that they've done.


following the worst mass shooting in American history,

President Trump met with victims and gave his personal thanks

to officers and even honored civilians

who put aside their own safety to protect others.

Americans dashed into a hail of bullets

to rescue total strangers.


in Las Vegas, Trump also met with local pastors.

He shook our hands and told us, Pastors, thank you

for being here.

BEN KENNEDY (VOICEOVER): Pastor Pasqual Urrabazo

got the chance to talk to the President and First Lady


What did it mean to you to have

President Trump here shaking your hand

during this time of tragedy?

It meant a whole lot, not only to me,

but I believe to the whole city because this city needed him

at this time, and he showed up.

BEN KENNEDY (VOICEOVER): Pastor Vance Pitman

of Hope Church Las Vegas agrees, adding

that Trump continues to turn to God in times of tragedy.

People ask the question, where is God in all of this?

I mean, God's right in the middle of it.

God was drawing people to Himself

through this and saving people.

May God bring healing to the families of the wounded,

the injured, and the fallen.

The President was only in the desert for a few hours

but, in that short period of time,

had a big impact in the wake of this tragedy,

as police continue their investigation

right here behind me into the motive behind this massacre.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Las Vegas.

Thanks, Ben.

Well, one of the survivors of the horrible slaughter Sunday

has a remarkable story to tell because God already

had someone praying for him weeks before the attack.

This is an amazing story.

John Jessup has it.

Well, that's right, Pat.

While many survivors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas

have learned about the power of prayer, one in particular

saw his family's prayers answered in real time.

Stephanie Riggs caught up with a young man

named Chris Hahn near the scene of the crime along the Las

Vegas strip.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: How old are you

27, today.


has reason to celebrate his life after surviving

a mass shooting in Las Vegas where he found himself

in a sea of panic.

The first thing I thought of was to call my mom.

Honestly, the first reaction was just to have her on the phone

and say "I love you" and just to talk to someone

while this went down.

STEPHANIE RIGGS (VOICEOVER): As he ran for cover

with thousands of other terrified souls,

his mom began to pray.

She didn't cry.

She didn't panic.

She just said, it's all right.

It's all right.

We're going to pray.

You're going to be protected.

We're going to ask God for His protection.

And at that moment, and I'm sure she was terrified

as can be, I mean, you could still

hear the gunshots ringing out and screaming.

She just started to pray with me and said,

we need your protection right now, Lord.

We need You to protect Him.


says he found an immediate sense of peace

and rallied for those around him and suddenly remembered

a phone call from his sister a few weeks ago.

She was, like, it's just I feel this really strong--

this really strong urge to pray for you.

And God is telling me that you're going to be--

you're going to be under fire.

And that's funny, she actually said those words.

But at the time, I just thought, under fire, I knew

that could be a lot of things.


what really happened here just a few days ago in Las Vegas.

But this bright young real estate agent

plans to trust Him and keep going.

This isn't humanly possible, that there's

other things involved, and there's evil in this world.

And it's just watching God come into play now

and helping people heal and just watching

the outreach of people that don't even know each other.

Thanks, Stephanie.

Well, turning overseas to Europe,

after unprecedented violence against its own citizens

Sunday, Spain is headed for another showdown

with the renegade province of Catalonia,

which wants to become an independent state.

And Catalonia may not be alone.

Independence movements in other European countries

may spring up as well.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): With its capital in Barcelona,

Catalonia has its own history, culture, and language.

Catalonia also pays more in taxes

to the Spanish government in Madrid than it gets back.

Many Catalons want to be free of Spain.

There are reports the Catalan parliament

will consider a declaration of independence

from Spain on Monday.

Europeans were shocked at the extraordinary level of violence

directed against Catalons trying to vote Sunday

in a referendum on independence, which the Spanish government

declared illegal.

It made many wonder just how free and democratic

the European Union really is.

A former leader of the Czech Republic

who grew up under communism came to Brussels,

and he gave a speech.

And he told EU lawmakers that the European Union reminded him

of the Soviet Union, and he was booed.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): But this violence could easily

remind at least some Europeans about what

life was like in the totalitarian governments

behind the Iron Curtain.

Almost 900 were injured by police.

I've called the European Union undemocratic.

I've called it antidemocratic.

But never, ever in my fiercest criticisms

here did I think we would see the police of a member

state of the union injuring 900 people in an attempt

to stop them going out to vote.

We saw women being dragged out of polling stations

by their hair, old ladies with gashes in their forehead.

And what do we get from Mr. [INAUDIBLE]

today, not a dicky-bird.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): Catalons viewed the vote

as a democratic expression of free speech

and self-determination.

But the European Commission has sided firmly

with the government in Madrid and said

the Spanish government's use of force

was necessary to uphold the rule of law.

The independence movement in Catalonia

is a big problem for the European Union

because there are many regions of Europe, most notably

Flanders in the northern half of Belgium,

where other separatist movements also

want to break away and declare their own nation.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Thanks, Dale.

Pat, those were some startling images to see.

These countries are cobbled together by politicians,

and the natural relationship was--

for example, in Belgium, you know,

the Dutch and the Flemish, the Walloons,

and so forth, they've had enmity for years.

And all of a sudden, somebody has come together

and said, well, you need to have one nation.

Well, those people still don't like each other the way

they should.

And so they don't really want to be together.

And the idea of one nation certainly

is true in the Middle East, where a lot of those nations,

like Iraq, are creatures of European powers.

And they begin to say, no, we don't want that.

We think we ought to have independence

of independent groups.

And you're going to find more and more and more of that.

And will it tear things apart?

Well, is that bad?

I'm not sure it is bad.

All right, John.

Well, Pat, in health news, about 40%

of all cancer cases in the United States

are linked to being either obese or overweight.

That's according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The extra weight isn't necessarily

causing the cancers, but it does increase the risk.

While the overall rate of cases has

been falling since the 1990s, the rate

of cancer related to obesity has been

rising, affecting more than twice as many women as men.

And some of the cancers, like colon, pancreatic, breast,

and others, are among the worse.

And Pat, as you well know, a whopping 2/3 of Americans

are considered either overweight or obese.

It is appalling what's happening.

And I've pointed some time ago to high fructose corn

syrup, which I think is present in so many foods.

We load our foods up.

The grocery vendors load their food

up with substances that make us want to eat more of them.

And that high fructose corn syrup

is something you find in baby food,

and it's all the way up and down the chain.

And we have an epidemic of obesity

and it's causing Type 2 diabetes.

It's causing serious health problems.

And now they're talking about heart conditions and cancer.

The whole idea of inflammation is the root cause

of so many diseases.

It's inflammation, and the inflammation

is caused because we have so many impurities in our bodies,

so much sweets, so much sugar, white flour, and things

like that.

And the way we process our food is killing us.

I mean, it's a shame.

You know, I just bought some lunch things

for my granddaughter the other day.

And right on the juice box, now it's

actually saying, "no high fructose corn syrup."

I mean, people are on to it.

Maybe they're listening to this program.


Well, you know, we did a thing on MSG

and showed how many soups have it.

And I was showing Campbell's Soups, and they had MSG.

And they began to advertise, no, we're not doing it anymore.

Progresso was the one that didn't have any MSG.

But MSG is an excitotoxin, and it's in so much food.

And they're loading this stuff up,

and it's bad for you, ladies and gentlemen.

So where do you shop?

Go to the outer aisle of the grocery store

where the fresh fruit is, the fresh vegetables, and eat them.

That's what you ought to be eating, if possible.


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