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700 Club Canada: May 10, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for May 10, 2018 Read Transcript


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. It's great to be

with you.

Thank you for joining us

today on the 700 Club Canada.

Did you know that according

to research, there are

scientifically supported

benefits of love?

Here's what they found.

Love can lower blood pressure,

decrease stress, and even boost

your immunity.

It's even proven that those

in more stable relationships

have fewer doctor visits and

fewer hospital stays.

What I have learned after

being married for-now I'm

going on thirty-two years,

Wow. Good for you.

is that love does make you

feel that you are safe.


And it does make you feel

that you're also comfortable

as well. A comfort zone.


And you're just like, yeah.

It's wonderful. Well, you

know, I've read before that

Not stressed.

Sure. And even just having

hugs, you know, when you're

in a martial relationship and

you love someone, there's-

you-you have hugs. You hold

hands. You pat someone on

the shoulder.


You make food for each other.

There's this sense of

community. You have, you know,

that comfortable environment.

And that's very healthy.

Well, it is. And the

Dartmouth Medical School did

an interesting study on being

hardwired to connect.


And they said that when you

had connectedness, and it

doesn't matter if you were

married, but we're talking

about children and also people,

and you gave your life away to

someone else, it literally

caused your life expectancy to

go up.


You know, today you'll see

how one exotic dancer trapped

in addiction, learned the truth

about love and how it

completely changed her life.

And I'll be back with an

inspiring message hopefully

about love as part of my Faith

Forward series.

I'm looking forward to it.

But first, LaKeisha thought

love and abuse went hand in

hand. Then everything changed

when she was introduced to

real love.

Take a look.


Wanting to have hugs and

wanting to have kisses and

wanting to be tucked in bed

at night, and all those special

things you do, you know, with

your parents when you're a


These are the things

LaKeisha Christian missed most

after her parents divorced and

her father moved out when she

was eight.

I started really wanting

those things and actually kind

of craving those things in a

way. I was looking for someone

to say, "You're pretty." I was

looking for someone to say,

"You're amazing." I was

looking for those words that

made me feel like I-I mattered.

LaKeisha grew up, and once a

teenager turned to boys and

sex for the answer.

It was fulfilling and

satisfying me for a moment.

And if I could just feel this

all the time, I'll be okay.

They love me. They love me.

And they want me. They need

me. And I need them. So I

became very needy, and I

started to attach myself to

them. It was a void within

me where I would actually cry

every single night. What is

wrong with me?

At seventeen, she got

pregnant. She was scared but

kept the baby and moved in

with the father.

I thought this means I'm

finally going to be happy. I

have a baby that loves me.

I love this child, and me and

the father will make this

perfect life together, and I'll

be fixed. Everything will be


The man became unstable,

and LaKeisha left. Her next

boyfriend soon became abusive

and controlling.

And it didn't start off

abusive. It started off with

him loving me and charming

me and buying me gifts and-

and loving my child, my


But LaKeisha stayed, unable

to tell the difference between

abuse and love.

It became love in a way.

If he's hitting me, he has to

love me. What is it? Is he

jealous? Oh, gosh, maybe I did

do something to make him feel

that way, and he just doesn't

want to lose me.

The relationship finally

ended, but LaKeisha would

continue jumping in and out of

abuse relationships another

ten years, having three more

children along the way.

My self-esteem is so low.

My confidence is shot. I

remember looking in the mirror.

What is wrong with you?

One day after another brutal

beating, LaKeisha took her

children to a home daycare run

by Pam Fisher.

And then when she took the

glasses off, there was bruises.

At that time-that time-I'm

sorry-that's when you know

that she needs the love of

Christ more than ever. Because

she had a hard night that night


She would say, "You know,

Jesus loves you. Do you know

God cares for you? Do you

know you're special? Do you

know you're beautiful?"

But the words didn't start

sinking in until LaKeisha's

abuser followed her to Pam's


He comes in. She gets right

in the middle of us cause she

sees fire is breathing from

this man.

And I told him, "No. You're

not doing this here. You have

to go."

I'm thinking though, he's

about to kill this woman and

then he's going to kill me.

I saw his fists clench up.

She planted her feet and she

said, "You leave my house now."

And he stood there for a

moment, but then he backed up.

And then he went out the door.

I think at that moment I was

like, wow. What kind of power

did this woman just have?

So, I'm like God, it has to be

you. I started believing that

I was worthy, that I was

special, that someone would

love me.

LaKeisha left her boyfriend

and tried to forge a new life.

But she still couldn't break

the cycle, and again ended

up with an abusive man.

He took it to another level

when he put a gun to her head

and threatened to kill her and


I really think God had put

His arms around me at that

time. I said to him, "God, I

need you to help me. I-I

need you to help me cause

I'm scared. A knock on the

door. It was our landlord,

and he said, "I need you guys

out. We think that there is a

gas line somewhere leaking."

Finally, LaKeisha had the

courage to take her children

and leave.

I remember that night

thanking God. You saved me.

As much as I've been unfaithful

to you and you're still

standing there with your arms

wide open.

In the coming days and weeks,

LaKeisha began to understand

what Pam had been saying about

God's love for her.

You love me. Me. All this

ugly stuff in me, with these

men, and that man, and

fornicating, and children out

of wedlock, you still love me.

And I couldn't believe it. I

could not believe that He still

was there for me. And I

remember telling Him, God,

just use me, forgive me,

forgive the sins that I've

committed, God. Save me.

LaKeisha started living her

life for Christ, and now sees

someone very different in the


I see God through me today.

I see His image in me today.

Along with her husband,

Antonio, LaKeisha is raising

her five children. She also

helps victims of abuse through

a nonprofit called Free. Like

Pam, she tells them in God's

eyes they're special and worthy

of His love.

And I'm telling you, it is

so much love. To someone who

thought she didn't deserve

anything, to someone who

thought that I won't be

anybody. I'm not going to

be anything. He did all of

that for me.


Laura-Lynn, that was such

a powerful testimony.


And LaKeisha said something

that was really and it stuck

out to me. She said, "What's

wrong with me?" Cause she

kept going into this cycle over

and over.


And what I found is what

she was struggling with was

fear. And you might be

dealing with this crippling

fear as well right now. I want

you to get this in your mind.

Fear is false evidence

appearing real. When Pam

stood up and she stood up to

that-that-that young man

even though his fence-fists

were clenched, she knew at

that moment that there was

something that was bigger than

her. If you need that, call

the number on the screen.

1-855-759-0700. It's yours

for the asking.

You know, I was amazed. I

mean she had been through

so many things that had stolen

the love from her life, you

know, that we were talking

about earlier. And do you

remember when Jesus met the

woman at the well? This was

clearly a woman with a

tremendous history.


Five previous husbands and

the man that she currently was

with was not her husband.

And somehow Jesus knew

it all. And yet He chose to

talk to this woman who

probably had a bad reputation,

who, you know, it wasn't

typical that a man should be

speaking to a woman at the

well like that. But Jesus did.

Jesus always talks to the most

unlovely and loves us.

What I love about the woman

at the well, just like



What we've got to do is

some of us have not thanked

God for the things we left

behind. She left her water

pot. And when she left the

water pot, that meant that

she was not going back to

that. That fear can be broken

today, but you got to leave it


I love it.

After the break, Mindy found

freedom from a life of drugs

and exotic dancing.

Stay with us. So good.


A time long remembered, the

night six-year-old Mindy

Crane's father took her from

the only person she felt loved


All night long I cried for my

grandmother. And it was pretty

traumatic for me because I-I

felt like she was my mom.

Four years had passed since

Mindy and her two sisters moved

in with their grandmother after

their real mother walked out.

Now that her dad remarried,

they would be living with him,

his new wife, and her three

children. Neither her dad nor

step-mother had time for Mindy.

I just-I was feeling very

rejected and-and abandoned

growing up and being in that

family. I just wanted to be

loved unconditionally. I

wanted somebody to-to really

love me and spend time with me.

And I wanted times to be with

my dad.

She was also suffering from


I had a lack of identity.

I felt like my mom didn't want

me. I felt like I really

didn't fit in with my family.

My dad was never there.

I just felt worthless. I felt

like I didn't have any worth.

I felt like I just wasn't good


At eleven years old, she

took some pills she found in

the medicine cabinet in the

first of many failed suicide


I really wanted to die. I

didn't really know what the

pills were going to do to me

to be honest with you. And

I just take as many of them

as I thought I needed to-to


At one point, she was

prescribed medication. But

it didn't help. As a teenager,

she turned to drugs and


I didn't care anymore really.

I felt like I was numbing

myself from all the pain and

all the-the hurt. I started

rebelling. I started trying to

find my-my value and my

self-worth in the attention of

men. I was getting attention

that I thought that I wanted.

Wanting to escape her home

life, Mindy got a fast-food job

at sixteen. She was working

when someone she knew told

her that being a stripper could

be her ticket out.

She pulls up in her red

convertible Corvette. She

says, "How would you like to

go from making $4.90 an hour

to 490 dollars a day?" Man,

that would be awesome.

She ran away from home,

dropped out of school, and

used a fake ID to get a job

dancing at a club. She had

money and independence from

her parents, but it came at a

cost-her dignity.

There were times when I-I

would feel like, man, this-

this isn't right. But if I do

just enough drugs and alcohol,

I could kind of drown out my

conscience so that I could do

it. And it becomes the norm

for you.

Pregnant at seventeen, Mindy

gave up drugs and dancing

temporarily. But as a single

mom, she felt stripping was her

only option.

I needed a job where I could

pay somebody to watch my-my

child and be able to spend as

much time with my kid as-as I

could and be able to afford

to take him to go do things.

And that was-that was a trap

for me.

In her twenties, she met

and married Lance, and they

had two daughters. Again,

she felt the money she made

stripping provided the homelife

she'd always desired.

Family was a real big thing

with me. So I wanted to make

my own family be the-the type

of family that I never had.

Even then, she couldn't

escape the overpowering sense

of shame or the drugs she used

to cover it. Then a friend

started telling Mindy about

God and invited her to a church

small group. Mindy saw hope

but believed she had to fix

herself for God to accept her.

And I just felt like, you

know, eventually I'll grow out

of this stuff, eventually I'll

be religious. He'll be happy

with me. And so that's what

it looked like for me to have

a relationship with God. If

I just could be good enough,

He would accept me.

But she continued doing

drugs and dancing. One night

while partying at a friend's

house, Mindy overdosed and

felt like she was dying.

I remember laying there

and I felt my spirit just being

whipped away from my body.

And I realized I wasn't even in

my body anymore.

At first, Mindy feared she

was about to face God's

judgement. Instead, she felt

overwhelmed by His love.

I just remember just feeling

that love was so amazing that

I-I just-I would have left


So Mindy quit her job and

for the next two years tried

to get her life straight to be

acceptable to God. Then at

a special church service, she

finally heard that God wanted

her just as she was.

Me and my son that night,

we walked up there and I could

just-I started weeping. I

started crying. And I knew

that if God could save me that

it would be in my best

interest to-to surrender my

life to Him. And that's-that's

what I did that night.

Mindy stopped using drugs

and alcohol and started growing

in her relationship with Jesus.

So I started getting so

excited because I already

started changing, and that

shame started going away.

The more I started seeing

Jesus, the more that I started

liking who I am. I no longer

started looking to other things

to validate to me, to the world

to define me. The approval

of the world or rather my

parents approved of me or

they didn't because I knew

that God did. His love

completely transformed me.

Soon after, her husband,

Lance, accepted Christ as well.

Today Mindy returns often to

the streets of New Orleans,

not to work but to share the

love of God. She knows first-

hand how that love changed


When Jesus steps in, it's

almost like the people that

looked at you and thought you

were one way and they see you,

it's like they-they have a

respect for the new creation.

I don't have to sit there and

earn it and have to prove

myself to them. They know

that it's-it's genuine. They

can feel it, so I-I don't have

to explain myself. They're

just like wow. I know Jesus

is real.


You know, I hear that so

many times that what Mindy

said is she said she-she

wanted to die. She was in

depression. And from four

dollars and ninety cents an

hour to four hundred and

ninety dollars a night, it

really caused her to go after

the adult entertainment

world with full gusto. But,

you know, Mindy now is a

different person. And Second

Corinthians 5:17 says,

"Therefore, if anyone be in

Christ, they're a new creature.

Old things pass away. All

things become new." And she's

new and that new creation she

says on the streets of New

Orleans is what people see

when she goes out. I believe

that God can do that new thing

inside of your life right now

while you're sitting in your

home, listening to this. If

you will today decide that I

am going to just completely

quit digging myself in this

hole. You know, when you're

digging yourself in a hole, the

best thing to do is just stop

digging and then ask for the

solution. Ask for help. It's

no-there's no judgement.

There's no-there's no shame

in that. I've had to do that,

and everyone else who has

come to Christ has had to do

that. So today, I want to get

something into your hands.

It's a New Day. If you stop

digging and allow Him to pull

you out with this prayer, call

the number on the screen. It's

yours absolutely free. I

believe that God can do a new

thing inside of you like He did

with Mindy. Let's do some

business with God. Why don't

you pray this prayer with me?

He's not concerned about your

words. He's concerned about

your heart. Jesus, I

surrender. I confess my sin.

Lord, please come into my

heart. Change me. Change me.

Make me the person you want

me to be. Today I'm yours.

In Jesus' name. Amen. It's

that simple. Now, call the

number on the screen.

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by.

Well, one of my favorite parts

of the program, Laura-Lynn

has a powerful message on love

during her Faith Forward.

Don't go away.


The man I've been working

with was on his knees above

my body. But on each side

of him was a huge angel.

He seemed to just emerge

through the door and floated

out on-on the ground.

She started pointing, and

she was saying, "Monster."

Discover the truth in Pat

Robertson's latest DVD, Angels.

Their power, purpose, and


These magnificent beings

have awesome power beyond our


In this DVD, you'll gain

Biblical insight into these

mysterious creatures. Learn

their purpose in God's kingdom

and their role in your life.

Plus, meet people who have

had real encounters with


God sent an angel to pull

Lisa out of that car.

Call now to get your copy

of Angels. Available now.


I want to talk to you today

about having complete trust

in God for your desperate

situation. I love the posture

and the position that Ruth took

in the Bible as she found

herself widowed and in a new

land with her mother-in-law.

These were anxious times for

Ruth, and she was grieving

the terrible loss of her

husband, and she knew that

she needed someone to love

her and to embrace her. Ruth

was also a Moabite, and they

did not have a good reputation,

because their people had

derived from an incestuous

relationship. She knew that

she could face rejection and

an abandoned life. And at

this time, she knew that she

needed to work and to eat.

So in Ruth, chapter two, she

said to Naomi, "Let me go to

the fields and pick up the

leftover grain behind anyone

in whose eyes I find favor."

You see, Ruth was willing to

take the leftovers. She didn't

feel that she deserved special

treatment. She had a humble

spirit. You may know the story

of how Boaz, well, he saw her

in that field as she went about

doing what her hands found

to do. Boaz is a picture to us

of how Jesus has redeemed us

from terrible times as lost and

disreputable people. Boaz

instructed his workers to let

some handfuls of grain fall

for her on purpose. And he

told them, "Don't rebuke her."

You see, because of her

attitude, God insured that

there was deliberate provision,

grain left on purpose for her

use and for her sustenance.

Ruth found out that Boaz was

a kinsman, meaning that he

would be able to embrace her

as his wife. She then humbled

herself so profusely as to go

and lie at the feet of Boaz,

becoming vulnerable to his

rejection. Have you ever

needed to just lie at the feet

of Jesus and receive His

redemption for all that has

happened? Her attitude

determined and invoked the

favor of God over her life.

Boaz said to her, "The Lord

recompense you for what you

have done," because he knew

that she had left her own

people to follow God in a new

land. And Boaz says, "A full

reward will be given to you by

the Lord, the God of Israel,

under whose wings you have

come to take refuge." Boaz

did not rebuke her for her

past heritage as a product of

sin, but rather he acknowledged

what she had done by faith

in coming to rest under the

wings of Jehovah. Boaz

redeemed her and he married

her, and she became engrafted

into the direct lineage of the

birth of Jesus. What an

incredible destiny was given

to a stranger, a woman from a

questionable background who

in faith gave up everything to

become part of a new family.

Today, God sees your situation,

your difficulty, your history,

and your heart. He's already

paid the price to redeem you,

to purchase your life back from

an enemy who has tried to

destroy you. He has not

rejected you. He will never

abandon you, and He will honor

your walk of faith today by

covering you with His wings

of grace. If you have been

through some hardships, you

can trust that Jesus is your

redeemer, and He loves you

and there is hope for your


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Welcome back. Did you know

the suicide rate in Nunavut is

ten times the national average?

That's staggering. And that's

why the Arctic Hope Project

is so important, and we're

honored to partner with them.

Arctic Hope is a faith-based

project that addresses many

of the root issues that Inuit

youth face in Nunavut. Call

the number on the screen.

1-855-759-0700 and consider

joining with us today. This is

dear to my heart


That we would support this,

Brian, because I lived in

Tuktoyaktuk, you know, up-

up in the North.


And it truly, truly does have

some-some issues that are

being addressed. And it's a

beautiful, beautiful thing.

And when you call for just

twenty dollars a month, we will

send you as our thank you

this DVD called Angels. Their

purpose, their power, and

really why God put these

supernatural beings here for

us. But it's our gift to you

for you when you take the next

step and be a part of our team.

Laura-Lynn, I traveled to

Nunavut enough times.


And I've seen firsthand, and

we do a lot of work in Nunavut

with those that are-are

battling addiction, those that

have been struggling with



And-and the power of God is

so strong. I want to say a big

shout out to all of those that

are there in Nunavut and

And to Mavis Jacobson.

Grandma Louie.

Yeah. Who?

My friends. Mavis, Bertha.

Yes. And Grandma Louie and

also Billy Arneque and all of

those that are up there as well

as Bill Prankard, and we just

want to thank Arctic Hope for

the work that they're doing up

there. And such a powerful

work, and we need them to

continue that. And we got a

praise report as well. It came

from Leslie Ann. She's from

Winsor and she said, "Thank you

for your prayers for my

daughter, Abby, and the birth

of her second child, Colin.

And all went well and no

complications. Praise be to

God. Wow.

Isn't that good. Wow.

I appreciate that.

Well, you don't want to have


No, you don't.

You know, this is a-a very

precarious time and so

Yeah. It's a-it's a time

when-when most people are-

are looking at such budding

hopes. And, you know, Laura-

Lynn, when I went back to

pulpit ministry, I started off

and there were only maybe a

group of elderly people.


And I started praying this

very, very verse. It was-it

was Job 14:7. "There is hope

for a tree if it is cut down,

at the scent of water, it shall

bud again." And out of that,

over forty-five babies were



So we're going to be praying

right now in the context of

holy matrimony that God would

allow you if you've been

battling in this area of

infertility. And I just

believe that God is going to do

a work with you right now.

Let's-let's agree.


Father, again there is hope.

And no matter what's gone on,

today that person is saying,

"I want a child so badly in

the context of holy matrimony."

And we're asking you for the

blood of Jesus and the power of

the Holy Spirit to come now

and open the womb and we

cause the fruit of the womb to

come forth now. And we

celebrate, Lord, that gift

and that world changer that

is coming out right now.


In Jesus' name.

Even as you did with Sarah

and Hannah and Rachel and

others whose wombs you

miraculously opened, we pray

for this abundance. In Jesus'




We touch and agree.


Yeah. You know,

And we have a power verse.

We want to leave this with

you. "Beloved, let us love

one another, for love is from


"And whoever loves has been

born of God and knows God."

"Anyone who does not love

does not know God because

God is love."

First John 4:7 and 8. Until

next time.

God bless.

God bless.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700. You can email

us at or write

to us at Christian Broadcasting

Associates, Incorporated.

That's 700 Club Canada,

P.O. Box 700, Scarborough,

Ontario M1S 4T4. You can now

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us on Twitter or Instagram.



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