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Christian Pilgrims Take 'In Our Hands' to the Ends of the Earth

Christian Pilgrims Take 'In Our Hands' to the Ends of the Earth Read Transcript

Well this year's biblical Feast

of Tabernacles Celebration in Israel

also marks the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War.

As Chris Mitchell reports, CBN's docudrama, "In Our Hands,"

is taking festival goers back in time for that amazing story.

Gordon Robertson says, if you don't understand the history,

you can't understand today's headlines.

And I think that's part of the purpose of "In Our Hands,"

not only to commemorate and celebrate

what these soldiers did 50 years ago,

but also to help educate and inspire us.

CHRIS MITCHELL: "In Our Hands, The Battle for Jerusalem"

follows the lives of the paratroopers who

captured the old city in the Temple Mount in 1967.

We are sitting on a ridge overlooking the old city.

DAVID PARSONS: We said this is the proper way

to tell the story when it's done with the paratroopers that

actually fought for the city and with actual footage

and the re-enactments like "In Our Hands,"

it's the perfect narrative, the perfect way to tell the story.

CHRIS MITCHELL: ICEJ vice president, David Parson,

says, that's why they made the film a central feature

of this year's feast.

DAVID PARSONS: We're going to have several

of the paratroopers that are in the film,

"In Our Hands," Israel Harel and some of the others,

on stage to honor them.

It's a great moment for us.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Parsons said, Christians

shouldn't forget the significance of a United


DAVID PARSONS: If the city was still

divided like it was for those 19 years of Jordanian occupation

and you came here to visit, you'd

have to go through all sorts of checkpoints.

What's so wonderful now to be able to come

to a united and open, free city and to celebrate this now.

And even the prophetic significance,

what it means in God's timetable,

it's like Jerusalem is God's time piece.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Feast participants enjoyed the film.

AARON BRAUNSTEIN: This film was absolutely spectacular

dramatization, great performances.

It's really touching and help us

to love more inside and the people of this land.

CHRIS MITCHELL: They also received

DVDs to take home and spread the word.

KONI: I'm even thinking of taking it back home

and screening it for my youth and also at the church.

But I think this video will have a huge impact.

I really weep many times when I saw it.

And I thought that I really want to bring this film to Finland

to see the reality of what happened here in 1967.

PAULA: It spoke to me, and I will hide this to my heart.

And it helps me to pray even more.

I even were to pray for Jerusalem

and for the peace of Jerusalem.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Pais Arena,



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