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News on The 700 Club: October 9, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct.9 "Awaken the Dawn" fills the National Mall with Christians; Outdoor church reaches Dallas homeless one soul at a time; Vice President Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game over National Anthem protests, and more. Read Transcript

Ah, the weekend is over, and we're having another week,

and the vice president walked out of a football game

because the people sat during the national anthem,

and the president has got a fight on his hands

with Congress about immigration.

Oh, isn't it nice to be in the US of A?

Happy Monday.

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Yeah, Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day.

What in the world is happening to us?

We are doing away with Columbus

because he wasn't nice to the Indians.

Oh, mercy.

They said if it wasn't for Columbus,

we wouldn't have had any Hispanics.


And the Hispanics are saying, we don't like Columbus.



I think there are some who are standing up and saying, we--

We like Columbus.

Well, they want to tear statues down.

They want to take all these names out of--

oh, Lord.

Is it ever going to end?

The answer is no.

But, look, people are concerned, and I'm

one of them, for these Dreamers, that we

ought to let the Dreamers into this country

because they deserve it.

They are good people, and they're hardworking

and they're great citizens.


Well the president has said to these people like me

and that Democrats, who want to live Dreamers in,

he said, OK, I will let them stay in,

but I'm going to make a deal.

I'm a deal maker.

And I want enough money to build a wall

along the southern border.

Well, the Democrats aren't about to go along with that.

So they're fighting again.

All right.

Surprise, surprise, right?

Well, the president had given Congress his list of demands,

but as Jenna Browder reports, it's

already running into opposition from Democrats.

President Trump is doubling down on immigration reform,

and looking to make a deal.

But Democrats say his demands have long been off the table.

But this is a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, right?

The President Friday, saluting Hispanic Heritage Month

at the White House.

From our earliest days, Hispanic Americans

have enriched our country and helped shape our history.

Praising the contributions of Hispanics.

But on Sunday, a different tone, taking a strong stance

against those who enter the country illegally.

In a letter to congressional leaders,

he lists his priorities, many of which

Democrats say threatened to derail ongoing negotiations

over protecting Dreamers.

The typical person on DACA came

to this country at six years of age,

obviously through no will of their own.

Last month, Trump announced that he was ending the DACA

program, but gave Congress six months to come up with a fix.

Now his list of demands includes overhauling the country's

green card system, a crackdown on unaccompanied minors

entering the country, and building his promised wall

along the southern border.

The White House says it also wants

to boost fees at border crossings,

hire 10,000 more immigration enforcement officers, who

make it easier to deport gang members

and unaccompanied children, and a new measure

to tighten the reins on sanctuary cities.

You know when president says make America great again?

What his people hear is, make America white again.

Just last month, he met with Democrats Chuck Schumer

and Nancy Pelosi, where he agreed

to extend DACA protections in exchange

for a package of border security measures.

But responding to this new list of demands

in a joint statement, Schumer and Pelosi

say the President's list fails to quote, "Represent

any attempt at compromise," adding that the wall was quote,

"Explicitly ruled out of negotiations."

The President's demands could also

divide Republicans, many of whom have drafted legislation

providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

Speaker Paul Ryan says House members will review the list

and consult with the White House.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

Don't you wish there was something

that could happen in Washington that was not political?

Don't you wish there was something

that Democrats would go along with that the president would


If we wait long enough, the cherry blossoms will bloom.

The cherry blossoms.

That might be it.

There will be some fight about the cherry blossoms.

Well, they're not Democrat cherry blossoms,

they're Republicans cherry blossoms.

They were put in by some--

they'll say Columbus planted them.

We'd better cut them all down.

I mean, you know, it's crazy ladies and gentlemen.

But anyhow, there's something that's

interesting that the Trump Justice Department is doing.

You remember that cake baker out there in, where is it, Oregon?

Where they-- excuse me.


Colorado, where they sued the guy under the state law

because he said, I cannot, in good conscience,

make a wedding cake for a gay couple to get married.

He said I don't believe in gay marriage.

So, OK, they sued and they fined him,

and it was one of those things where the fines continued

every day he did it.

And it mounted up to a huge fine.

So, OK.

He is coming up now, and the Trump Justice Department

says no way.

We don't agree with Colorado on that one.

We think they should be religious freedom in America.

The religious beliefs of people are paramount,

and they should take a stand against this gay law that's

come into effect.

I was talking to our producer about the thing, and what,

is that law a federal right?

Is that going to trump the state law or not?

I think it should, but I don't know how

they're going to interpret it.

So this is going to be up for grabs,

but I think that cake baker should get off the hook.

You know?

The Justice Department, obviously,

is not going to sue him, and the Colorado people

shouldn't sue him, and maybe they

can preempt the Colorado action and make it a federal action.

But it's high time we stood up for religious freedom

in this country.

You know, the First Amendment, the most important thing--


First Amendment: Congress shall pass no law

respecting the establishment of religion

or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

The free exercise, that clause has not been litigated like it

should have.

We have not really had landmark cases on it.

There've been a whole lot of them on establishment,

this is establishment of religion.

This is terrible.

This is the establishment of religion,

violates the First Amendment, blah blah blah.

What about the most important part of it, the free exercise?

Well that cake baker is saying, I, under the First Amendment,

have free exercise to make the kind of cake I want,

and the Justice Department is saying, we agree with you.

John Jessup's got the story.

Well, Pat, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent out word

to all department heads in the Justice Department and all US

attorneys, telling them that federal law will

be used to protect religious freedom,

saying the President instructed him to do so.

Sessions' guidance includes 20 key principles

of religious liberty, which make clear religious freedom is

protected in the workplace and that the government can't

force people to act in violation of their religious beliefs.

You can find an in-depth explanation

of Sessions' key points including

how they protect both individuals and organizations

on our web site,

Well, the National Mall here in Washington

was filled with an unprecedented event

this weekend, worship around the clock that

could call the presence of God down on America.

Paul Strand was there and brings us that story.

Think how much the father loves it

when his children just stop to love him and praise him.

Now imagine God the Father with thousands of his children

gathered on the National Mall in 57 tents,

just for the purpose of loving and worshipping him.

It it's all about King Jesus, OK?

We are lifting his name up.

He says, if I be lifted up I'll draw all men unto me.

We want to see that third Great Awakening.

Every state in the union here is represented

by holy ghost, Christian people of all races and colors that's

here to worship the King of Kings.

PAUL STRAND: And all of those states and regions

with their own tents were lifting up

praise and adoration 24 hours a day, all weekend long.

Nothing like this endless stream of worship from Capitol Hill

all the way down to the Washington Monument

has ever happen in the center of the nation's capital.

Kent Henry's been a worship leader and Christian recording

artist since the 1970s

I hope a lot of churches catch a draft off of this, bro,

because if everyday believers start praying 20 minutes a day,

including some worship in it, things

are going to start changing in America.

It's coming back to the King of Kings,

coming back to the God of America,

coming back to the Statue of Liberty.

It's not that thing in New York City.

It's the cross.

It's the cross that set us free.

That's our Statue of Liberty.

PAUL STRAND: Not just worship, but preaching and prayer also

filled the air.

In order to carry compassion to a lost and dying world,

we need to be filled with the passion of Christ.

PAUL STRAND: Heidi Baker of Irish Global

was on hand all the way from Mozambique,

where she's helped establish thousands of churches.

She had an overflow crowd falling to their knees

and crying out to God.

On the main stage, Mark Gonzales of the Hispanic Action Network

led powerful prayer against racial and political divisions.

Not only that.

We're no longer going to get caught up

in power to the people.

We're coming in power to almighty

God over the nation of America.

Because I believe prayer changes history.

Nations were founded, Israel was founded in 1948,

through prayer.

The people crying out for a land, and they got a land,


We're pretty far down the stream, morality wise

and ethics, but now we've got a shot,

especially with the change in the presidency,

to do something great for Jesus.

So hungry people still get filled,

we need to see the fire of the Lord come again.

True, the purpose of Awaken the Dawn

was just to love on the Lord and worship him,

but the believers here have a feeling that God's not

going to let it end there.

That he's going to show some love to the nation

that showed it to him.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from the National Mall.

Thanks Paul, and we'll have a report

on today's Christian rally, Rise Up the Call,

also here in Washington, on tomorrow's 700 Club.

Well, President Trump says he won't

move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem yet.

That's what he told former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

on his new TV show, saying that he first

wants to give a chance to a peace deal between the Israelis

and the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Trump's ambassador to Israel, David Friedman,

says he'll still push to relocate the embassy.

Pat, back to you.

I think that's a promise.

You know, we've built the thing.

We've got it ready, we've got the land and so forth.

I don't know if it's constructed or not.

But this has been held up forever

by the State Department, for fear of offending the Arabs.

Why would it offend the Arabs?

Let's face it.

The United States has a perfect right

to put its embassy where the capital of a sovereign nation


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and it is not Tel Aviv.

It is Jerusalem.

And all of the major offices of the Israeli government

are located in Jerusalem.

And it's time we stop this fiction,

and Donald Trump said he was going

to do it, stop the fiction I should say,

and build the embassy.

And why would you worry that--

The Muslims are not going to do anything

if we put an embassy in Jerusalem.

I mean, let's face it.

Give peace a chance.

They're going to object to something,

whatever it is, whether it's the embassy or something else.

Apartments being built or something else.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Let's face it and get on with life.


Well, Pat, along those lines, at a time of rising

anti-Semitism, thousands of Christians have traveled

to Jerusalem to celebrate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles

and to stand with Israel.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story.

CHRIS MITCHELL: They came from the ends of the Earth

for the six day celebration.

It's the invitation of Zachariah the Prophet

in chapter 14, verse 16 of the book of Zachariah.

He envisions a time when all the nations will come up, celebrate

the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem,

worship the Lord here, and we're like forerunners.


More than 5,000 Christians from nearly 100 nations

came here on opening night to proudly stand with Israel

and celebrate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

In the end of the day, it's God's faithfulness

that has established for almost 40

years now this international gathering of the body of Christ

in a unique way that you can't find anywhere else.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The international Christian

Embassy, Jerusalem, sponsors the celebration.

The organization started in 1980,

after 13 countries moved their embassies from Jerusalem

to Tel Aviv, protesting Israel's declaration of the city

as its eternal capital.

Israel's victory in the 1967 Six-Day War

made that possible by uniting Jerusalem,

so this is a special year for the feast.

And what's really exciting, it's

a jubilee year for Jerusalem.

We're marking 50 years since the city of Jerusalem

was reunited back under Jewish sovereignty.

More than half of those celebrating are first timers.

We're part of a 26 strong Cook Island delegation,

and we're here to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles,

and we're about to be registered as a nation with ICJ

for the first time ever.

Earlier on this year, God asked

me to come to represent the Nation of Samoa,

so I brought a team of 20 people,

so we're here happily from the ends of the earth.

CHRIS MITCHELL: And we asked why they stand strongly

with Israel.

It's the biggest proof that God is alive.

You have the Jews coming back, you have the land flourishing.

Because the Bible says so.

Israel is given to many nations,

it's been a blessing to a lot of nations around the world

and it's time to pay back.

Jews are the God's chosen nation,

and, I mean, you don't want to go against God.

That's all I can say.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, Nepie Serena, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

Looks like they had a great time.

Pat, back to you.

It's a great celebration.

I had the privilege of speaking to that a few years ago.

It was such an anointing, the whole experience.

I mean, it was powerful.

I think they must have moved the venue.

It was, when I was there, there weren't as many people

as they are now.

That's a huge venue.

Huge venue.

It's wonderful to see a group that size, all in unity,

all looking outward together in the same direction.

We've got something else coming up.

This will warm your heart.

We've had all these bad things.

This is something going on in Dallas you'll love.


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