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Awaken the Dawn: A Weekend of Worship Fills the National Mall

Awaken the Dawn: A Weekend of Worship Fills the National Mall Read Transcript

Think how much a father loves it when his children just stop

to love him and praise him.

Now imagine God, the Father, with thousands of His children

gathered on the National Mall in 57 tents,

just for the purpose of loving and worshipping Him.

And it's all about King Jesus, OK?

We are lifting His name up.

It says, "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men unto me."

We want to see that third Great Awakening.

Every state in the union here is represented

by Holy Ghost Christian people of all races and colors that's

here to worship the King of Kings.

NARRATOR: And all of those states and regions,

with their own tents, were lifting up

praise and adoration 24 hours a day all weekend long.

Nothing like this endless stream of worship from Capitol Hill

all the way down to the Washington Monument

has ever happened in the center of the nation's capital.

Kent Henry's been a worship leader and Christian recording

artist since the 1970s.

I hope a lot of churches catch a draft off of this, bro.

Because if every day believers start praying 20 minutes a day,

I mean including some worship in it,

things would start changing in America.

It's coming back to the King of Kings,

coming back to the God of America,

coming back to the Statue of Liberty.

And It's not that thing in New York City.

It's the cross.

It's the cross that set us free.

That's our Statue of Liberty.

NARRATOR: Not just worship, but preaching and prayer

also filled the air.

In order to carry compassion to a lost and dying world

we need to be filled with the passion of Christ.

NARRATOR: Heidi Baker of Irish Global

was on hand all the way from Mozambique,

where she's helped establish thousands of churches.

She had an overflow crowd falling to their knees

and crying out to God.

On the main stage Mark Gonzales of the Hispanic Action Network

led powerful prayer against racial and political division.

Father not only that, we're no longer

going to get caught up in power to the people.

We're coming in power to Almighty God

over the nation of America.

MELODY FRAZIER MORRIS: Because I believe prayer changes history.

Nations were founded.

Israel was founded in 1948 through prayer.

The people crying out for a land and they got a land, amen?

We're pretty far down the stream morality wise in ethics.

But now we got a shot, especially

with the change of the presidency

to do something great for Jesus.

So hungry people still get filled

we need to see the fire of the Lord come again.

True, the purpose of Awaken the Dawn

was just to love on the Lord and worship Him,

but believers here have a feeling that God's not

going to let it end there.

That he's going to show some love to the nation

that showed it to Him.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from the National Mall.

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