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Lawmakers, NRA Push For 'Bump Stocks' Ban

Lawmakers, NRA Push For 'Bump Stocks' Ban Read Transcript

The gun control stalemate in Washington

could be near an end, as Republicans and Democrats

appear to agree on legislation that would ban bump stocks.


The gun accessory used by the Las Vegas shooter

allows a semi automatic weapon to fire continuously

like an automatic.


WOMAN: Get down.

Get down.

JENNA BROWDER: Right now, they're legal, and only cost

about $100.

The goal is to prohibit these deadly devices that

caused so much death and destruction in Las Vegas

earlier this week.

JENNA BROWDER: Republican Representative Carlos Curbello

says he will introduce a bipartisan bill in the House

to put a total ban on bump stocks,

similar to a bill proposed by Democrats in the Senate.

We have to act now.

And we're not going the way.

We've told the families we have to pass something.

JENNA BROWDER: But not all lawmakers

are on board, like Representative Steve Scalise,

who was shot and nearly killed at a Republican baseball

practice in June.

He's concerned that a ban on bump stocks

would lead to wider regulations on guns.

Senator John Kennedy agrees.

I don't think that the 80 or 90 million Americans who

exercise their Second Amendment rights to own a gun

should be punished for the act of one evil person.

JENNA BROWDER: As for the president--

We'll be looking into that over the next short period.

So for now, the future of this remains

in the hands of Congress.

Meantime, the Department of Homeland Security

has reached out to police departments warning them

of possible copycats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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