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Chicago Man Honors Las Vegas Victims with 58 Hand-Made Crosses

Chicago Man Honors Las Vegas Victims with 58 Hand-Made Crosses Read Transcript

I'm planning to put every name on these crosses.

I'm trying to get every single photograph on these crosses--

9 by 12, life-size, color.

And I'm going to start asking people

to start writing messages on these crosses then.

I hand made all of these crosses.

And if you see, I put a real nice end on them.

Made them beautiful.

Sanded them down.

Painted them.

I just want to--

as a master carpenter, I wanted to have a beautiful memorial.

Nobody else in the world would do something like that.

So it's just as long as I've been doing it,

I'd like to just show everybody that we're sick and tired

of murders here in America.

Ask me.

I put up 20,000 murder crosses.

There's something wrong here.

And what I'm doing here is, I'm lining them up

to show this is a whole big family of people

that were killed here.

This represents somebody almost from half of the states

of the United States here.

So just trying to tie it all together.

Most people would put up one cross.

We saw one separate.

And this just shows everybody-- the severity of what

happened here as you look down this row of crosses.


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