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News on The 700 Club: October 11, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct. 11: Pro-life Democrats demand space in the "big tent"; Rebuilding Puerto Rico after Maria's 60-mile-wide "tornado"; EXCLUSIVE: Attorney General Jeff Sessions addresses religious freedom in the workplace, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition

of "The 700 Club."

We really need for our nation a lot of prayer.

We've been assaulted, and I want to go through it again.

Assaulted in Texas, assaulted in Florida,

assaulted in Puerto Rico.

Now we're being assaulted in California.

Devastating wildfires.

So you wonder this great nation, how much can we take?

Well, they're also looking at the possibility--

I was reading today about Yellowstone Park.

I worked for a time at Yellowstone,

and it's so beautiful out there.

But they have this caldera.

It's the biggest volcano probably in the world,

and it's been about 600 million years since the last time

it exploded.

But they say if it blows up, it will wipe out America.


And the magma is oozing into this thing.

There were all kinds of little hot springs.

We go into this cold lake, and we used to swim in geysers

and swim--

but when it blows, it'll cover the United States.

So that's there.

Then we've got North Korea, and he hasn't done anything yet.

But they're looking for the possibility

of a launch of some missile.

We've got all these things.

We need God.

This nation, we need the protection of almighty God.

And I want you to join with me as we pray over and over

and over again for this great nation, where

at least 17 people are dead from those huge wildfires

and up to 2,000 buildings have been destroyed.

Those numbers are expected to get even worse in the days

ahead, because it could be weeks until some of the fires

are brought under control.

Efrem Graham has the story.

EFREM GRAHAM: Firefighters brave another day

of massive wildfires burning out of control in California's wine


The end of this battle in northern California

is nowhere in sight.

We have folks on the fire line starting their third shift

right now that have not been relieved.

17 wildfires raging across seven counties

in northern California have turned entire neighborhoods

to ash.

We were awoken to a red glow coming out of the north

and had just minutes to actually get out of the house,

wake our kids up.

EFREM GRAHAM: Many who spent decades building their dream

home watched them burn in the fire storm.

Crews battling the fires in Santa Rosa

were forced to just let the homes go.

We don't have a lot of water, so the water supply is

difficult. [INAUDIBLE] to let it burn.

EFREM GRAHAM: Firefighters say their first priority is

saving lives and then property.

But with nearly 200 people still unaccounted for,

they warn the death toll is likely to rise.

This man lost his parents.

They were married for 75 years and died together

when the fire tore through their home.

It hit so fast, and they just didn't have a chance.

My mother had a stroke, and she couldn't move very well at all.

And my father certainly never would have left her.

EFREM GRAHAM: In Southern California,

firefighters are slowly getting an upper hand,

dousing hot spots in the charred remains.

But the road ahead is still uncertain

when it comes to finding the cause

of the deadly, massive fires in Northern California,

and counting the costs of all that's lost.

Personally, I think it will be one of the worst disasters

in California history.

EFREM GRAHAM: Efrem Graham, CBS News.

One of the worst disasters in California history.

Please pray for those people in California.

Pray for them and for the Lord to be with them.

We go through suffering.

This world we're in is a world of suffering.

And to think that we're going to be spared

is an illusion, because none of us are going to be spared.

But nevertheless, these tragedies

are really hurting us.

And please pray, please pray for California.

As a matter of fact, Terry, let's do it right now.

Father, we pray for these people in California.

Lord, the devastation, losing their loved ones,

losing their property, losing everything

they've spent their whole lives accumulating.

All gone up in smoke.

We pray, Lord, that you will be with them

and comfort them and comfort the people in Puerto Rico,

comfort the people in Texas and Florida, comfort them, Lord.

Be with them and help them restore

and rebuild in Jesus' name.



Well, in other news, in an exclusive interview

with CBN News, Attorney General Jeff Sessions

says Christian business owners have a quote "fundamental right

to religious freedom in the workplace."

John Jessup has that.

That's right, Pat.

Speaking with CBN's David Brody, Sessions

addressed whether Christian bakers

are within their legal rights to not make

a cake for a gay wedding.

Is it the Department of Justice's view that cake bakers

that we've heard so much-- these Christian cake bakers--

is it the view of the Department of Justice from a guidance

perspective-- not law, I understand law is different--

that they have a right, if you will,

to not sell a cake to someone if they're having a gay wedding?

Is that what the Department of Justice

is saying as it relates of the guidance that they put out?

Well, what I would say to you now while the matter's

in litigation, but I would just say to you

that too often we have ignored what the Constitution actually


It says Congress shall make no law

respecting the establishment of a religion,

nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

So the question is, the cake baker has more than just

a personal view here.

He has a religious view, and he feels

that he is not being able to freely exercise

his religion by being required to participate

in a ceremony in some fashion that he does not believe in.

So we think that right is a fundamental right

and ought to be respected as we work through this process.

David will have an in-depth story on his discussion with

Senator Sessions-- or rather, Attorney General Sessions--

on tomorrow's "700 Club," and you can see the entire

interview in which General Sessions talks about his views

on immigration and the Dreamers, the controversy over

the national anthem, and the role of faith in his own life.

That's today on the CBN News online program,

"Faith Nation," which you can find on the CBN News Facebook

page every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 Eastern.



You know, I want to point out again,

this hasn't been litigated adequately.

We've had such a big deal about the Establishment Clause.

Well, you can't make students pray.

You can't have prayer in schools.

Sports teams can't bow in prayer because it

will violate the quote "separation

of church and state."

There's nothing, nothing in the Constitution--

I want to say it very clearly--

there is absolutely nothing in the United States Constitution

which talks about the separation of church and state.

It was in the Soviet constitution.

It is not in our constitution, but it's

been read into our constitution by people who want

to limit the religious freedom.

But what our constitution says is that Congress--

not the states, by the way-- but Congress

shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion.

And what was an establishment of religion?

It was like the established church

they used to have back in Virginia in the early days

when the Anglican Church was quote "established."

We're not supposed to establish one, have an official church.

That's what the Constitution was written to say.

But that's been read to believe to mean milk and cookies

for kindergarten children.

I mean, it's unbelievable how we've stretched

the Establishment Clause.

But the Free Exercise Clause has hardly

been litigated, hardly been discussed,

and hardly mentioned in many of these debates.

But Christians are supposed to have the free exercise.

As a matter of fact, all believers

are supposed to have the free exercise.

And Congress is not supposed to pass

any law that will establish religion or prohibit

the free exercise of religion.

So I salute Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

He's a good man, and he's got it right.

And it will reverse a whole lot of the Obama administration war

on religion.

They had a war on many things that we believe,

and those things little by little are getting overturned

and reversed.

And for that I rejoice.


Pat, speaking of former President Obama, he

and Hillary Clinton have denounced disgraced Hollywood

producer Harvey Weinstein after a story in "The New Yorker"

magazine yesterday alleged he raped three women.

That came after days of charges Weinstein had sexually harassed

other women.

Republicans have criticized leading Democrats

for waiting so long to say anything about the scandal.

Weinstein has long been a major contributor

to the Democratic Party.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics,

Weinstein gave more than $1.4 million

to campaigns and political groups,

mainly Democratic, between 1990 and 2016.

While two hurricanes in September

left the island of Puerto Rico almost completely in the dark,

especially after a direct hit by Hurricane Maria,

Chuck Holton visited the devastation

and shows us what it's like for residents

who are looking at so many months

without many modern conveniences we often take for granted.

Hurricane Maria was the most powerful hurricane

to hit this island in more than 80 years.

It was essentially like a 60-mile-wide tornado

that just hit a bull's eye on the nation of Puerto Rico.

It was so powerful that it blew paint off the walls

and blew bark off trees, but it also essentially destroyed

the entire power system.

As we drive around here, almost every power pole

is damaged, down, broken.

They're not going to be able to just repair this.

They're going to have to basically rebuild it

from the ground up, but that's going

to be a very difficult proposition,

because Puerto Rico was in bad shape before the storm.

What I mean is that the government of Puerto Rico

has been funding its operations with debt for decades.

They've been selling bonds to US investors,

and eventually the cost of that debt

got so high that they were unable to even pay

the interest on it.

And they defaulted back in July.

So now they're unable to even borrow money

for maintenance and operations.

Many of the employees of the local power company

found out that they were going to default

and were afraid they were going to lose their pensions.

And so about 600 of them quit and took an early retirement

before they defaulted on that debt.

What that means is that the local power company here

doesn't even have enough employees to do maintenance

on the whole system, much less repairs.

In addition to that, during the Obama administration,

about $170 million was earmarked for what

they called green energy-- that is, windmills and solar farms.

Well, guess what.

Those things were also completely destroyed

in this hurricane.

It's going to be months before everybody on Puerto Rico

gets their power back.

And how they're going to pay for it is anybody's guess.

So we went and talked to some people

that are sort of on the end of the line, that will probably

be the last ones to get electricity again,

to see what it's been like for them already

and what it's going to probably be like in the future.


CHUCK HOLTON: [INAUDIBLE] lives in the small village

on the coast where the storm first made landfall.

My blood pressure went up because of the heat.

And since the 21st of September, we have no water.

So I'm praying that it rains and fills the tank so we can bathe.

CHUCK HOLTON: Her grandsons are learning

to live without modern pastimes, and rumors

are they won't have light until well into 2018.

I had to have faith it will be sooner than that, because this

isn't easy.

CHUCK HOLTON: Nearby cell towers were also knocked out,

but [INAUDIBLE] has a message to send to the world.

In the middle of the trial, in the heat of the battle,

God is there.

He gives us strength.

He gives us power.

Because I know that God has it all under control.

In the moment we are crying, but with Christ anything

is possible.

We keep moving forward.

Pat, Chuck's report helps to shine a light

on just how much devastation is there in Puerto Rico.

Listen, I want you to put yourself

in the position of those people who live down there.

What would you do if suddenly you had no power?

I mean, we're so used to turning the lights on.

You couldn't have any heat, you couldn't have any air

conditioning, you couldn't have any refrigeration,

you couldn't have any microwaves,

you couldn't have any television or radio.

No power.

They don't have power.

So how do you survive?

Well, you'd better go out and find some alternate generator

or something.

So that's what's happened to those people.

And the thing that I have been concerned about

and I'm still concerned about is an EMP blast,

an electronic magnetic pulse, that

could be directed in the atmosphere to the grid

here in America.

We urgently-- and I say that with all sincerity--

we urgently need to harden that grid.

We urgently need to harden those transmission points

of electricity to make sure that some kind of a pulse coming--

whether it's from the sun itself or from the Russians

or whoever--

needs to do something to help them.

Operation Blessing has done this.

Now listen very carefully.

Here's what Operation Blessing has done for Puerto Rico.

They have sent nine water desalinization units

for Puerto Rican communities so they can turn saltwater

into potable drinking water.

They have distributed solar-powered light cubes

to thousands of people down there so

that they can have a solar power and get a light out of solar.

We're helping as much as we can, and the government

is doing a lot.

But we're doing something too.

So if you want to help Puerto Rico,

you can call in or write in to Operation Blessing Disaster

Relief Fund.

And solar power and clean drinking water

and, of course, food and clothes and all the other things

that we provide for them.

But that's part of it.

Now you want to hear something amazing?

The Israelis have come to help us,

and Russian government hackers were

looking into computers around the world trying

to find the codename for American intelligence programs.

And what they didn't know was that Israeli intelligence

officers were electronically monitoring them

while they were doing it.

"The New York Times" reports that an anti-virus software

called [INAUDIBLE] gave the Russians

access to 400 million computers worldwide,

including two dozen used by American agencies.

Well, the Israelis hacked into Kapersky's network

and let the US know that the Russians were doing it.

Now I want to tell you I am thrilled that Regent University

has bought a cyber range from CyberBit,

which is an Israeli company, highly sophisticated.

And I'm so glad that these good people are

our partners in this endeavor, and I'm

so glad they're helping the US.

So the US is taking the Kaspersky software

off its government computers.

Thanks to the Israelis for keeping us safe.

Isn't that amazing?

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, it is amazing,

and it is a time when we need to be raising up

people who know how to take charge of all

of what's going on there.

See it coming and know what to do when it does.

But to think you've got a Kapersky thing on there,

and it's getting hacked all around the world.

The Russians are just having more fun with our--


Proprietary data and with our software.

And it takes the Israelis to figure it out.

They are our friends.

Let's treat them as such.


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