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Blind Farmer Receives Free Operation

Gabriel gradually lost his sight until he was completely blind. His family didn't have enough money for surgery until Operation Blessing stepped in. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 12-year-old, Gabriel, gradually lost his sight.

Until one morning, he was blind.

GABRIEL: I couldn't see people coming towards me.

I couldn't find my slippers.

NARRATOR: Gabriel had been a good student

and loved helping his dad in the corn fields.

That was before juvenile cataracts

blocked his primary vision and blurred the peripheral.

GABRIEL: I miss doing homework.

I miss playing outside.

I cry because I can't ride my bike anymore.

If I could ride my bike, I would be with my dad.

NARRATOR: Gabriel's younger brother, Daniel,

helped him to navigate.

DANIEL: It's so hard that my brother can not see.

I want him to see.

NARRATOR: So Operation Blessing took Gabriel

to an ophthalmologist.

Doctors performed two surgeries, one on each eye,

and both were successful.

Today, Gabriel has 20/20 vision.

GABRIEL: When I get up in the morning,

I see the sun, the clouds, and I can see my slippers.

NARRATOR: One of the first things

he did was take a bike ride with his little brother.

GABRIEL: Now that I can see, I can ride my bike with Daniel.

I like to go fast so the fresh air hits my face.

Thanks to Operation Blessing, Blessing, the surgery

helped me to see again.


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