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700 Club Canada: January 8, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 8, 2018 Read Transcript


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. We love spending

this time with you.

We really do. Man, I had

a little frog in my throat on

that one. You know, it's

great to see you today, and

we've got a wonderful show

in store for you, packed with

powerful reminders that

doing life God's way is always

the best way.

It sure is. And, you know,

I'm a little bit willful. I

don't know about you, Brian,

but, yeah.

Please tell. Pray tell.

I, you know, I like to do

things my way and-and I

have great ideas I think. So

several times in my life, I've

definitely gone down a path

that I don't think God

necessarily, you know, asked

me to go down. And once you

start chugging down a road,

you know, it's like a-a detour.

So when you take a detour,

it always takes-if you're in

your car, it takes a while to

get back onto the main road.

The GPS has to keep redirecting


Yeah, yeah.

So the Holy Spirit's been my

GPS, and sometimes it's like,

you know, wrong way. Wrong

way. I said, "Take a left, not

a right, you know.

You know, it's-it's

interesting because we are the

quintessential odd couple.


Because I'm-I'm sort of

like the-the centurion-the

man under authority.


Because all of my life, I've

always had coaches and I've

always had those that were

saying, you know, this is the

play, this is what we have to

do. So I was trained in that.

And you listened to that.

Sort of like in military


Yeah. So.

If you don't, you get cut.

Right. You got to listen.

And I played about-I played

on about seven teams, and

everything that you learn,

especially in professional

athletics, it's all about

execution. Execution.


And many times I-I remember

there was a great guy when I

was in Edmonton, Ray Newman.

He was the player personnel

guy. And I-I came in after

I left the USFL, and I was

doing what the coach told me

to do. And then Ray said

something interesting. He

said, "What's the matter with

you? What's going on?" I

said, "What do you mean, sir?"

He said, "You're not playing."

He said, "Whatever the coach

tells you to do, go to your

first read, but you're an

athlete after that. Make

something happen." And I

found that it was interesting

that he said that as long as

you know how to play within

the rules, you can be as

spontaneous as you want.


And that's what makes you a

champion. That's what allows

you. But without order, it's

just anarchy and chaos.

And learning to hear God's

voice, that is life-long. That

is pivotal. That's important.

That prevents us from making

those, you know, big mistakes.

Yeah, but knowing His voice

allows us to be spontaneous as


Yes. Yes.

And I think that's so


It is. It is. And that

leads us into our first story.

David Coon, he did things his

own way, and he let the drive

for success and alcohol take


But when he lost it all and

was sleeping on a bench, there

was only one way out.

Watch this amazing story.

Take a look.


I had only the clothes on my

back and two dollars in my


David Coon spent his life

chasing success and it cost

him everything.

I had burned every bridge

with my kids and my ex-wife.

I had no one to turn to.

David had climbed quickly

at his high-tech construction

job. He worked long and hard,

driven by the need to be the


The pressure to excel, the

opportunity to get it right

like no one else can. I wanted

more than anything to be


The achievements not only

filled David's wallet, they fed

his ego.

I was always able to

outthink, outsmart, outdo. I

would consider myself to be

the most intelligent person in

the room at any given time.

In just a few years, David

had a prominent spot in

management. He also married

and had a son. But there were

problems. What started with

the occasional drink after work

became an all-consuming


Alcohol, it ended up

controlling every aspect of

my life from when could I

get my next drink, how much

could I drink until I blacked

out. I organized my budget

on what the next week

looked like based on how much

I could drink.

Driven to find even more

success, David took on out-of-

state assignments. But life

on the road only gave him more

opportunity to feed his


I thought that traveling and

being on the road and focusing

on work and focusing on money

would give me my ultimate

prize, the brass ring, whatever

you want to call it, but it led

to a lot of solitude because

I had to do a lot of my

drinking by myself because I

drank to excess. I drank to

where I was blacked out, and

nobody wants to hang out with

that guy.

While on the road, David

began seeing another woman.

Soon after, his wife discovered

his affair and divorced him.

I knew I had destroyed a

perfectly good marriage. I

knew that I wasn't emotionally

or physically there for my son.

His work started to decline,

and he was put on notice. But

David was convinced he could

figure things out on his own.

I could think my way out of

the problem. I could get over

on somebody to just keep on

pushing along.

Then after a day of drinking,

he blacked out behind the wheel

of his car. He woke up in jail

facing several felony charges

for causing an accident and

assaulting the arresting

officers. Finally, David

realized that he needed help.

I was becoming somebody

that I never intended to be-

a bad father, a bad husband,

an alcoholic. I couldn't think

my way out of this one.

Because David had no priors,

the judge released him. Soon

after his company let him go.

With no place to call home and

no money to his name, he

walked the streets of New York,

eventually taking shelter under

a train bridge.

I was a mess. I was muddy.

I was cold. I was tired. I

was hungry, and for the first

time in my life, people were

looking at me like I was scum.

David was never more alone

or so he thought.

This kid comes up and he

couldn't have been more than

seventeen or eighteen years

old and asked me why I was

sleeping on a bench in a

rainstorm when the-the

mission was right around the

corner. And he led me to the

door of City Mission of

Schenectady at about ten

minutes to midnight. He

brought me in and said, "This

guy needs your help," and he

disappeared and I've never seen

him since.

It was then David realized

the mission was more than a

shelter. It was a sanctuary.

I felt like I was safe. I

knew that I was safe. But not

only that, my desire for

alcohol was lifted immediately.

And this was before I said

word one to anybody, before

they said word one to me. I

know in my heart of hearts

that that was the hand of God.

It led me there because I

needed that.

David stood humbled by God's

act of love. For the first

time in his life, he realized

just how much he needed God.

And soon after, he committed

his life to Jesus Christ.

I wrecked people's lives. I

stole their joy. But God had

a plan for me. He showed me

true humility, true

selflessness rather than


Soon after completing a

rehab program with the shelter,

David moved to New Mexico

and joined the Albuquerque

Rescue Mission as the head

of construction and

maintenance. He has also

reconciled with his family

and recently remarried. He

thanks God every day for the

chance to live with true


I'm most thankful every

single day for Him giving me

my life, allowing me to by His

grace and mercy to redeem

that life and giving me a

chance to be a good son, a

good husband, and a good

father. I put my faith in-in

Him, not in myself.


You know, when David was

going after his idea of

success, it found-he found

that it was empty at the other

end. And I found so many

times when I've spoken to

people and they've said

something very similar that the

same energy that it took to

climb the wrong mountain

it takes to climb the right

mountain. But the problem

is you got to come down that

mountain and you remember

how much stress, how much

challenge he went through and

you don't even want to do it.

The thing about salvation and

about coming to Christ, He's

not saying get it right and

come to me. He's saying

right where you are, if

you're-if you're in a ditch,

if you're in a place, stop what

you're doing, ask for help,

He'll come to you, and He'll

carry you to the place that

He's called you to be until

you're able to start walking

again. The Bible says

something that's so powerful

and it says in-in Luke in the

Gospel of Luke and chapter 1

and verse 78 it says this.

"Through the tender mercy of

God, our God, with which the

day springs from on high, He

has visited us." When God

visits you, He knocks on the

door of your heart, but He

allows you to open the door

cause the latch is on the

inside. David said, "I

destroyed everyone's life," and

it was that young guy that

said, "Mister, why are you out

here? There's a shelter right

around the corner." You know,

the only thing that will stop

you from actually living that

best life and that victorious

life is doing nothing about

being saved. Are you ready to

say, "Okay, lead me to the

answer?" Thought you'd never

ask. If you pray this prayer

with me, I will not embarrass

you, but I-I believe that it's

going to start the process.

Pray this prayer. God's not

concerned about your heart-

your words. He's concerned

about your heart. Let's pray

this together. Jesus, I stop.

I surrender. I stop doing

things my way. I confess my

sin. I confess I don't know

what to do. But now I place

my eyes on you. I open my

heart. I give you my personal

permission for your heavenly

intervention. Please make me

the person you want me to be.

In Jesus' name. Amen. If

you prayed that prayer, it's a

new day. Call the number on

the screen and say, "Pastor B,

I prayed with you.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by. Yay.

It's your birthday. After

twenty-five years of being an

alcoholic, Wayne Hardy didn't

have the desire to drink

anymore. His story up next.


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Wayne Hardy was raised by

an abusive alcoholic father.

Worst beating I remember is

I believe that I was maybe

seven years old and he came

into drinking.

Wayne's mother got the worst

of the abuse.

My mother would be bleeding

and things be broken, thrown

over in the house. Times he

would beat her down and drag


When Wayne was a teen, his

father abandoned the family

and Wayne became the man

of the house. At first, the

responsibility came as a


I felt like I was important.

Over all the years of seeing

him abuse her, you know, I was

able to help stop him from

doing that.

But eventually, Wayne's

resentment towards his father

and his newfound freedom led

to darker things. He soon

dropped out of school and

joined a gang.

We went out and robbed

people and broke in people's

houses. I became more of a

violent person than of this

nice person that I used to be.

Before long, Wayne was

addicted to the exact same

substances that ruined his

childhood and his family.

At first it-it was fun. It-

it-it, you know, partied all

the time. It was fun. And it

wasn't, you know, the hard

stuff. It got to the point

to where it wasn't strong

enough for me. So we went

to-to the hard stuff of

drinking alcohol, whiskey.

I got addicted to it and-and-

and to the point of where when

I wanted to stop, I couldn't.

I'm drinking to feel better but

end up feeling miserable.

Wayne was even abusive to

his girlfriends.

Well, I saw what my father

did. I saw him how he treated

my mother and that stuck with

me, and I took that trade on.

By his thirties, he was

drinking a fifth of whiskey a

day and his driver's license

had been revoked for almost

a decade. But Wayne says

a near-fatal drunk driving

accident in the pouring rain

actually saved his life.

The van flipped into the

ditch, and as it flipped in the

ditch cause I think I was doing

like seventy-five or eighty,

and when it flipped in the

ditch, it just slid on the side

and as it came a stop I-I

came out the driver's side of

the window.

Wayne was able to escape

the accident unharmed and

eyewitnesses called the police

for help.

And then I saw the state

police come. I know I'm going

to be doing some time. My

mind was made up that I'm

going to be doing some time.

And even as the police officer

asked me to step over to his

vehicle, I just put my hands

behind my back. He wrote me

out like at least about seven

or eight tickets. And when I

told him all these things that

I'm-I'm, you know, I know I'm

going to jail and I know I'm

going to be there for a long

time, he said to me, "You know,

I'm not going to write you all

these tickets. But you know

what? You need Jesus." And

when he spoke that to me and

I looked over there at him,

it's like something just left

out of me and I felt a relief

where peace came over me

when he said that. And I said

to myself, "You're right. You

know, you're right. I do need


Two weeks later, Wayne went

to church and went forward

for prayer at the end of


I finally got there to the

preacher and he-he-he asked

me. He said, "What do you want

from the Lord?" And I kind of

whispered in my voice and, you

know, said, "I want to know


The next morning, Wayne

says he felt his desire for

alcohol begin to disappear.

And the Lord spoke to me

and told me, "Every time you

want this drink, I want you to

read my word." I-I went to

the Bible sixteen, seventeen

times, every time I wanted that

drink. After three days of

doing what God told me to do,

I didn't have that desire no

more for alcohol. It was gone.

After twenty-five years of

being an alcoholic, I did not

have the desire to drink no


Wayne says that his life

began to transform in ways

he couldn't even imagine. He

says it was not only a fresh

start for him but for his

entire family. He married his

long-time girlfriend, Sandra,

and they have a healthy

respectful marriage and

children who love God.

To know God is a new life.

To know Jesus Christ as your

Lord and Savior is a new life

because you're a whole

different person. He can help

someone else. He can heal

someone. He can deliver

someone. He can set someone

free. I know that what God

has done for me, He can do for

somebody else.

Well, God bless that

police officer for being the

voice that let Wayne know

he needed Jesus. Not very

often that you hear that kind

of story. Amazing. You know,

something Wayne said struck

me that it's something I've

heard over and over in working

with people in recovery. They

say that they became not a

nice person, that they lost who

they originally were. And

Wayne said he wasn't that

sweet kid anymore. The drugs

and the alcohol, the violence,

and the sexual activity, the

life that was so far removed

from God just made him a

nasty person. And I'm thinking

there's someone watching right

now and you know that you

are just a shell of the person

that you are supposed to be.

That sweet kid, that-that

person that you once were

seems so far removed. Just

like Wayne, the only thing we

can do when we get to the

end of ourselves is surrender

to God. And this is a promise

that happens when we surrender

to the Lord, this is what it

says in Second Corinthians 5,

verse 17. If anyone is in

Christ-so if we release

ourselves, we become a new

creation. All things pass

away. Behold the new is here.

It means that we get to give

up all of this stuff that we've

become. We become this

old, ugly, mean nasty person,

and we get to give it away and

we find freedom. One of

Wayne's things that he said

was he was able to walk out

of that lifestyle and truly

be free. Maybe that's you

today. You need that kind of

freedom. We would love here

to get something into your

hands from the 700 Club

Canada. All you have to do

is give us a call.

1-855-759-0700. This pamphlet

says Free Indeed. It'll let

you know the pathway to

freedom for your life. God

has something much greater

that you're living today.

Surrender. It's your day.

Coming up next, Brian with

a powerful Hope to Go

message for you right after



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Welcome to this Hope To Go.

Today I want to talk to you

about caught in the act. You

know, when we talk about

lost sheep, there are plenty

of stories in the Bible and

testimonies that I could share,

but there's one particular

lost sheep I'd like to focus

our attention today. It's

a well-known story of a

woman caught in the act of

adultery and how she came

face to face with grace. If

you identify, this is for you.

The power of grace met her.

In John's Gospel, chapter 8 and

verse 1 through 11, Jesus

arrives early to the Mount of

Olives and to the temple area

to teach and then the scribes

and the Pharisees bring this

woman and place her right in

front of everyone without even

giving her an opportunity to

really clothe herself. She was

caught in the act. But that's

not the end of the story. Let

me give you some hope to go

ABCs if you find yourself in

a very tricky situation because

you've been caught in the act.

Number one, you've got to

understand, you're going to

come face to face with grace.

You have to realize grace is

not based on my innocence.

John 8:3 says this. Caught

in the act. I'm going to ask

you again. Have you ever been

caught in the act? You knew

you were wrong. This woman

was caught in the act. She was

guilty of the crime. Her

accusers were right. She

didn't even put up a fight.

The only thing left to do was

to decide her punishment.

But Romans 3:23 says

something about all of us. It

reminds us all have sinned and

fallen short of the glory of

God. From Adam to Even until

now, as long as the human race

survives, every person that is

born will be born a sinner.

All doesn't mean me and not

you and it doesn't mean you and

not me. All means all. That's

all of us. The forgiveness that

Jesus offers to us is not based

on our innocence. In spite of

our guilt, Romans 5:8 says

this. But God demonstrates

His own love towards us in that

while we were still sinners,

Christ died for us. Did you

get that? In fact, according

to the Bible, admitting our

guilt is a requirement of

receiving God's forgiveness.

And if you're going to come

face to face with grace, you're

going to have to understand

'B'-grace is not limited by

the size of my sin. John 8:4

says, "Teacher, this woman was

caught in the act of adultery."

This woman who stood before

Jesus and the crowd of her

accusers had just committed

the ultimate act in their eyes.

It was adultery. Now, the sin

that she committed was a

serious crime and it was one

of many crimes that carried

an automatic death penalty.

It was ranked right alongside

murder, kidnapping, witchcraft,

and offering human sacrifice.

The last place this sister

wanted to be is near the

temple. But I don't believe

this was any coincidence on

that day but a divine incident.

Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come, let

us reason together says the

Lord. Though your sins are

like scarlet, they are-they

will be as white as snow."

Did you hear that? Though

they be as crimson, they shall

be like wool. No matter how

great her sin was, no matter

how great your sin is, God's

grace and God's forgiveness

is always greater. He is

actively working behind the

scenes for your good. Some

people will never come to Jesus

or to church because they think

they've gone beyond the scope

of God's forgiveness. This

account should show you proof

positive that simply that is

not the truth. Romans 3:23

says, "For all have sinned and

fall short of the glory of

God." That means that in

comparison to God's perfection

and His holiness, I and others,

we're on the other end of the

spectrum, and I'm a wicked

good for nothing sinner if I

compare myself to Almighty

God. Now, this woman didn't

that was in front of Jesus, she

didn't need to be convinced

of her sinfulness. What she

needed and what we need to

understand is God's forgiveness

is stronger than our sin. And

finally, if you're going to

come face to face with grace,

you've got to see what Jesus

does. Grace is the only thing

between any of us and death.

John 8:5 says, "Such should be

stoned." This poor woman had

one standing in front of her.

She had one lifeline. The law

was against her. The crowd

was against her because they

wanted to destroy Jesus, but

she was ready to face the death

sentence, and then Jesus'

love stooped down, began to

write. God came out of heaven

and into human circumstances

and wrote no matter what you've

done, I paid the price for you.

Did you hear it? This woman

she got a real blessing and a

real release that day because

the very person of grace came

to her. And that's who Jesus

is. And if you're caught in

act, you need to come face to

face with grace, and that's

your hope to go.

Jesus said it. I came to

give you life. Life to the

fullest. Life in your family.

Life in your finances. Life in

your body, mind, and spirit.

Life in your every day.


We're here to help you discover



Welcome back.

Well, if you've got questions

and don't know where or how

to find the answers, get Ask


It's our gift to you when you

become a 700 Club Canada

monthly partner.

Ask Anything tackles hard

topics like depression and

suicide, addictions, and it

offers Biblical insight on

marriage and relationships,

namely when to end them and

when to keep on trying.

And all it takes is one phone

call. Call us today at

1-855-759-0700 so we can get

this gift to you. It would be

such an encouragement if you'd

call now.

It really would.

Laura-Lynn, this whole time,

you know, looking at the

testimonies and everything, I

just felt like God was just

knocking on the hearts and

He was on the door of our



And we really enjoy praying

for you and your praise

reports as well as just your

likes on social media. And I

just really believe we need to

give someone an opportunity



come to Him.

And I think-I think that

person feels that they know

that God's speaking to them

today. Let's pray.

Could you pray for that?

Yes. Father, we just ask

you by the authority and power

of Jesus Christ. Lord, your

Word says that you stand at

the door and you knock, and

if anyone will hear your voice

and they will hear that knock

on the door of their heart

that you will come in if they

will open the door. It takes

their surrender. Right now

we come into agreement with

someone surrendering their

life to the name and the power

of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Amen. Well, if you've done

that, please call the number

on the screen. It'll be up

after the program is over.

But we want to leave you with

a power verse as well, and

this is it. When he saw the

crowds, he had compassion on


Because they were harassed

and helpless. Have you ever

felt like that, like sheep

without a shepherd.

Matthew 9:36. Until next

time. God bless.

He is our shepherd.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700. You can email

us at or write

to us at Christian Broadcasting

Associates, Incorporated.

That's 700 Club Canada,

P. O. Box 700, Scarborough,

Ontario M1S 4T4. You can now

like us on Facebook and follow

us on Twitter or Instagram.


On the next 700 Club Canada.

Tarot card readings. I think

that they-they made my life

actually darker. The bottom

line is that I was seeking

peace. I was very miserable,

and I would have done, paid

anything to obtain that peace.



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