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News on The 700 Club: October 6, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct. 6 Lawmakers and the NRA push for a ban on “Bump Stocks” after the Las Vegas massacre; Tropical storm Nate claims at least 22 lives and threatens the U.S. coast; “Awaken the Dawn” comes to Washington, ... Read Transcript

GORDON ROBERTSON: Welcome to The 700 Club.

The man who went on the shooting rampage in Las Vegas

may have considered other targets as well,

Boston and Chicago.

Those are just some of the clues authorities have found as they

continue their investigation.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Many people have been released from the hospital

after being wounded in the attack.

And some of the survivors have relied on their faith in God.

Stephanie Riggs brings us the story from Las Vegas.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: The motive behind the largest

mass shooting in US history remains a mystery,

but police say it was most definitely premeditated,

and the shooter may have even planned his escape.

They say the note they found in his room

was not a suicide note.

Although Stephen Paddock shot and killed himself,

it sounds like he planned to survive.

He had 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car,

including fertilizer that could have

been used to make explosives, and 60 pounds of Tannerite,

used in explosive rifle targets.

Investigators are looking into whether Paddock scoped out

bigger music festivals here in Las Vegas

and in Chicago before deciding on the 32nd floor of Mandalay

Bay and 22,000 unsuspecting souls, killing 58 of them

and injuring just under 500.

Paddock had rented rooms overlooking the Life Is

Beautiful show in late September near the strip here in Vegas

and the heavily attended Lollapalooza Festival

in Chicago in August.

It's still not clear if he aborted his plans

to carry out those attacks.

Investigators have put together a profile

of a disturbed and dangerous man who had been compiling

an arsenal for decades.

The coroner will not release his autopsy,

but behavioral experts wonder if the 64-year-old suffered from

a brain abnormality, or had a terminal illness that led him

to lose his mind and do the unthinkable.

As some victims still fight for their lives

in Las Vegas area hospitals, people

gather outside of Mandalay Bay, fill Las Vegas blood banks

and churches offering support.

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: My heart is warmed

by the many people that are coming together right now, even

at this church.

I mean, it's just amazing.

And how do you feel about the gunman?

LYNETTE MARTINEZ: I don't think it's his fault.

I don't think it's his fault. He's not right.

It wasn't God.

It wasn't him.

It was another thing.

It was an evil thing.

I forgive him.

Las Vegas is often referred to as Sin City,

but some locals are renaming it Sincere City,

or Grace City, revealing a side of this place

we have not seen before.

In Las Vegas, Stephanie Riggs, CBN News.

GORDON ROBERTSON: Now we're all asking why did this happen.

I'm not sure we'll ever get an answer, a definitive answer,

to that.

And now we're starting to ask how did this happen,

and what can we do about that?

Well after the shootings, the debate over gun control

is now center stage on Capitol Hill.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


JOHN JESSUP: Thanks Gordon.

And the main focus of that debate

is banning, or at least regulating,

a potentially powerful gun accessory

that was used in Las Vegas.

Jenna Browder has that story.

JENNA BROWDER: The gun control stalemate in Washington

could be near an end, as Republicans and Democrats

appear to agree on legislation that would ban bump stocks.

The gun accessory used by the Las Vegas shooter

allows a semi automatic weapon to fire continuously

like an automatic.

Right now they're legal and only cost about $100.

CARLOS CURBELO: The goal is to prohibit these deadly devices

that caused so much death and destruction in Las Vegas

earlier this week.

JENNA BROWDER: Republican representative Carlos Curbelo

says he will introduce a bipartisan bill in the House

to put a total ban on bump stocks,

similar to a bill proposed by Democrats in the Senate.

NANCY PELOSI: We have to act now,

and they're not going away.

We've told the families we have to pass something.

JENNA BROWDER: But not all lawmakers

are on board, like Representative Steve Scalise,

who was shot and nearly killed at a Republican baseball

practice in June.

He's concerned that a ban on bump stocks

would lead to wider regulations on guns.

Senator John Kennedy agrees.

JOHN KENNEDY: I don't think that the 80 or 90 million Americans

who exercise their Second Amendment rights to own a gun

should be punished for the act of one evil person.

JENNA BROWDER: As for the president:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We'll be looking

into that over the next year.

So for now, the future of this remains

in the hands of Congress.

Meantime, the Department of Homeland Security

has reached out to police departments,

warning them of possible copycats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

JOHN JESSUP: Thank you, Jenna.

President Trump reportedly will announce next week

that he will decertify the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Washington Post reports Trump

will say the deal is not in the national interest of the United

States, and he will send the issue to Congress for lawmakers

decide on the next steps.

The action could eventually lead to restarting US sanctions

against Iran.

Well, the National Mall here in Washington

has seen many large gatherings across the decades,

but never one aimed simply at worshiping

the savior of mankind.

As Paul Strand reports, that's what's coming here in D.C.,

starting today.

PAUL STRAND: They say Washington has never

seen anything like it: thousands and thousands of people,

more than 50 tents covering the National Mall,

all with one purpose: to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

DAVID BRADSHAW: Starting down at 3rd Street

in front of the Capitol going all the way down

to 14th, which is right there in front of the monument,

there's going to be a tent city.

So every state will have a tent, and every tent

will be filled with worship and prayer 24 hours a day.

PAUL STRAND: David Bradshaw is the visionary and organizer

of the October 6th - 9th event called Awaken the Dawn.

DAVID BRADSHAW: We want to throw the biggest

celebration of Jesus' worth on this National Mall.

Every one of these tents is going to shout to this nation

that Jesus is alive and that he's worthy.

He deserves to be celebrated above anyone else.

PAUL STRAND: Christian leaders like Bradshaw

and The Call's Lou Engle say they

have been receiving prophecies for years

about a national gathering, like this.

DAVID BRADSHAW: You're going to be

part of a new Jesus movement.

It's a Holy Spirit Woodstock.

Our prayer, really, is that a whole generation,

young and old, in America, would have a fresh encounter

with Jesus' person.

And that's right at the core of our message,

is we want to call America back to Christ.

JASON HERSHEY: The Lord blesses a people that blesses him.

PAUL STRAND: Bradshaw's friend Jason Hershey

runs an ongoing event also on the National

Mall called David's Tent.

It's been lifting up nonstop worship

more than 600 days in a row.

He believes that what Awaken the Dawn ignites could

bless the whole nation.

JASON HERSHEY: In scripture there's

tons of promises that happened to a nation that

seeks His face, from disease been obliterated

from the land, establishment of your borders,

the healing of relationships.

DAVID BRADSHAW: And the Bible says that God inhabits

the praises of His people.

You know, so we believe in that celebration of Jesus' worth.

He's going to inhabit, and he's going to move in power.

PAUL STRAND: Awaken the Dawn wraps up

October 9th, Columbus Day, with the latest

version of Lou Engle's The Call, this year entitled Rise Up.

It allows millions of women to rise up and pray

the millennial generation into the Kingdom of God,

like women did in the Jesus Movement.

DAVID BRADSHAW: A whole generation in the late 60s

was just psychedelic drugs, rebellion,

just going off the ledge.

And what happened?

A million moms fell on their face

and said not my son, not my daughter,

God pour out your spirit, and He did.

PAUL STRAND: Awaken the Dawn will also encourage as many

of the nation's 300,000 churches as possible

to send teams in future months and years

to come worship at David's Tent so people can keep praising God

there for decades to come.

Organizers will also lay the groundwork

to take this worship movement into all the nation.

DAVID BRADSHAW: Our goal is to go to every state capitol

and hundreds of university campuses

with public worship gatherings in tents.

We're calling it Tent the Nation in 2018.

PAUL STRAND: And they're praying even

before Awaken the Dawn begins.

DAVID BRADSHAW: Hundreds of thousands

would be saved, not only during the four days

but then out of it, as we go to the states.

JASON HERSHEY: So hopefully Awaken the Dawn

is the prayer meeting that never ends.

PAUL STRAND: What's going to happen here on the National

Mall starting October 6 will only last four days,

but those involved with it hope that its impact will ripple on

down through the years and the generations.

Paul Strand, CBN News, the National Mall.

JOHN JESSUP: Thanks Paul, and we'll

have a report on Awaken the Dawn for you next week

on The 700 Club.

Gordon, back to you.

GORDON ROBERTSON: And if you want to attend,

we have more information, all you have

to do is go to


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