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News on The 700 Club: October 10, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct. 10: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt goes after Obama's climate change legacy; Tens of thousands of women and a lot of men joined together for an event called "Rise Up!" in DC to pray; Christian pilgrims take "In Our ... Read Transcript

Welcome, folks, to this edition of "The 700 Club."

We're delighted to have you with us.

Terry is here with us today.

It's going to be a great program,

and we have got wonderful things for you.

But I tell you what-- if you lived in California, Northern

California, you wanted to wish you were in Virginia,

because it is so hot, and it has been so devastating.

Thousands of people have evacuated their homes

in Northern California to get away from raging wildfires.

The fires have been blazing through everything

from urban areas to small towns to businesses.

And we would ask people to pray all

across this nation for our dear friends

in California, because they're suffering right now.

At least 10 people are dead, and 100 are injured.

And the worst may not be over yet.

Heather Sellers has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: In Northern California,

the fires have destroyed more than 1,500 homes

and businesses, including its famous wineries.

The devastation looks and feels apocalyptic.

It looks like a bomb went off.

There's nothing left of these homes.

This is the stuff you have nightmares about, you know,

your home burning down.

Firefighters are battling in an unusually large number

of blazes--

14 in Northern California, plus a quickly moving one

in Southern California.

But because of the intensity of the flames,

the firefighters had to work primarily

just to get people out.

Life is our primary focus here,

and we need you to evacuate so that we can protect you.

HEATHER SELLS: The fires have forced tens of thousands

of Californians to flee.

In the Northern California city of Santa Rosa,

hospital staff had to evacuate patients on gurneys.

To the south in Anaheim, parents rushed

to pick up their children from school while plumes of smoke

hovered over nearby Angels Stadium and Disneyland.

Many residents have struggled to quickly gather their belongings

and flee their homes.

JAN KREAGER: I'm in shock.

Because this is your life.

October is known as the worst time of the year for California


But normally, the state is not battling

so many at the same time.

Wind and low humidity have not helped.

Firefighters say there is no known

connection between the fires, and they're not

sure what started them.

Officials have received more than 100 reports

of missing persons, and authorities

warn the death toll could rise.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Thanks, Heather.

You ask yourself, what in the world is going on?

This is a great nation.

But I tell you, it can't stand with so many body blows.

As great and rich and powerful as we are,

the weather can take a terrible toll.

We've had these awful hurricanes-- terrible hurricane

in Texas, then a terrible hurricanes in Florida,

then a terrible residual in Puerto Rico,

and now, these terrible fires in California.

We need to look to ourselves as a nation

and say, what can we do?

Can we come before the Lord and make something happen?

Well, I might add, the Obama administration

declared a war on coal.

They said, we're going to destroy coal.

We're not going to have people burning coal.

It's a fossil fuel.

We don't like it.

And we're going to do away with the power plants that are coal

fired, and we don't like it.

So the people in West Virginia and Kentucky and others

voted against Obama's successor.

And Trump has promised, look, I'm

going to restore coal as a key fuel in our national arsenal.

Well, the head of President Trump's Environmental

Protection Agency said, quote, the war on coal is over.

John Jessup has that.

Thanks, Pat.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt says

he'll repeal the Obama administration's clean power


It was the centerpiece of former President Obama's efforts

to stop climate change.

But critics called it an overreach and a federal power


Pruitt is expected to say today, the rule

went beyond federal by setting standards

for emissions no power plant could reasonably meet.

The Supreme Court put a hold on Obama's plan

last year after 27 states followed suit.

Pruitt will announce his proposal

for a new rule he says will set standards that are actually


Environmental groups, though, are already

calling Pruitt's decision short-sighted.

Well, some of the president's allies

are concerned his ongoing feud with Republican Senator Bob

Corker could derail the president's plans

for tax reform.

Bloomberg reports some Trump allies

worry the feud could alienate other Republicans.

The GOP plan has a slim two-seat majority in the Senate,

so it can't afford to lose many votes to pass a tax plan.

Corker has said he wouldn't vote for a plan

if it adds to the deficit.

Now, Bloomberg also points out that Trump

has feuded with senators before, but, Pat, later mended fences.

Well, I tell you, the president--

God bless him-- had better mend some fences.

John McCain hates him.

And John McCain cast a vote against repealing Obamacare

just in order to frustrate the president.

I don't think there was any question about it,

that he was going to take away from President Trump

the idea of, I'm making America great again.

Now, Bob Corker is a very nice guy.

He's a congressman from Chattanooga

and is a successful businessman.

And he's chairman of a committee.

And he is a natural ally of the president.

And to get in a fight with a guy like Bob Corker is insane.

He's only got about a two vote spread in the Senate,

and how many of these senators can he

lose before he can't pass anything?

You know, the Wall Street Journal

had an editorial about it.

They said the president is a man without a party.

And Steve Bannon is out trying to take Republicans out

of office.

And that kind of thing is internal war.

You know, the Bible makes it very clear.

And I want to repeat it, because it's so important.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

If our nation is divided against itself--

on the one hand, you've got Democrats,

who are doing anything they possibly can

to frustrate the president--

anything they can possibly do to oppose him.

All right.

That's bad.

Now, you've got a major party that's

the one in governing starting to fight among itself when, you

know, the Bible says very clearly, they have one mind,

and they speak with one voice.

Now, nothing they propose to do will be impossible to them.

There's nothing impossible for this great nation of ours

if we are together.

But nothing will be impossible if we're fighting each other.

So please, Mr. President, let's stop fighting.

Let's start loving each other.

Let's work together and, indeed, America can be great again.

Let's make it happen.


JOHN JESSUP: Pat, four days of around the clock

prayer for America right here in Washington

culminated Monday with an event called Rise Up,

a massive gathering of mainly women

from all over the country.

Wendy Griffith brings us the story.



An incredible, powerful day of prayer here on the DC mall.

Despite the rain, tens of thousands of women

and a lot of men have come out to pray--

to cry out to God on behalf of their children, their families,

and our nation.

The hour of birthing something for America!

WENDY GRIFFITH: The Call founder Lou Engle

says this event was birthed in a dream, where

he saw a huge gathering of women called to save their nation,

who, like Esther in the Bible, was called to save her people.

LOU ENGLE: There were certain powers of darkness in America

that could only be broken by women.

It was the hour where witches worldwide

were cursing President Trump, and this feminist movement

rising that is not founded on the Word of God

and is funding Planned Parenthood.

And I knew it was a time to call the Esthers.


WENDY GRIFFITH: Christian music artist Nicole C. Mullen

says she felt compelled to be here.

NICOLE MULLEN: After they put out the vision of,

we're calling Deborahs and Esthers to come to DC to crowd

on behalf of life and on behalf of each other

and on behalf of just breaking down

the racial divide that exists--

when they put that call out, I was like, absolutely.


If I had to ride my bicycle, I'm coming.

The church has sometimes got a problem with women leading.

I think it's beautiful that we can be feminine

and we can be leaders and we can follow Christ

and bring the church into its higher calling.

We are going to fight for truth.

Feminists come together, but they come together only

for what benefits women.

And God will not bless what does not benefit all.

So I think that's what makes this a very historic gathering.

BROOKE: It's like a counter of the Women's March that

happened after the inauguration, and it's standing all for what

the Bible says women are, and that we're not independent,

but that we're dependent on God.

And it's just a beautiful thing to be a part of.

WENDY GRIFFITH: In an age where abortion rights have

come to be equated in the minds of many with women's rights,

these women cried out to God to end legal abortion in America.

They put tape over their mouths with the word life

to represent the silent cries of the unborn.

God is saying, it is the hour for women.

And in many ways, women turn the tide of history.

We need you, women of God, right now,

to give birth to a new day of salvation in America.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Wendy Griffith, CBN News on the National Mall.

Thanks, Wendy.

Well, this year's Biblical Feast of Tabernacles celebration

in Israel also marks the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War.

As Chris Mitchell reports, CBN's docudrama, "In Our Hands,"

is taking festival goers back in time for that amazing story.

Gordon Robertson says, if you don't understand the history,

you can't understand today's headlines.

And I think that's part of the purpose of "In Our Hands,"

not only to commemorate and celebrate

what these soldiers did 50 years ago,

but also, to help educate and inspire us.

"In Our Hands-- The Battle for Jerusalem"

follows the lives of the paratroopers

who captured the Old City in the Temple Mount in 1967.

We are sitting on a ridge overlooking the Old City.

DAVID PARSONS: We said this is the proper way

to tell the story when it's done with the paratroopers that

actually fought for the city and with actual footage

and the re-enactments, like "In Our Hands."

It's the perfect narrative, the perfect way to tell the story.

CHRIS MITCHELL: ICEJ Vice President David Parsons

says that's why they made the film a central feature

of this year's Feast.

DAVID PARSONS: We're going to have

several of the paratroopers that are

in the film "In Our Hands"--

Israel Harel and some of the others--

onstage to honor them.

It's a great moment for us.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Parsons said Christians

shouldn't forget the significance of a united


DAVID PARSONS: If the city was still

divided like it was for those 19 years of Jordanian occupation,

and you came here to visit, you'd

have to go through all sorts of checkpoints.

Oh, it's so wonderful now to be able to come

to a united and open free city, and to celebrate this

now, and even the prophetic significance-- what

it means in God's timetable.

It's like Jerusalem is God's timepiece.

Feast participants enjoyed the film.

This film was absolutely spectacular-- dramatization,

great performances.

It's really touching.

And help us to love more Israel and the people of this land.

CHRIS MITCHELL: They also received

DVDs to take home and spread the word.

KONI: I'm even thinking of taking it back home

and screening it for my youth, and also, at the church.

But I think this video will have a huge impact.

I really weep many times when I saw it.

And I thought that I really want to bring this film to Finland

to see the reality of what happened here in 1967.

PAULA: It spoke to me.

And I will hide this to my heart.

And it helps me to pray even more,

like even in the-- we're to pray for Jerusalem

and for the peace of Jerusalem.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Pais Arena,


Pat, that CBN film still making waves.

Well, it's a great effort.

And I think you've got a copy.

I do.

Well, because we want our viewers to know that you,

too, can have a copy of this for a gift of $15 or more.

All you have to do is call our toll free number.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can go to and order it there.

"In Our Hands-- The Battle for Jerusalem."

It's touching lives for people who see it.

You know, Terry, this is one of the most

important prophesies that--

you know, you read the Bible, and you can say,

can I discern something about what's

going to happen in the future?

Well, what's going to happen in the future

is so clearly delineated by the Lord Jesus

when he said these words.

Jerusalem shall be trodden under foot of the Gentiles

until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

Now, the other way of reading it is, say,

when Jerusalem is no longer under foot of the Gentiles,

then the times of the Gentiles will be over.

Now, what are the terms of the Gentiles?

We have to figure that one out.

But we do know without question, during the Six Day War,

during this "In Our Hands" time, Jerusalem was liberated,

and East Jerusalem was joined to West Jerusalem,

and the whole city became the Jewish capital.

And we need to recognize, this is a prophetic event.

And God Almighty-- and I want to say this with great clarity--

God Almighty is going to move Heaven and Earth to keep

that prophecy from being frustrated.

Because this was the spoken word of the Son of God.

And without clarification, without equivocation,

it was, Jerusalem will be trodden

under foot of the Gentiles.

You see, from 586 on, the Gentiles,

under Nebuchadnezzar then successive conquerors,

had ruled Jerusalem.

And then, suddenly, in 1967, Jerusalem

came under the control of the Israelis-- of the Jews--

which is what Jesus said.

And when people try to take it away,

they're not going to succeed.

And the United Nations is going to try to take it away,

and they're not going to succeed.

Nobody is going to succeed, because God Almighty is

going to fight for Jerusalem.

Now, keep that in mind.

He's not going to let Jerusalem be divided again.

So if America wants to get on the side of God,

we might as well recognize that that's

the eternal capital of Israel, and get with the program.

Because that's what God said.

So I want to make that clear.

So Jerusalem will be trodden under foot of the Gentiles

until the times of the Gentiles.

Well, does that mean that the great Gentile

kingdoms are coming to an end?

I think that's correct.

I think the turmoil we're seeing in Europe,

the turmoil we're seeing in America,

the turmoil we're seeing in North Korea around the world,

that is part of the birth pangs of a new order.

And the new order is the break-up

of the Gentile domination.

And Israel is going to rise up to a place of honor

in the kingdoms of this world.

So watch your newspapers, read the Bible,

and see what it says.


And get "In Our Hands."

It'll help you with all all of that.



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