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700 Club Canada: January 10, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 10, 2018 Read Transcript

On today's show.

We don't know if we can save

him. And I thought I was in a

nightmare. I mean it was a

nightmare. I mean I felt that

he just wasn't going to make



Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. It's great to be

with you.

Have you ever faced a

situation that seemed beyond

your control where life was


Oh, man, I know exactly what

you're talking about, Brian.

You know, we always get

wounded when someone that's

close to us is sick. And in

this last year or so, my mom

got breast cancer, you know,

in one side.


And so we had to go through

the operation, and they said,

"Oh, everything's going to be

okay." And then back to the

doctor and another visit and,

you know, it has come back

and returned on the other side.

And so with my mom being

eighty-six years old, like all

of this is just so hard. You

know, you're-you feel like

helpless and like do we need

to go through all of this, you

know, and-and trying to find

out and hear from doctors about

what should be done. And

those are times in life when

you just have to be still and

know that God is God. You

can't fix it. You can't change

it. You're just, you know,

you're going on a journey

that-that is out of your

control. And my mother, of

course, who has been

following Jesus her whole life,

she is precious. She smiled

through it. She's gone through

it, and she as well is battling

Alzheimer's. And so even

the memory of what's happening

and the confusion is a bit

difficult. But that spirit

within her-I think I-I have,

you know, kept a little bit of

that DNA in my being because

of my mom's strength during

a time of-of uncertainty.

So if you can identify,

today's stories are really

going to resonate with you.

Well, a little later in the

show, you'll meet Franklin

Bedford who casually checked

himself into the ER only to

have his condition take a

radical and unexpected turn for

the worse.

And to start us off, meet a

woman who was pregnant and

her husband was dying.

But did Megan lose hope?

Let's find out.


Tony and I had been married

for eight years. It was the

end of 2013, Christmastime.

He came home with a fever,

stayed home with my daughter

that Saturday. But Tony just

didn't get better. We ended up

going to Patient First. They

diagnosed him with pneumonia

and put him on antibiotics.

So Lucy and I went to a New

Year's party where we told

everyone we were pregnant.

But when I came home that

night around eleven, he just

was hurting a lot in his back,

having a lot of pain, but I

didn't think it was emergent

until around three o'clock

he woke me up and was

asking me, "What is that

bubbling sound?" I got out

my stethoscope and I listened

to his chest. You could just

hear the fluid in his lungs.

Since I'm a nurse, I knew at

that point we needed to go to

the ER. They immediately took

us back to a room, hooked him

up on oxygen, started doing

chest x-rays. The doctors kept

asking if he had traveled

outside of the United States,

if he had been exposed to

anybody who was sick. They

actually wanted to test him

for HIV cause they thought

maybe he had advanced AIDS

because he was so young and

healthy and then to all of a

sudden his chest x-ray was

completely covered in white,

so it just wasn't normal. They

moved us to step-down just

because of how much oxygen he

was on. So he stayed overnight

in the hospital, but for the

most part he was stable, so I

felt comfortable going home and

leaving him there and going

and picking up our daughter

and taking her home and getting

some rest. The next morning

when I got to the hospital at

ten, they were in mid-transport

moving Tony to ICU. While I

was in the waiting room was

when Dr. George which is the

ICU doctor came out and said

that he was really sick and

that they needed to intubate

him which is a tube they put

in your throat to help you

breathe, and at that point,

I got really scared. I knew

what he was about to go

through, that he even had

a clue. And I got to go back

and see him before they did

it. He hugged me. He kissed

me. He told me he loved me.

I prayed that he wouldn't

remember any of it. I just

didn't want him to be one of

those people that was like I

was awake for all of that.

The nursing supervisor who

I work with was there and she

offered to call down my

manager, and they came down

and sat with me. While they

were waiting with me in the

waiting room, Dr. George comes

out again and lets me know that

it's not going well, that they

can't get the tube in his

throat and that they're going

to have to take him to the

OR to do it. She said that if

there was family that wanted

to see him, I needed to call

them, that if he made it past

six o'clock that night that she

would be surprised. All I

could pray was just Jesus.

Like I remember sitting in the

waiting room and rocking and

just saying it over and over.

We'd been trying for four

years to have a baby. Why

do I get the baby and not my

husband? By the morning, his

mom and his sister were both

there. Things seemed stable

but not improving. The chest

x-ray wasn't getting any

better. The testing they had

done wasn't showing anything.

All the flu tests they were

doing were still coming back

negative. The doctor called

and wanted to have a meeting.

She really didn't think that-

that therapy was going to help

him, and at this point the only

thing that could possibly help

him was a machine enrichment

that was the heart-lung bypass

machine. Because we were in

Virginia Beach, they used a

helicopter to transfer him to

Richmond just for speed and

safety. I got there around

eleven and a lady that goes to

the church that I went to met

me at the elevator, and she

shared with me her copy of

Jesus Calling. And that is

really what I clung to while

I was there. God has an

amazing way of doing this

where, you know, it can be

written years and months and

long, long time ago. But when

you read it, it's very

applicable to your day. He

kind of stabilized and was able

to not actually even be put on

the bypass machine. With him

being as sedated as he was and

not moving, his kidneys were

suffering. Every night around

three o'clock, he would end up

with something going on with

his heart. So it just kind of

became a waiting game. We got

the cultures back that they had

taken. It came back H1N1

positive. So at that point we

knew that that was what we

were fighting against was that

virus. That's why none of the

antibiotics were working

because we just had to give it

time to get out of his system.

I knew he was going to survive,

but in my medical experience,

I had geared myself up for

Tony having deficits in his

lungs, kidney issues, were we

going to have to be on heart

meds the rest of our life?

What did our normal look like

after being intubated for nine


The last thing I remember is

that it was New Years. The

next thing I remember is waking

up and I can see out the window

and I'm like this isn't the

same city I was in. Then I

look over again and there's my

mother who lives in another

state. And there's my sister

who also lives in another state

and I was like, "What are you

all doing here?"

The doctor that discharged

us said he'd never seen someone

go through what Tony had been

through and go home without

any medication.

And it's just a-really a

manifestation of all the work

that God had done. Everything

was already healing.

Everything was already being

taken care of.

His lungs are fine. His

heart is fine. His kidneys

returned to completely back to

normal. It's completely a

miracle that he walked away

from it as if it never



I think God was teaching me

just how much He is in

control and how much I am not

in control. Like this is

nursing. This is what I do.

This is where I know

everything. You know, if I

would have looked at Tony

on paper, I would have been

like, "No, he's not going to

make it." But to see how the

Lord's like "That's what you

think but this is what I can


Everything is in His hands,

whether it comes into your

life negatively or positively,

it comes in through His love.

We've now had Esther who's

ten months old, and it's just

been enjoying the little

things and trying not to be so

rushed. Just saying, "I love

you," and making the moments


No matter what circumstances

you're in, God provides. God

heals. God brought me through

so He's not done with me yet.


Wow. What a beautiful

couple. You know, we just

don't know in life what's

going to hit us. We don't

know, you know, whether we'll

face some sickness or some

financial hardship. We don't

know, but we do know that

we can trust God. You know,

Paul said something in First

Corinthians in chapter 9 and

verse 24. He says, "Do you

not know that in a race all the

runners run, but only one gets

the prize? Who is that one?

It is that one that has put

everything he has into it."

We all run the race, but if

we want to have that kind of

peace, if we want to have the

prize which is joy through this

life, an abundant life, a

faithful life, a good life with

peace that passes

understanding. We all face

these kinds of challenges and

difficulties. Maybe even

recently you're sitting there

and-and you've been given

some bad news. You're perhaps

facing, you know, a difficulty

with-with something medical

in your body. You know what?

God knows exactly what it is.

He has the answer. He has

the miracle waiting for you

and you don't have to believe

that this thing is going to

take over. This is something

I'd love to get into your

hands. It's called Can I Be

Healed? A lot of people today

say, "Well, Jesus came to the

earth and He healed all those

people, but I don't think that

can happen today." Well, if

you spend any amount of time

watching the 700 Club Canada

every single day, almost every

day we have a story about how

God intervenes in our physical

bodies. He also heals our

hearts. He heals our minds and

our emotions. That's the God

we serve. Can we be healed?

Yes, in every area of our

lives. If you need to be

encouraged in that today,

would you give us a call?

1-855-759-0700. Let us know

that you're looking for some

help. There are also prayer

partners that are standing by,

every single day, twenty-four

hours a day to pray with you

and to hold your request up

before the Father. We believe

in the prayer of agreement,

and we stand with you. We

know that this might be a

pretty rough sort of middle of

the story, but God always has

a good ending. He really does.

Coming up after the break, a

walk-in visit to the ER turns

into a fight for Franklin

Bradford's life. Stay with us.


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October 15, 2014. Franklin

Bradford checked himself into

an emergency room.

I was feeling intense pain

in my abdomen area. Once

they got me back there, I had

to have a bowel movement and

it was all blood. Then they

were just like there's a major


Within minutes, Franklin was

in critical condition and

transferred to Raleigh General

Hospital in Beckley, West


By the time they got me out

of the ambulance and was

getting ready to take me in

the door, from there I don't

remember anything.

In the ICU, doctors worked

to locate the source of the

bleeding, but the blood

thinners Franklin had been

taking for hypertension were

frustrating their efforts.

Franklin's son, Adam, was


They were going to come up

with a treatment to try to

thicken his blood. It wasn't

working though.

Over the next few days,

Franklin continued to have

episodes of passing blood.

All doctors could do was

replenish what he lost and

wait for the blood thinners to

wear off.

The doctors come in and

they told me be prepared.

This isn't good. We don't

know if we can save him.

And I thought I was in a

nightmare. I mean it was

a nightmare. And I just-I

mean I felt that he just wasn't

going to make it. Family

members started getting the

information out. Then all of

a sudden, churches were

praying. Different areas were


One day, Adam went to the

chapel to pray. He was trying

to recall a Bible verse he

wanted to pray for his dad.

Then, he noticed a Bible

sitting on the table.

All of sudden, this voice

resonated on the inside of me

and said, "It's in Ezekiel 16."

And I picked it up, opened it

up. There it was. "When I

seen you lying polluted in your

blood, I said unto you,

'Live.'" I'm like this has to

be real. This has to be God.

Adam returned to the ICU

and prayed the scripture over

his dad. Later, he had drifted

off to sleep when his father's

voice woke him up.

I'm sitting there and then

all of a sudden he starts

talking. He started saying,

"Yes, Lord, I thank you. I

thank you for what you're

doing right now." And my dad

concluded saying, "Yes, Lord,

this will be for your

testimony, for your greatness."

And then he went unresponsive

again. I knew-I knew deep

down inside that-that this was

going to be okay.

The next morning, Adam

discovered Franklin was

hemorrhaging massive amounts

of blood, and this time it

wasn't stopping. Doctor Brian

White was the surgeon called


This guy was literally dying

in front of our eyes and we had

to do something to save his

life, and the only other thing

left was surgical intervention.

They're like if-if not,

he's-he's dead. And more than

likely, he's going to die on

the operating table, but at

least it's a chance that we'd

like to take if you'd agree to

it. And I'm like, "Yep, you


We got to the operating room,

opened up his stomach. It

was a huge ulcer. There was

a blood vessel in the middle

of it just pumping blood.

After four hours of surgery,

Doctor White and the team

removed the ulcer and repaired

the open blood vessel, but

there was still a problem.

He kept bleeding. They're

like, "He's still oozing blood.

We can't get it to stop."

His blood was still thin

because of the medication he

was taking. So that had to

really get out of his system

so he could be okay.

Franklin was put on blood

thickening agents and frozen

plasma to get his blood to

clot. Over the next two weeks,

Adam and others watched and


It started working. The

bleeding started to slow down.

The doctors started saying,

"I think he's going to make

it." I think he's going to

pull through. That was some

of the greatest news that you

could ever have.

The first thing that I could

remember is Doctor White came

walking in the door and he

said, "There's the man with the

nine lives."

After weeks of treatment and

rehab, Franklin fully


It's a miracle, yes. He's

lucky to be alive. I didn't

expect him to survive that one.

Yet, he did.

Jesus Christ is awesome. He

told me that if I trust in Him,

He would take care of me and

He did and He does and He is.

There's nothing impossible

for the Lord. Prayer works.

He listens. He listens to your

prayers. Keep praying.

You know, many times we

go through situations when

we're saying, "How am I going

to get out of this?" The Word

of God is going to lead you out

of that. I love what Franklin

said. He said this and I-I

wrote it down just so I

wouldn't forget it. Jesus

Christ is awesome. He told

me that if I trust in Him,

He'd take care of me. He

did, He does, and He is.

Prayer works. It does work.

Prayer works because prayer

is when we get connected

with God. You got a rhema

word, a portion from scripture

really that had everything to

do with his circumstance and

situation, and he stood on the

word and God brought him out.

I want to give you a word just

like that, and I don't care

what the situation is, what the

circumstance is. God can lead

you out. The prophet Ezekiel,

he gave a very powerful truth

in the 16th chapter. And it

says in the 4th verse, "As of

your nativity on the day you

were born, no one cut your

cord or washed you, but they-

they-they threw you out in the

field." Now watch this. In

verse 6 he said, "But God

passed by and He said, 'Live

and thrive.'" That word is for

you today. I don't know what

your condition is, but if

there's something going on

with your blood, if there's

something going on in your

body, I hear the Spirit of God

saying, "Live and thrive."

Hold onto that word. Ezekiel,

chapter 16. And I want to

get this also into your hands

as well. You may need some

more prayer fuel.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by. I've

got one question. Do you

believe you can be healed?

If the answer is yes, let's

come into agreement now,

but then you call the number

on the screen. Father, I thank

you for that preexisting

condition, that longstanding

problem, even where there's a

weariness and a tiredness.

Lord, I come into agreement

and say, "Live and thrive."

And I ask you now, Father,

that we would celebrate

together, Lord, the victory

that you have given to your

servant and to your child.

In Jesus' name. Amen. If

you received that,

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by.

And remember, you're going to

live and not die and declare

the works of the Lord. Well,

after the break, Laura-Lynn

has her Faith Forward segment

and it's a reminder that life

is short. Don't go away.


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Ask Anything, available now.


I was walking up a flight

of steps in the mall one day

when just below me I noticed

a commotion going on. There

were several ambulance

emergency medical technicians

attending to a woman in a

wheelchair. They were checking

her heart rate and her pulse.

I slowed down to observe the

severity of the situation and

I could see that the woman

was conscious. I resumed my

walk back up the stairs and I

took a final glance backwards

at her face and I caught a

haunting site, the look of

sheer terror in her eyes. For

that moment, those eyes held

the truth of the entirety of

our vulnerable human condition.

We are all born and we all die.

We just don't know when it will

happen. Her face left such a

profound impact on me that I--I

caught my breath and I knew

that one day somewhere sometime

I'll experience that moment

when life and all its glory may

be threatened, and indeed I

could face eternity, perhaps

against my will. It may happen

before I'm ready, before I've

accomplished all that I

intended or prior to saying

everything that I had wanted

to say to my loved ones and

family. On this day, as I

strolled past my favorite

clothing store which now held

much less interest to me, I

prayed a brief prayer as I

wiped back a tear. I asked

God to bring peace and healing

to that dear lady. And then I

asked Him to help me to make

every day count, to give me

courage to pursue my dreams,

to boldly follow hard after

my destiny while there is yet

time. God, help me to live in

such a way that when my life

is required of me, I can

declare with great assurance

that I have lived the maximum

of my potential and have used

every talent that you gave me,

God. May I leave no needed

conversations unspoken, no

unforgiveness in my heart,

no sin unrepented of, no love

not shared. I prayed that no

kindness would be left undone

that was in my power to bestow

and that I would have faith

for the impossible and to

believe for the improbable.

Psalms 90, verse 12 says, "So

teach us to number our days

that we may gain a heart of

wisdom. May we be sober minded

about the brevity of life."

That look in the lady's eyes

still lingers in my mind. I

wonder if she had an assurance

in her heart of where her

eternity lays. I heard of a

pastor and his wife who were

suddenly killed in a head-on

collision. Only their young

three-year-old son survived.

They quite certainly would not

have had time to make it right

with God in that brief moment.

But for now, we all have today.

We can make the decisions that

seal our destiny and our

eternity for all of our

tomorrows, no matter what may

come. The Bible says, "For God

so loved the world that He gave

His only begotten Son that

whoever believes in Him will

not perish but have everlasting

life." He is our strength for

today and our great hope for

tomorrow. Put your trust in

God while there is yet today

to make that decision.


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we all encounter.

The number is

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partners are standing by,

and it would be such an

encouragement if you'd call

now. Well, we want to ask you

a question here. How do you

define success? Now, this is

our social media question so

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We want to hear.

We want to hear from you

and we want to find out why

and how you define success.

And also thank you for your

prayer requests. Would you

put Alia on your prayer list?

She's asking for wisdom. She's

in Winnipeg.

And Corinne from Regina,

she needs peace and

understanding during

separation. Father, I just

thank you, Lord, that you

understand exactly what we

go through, the pain, the

brokenness, Lord, the loss.

I pray for Corinne today. We

come into agreement for peace

that passes understanding,

for wisdom, and for

restoration. In Jesus' name.

Lord, I know there's a number

of people praying for this same

thing, and we're asking you

now, by your stripes, Lord, we

are healed. Would you please

lose your healing virtue?

Would you grant, Lord, that

your peace also that surpasses

all understanding would now

capture the soul of your

daughter? In Jesus' name.


Amen. Amen.

Wow. Well, you know, when

you're talking about God being

in control, when you know that

you know that you know


that God is, then you realize

that no matter what is out

of our control, it's in His


It-it sure is.


Think about the story,

Daniel in-in the Bible.


I mean it looked out of


Sure did.

when he was being put by

bad people into the den of



But because God was

sovereign, because God is in

control, because we can trust

Him, He was able to come

through that unscathed.

Well, He forced the lions

to go on a fast. So they

didn't even want to eat,


That's a good way to put it.

And God can do that for you

as well. You know, we want to

leave you with a power verse

and it's just as it states.

Power. Trust in the Lord with

all your heart.

And lean not on your own

understanding. That's in

Proverbs 3, verse 5.

Until next time.

God bless.

God bless.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700. You can

email us at

You can now like us on Facebook

and follow us on Twitter or


On tomorrow's show.

April 1975. American

military helicopters airlift

embassy personnel and

evacuees from Saigon. For

many, this is the final image

of the Vietnam War. For

those left behind, it's only

the beginning.



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