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700 Club Canada: January 12, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 12, 2018 Read Transcript

Today on the 700 Club Canada.

It was there that I saw a

bunch of police tape and a

bunch of sirens. There was

my son's car smashed up, you

know, against a tree.

And he said, "Honey, I see

his car and there's an

ambulance pulling away." And

I remember a saying, "No matter

what happens, we will worship.

We will worship." Just giving

it to God right then.


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. It's great to be

with you today.

We're looking forward to

today's show which includes

our In Focus segment.

We'll discuss the ongoing

issue of freedom of conscience

and religion in Canada in the

wake of some recent events

that appear to discriminate

against those with prolife


Joining us is activist,

Faytene Grasseschi, and she'll

share her views on how Canada

may have now shifted into a

reverse discrimination culture

in the name of tolerance.

But coming up first, parents

discover a blog their son had

written about heaven forty-five

days before his death, and

that's when healing for them


It's truly amazing. Watch.


He texted and said, "We're

done with dinner. I'll be home

soon." Come eleven o'clock,

he wasn't home. I texted his

friend and said, "Do you know

where he is?" His friend said,

"No. He left at, you know, ten


I knew that I needed to go

looking for him. I saw a bunch

of police tape and a bunch

of sirens. There was my son's

car smashed up against a tree.

Some of his older friends,

they were graduating and he

really wanted to attend that.

And so we had spent the day

together. I had been bribing

him with Starbucks to like hang

out with me throughout the day,

and we just had a great day.

And so we came home just in

time for him to get ready to

run out, and he comes running

down and he's like, "Bye, Mom.

I'll see you later." And he

was out the door.

And he was going to go out

to dinner with a friend and

then to come home, and we

were waiting to him to come

home. My wife, Lee Ellen,

was texting with him, and,

you know, all signs are

pointing to him coming home.

So I expected him home at

eleven. And around eleven

fifteen, I tried calling him.

I couldn't reach him, and I

was getting worried cause I

knew he wouldn't push it.

And she begins to worry

more and more, and then I

began to worry.

By 11:45, I was complete


And so I got in the car and

started trying to retrace the

path that he would be coming


And Carlos and I are on the

phone and we're, you know,

calling each other back and

forth and, you know, my

heart's racing and I'm just,

you know, you feel the

adrenaline, just the shaking.

I almost got to the end

of the route in terms of the

friend's house he had left

from. It was there that I

saw a bunch of police tape

and a bunch of sirens. There

was my son's car smashed up,

you know, against a tree.

And he said, "Honey, I see

his car, and there's an

ambulance pulling away. And

I remember a saying, "No matter

what happens, we will worship.

We will worship." Just giving

it to God right then.

The police kind of descended

upon me, and I told them that

that's my son's car. I say,

"Look, just tell me the

hospital where he is and I need

to go see him." And he said,

"Your son is deceased."

And that's when the world


And what we discovered

happened was my son had been

shot while he was driving. It

wasn't a car accident.

It felt like an

electromagnetic pulse just

taking all the life out of you.

I cannot believe a person can

withstand that physical pain.

It is physical even though you

know it's emotional. You would

think that would have killed

me. I-I wish it had killed-

that would have been easier,

you know, just do me in.

Wasn't even anger at God.

Maybe it was just a sort of

profound sadness that created

a barrier between, you know,

him and me and we just had to

work through that.

I say to him respectfully,

"You're sovereign and you've

hurt my feelings. You have

hurt me." Because I recognize

like God's in charge of this.

He could have stopped this, and

isn't there some other way you

could have done what you

needed to do without taking

Mark? You know, God just

kind of bringing me back to

I have a plan. You don't have

to understand it, but if you

can try to submit to it, I'm

going to show up for you.

and I'm a very demanding child.

I just come to God and I say,

"You said you'd be here. I'm

counting on it. You know, I

need you. If you're going to

put me through this, I need

you to be there with me."

My friend came over and she

said, "Have you seen Mark's

heaven blog?" Like no. I

have no idea what you're

talking about.

Mark had a photography

website. He was a blogger.

He was a writer. He was a

lot of things, but we went

onto Mark's website and there

was a post on heaven. It was

about forty-five days before

Mark died.

I love the image of heaven

because it's perfect-perfect

peace. What a beautiful

thought that one day I will

be completely in the presence

of God, will actually be able

to feel the magnitude of all

His love and peace with no

earthly fears or worries to

distract me. And the fact

that we'll all be worshipping

God together in one place

forever, that amazes me.

I'm sure it will be far more

incredible than I can

comprehend now, and I love

that. God is super good. I

can't wait to be with Him


And so Carlos and I-I mean

we were kind of like crazy

people. We ran into his room

and we're tearing it up looking

for every journal we can find.

We've lost him but maybe we

can find parts of him in his


We realized, oh, my gosh.

Here is a window into Mark's

soul. Mark was not special

as much as he was surrendered.

It was his wholehearted

embracing of God's plan of who

God is that transformed his


So we sat in his room just

weeping with his piles of

journals and just read and read

and read.

All of a sudden, things

started to come into focus in

terms of moving from why did

this happen to the plan


What he left behind was just

such an intimate documentation

history of his relationship

with God. That's where the

idea of a blog started for us

where we wanted to post

encouragement that, you know,

Mark is still encouraging us

from heaven through his

journals. I wear a bracelet.

It has scripture on it from

Psalm 18:28 and it says, "You

O Lord keep my lamp burning.

My God turns my darkness into

light." We visited the

accident site shortly after the

accident, and of course, that

was painful. You know, there's

glass everywhere and a stump-

a tree stump had been knocked

over my Mark's car, and there

was a makeshift memorial. And

of course, you know, we're

weeping. Like this is-this is

a place where we lost our son,

and I feel him whispering to me

through that Psalm. I will

turn your darkness into light.

And so I got this crazy idea

that I wanted that stump

of that tree because that stump

heard my son's last breath.

So Carlos went and he got me

that stump. And then I took

plants and I put life on that

stump and planted it all. It's

now a beautiful place, and it's

no longer the stump that heard

Mark's last breath. It's the

stump that witnessed heaven's

door opening up. It's the

stump that witnessed Mark

stepping into the presence of

God. I think the moment that

happened, Mark's death, God

unleashed a wave of love upon

all of us and just a

determination that we will not

let Satan have that night. We

will not give in. And

thankfully through Mark's

writings, he's shown us how.


You know, that we will choose

love, that love and joy will be

our weapons. We will put

our energy towards that. And

it certainly is going to be a

lifelong battle. You know,

we're-we're one year out. I

pray we can be faithful five

years out, ten years out. It's

going to be a long road for


We speak about Mark very

openly and honestly and, you

know, sometimes we just say

to each other, "I miss Mark."

A lot of stories, funny

stories, and he wasn't perfect

so we-we do rag on him a little

bit, you know, and just share

in memories, talking about him.

We want him to be a part of

our lives forever.

God allows things He doesn't

love to accomplish things that

He does love. The ultimate

example of that is the cross.

It only comes down to one

question. It's God saying,

"Do you trust me?" And by

God's grace, the answer is yes.

Please help me but I-I trust

you. I believe that good can

come out of this and will come

out of it and is coming out of


It's okay to be angry. It's

okay to be sad. It's okay to

be confused. It's okay to say,

"Why?" We see the Psalmist

David doing that. Where are

you, God? Why have you

forsaken me? I think if we

come to God respectfully with

the intention of let's work

this out, I think He wants us

to do that. And so what I've

encouraged my kids to do is

please don't break off

communication with God. Go

broken. Go to Him broken and

trust that He's going to slowly

heal you back up.

You know, when you look at

losing a child, it's never

easy. But when you do have

something that is a point of



it does help you.

Gives you that hope.

It does give you hope.


I love that stump that stump

that saw his last moment but

also saw heaven's gates open



It reminded me of-of Job.

It says in chapter 14,

"There's hope for a tree if it

cut down. It shall bud again.

At the scent of water, it shall

bud again.


And that's how our lives

are when we have trauma

that takes place.


We can live in God's newness.

There is a-there is a new

normal that will come.


Not the old normal but there

is a newness that God can bring

out of that.

You know, and it's-it's such

a real thing. This life does

bring loss and in many

different ways.


But I love the word where

it says that He is near to the



And if you're going through

some kind of pain today, a

loss you've experienced,

maybe a family member, even

relationships. You know, when

a relationship ends,


sometimes it's heartbreaking.


There's no worse pain than

that. You know, and the word

promises that God sees your

tears, and He is close to the


I love the bracelet that

Leann put on as well, that-

that 128th Psalm as well.

You know, just-just talking

about the intimacy of God.


Because I was remembering

losing people in my own life.


And I was thinking about

through some sudden and others

through a process. But God

and that's what-you have to

hold onto that.


But God.

But God.

Yeah. But for the grace

of God. I wonder if this is

touching your heart and

that testimony because that

blog, he loved Jesus and he

knew he would spend his

time. Living Through Your

Grief. It costs you absolutely

nothing, but we want to get

it into your hands because we

believe that God will touch

not only your broken heart

but He will give you the grace

to go on.

That's right.

Coming up after the break,

it's In Focus with Faytene

Grasseschi. Stay with us.


Welcome to our In Focus

segment. The CBC reported

recently that liberal MPs

walked out on a status of

women committee meeting

last September to oppose the

conservative pick for chair,

Rachael Harder, a

parliamentarian who has

previously said she is

antiabortion. And so, Faytene,

welcome to the show. Thank

you for joining us. You know,

can you help us to understand

what is in play here? On the

surface, it looks a lot like

the liberal party is saying

that you can't be a

democratically elected

representative of the Canadian

people unless you hold beliefs

and views that are approved

by the liberal government or

which tie into the NDP stand

as well. You know, they just

walked out and shut down the


Yeah. Well, what's at play

here again, and I think this is

such a perfect example of

where the issue isn't the



Right. Like you might be

tempted to make this all about

abortion and say, okay, well,

you know, that whole abortion

topic again, but it's really

not about abortion. It's about

freedom of conscience which

is often informed by religion.

So you might want to say

freedom of religion right in

there as well. And that is

actually a protected chartered

right. It's one of the

fundamental Canadian rights

that's outlined in the-in the

charter. And so basically

what this whole scenario

communicated is not so much

that you can't be a member of

parliament and have certain

conscience beliefs but that

you can't be a member of

parliament with certain roles,

because this is a leadership

role. And I'm going to say

this, you know, just on

leadership merit, Rachael

Harder is a sharp pencil. Like

I have seen that girl in

action, and she-honestly, she

would have been a fantastic

chair. I believe she would

have been a fair chair. And,

you know, she hasn't actually

come out blazing really hard

core on prolife viewpoint.

She has just a prolife voting



Which a lot of members of

parliament do. And breaking

news, a lot of Canadians

actually believe that way.


So members of parliament

that have a prolife voting

record aren't necessarily

pushing their own personal

agenda. A lot of them are just

representing their

constituents which is what

democracy is all about, right?

Right. That's how they got

voted in.

So what's disturbing about

this is that basically it's

saying like listen. You cannot

have influence in this

committee if you have a

prolife-personal prolife

perspective or even if you're

representing your constituents

because I would guess I haven't

done a personal survey of

Rachael Harder's writing, but

I would guess she's from

Lethbridge, Alberta. It's

probably pretty prolife, okay?

And there's also-anyway I

could on and on and on.


We've really got a short

amount of time today. But

just the bottom line is the

issue isn't really the issue.

This is not so much about

about abortion. It's about

the right for Canadians to

actually access our chartered

rights and freedoms of

conscience and religion.

You know, what I feel is

concerning to me in a lot of

different issues that are

coming to light across

Canada is the freedom of

religion-religion and freedom

of conscience is really

under attack in our nation.

We are finding it harder and

harder and it's not just

there's no democratic process

to actually ensure that it's

followed. So when someone

doesn't agree with you, they

just-they walk out or there's

name calling or a lot of things

that are going on that, you

know, that put this in


Well, and there is a way to

hold people who breach freedom

of conscience and religion to

the fire, but it's very costly

and time consuming.


You know, like this

potentially could be a

charter, you know, a-a charter

case that could go right to the

supreme court of Canada if

somebody wanted to push it

there. But you're absolutely

right. And some people might

feel like oh, this is just

alarmist talk, you know, these

are just these like white

little Canadian girls, you

know, talking about and-and

being alarmists. But what--

it's really not. There are so

many examples that have

manifested over the last

several years

Well, you brought up the one.

that show freedom of

conscience is under fire in


Right. Especially I was

interested you were-you were

talking earlier to me about


Right. Yeah. Recently again

last fall, of course, everybody

knows that physician-assisted

suicide was legalized recently

and a few thousand Canadians

have already accessed

physician-assisted suicide.

And-and there was a survey

that came out while that

legislation was being debated

that said I think it was-I'm

doing this from memory right

now, but I think it was at

seventy-four percent of doctors

and medical professionals said

that if assisted suicide was

legalized in Canada that they

really didn't want to

participate in it.


Okay, so seventy-four

percent. That's a-that's a

big number.

But that's a really fair

thing for a lot of people.

Yeah. For sure.

You know, that's just


how your heart feels.

Yeah, for sure.

You just don't want to be

engaging in that process to

help someone end their life.

It's just not according to your

conscience something you

want to do.

And not why a lot of them

got involved in the medical

profession and took the

hypocritic oath and


blah, blah, blah, right?

So-so basically this whole

question about freedom of

conscience for physicians

has been going on, and the

Ontario government, there was

actually a bill that was

brought forward to protect

physician conscience rights

in Ontario, and it was shot

down. It-it did not pass.

There have been other

initiatives that have gone

forward at the federal level

that have not passed. And

from what I understand, every

single global jurisdiction that

has legalized physician-

assisted suicide has also

brought in legislation to

protect conscience.

Conscience. Right.

So it's a little bit crazy I



A little bit alarming that

this isn't happening in

Canada and we need to talk

about it. So thank you.

Well, it-it is really

alarming, and I think that our

viewers out there can say that

they're beginning to see, you

know, in the news that there

is an attack and an assault

on freedom of religion and

freedom of conscience in this

country. And I thank you for

that. I hope that the next

time you come, we can talk

a little bit about

Yeah. So much to talk about.

there are some things. Yes,

so much to talk about, but

what are the things that we can

do, and for sure be a voice.



Be a voice. Don't be silent.

It's very important.

A lot's at stake.

Thanks for joining us.

We'll be right back.


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In her early thirties,

AnnRene Joseph thought she

was happily married until her

husband abruptly filed for

divorce. AnnRene became a

single mother with a six-year-

old son to raise.

I didn't have anything. I

went from having everything

to having nothing. We sold

our home and closed down our

business. Of course there's-

you go through that grieving


AnnRene struggled as she

faced the future alone. She

had a masters degree and was

trained as a teacher. But her

experience in the work force

was limited. But she

remembered four principles of

success she learned from her


Which were love God, do what

He says, tithe your money, and

stay out of debt.

AnnRene realized that she

let her tithing lapse through

the years. She determined to

resume tithing on whatever

income she made. I had to

just surrender everything to

Jesus and I needed everything.

I needed a job. I needed a

house. I needed a car. Just

six months after AnnRene began

tithing, every need was met.

The Lord sent me four jobs

so I had an opportunity to


A new apartment and a car

soon followed. Along the way,

AnnRene began to watch the

700 Club. Soon she became a

CBN partner.

I loved the stories that they

told, providing wells, and

helping the orphans.

As AnnRene faithfully tithed

and partnered with CBN, she

receive a promotion from

teacher to principle. Several

years later, she became a

district superintendent. Her

next promotion took her

straight to the top as

superintendent of the arts

for the two hundred ninety-five

school districts in the state

of Washington.

Whatever amount I made, I

tithed and then I gave more

as opportunity became

available to me.

AnnRene retired in 2013 and

opened a new consulting

business. Today, she's

happily married with three

grown children and seven


He gave me back everything.

Pressed down, shaken together

and running over. It's like

out there for everybody.

Plant the money where you know

it will produce a harvest and

where it's going to make a

difference. And then watch

and see what God will do.


I love that testimony

because, you know, I've seen

that in my own life that when

I was faithful to understand

the-the-the rules of the

kingdom of God. So many

people, they struggle with

coming into God's purpose and

plan for their lives because

they don't understand the

principles of the kingdom of

God. You know, God used two

terminologies. He said, "The

kingdom of God has come and

the kingdom of heaven." He

spoke about those two terms.

Heaven is a place, but the

kingdom of God is a system.

Salvation gets you into the

system but then by faith you

begin to walk through the

system by doing the things

that God says. And tithing

is a part of that. AnnRene

found that when she began

to tithe, she-she recognized.

In the world, the system is

how much we can receive and-

and how much we can get.

But in the kingdom, it's how

much you give. When you

begin to understand that law,

you'll realize it's as strong

as the law of gravity. It's the

law of faith. It's the

substance of things hoped for

and the evidence of things

not seen. To help you, maybe

you're struggling in an area

and you feel like as you're

moving into this new year

that you haven't broken

through, I want to get this

into your hands. Faith. It's

absolutely free. Doesn't cost

you anything.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by. But

as I pray with you, faith the

Bible said comes by hearing

and hearing by the Word of God.

In other words, that's how it

is activated and then you must

act on what has been activated.

So that word that I just gave

to you and I want you to write

this down. Romans 12:3. To

everyone has been given a

measure of faith. Now that's

incorruptible seed that God

put inside of your heart. But

as I speak this over your life,

if you're struggling in those

areas, just like AnnRene, call

the number on the screen.

Father, in the name of Jesus,

I pray that you would break the

spirit of doubt and unbelief

and faith would be loosed

and rise up. In Jesus' name.

Amen. If that's you,

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by.

And right after the break,

it's our-it's one of my

favorite segments. It is a

time when we pray for you.

Don't go away.



Yeah, buddy.

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There are twenty nickels

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How do birds fly? Does milk

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Yeah, yeah.

Daddy, when we die, will

we go to heaven?

Do you have the answer to

life's biggest question? Call

the 700 Club. We'll help you

find answers to the important

questions life brings your way.


Welcome back. If you've got

questions and don't know where

or how to find the answers,

get Ask Anything.

It's our gift to you when you

become a 700 Club Canada

monthly partner.

Now, Ask Anything tackles

hard questions and topics

like depression, suicide,

addiction, and it offers

Biblical insight on marriage

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All it takes is a phone call.

Call us today at

1-855-759-0700. It would mean

so much to us. We'll get this

gift to you right away.

And thank you again for all

of your two-way communication

with social media, on

Instagram, on-


Facebook and all of those-

those platforms.

It's fun. Thank you.

We really appreciate that.

And we also enjoy praying with

you and for you. Would you

put Connie from New

Westminster on your prayer

list, and she's praying for

health and hope in troubles.

And Julia from Ottawa.

Restoration for family

relationships. Father, we

just thank you, Lord. I pray

oh, God, for Julia and her

request regarding her family.

I pray, Father, whatever has

been broken that you would

mend it. Whatever, Lord, there

is a dissention between them,

oh, God, I pray, Father, you

would come in and you would

be the healing salve, that you

would bring wholeness to this

family and you would restore

everything that the enemy has

stolen, for that is who you

are, God.

Thank you.

You are the restorer.

And, Father, I thank you for

Connie and also for those that

have been grieving and those

that have been going through

those-those trouble. Lord,

you gave that scripture verse

earlier today and it just keeps

echoing in my spirit. Lord,

Job 14 and 7. "There is hope

for a tree. If it is cut down

it shall bud again at the scent

of water." I declare even now

the power of the Holy Spirit,

the-the scent of heaven on

their lives. And I pray that

that would not only bring hope

but also healing

Yes, Jesus.

and deliverance. In Jesus'

name. Amen.

Amen. Thanks for joining us.

Here's a power verse to leave

you with. Now, faith is

confidence in what we hope for.

And assurance about what

we do not see. Hebrews 11:1.

One of my favorite verses.

That is good stuff.

Yep. God bless.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700. You can

email us at

or write to us at Christian

Broadcasting Associates,

Incorporated. That's 700 Club

Canada, P.O. Box 700,

Scarborough, Ontario M1S 4T4.

You can now like us on

Facebook and follow us on

Twitter or Instagram.


On the next 700 Club Canada.

I had assault with a deadly

weapon charge and it wasn't

because I grabbed a gun or

something. That was a fit of

rage. Kid-poor kid did nothing

to me.

Juan Mancias was fifteen

when he nearly killed another

teenager with his bare hands.

His anger began when he was

a young boy and in the most

unlikely place-the church.



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