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700 Club Canada: January 29, 2018

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On today's show.

Still, Derrick doesn't allow

himself to get caught up in the

trappings of show biz.

Instead, he says drumming is

a way to connect with God.


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. It's great to be

with you today.

I think it's pretty safe to

say everyone is looking to

find their purpose in life.

Absolutely. Why am I here?

What am I supposed to do with

my life? These are questions

that we've all asked ourselves.

Well, you know, it can unlock

not only your joy but a-a sense

of-of purpose that gives



If you can really unlock

that. I know-how did you

find your purpose? How did

you discover that?

Well, I, you know, I have

always been one driven by

purpose, and that's why I got-

I got very upset when I lost

my purpose, and I felt that

I'd failed. And then God

restored because God restores.


But I have known people,

Brian, that really don't have

a strong sense of what they're

supposed to be doing. And

they really struggle with


Well, you know, one of the

things that I would say to them

if that's you that Laura-Lynn

is talking about, find the

things that you don't like

and then you'll-you'll see

Stay away from them.

You stay away from them

but you find out that you say,

you know what? I'm passionate

about this.


Because it's the opposite of

that. What I found is when

I first started talking to

young men and just getting

in front of them, encouraging

them, it was like wow. There

was a response, and they were

getting success out of that.

And then I started learning

that there was a youth ministry

that God placed inside of me.

And then I-I began to start

working with homeless people.

And as I started working with



It was something that I would

do naturally, and people are

like wow. You know, that

you-you've got something here.

That's so good.

So if you can do something

and get up and do it and it-

it does not require a cup of

coffee and caffeine to get you

started, but it feels like it's

just right-good chance is that

it's part of your purpose.

Right. You know, sometimes

it's hard when someone says

that they're not feeling a

sense of purpose and, you know,

they're not-they just feel no

joy, and all of that. But

they-they don't try anything


and they don't do anything,

and they don't step out of

their own comfort zone and

serve others.

Well, you're absolutely

right. Now, first thing of

purpose, the law of purpose

is this. You can't reach that

purpose in your Lazy Boy.

So you got to get up moving


Good words, Pastor Brian.

I'm just saying. All right.

Keeping that in mind, we have

two amazing true-life stories

of people whose unconventional

circumstances unlocked a great

purpose in their lives.

Starting with Derrick Wright,

Adele's drummer, whose dying

father set him on the right


Take a look.


Derrick Wright doesn't just

play the drums for a living.

It's in his DNA. As the son

of the late Reverend Timothy

Wright who's known to many

as the godfather of Gospel

music, Derrick was destined

to be a musician.


He was only twelve when he

made his drumming debut

playing in his father's band.

They wasn't expecting that

from a twelve-year-old kid.

Over the years, he honed his

craft and became an A-list

drummer for artists like Toni

Braxton, Alicia Keys, and

others. In 2006, he landed a

gig as music director for the

famed artist, Adele.

We could have had it all.

Still, Derrick doesn't allow

himself to get caught up in

the trappings of show biz.

Instead, he says drumming

is a way to connect with God.

I can sit on the drums and

I can just be like, you know,

almost like when you go in your

prayer closet and you know

that's your place of comfort,

and you can just like go to God

in prayer right there.

Sometimes I sit there on the

drums, put my head down, and

just pray before I even play.

And it's just a good feeling

that you get and just feel

like, you know, God's got your


His family life is centered

on God too. He married his

high school sweetheart,

Michele, and they have two

kids with one on the way.

She's not with me because

of the glitz and glamor. She

doesn't care about that.

Sometimes she lets me know

that she doesn't care about

that and she really has my

back. And sometimes, she prays

with me, you know, just

covering me too. You know, I

love her for that.

Derrick says most of his life

went pretty smoothly until

July 4, 2008. His brother

called him and told him their

father, mother, and fourteen-

year-old nephew had been hit

by a drunk driver. He also

told him their mother had died

at the scene.

The next thing I know, I'm

like speeding down the highway

trying to get there and see

if this is true cause I'm not

believing it. My wife just

grabs my hand and starts

praying with me.

His nephew died a day later,

and his father was in critical

condition. Derrick started to

burn with anger.

I was like how can God do

this to us? My little nephew

was fourteen years old. How

can that happen?

He sat at his father's

bedside for months and listened

to him sing. His dad also

talked about forgiving the

person responsible. But

Derrick couldn't understand why

his father would forgive

someone who killed their


The forgiveness in that made

me like-I was like wow. Whoa.

You sitting in your deathbed

right now and you forgave the

person that did this.

Derrick started having long

talks with God. He often

thought about his father's

example of forgiveness.

Just seeing how he can be

in this situation and he still

forgave. And I was like wow.

That's the man I want to be

like, you know, I want to be

able to forgive. I want to be

able to love and forgive just

like this man right here, like

my father.

In time, Derrick was able to

follow his father's example.

I honestly can say that I

forgive the guy, the young man

that was driving drunk on the

wrong side of the road. I

forgive him.

Seven months later, his

father passed away. By then,

Derrick had made his peace

with God.

God was doing that for me

I felt like so that He can turn

certain things around in my


The one that will change, has

come over, over me.

Now, Derrick was more

focused on sharing God's love

with others, and decided to

produce a Gospel album that

would do just that. The album

is called Driven.

It just seemed like I had a

push to do-do it and I called

it Driven cause it was

something that was driving me

to do it.

Derrick also continues his

father's music legacy in New

York. He works with young

people at a church in Brooklyn

where he encourages them

through music.


And across town, he directs a

three-hundred voice choir at

his father's former church.

My goal is to-not to be a

household name for me but that

everybody can know God and

just show them that God is good

and God can like save and He

can heal and He can forgive.

You know, He can make you

forgive with, you know,

anything that you went through.

Jesus is the answer and He

always was and He always will


Beautiful, beautiful story.

You know, when we speak about

the issue of forgiveness and--

and how to get to that place

when-where we can actually

forgive someone who's deeply,

deeply wounded us. I know

something that really helped

me when I had a situation where

I had to walk in forgiveness,

the kind of forgiveness that,

you know, my-my heart had

ripped out and stomped on and

torn to shreds. And I-I needed

to find a way to walk in

forgiveness. I know what

helped me was to realize that

I had done some really hurtful

things to God. And when I

faced up to the fact that I

certainly couldn't talk, I

couldn't say that I had walked

a perfect life. In fact, I had

hurt many other people and

I had done some things that

deeply wounded the heart of

God. And so when I was able

to experience such forgiveness

from the Lord, it radically

changed my life. So when I

came across a situation where

I had to be the one that had

to offer this kind of

forgiveness, there was

something about what God had

done for me that had set me

free that I knew this was my

opportunity to give that to

someone else. And what I

saw in my act of forgiving this

other person was I saw them

experience the forgiveness of

God as well. They began to-to

experience that love and that

light and that peace, the kind

of thing that they really

needed to experience. And God

used me and He used my

brokenness and the forgiveness

that he had given me to

actually offer that to someone

else. You know, when we talk

about successful families,

there's a lot of wounds in

families. There might be a

family member that you need

to offer some forgiveness, you

know, that maybe they haven't

even asked you yet. Well, we

have a pamphlet that we want

to get into your hands.

1-855-759-0700. This is a

great resource that helps you

to-to grow in your family

dynamic and also to love one

another. Ephesians 4:32 says

this. Let me find it for you.

It says, "Get rid of all

bitterness, rage, and anger,

brawling, slander, along with

every form of malice." Do you

ever feel that for somebody?

"Be kind and compassionate to

one another, forgiving each

other just as Christ in God

forgave you." That's what God

wants us to do. Coming up,

a tattoo artist uses his talent

to cover up tattoos. This is

cool. Stay with us.


If you are a 700 Club Canada

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Frontlines, so you can read

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Together, we can make a



This is our freedom tree, and

what we do is sex trafficking

tattoo removals. We ask

the-the victims after we're

all done to take and dip their

hand in paint and place it up

here on the wall. You know,

these are all the handprints

of-of people who were

trafficked in the United

States. But when I got saved,

it was like, God, you know,

I-I misused the first thirty-

eight years of my life and I

want to live the rest of my

life for you. You just got to

tell me what you want me to

do. Of course, the first thing

that popped in my head is

tattooing. I love doing that

more than anything. But I had

been a tattoo artist for about

fifteen years. But I was like

that-that's not doing God's

work. Friends that I had

worked with in warehousing,

I would walk into a lunchroom

and they'd see whatever tattoo

I'd got done over the weekend

and say, "Man, I wish I could

get nice tattoos like you have.

All I have are these stupid old

gang tattoos," and-and it just

clicked. I reached out to a

couple friends who were

probation officers up in the

city and I say, "Hey, I believe

this is my calling. I'm going

to start removing gang tattoos

for free. Do you think people

will take us up on it?" Both

of them kind of laughed and

they said, "Yeah, we could have

people lined up around the

block." And we started

INK 180. I actually did a

coverup for the first one I

did. It was a guy named

Junior. I covered his tattoos

on his-his arm, and when he

looked down and saw that that

gang tattoo was covered, he

started crying. The relief on

his face and you could-you

could feel it. You could feel

the pain that he had been

through trying to get rid of

those old tattoos that defined

his past. A lot of people ask,

you know, what's the big deal

about getting rid of the

tattoos? Well, if you have

tattoos on your face, your

hands, your neck, it's very

hard to get a job. In

addition, they're in danger

from both former enemies and

former friends. They consider

it almost like false

advertising, so they don't want

you walking around with their-

their marks on you. And they

have brutal ways of getting

rid of them too. They will-

they'll burn them off. They'll

cut them out. So these people

are desperate to get rid of

these tattoos. So we put this

up just to kind of give gang

members an exclamation point

when they leave here and

they've covered or removed

their tattoos. It-it's, you

know, these colors represent

their gangs. They tie it up

here to the wires, and we've

got everything from gangster

disciples, Latin kings,

imperial gangsters. This was

a Crip from Kansas City when

I was down there, bloods.

One Sunday I was in church

and I'd given an update on the

ministry, and an agent from

homeland security was there.

He asked me afterwards if I

would come speak to their

gang unit and said, "Hey, do

you mind if there's a few more

agents? Our trafficking team

wants to hear what you're

doing." I said, "What does

drug trafficking have to do

with this?" And he said, "No.

It's human trafficking." I

was in shock. They started

just giving me the facts and

the figures and it blew me

away. I had no idea this was

happening in the United States,

Chicago, let alone my community

where I live here in Oswego.

And I said, "What do-where do

tattoos come in to play?" And

they started laying out eight

by ten pictures on this big

boardroom table we were

sitting at. There were barcode

tattoos put on victims by their

traffickers. Pimps names.

Vulgar images. Words. Rules

that the pimps have for girls.

Contact information for pimps,

almost like a business card

tattooed on these victims.

And it broke my heart. They

took my art medium that I love

and care about so much and

made it disgusting. And then

they started showing me

pictures of these victim's

faces, and I broke down because

they looked just like my

daughter and her friends.

Then they asked me if I'd be

willing to extend the ministry

to help the victims of human

trafficking, and I was like

how can I say no? Of course.

They're very, very shattered

people. I can't even use the

word broken cause their psyche

is very fragile. We've had

girls collapse on the floor in

tears because they don't have

to look in the mirror when they

brush their teeth or brush

their hair and see that, you

know, barcode on their neck

or their pimp's name on their

neck or their hand or knuckles.

They're always highly visible.

They're not hidden. So just

the fact that they know they

don't have to ever look at that

again, and that doesn't have a

hold on them is an amazing

feeling and-and it's very

visible. When they see that

it's gone, that emotion comes

flowing out. So I always point

out this handprint right here.

It was a thirteen-year-old

girl. She was actually

kidnapped from a shopping

mall in Des Moines, Iowa,

trafficked for two years, and

she was rescued here in

Chicago. It almost feels like

you're a repo man for Jesus,

like you're going after these

souls who have slipped toward

Satan and you're pulling them

back and introducing them to

the Lord and helping them

realize that that second chance

is there for them, and grace is

for everybody. And being able

to be that agent that kind of

makes that introduction to

people, that's the best

feeling, the best rush in the

world, and it makes it all

worth it. And we thought we

would do four or five of these

things a month when we started

three years ago, and we've done

over twenty-two hundred now

free of charge. People will

come to me and say, "Man, what

a great idea. This is so cool

that you do this." And I say,

"Guys, I don't want any credit

for this ministry. INK 180

was not something I came up

with. I didn't dream it up.

But I asked God what He wanted

me to do. I listened and I

followed through. Other than

that, He's done all the heavy

lifting. So have that

conversation with God and say,

"You know, what gifts have you

given me that I can use to

serve and help others in the

community as opposed to just

using those gifts for my own

enjoyment in life?" We all

have gifts and we're all

unique. He made us all

unique, and it's time for us

all to start getting a mop

and cleaning up this world

using our gifts from God.


You know, that really does

express purpose. When Chris

was actually doing the-the

tattooing and all the other

things. He had no idea that

he was going to be using that

in order to change people's

lives, those that had been

marred by life and those

who had been caught in

human trafficking, being able

to now use his ink to-to give

them dignity and-and restore

hope in their lives as well.

You know, the ink that Jesus

gives, J.C. Power and Ink,

you know, when He inscribes

your name on His hands, most

people don't know that He has

tattoos. But it says in

Isaiah 49 and 16. "I have

inscribed your name on my

hands." And he says this

and-and I love this. Your-

your thoughts, your walls are

always before me. You know,

the scars when He went to the

cross was just to make sure

that we wouldn't have to pay

that same penalty and that

punishment. And I wonder if

just looking at that purpose

that God unlocked in Chris'

live said, "I need Him to set

me free and to cover up some-

some blemish shot of my past."

And that's what the blood of

Jesus Christ does. Because if

you cut the Bible anywhere,

it bleeds because it speaks of

God's redemption and taking the

punishment away from us. He's

not angry at you. He has a

plan and a purpose for you.

Will you pray this prayer with

me if you're in that place?

And if you want to get purpose,

it starts with a relationship

with Jesus Christ. Let's pray.

Father, I give you my past. I

confess, Lord, I cannot cover

it any longer. I surrender.

I want to be the person that

you created me to be. So

please recreate me in your

image. In Jesus' name. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer with

me, I'm-I've got good news

for you. You are free indeed.

That's what John, chapter 8

says. Whom the Son makes

free-not sets free because if

you're set free you can go

back into the place. But when

He makes you free, now it's

about relationship and family.

You'll never be bound again.

Call that number on the screen.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by. And

yay, today is your birthday.

Well, Laura-Lynn reflects on

the importance of DNA and it's

not quite what you think in her

Faith Forward segment.


Prayer is a communication

with God. It's a powerful

exchange between God and

man. We are going to answer

many of your questions in

Answered Prayer: How to Pray

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Plus, you'll see dramatic

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I think I survived because

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The doctor was just like,

"I have never seen anything

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He hears your prayers.

I never saw this coming.

Every great work of God is

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Answered Prayer: How to Pray

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Everything about God has a

pattern. The way He designed

the universe, even the earth

is at the exact right amount

of distance from the sun to

give us the right climate to

sustain life. The way He

designed our DNA and it

being so intricate that if you

unwound it, it would reach

to the moon and back six

thousand times. And the way

that He knit you together and

He fashioned you, even while

you were in your mother's womb

with a magnificent specific

purpose in mind. You see, when

God made you, He thought it out

carefully. What would your

personality be like? Where

would you be born? How would

you enter the world? And what

would your purpose be? He had

a pattern for your life. You

were made to be great. You

see, the blessing of Abraham is

now given to us and it says

that God will make your name

great and that we would be

a blessing to other people.

You see, you're supposed to be

walking in that anointed

powerful supernatural place

where God's infusion of

strength and wisdom will put

you in areas of influence and

give you strategic alliances

that you did not see coming.

But most people never reach

that potential because either

they're determined to try to

do it on their own or maybe

even worse yet, they let fear

stop them from ever trying at

all. One more reason and

perhaps the most significant

reason that people do not reach

their potential is that they

have not put God first in their

life. You see, God's desire,

His pattern for our lives works

incredibly well when we put

Him first. There's something

that you were created to do

and if you will put God on the

throne of your heart, He is

going to make sure that it

happens guaranteed. Walk

obediently and humbly before

God. Seek His will and

relinquish your own and watch

how the word will come true

in your life. According to

Matthew 6:33, it says this.

"But seek first the kingdom of

God and His righteousness and

all those things, they will be

added to you." This is the

design that works. When we

see the kind of heart that God

has for us, we trust Him, and

He begins adding peace, adding

joy. He will add to your

career with a promotion. He

will add favor to your life

when you are at the bank

getting that loan for your

business idea. He'll add

relationships, love, promotion,

accomplishment, and power.

All of this in according-in

accordance with His pattern.

You see, in fact, I have one

last bit of good news. God not

only adds, He multiplies.

That's His promise. In

Mark 4:8 it says, "Other seed

fell on the ground and it grew

up and it produced a crop,

sometimes multiplying thirty,

some sixty, sometimes a

hundred." You see, if you want

to follow God's pattern for an

abundant life, you walk in

obedience to God's Word and

you watch how He will

multiply His benefits in your


Inside every child is a hero,

a leader, a friend to others,

someone who helps out, who

does the right thing, who

dreams of what they can be.

But they still need our help.

What should I do?

What should I say?

How should I feel?

That's where Superbook comes

in. It provides moral and

spiritual truths through

situations children can relate

to, teaching God's Word to the

children you love. Join the

Superbook DVD Club and receive

Superbook's newest episodes

as they're available, plus two

copies to share with others,

all for your gift of only

twenty-five dollars. Get

Superbook today and watch the

miracles happen.


Welcome back. We'd like to

invite you to become a 700

Club Canada partner. And as

our thank you, we'd like to

get into your hands, Answered

Prayer. It's our new DVD and

it is a powerful must have.

Maybe you have questions

about prayer or you just need

encouragement. This DVD is

for you.

Prayer is the one area that

you can touch three worlds at

the same time. Touch heaven.

You could also touch the earth,

and you can touch the future

by praying into it.

I like that.

And I you call us, we will

send it to you right away.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by.

And we have some people

who would like some prayer.

Of course, we invite you to

call in all the time. And

Rosemary, Arul, Linda, Sandra,

and Paul are all asking for

God's direction in their lives.

The very thing we've been

talking about today.

Yeah. Let's-let's agree

with them.

Father, we just thank you,

Lord, that you are a sovereign

Lord, that you understand

where we are supposed to get

to, that you direct us down

paths, that even as we make

our plans, Lord, you actually

will intercede with our-with

our permission, God, and you

will sometimes divert or change

those plans and for sure you

always make them better than

we ever expected.


So we thank you, God, for

intervening in these precious

people's lives, oh, God, and

that you would show them your


Amen. And, Father, in 2018

I thank you that they're asking

the same thing that you desire

to give, because you're a god

of purpose. And I pray over

their lives now, a pastoral

prayer of Romans 8:28. "For

all things work together for

the good of them who love

God and are the called

according to His purpose."

Now, as they connect with you,

Lord, when and making your

story their story, I thank you

that they will be history

makers. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Amen. Amen. You know,

practically speaking, Brian,

when we are searching for the

purpose of God, I know we

talked about this earlier but

being willing to step out of

the box.


I volunteered to do a little

Bible study at a recovery home.


And I've ended up doing it

for almost five years.


Once a week when I'm in

town cause I love it.

And keep trying things.

Try, try, try. I want to leave

you with this power verse and

we believe that that will help

you. And just like Laura-Lynn

and myself, God's purpose

is waiting for you. In Him we

were also chosen, having been

predestined according to the

plan of Him

who works out everything

in conformity with the purpose

of His will. Ephesians 1:11.

See you next time.

Keep staying in your purpose.

God bless.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700. You can email

us at . You can

now like us on Facebook and

follow us on Twitter or



On tomorrow's show.

It just took me out of the


Donald Nally struggled with

drug addiction most of his

life. He started using when he

was ten, soon after his mother




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