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700 Club Canada: May 11, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for May 11, 2018 Read Transcript

On today's show...

Derik soon became

dependent on the very drug

he was selling.

That's when I realized I

wasn't in control. When I

started using my product and

when I started actually

smoking coke all the money

I had made I just started just

spending it all on drugs, the

drug was controlling me.

Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada, I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura Lynn Tyler

Thompson, it's great to see

you today.

If this is your first time to

watch the 700 Club Canada

thanks for joining.

And to all of our faithful

viewers we're glad that you

continue to support and watch

the show.

One of our unique segments

on this program is our In Focus


That's right, and this is a

time when we talk to different

professionals who help us

dissect important topics

effecting all of us.

And today we have special

guest Josh Gilman from

Strength to Fight, an

organization dedicated to

informing and fighting back

against the pornography


He's here in studio to update

us on the government's response

to this epidemic.

Don't think online porn is

a problem, here's a stat, porn

sites receive more regular

traffic than Netflix, Amazon,

and Twitter combined.

That is staggering, and

that's why organizations like

Strength to Fight exist. If

you're struggling today checkout

their website

That's a powerful tool. We've

seen time and time again how

God can change any situation,

and if you need some

encouragement for your own

battles today you won't want

to miss Derik's story.

See how Derik ended up

on the streets and how God

gave him new life.

But first a young woman

who needed a new start

found what she was looking

for and more at a recovery

center in Windsor, Ontario.

Take a look.

My childhood was happy.

There's lots of good memories.

My parents loved us so much

we did a lot, we hiked a lot,

we lived in the middle of the

woods. I grew up in the country,

was always fun. I was a twin

sister, I had a twin, and she

was always more serious, and

mom always told me that I

was happy go lucky.

It all seemed picture perfect

for Meagan Piper, good family,

good grades, and good friends.

But one day out of the blue

upside down.

My mom had this idea to

move to Winnipeg because

her sister lived out there, and

she said that dad could find

better work, and we moved

a month later. And we drove

across Canada and landed

in Winnipeg, and that's when

everything changed. So toward

the end of the year mom and

dad could tell that, you know,

my grades were suffering, I

wasn't applying myself in

school, I didn't want to go to

school. I had begun stealing

cigarettes from my dad, stealing

weed from my dad. They didn't

take lightly to it, and they put

me and Jade on a plane and

sent us home, and they sold

he house.

But coming home wasn't

the answer. Something had

already changed in Meagan

and her sister, and it was

about to get worse.

I thought it was cool people

called us smokers, and, you

know, how we get in the snake

pit smoking weed, we were

rebels, and I liked it. When

I was 17 I met Scott, ended

up falling in love with him,

and moving in with him.

Dropped out of school, got

a job.

Meagan stopped caring

about the things that were

once important to her, her

family, her grades. And what

was worse, Meagan stopped

caring about herself.

The first night that Scott

and we hooked up I snorted

a line of coke and that was it.

A month later I was smoking


Meagan didn't know it at

the time, but she would chase

that high for the next ten

years. Her life already plunging

into chaos.

The chaos became comfortable,

and I knew that to get out of

the chaos I'd have to work

hard at it, and I'd have to

change, and I'd have to, you

know, put my faith and my

hope in something other than

myself or my drugs, and I just

never wanted to do that. So

I just adapted to my

surroundings and became

accustomed to them. On my

18th birthday mom gave us

$100 each for our birthday,

and we got crack, and gave

Jana first puff of crack, and

she loved it. To come down

off of crack you need some-

thing to ease the effects, and

those are the worst feelings,

you know, when it's 6:00 A.M.

in the morning and your boy-

friend has to go to work, and

you have no oil in the furnace,

gone, all the money's gone,

you don't have cigarettes, you

don't have food. And your

boyfriend's going to work, and

I just remember mornings

when he would leave to go to

work and I'd be so jonesed

And in those moments I would

always think I understand how

people could do anything for

this drug, and little did I know

that I would.

Things really began un-

raveling when her boyfriend

Scott was arrested. Now Meagan

was lost, alone, and desperate

to feel some sort of belonging

and affection. She quickly moved

on to another man who paid

little attention to Meagan. She

found a way to get even which

nearly cost her life.

I went downstairs in his

room and I dumped a lot of

coke in a spoon and did it

up, and that's the last thing

I remember. And I woke up

in the ICU, and Jay called

mom, and they came into

the city, and they told mom

that she should think about

pulling the plug. I can only

imagine what my mom must've


This wakeup call led Meagan

and her sister into a recovery

home where it looked like

she was turning the corner.

I got a taste of recovery

for the first time and I loved

it. I loved the people, and I

loved the meetings, and I

loved listening to people

who had been sober for,

you know, 10, 20 years, right.

Just the knowledge and the

wisdom, but I wasn't ready,

and I knew in my mind that

I wasn't ready. Within a few

weeks Jay and I had both

moved back to the city and,

yeah, I went right back to

using. I remember the first

time we smoked it again,

and I just looked at her and

said, I don't know. I was very--

very naive about it all, and

very--very stupid about every-

thing. You know, rain or shine

it didn't matter, I had to get

money and I had to get high.

things got really bad. Through-

out my addiction I spent a

little over a year in the

Meagan realized that she

was no longer able to lean

on her sister who had sought

help for herself and was now

out of Meagan's life. It was

around this time that she

turned from everyone and

turned to the streets.

I saw a friend and she

looked at me and said, "Are

you alive? We head that

you died." She looked at me

like she had seen a ghost.

And that was like that was

just crazy to me, of course

I'm alive. You know, then it

got me thinking like what am

I doing, I haven't talked to

my family in months, and,

you know, friends don't even

know that I'm alive, they think

I'm dead, you know. And I

felt dead, I did. So I remember

agreeing to go to detox, yeah,

I go to detox. And I remember

having the application to

Windsor Life Center. And I

remember one of the nurses

came into the room and said,

"What are you doing?" And I

said, "I'm filling out the

application to the life center.

I want to go. You know, and

she was like, "Good, go."

Like she had done many

times before, Meagan decided

it was time to get help, but

unlike the past this time there

was real hope. Meagan boarded

a plane terrified but hopeful

that a small woman center in

Windsor, Ontario would be

what she needed to start over.

What she discovered was a

God who loved her and gave

her the sense of belonging

that she desperately wanted.

I put what little faith I had

in the God I knew nothing

about, you know, and I think

that's what He needs. I don't

think He wants to have any

preconceived ideas or notions

about Him, and I certainly

didn't. I knew that I couldn't

that I couldn't do it myself

anymore, and I completely

surrendered to the process.

I have learned so much. First

thing that He doesn't expect

perfection which is settling

because I'm not perfect, I

never will be. Maybe that was

why I never felt good enough

for Him in the past, but I know

that He's unrelenting in His

pursuits of our hearts, and

that's all He really wants. And

He'll chase us, He'll chase

us to the bitter end. He's

never going to give up on

me. And even when I give

up on myself, you know, He's

never going to stop loving me.

Laura Lynn, I know that that

hits home with a lot of people

that are watching right now.


But, you know, when you

go down a road Meagan said,

"I just did not have the

strength to fight. I knew I

would have to believe in

something else, but I just

did not have the strength."

Right. And, you know,

she is a transformed girl,

and I know her, I've met her.

I know her personally, and,

in fact, she is engaged to

a young man that is Steller

and he's also working in a

recovery home. And they

have, you know, united in

Christ with God being the

center of their relationship,

and it's a beautiful thing to

see. So God has really brought

redemption, that's the hope.

Our God loves a big finish,

and that's what it's all about,

you know, getting to the other

side. But I wonder if you're

in that middle where Meagan

is. She said, "I just hated it,

but the jonesing for another

hit of crack, that's what I

needed, and I didn't like that

feeling. I needed to be free."

We want to help you become

free. We want to get some-

thing into your hands. It

doesn't cost you anything,

and there is no compulsion

for you to do anything else

but just to get free today.

1-855-759-0700, prayer

partners are standing by,

but I want you to pray this

prayer with me. If you're in

that place you need the

maximum strength and that's

what Jesus came to bring.

Pray this prayer, Jesus, I

surrender. I confess my sin,

I can't do it anymore. Please

come into my heart and make

me the person you want me

to be, in Jesus name, Amen.

Father, please break that

cycle of addiction, we pray

today in Jesus name, Amen.

Amen--amen. Well, we'll

be back with Josh Gillman

from Strength to Fight. The

pornography issue is in Focus


So what do you think angels

do, what's their purpose?

God's messengers.

Serve God.

I think they give us


Flying over us protecting


I just know that they're out


I guess I believe in the fact

that other people could be

your angels, right.

I don't know if you call

them angels but I believe

that somebody's watching

over us, taking care of us.

I don't know guarding me

or something like that.

Welcome to In Focus. The

issue of pornography

specifically through internet

access should be a topic of

ongoing discussion. It's an

issue that isn't going away,

and we need to stay on target

with how the increase to access

is treating our young people

and families, no one is safe.

We address this issue again

today with Josh Gillman from

Strength to Fight, an

organization dedicated to

battling internet pornography.

Welcome, Josh.

Yeah, thank you.

You know, I'm so happy

that you're here to help us

frame some things because

there's a lot going on in the

area of our political realm with

pornography. Just recently

Ottawa has given about

$4.1 million to artificial

intelligence to make sure that

child porn is being monitored,

and some other things that

are going on. What's your

thought on that?

I'm really happy that that's

happening. That's a really

good thing obviously. Any-

thing that we can do to try

to fight child pornography is

fantastic, I'm really--really

happy. I'd like to see more

resources put into helping

to stop the things that lead

to people getting into child

pornography, right. Like

child pornography, trying

to wrestle people from it is

pulling them out of the river,

and it's a really--really good

thing to do. But we would like

to see more resources going

into figuring out who's pushing

them in.

Well, I think that is a very

strong statement because

when we talk about who's

pushing them in 91 billion

porn videos viewed, and this

is in even one year. And

4.5 billion hours of pornography

is being watched right now as

well as 64 million websites

visited daily. You know, what

are we learning from where

this issue is going? Are we

getting our hands around it?

I don't think we understand

how massive a problem it is

yet. Like those numbers are

so incomprehensible, the

numbers you just read about

how much porn has been

watched just on the one porn

site that's the equivalent of

people had never been born,

never lived, never got married,

never did anything with their

lives. We're not realizing just

how much this is stealing from

us just as a society, as a

culture, as people, and so we

just haven't really gotten our

heads around how big of a

problem it is.

How do we really get an

effective meeting with our M.P.?

How do we begin to now let

our voice be heard and pull

this gag order off of us?

I think just do some basic

education for yourself, just

figuring out, you know, the

basic talking points are as

easy as going to, you know,

our website,

or Fight The New Drug, or

Defend Dignity, all these

different organizations have

some very basic talking points.

And if you go into your M.P.'s

office and you have a specific

ask you say, here's a good

idea, here's some legislation

that happened, you know, in

the U.K., and it was really--

really successful. Here's how

it worked, here's how it's

working in Australia, and you

give them a very specific ask

they'll respond a lot better

than just going and saying,

you know, I care about


You know, Josh, when I

started doing the research

for this 88% of the porn scenes

show physical aggression,

and 48.7% of porn showed

was verbal aggression. So

we're talking about some-

thing that is completely

changed. This is not what

we would've seen 20 years

ago or 30 years ago. How

do we begin to wrap our

minds around this now?

We need to start looking

at it from the scientific

perspective and understanding

just the brain science. And

so when you're talking to

your kids, or your M.P., or

whoever you're talking to

going back and saying here's

the science, we know how

the brain works, we know

how it effects the way we

think, the way we treat other

people. Going back to the

child pornography issue,

15% of kids have already

been exposed to child

pornography. If kids already

being exposed to this online

how are they supposed to

know that it's wrong when

it happens to them?

Yeah. You know, what I

researched 71% of people

are having through counseling

an effective use of being able

to come out of this, right. And

also 59% through monitoring

your internet, but how do we

put stop gaps in, how do we

put prevention in from a

parent and also from a

husband and a wife?

It starts with understanding

that accountability is a good

thing. Accountability is not

saying that you're weak, it's

saying that you understand

that there's a problem that

is out there that can effect

you, and just being willing to

talk about it, being willing to

have those conversations.

When you don't want your

daughter or son to have a

cell phone explain to them

why, explain to them the

dangers. Talk about the fact

that when you hit send on

that picture that it's out there

forever. And a great way to

explain that is just saying,

hey, when you hit send you

lose the power, it now belongs

to somebody else. Just have

the conversation and be

honest about why you think

the way you do.

You know, when Josh was

talking to me earlier and when

he was explaining to me that

the average age of a person

who has been involved in

pornography of death is 35.

And some of the top in the

industry although they have

the finance, they have the

money, 28-years-old, they're

killing themselves through

homicide, suicide, and through

other means. This is not some-

thing that's going away, and

I believe what we need to do

is we need to not only pray

about it, we need to talk to

our M.P., but we also need

to get involved and take the

tape off. The gag order must

be lifted, it's not going away,

so we must rise up and fight.

Thank you, Josh.


Up next a young man gets

addicted to the very drug he

was selling. See how God set

Derik free.

I started growing weed, and

I started selling weed, and I

can remember in high school

I make like $220 a day just

going to school and selling

bags of weed.

Derik Nacutta of Honolulu,

Hawaii started smoking marijuana

in the 6th grade. By the time

he was in high school he had

turned his recreational drug

use into a profitable business.

In his 20s he realized he could

make even more money

distributing cocaine.

The pro surfers are coming

from Brazil, Peru, all those

guys, they were bringing in

coke, and I would supply all

the night clubs with coke. I'd

drive in twice a night selling

ounces of coke, maybe

8 ounces in one night. I was

making about $35,000 a week

just selling coke.

Derik soon became dependent

on the very drug he was selling.

That's when I realized I

wasn't in control. When I

started using my product, and

when I started actually smoking

coke all the money I had made

I just started just spending it

all on drugs, and the drug was

controlling me.

Eventually he dropped his

crack addiction for heroin.

I could see the desperation

that I was going through

because of this drug. Every

waking moment you're thinking

Who to call, how can I get it,

where can I get it from. I felt

There was a little darkness in

my soul. Like I was not the

same person I was because

I would do any means to get

money to support my heroin


When he tried to stop using

Derik felt powerless.

I remember telling myself

a lot easier if I just died

because the pain was so

great you couldn't sleep, I

was throwing up, my eyes

just tearing. I was just

suffering and I thought if I

died that would be a lot


Desperate to be free from

heroin Derik tried something

he'd never done before, he

prayed to the only one he

believed could help.

I just cried out to God and

I said, "God, if you could break

my chain of addiction I'll serve

know what that meant. I didn't

have a relationship with God,

but I was pleading with God

that I was making a deal, hey,

if you could take this away,

man, I'd be--you know, I would

serve you the rest of my life.

The beginning of the answer

to his prayer came three days

later when he was arrested

while buying heroin. Derik

spent the next two months in


It detoxed me. They gave me

a medication to take a little

bit of the withdrawals, but

you still have effects, but it's

not as bad.

when he was released

Derik was broke, homeless,

and living in a park in Hawaii.

A local pastor who often

brought food to the homeless

told Derik about the love of


I remember one day that

the pastor didn't bring food.

This is when God came so

real to me. I cried out to

God, I said, "God, if you're

real bring us some food."

And, low and behold, 10

minutes after that this couple

was walking towards us with

foil pans. I didn't know what

it was. So five us sitting there

and then this young lady and

this guy said, "Hey, we just

got married and we had all

this extra food and we thought

we'd bring it to you guys."

And that's when I thought,

oh wow, God you're real. I

mean I had no doubt right

there, God, you answered

me. And that's when my

relationship with Him became


Derik gave his life to Jesus.

He soon realized that God

had answered all of his prayers.

And was early morning and

you have to take down your

tent because the police said,

hey, you can sleep here but

take down your tent in the

morning. And I remember it

was sun just rising, I stepped

out, the birds were chirping,

life was just beginning. The

sun was coming up and I

realized I didn't have to hustle

to get well anymore because

God had made me well. He'd

broken my chains and that's

when I realized God kept His

promise, and He delivered

me from bondage to my

addiction. And that's where

I realized, okay, God, I will

serve you.

He began ministering to

the homeless community in

Hawaii with the pastor and

was eventually asked to join

the church staff. He says

he's thankful that the Lord

heard his prayer and changed

his life.

He's God of restoration,

He's a God of redemption,

He's a God that wants you

to have a relationship with

Him. I never felt so much

satisfaction in my soul that,

you know, it's so rewarding

in my soul. Once you have

experienced the hand of God

and be touched by Him it's

just something you can't

explain, it's amazing. God is


What a great story and

what a great location to be

called by God to be ministering

But, you know what, life can

get painful if you find yourself

in addiction like Derik did.

Maybe you're in addiction,

maybe you're watching right

now, you were flipping the

channels and you are, you

know, very deep into a heroin

addiction and you don't know

how to get out because when

those cravings start and that

pain starts coming over you

you feel powerless and you

don't know how to get through

it. Well, I hope that this story

inspired you that God will help

you to get through it. Do you

remember Derik did at his

worst moment? He prayed.

He asked God to help him,

and God did help him, and

God did bring him through,

and now he's absolutely free.

Maybe this is your day. I want

to tell you that it is no

accident that you are watching

this show right now. If you are

struggling with any kind of

addiction God is fully able to

bring you through, and maybe

it's time for your new day. We

want to get something into

your hands to help you to

battle this because God is

a warrior for you. Do you

know that the word of God

says that He will defend you,

that He will hem you in before

and behind. That means you

can trust Him with whatever

you're going through.

1-855-759-0700, give us a

call, we'll send this out to

you, it's absolutely free. And

as well when you call there are

prayer partners who are

powerful, they'll come into

agreement with you to see

freedom in your life today.

We'll be right back.


Yeah, buddy?

How many nickels are in

a dollar?

There are 20 nickels in a


How do birds fly? Does

milk really make my bones



Daddy, when we die will

we go to heaven?

Do you have the answer

to life's biggest question?

Call the 700 Club, we'll help

you find answers to the

important questions life brings

your way.

Welcome back. Earlier on

the program Josh Gillman

joined us. What an incredible

man who is fighting the battle

of pornography here in Canada.

Absolutely. And, you know,

when you become a 700 Club

Canada monthly partner it

means helping organizations

like Strength to Fight.

And it's linking arms with

us, and as you link arms with

us today and call and become

a monthly partner with the

700 Club Canada we're

going to send you this

amazing DVD called "Angels"

as our gift for partnering with


Together we are making

a difference here in Canada.

Call us today 1-855-759-0700.

It would be such an

encouragement if you'd do

that now. And today we've

been dealing with some really

strong issues, and we want

to pray for those that are

suffering and struggling with

addiction to porn. Let's touch

and agree.

Father, God, we just thank

you, Lord, that you are a holy

and a righteous God. Father,

we are not holy in and of

ourselves, we need your

redemptive power, we need

your strength, oh God. We

pray that you would help us,

oh God, to fight the lust of

the flesh, oh Lord, to walk

purely and holy before you.

Your word says, "Who can

ascend to the holy hill, he

who has clean hands and

a pure heart." God, we want

that, we desire that. We ask

you to help us, and we submit

our will to you.

In Jesus name. Father, in

the days of Elijah, Lord, there

was the slaying of the prophets

of Baal. Now there is left for

us, Lord, the slaying of the

prophets of Ashura, so I'm

asking for a holy rebellion to

rise across this nation. And

I pray, Father, that you would

give by the power of the Holy

Spirit an unction to come upon

your people. I pray for the

ruach hakodesh, the Holy

Spirit, the fire of God to

remove the fire that is

ravaging. And in the name

of Jesus we touch and agree

and declare that there is

rising up in Canada right now

a flood of righteousness across

this nation. And we believe

for revival in your church in

Jesus name, Amen.


Oh God, I felt that in my

spirit. Receive that today.

Amen. We want to leave

you with a power verse that

will strengthen you and

encourage you today. It says,

"The Lord loves righteousness

and justice.

The earth is full of His

unfailing love." Psalms 33:5.

Until next time.

God bless. To contact us

phone 1-855-759-0700. You

can email us at

You can now like us on

Facebook and follow us on

Twitter or Instagram.


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