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Praying For Your Needs: October 5, 2017

Terry prays for you and delivers words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

I want to build your faith also

with Donna who lives in Shreveport, Louisiana.

She developed the weakness and pain in her right shoulder.

One day, she was watching this program

and Pat gave a word of knowledge.

He said, there's a muscular weakness in the shoulder

right now and it's the right shoulder.

Donna said immediately the pain and the weakness

she had been experiencing was completely gone.

Sometimes it happens like that.

It's immediate.

Sometimes it happens over a window of time.

Sometimes it's from nothing.

God will do what He will do His way.

The question is, will we trust Him?

Will we believe for it?

Will we declare it?

And sometimes, you have to do that when

you don't even see it yet.

I want to pray with you today.

I don't know what your need is, but I know that God is big.

I know that He hears you.

I know that He sees you and that every detail of what goes on

in your life matters to Him.

And here's the thing--

He uses it all.

Whether He does it the way you think He'll do it or not,

He uses it all.

So let's pray together and let's just

invite Him into the middle of your need right now.

Jesus, we just ask you now, as You do see each one of us,

as You do hear every prayer.

You say in Your word that sometimes You reach out

and You meet our need before we even speak it to You.

Today, would You testify to Your children

of who You are by Your glory and Your power

and the magnitude of Your presence in their lives, God?

Would You touch them at their point of need?

Would You give vision where there's no vision?

Would you give the ability to hear where there is deafness?

Would You heal now in the mighty, matchless name

of Jesus?

We pray for people who are in impossible situations

with diagnoses that are dire.

I just pray an outpouring of a spirit of hope and faith

and belief.

I pray that You would send people to Your word, God,

that they would stand on it and be delivered

because of Your greatness and Your majesty and Your power.

We just bow down before You today and we say

thank You before we ever see the work of Your hand.

Thank You.

Thank You for Your presence, for Your love.

Thank You for making a difference in our lives.

We pray all of this in Jesus' name, amen.

Listen, if you've got something specific

and you'd like to pray with someone about it,

we always have prayer warriors on our prayer lines.

And there's our number right there.

It's toll free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

So you call now.

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