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The 700 Club - June 29, 2018

Pastor of the 15,000 member-strong Shepherd Church in California, Dudley Rutherford tells us why he's compelled to share his faith. Plus, CBN News showcases the unsung heroes of the Battle of Gettysburg and the miracles that helped win the day. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up: the unsung heroes

of the Battle of Gettysburg.

- And 300 people influencedthe entire course of a nation.

- [Announcer] And the miraclesthat helped win the day.

- If they're not teachingthis in the schools,

then this baton's gotta bepassed on to the church.

- [Announcer] And then, the pastor

of the 15,000 member ShepherdChurch in California.

Dudley Rutherford tellsus why he feels compelled

to share his faith, on today's 700 Club.

(high energy uplifting music)

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

Democrats on Capitol Hill arealready working hard to block

President Trump's potential nominee

for the Supreme Court,and it's no surprise

the battle lines areforming around an issue

that's core to bothsides: the right to life.

- While pro-lifers see anopportunity to overturn

Roe v. Wade, abortion supporters

are using the issue to whip up opposition.

However, as Charlene Aaron explains,

they have little powerto stop the nomination.

For conservatives who hadSupreme Court vacancies in mind

when they voted forPresident Donald Trump,

Justice Anthony Kennedy'sretirement is a dream come true.

Now, they see a path tooverturning Roe v. Wade,

the case that made abortion legal.

Kennedy's retirement is a momentous event

for the pro-life movement.

- [Charlene] But abortionis also the issue

that Democrats will useto mobilize their base,

and oppose a Trump nominee.

- This is a battle linethat has been drawn

that literally will putwomen's lives at risk,

that undermines our civilrights, our human rights.

- [Charlene] Senate MajorityLeader Mitch McConnell

vows to start the confirmation process

as soon as the Presidentannounces his pick,

and schedule a vote before themidterm elections this fall.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

is leading Democrats crying foul.

They say McConnell should wait

until after the elections,when a new Senate is elected.

- Because Republicansinvoked the nuclear option

when they were confirming Justice Gorsuch,

they only needed a simplemajority of 51 votes

to move to confirm whoeverthe President nominates.

So really, the Democrats don't really,

they don't really have any cards left.

- [Charlene] However, withabortion rights hanging

in the balance, everyone'swatching two Republican women.

- On the Republican side, I would watch

Senators Murkowski and Collins.

They are two pro-choice womenso they might oppose a justice

that they feel ispro-life, but keep in mind

those two did vote forJustice Neil Gorsuch.

- [Charlene] Robertsonsays, also watch out

for Democrat Senators Manchin,Donnelly, and Heitkamp.

They all voted to confirm Justice Gorsuch,

and are all seeking re-electionin states Trump won in 2016.

Catherine Glenn Foster, withAmericans United for Life says,

while she wants to see Roe fall,

the goal should be nominating a judge

whose duty is to theConstitution, not precedent.

- The fact that we're havingthis conversation about

a nominee opposing Roe v.Wade or favoring Roe v. Wade,

it shows that we're havingthe wrong conversation.

It means that the processis becoming political

as we're trying to confirm justices,

instead of looking to justices who do view

their highest calling asbeing to the US Constitution.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN news.

- David Brody is CBN's chiefpolitical correspondent

and he joins us now from Washington.

David, it looks like we're going to have

a battle royale on thisand then both parties

are going to have topull out all the stops.

What are you hearing?

- Yeah, it's a battle, and quite frankly

that battle's already taking place.

We know the President of the United States

met with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski,

two moderate pro-choiceSenators as we heard

Abbey speak about in thatpiece, and so already

some of that negotiationis on, because look,

this is crucial right here.

You see them up there,Collins and Murkowski,

they really hold a lot of the sway here.

51/49 in the Senate,they've got to get 50 votes,

and I say 50 becauseMike Pence would come in

and break the tie, so they need 50,

but if they lose Murkowski and Collins,

then we have all sorts of math issues

and Democrats come intoplay and all of that,

so it'll be interesting to watch.

- Well what about John McCainand the final vote tally?

He's battling for his life right now.

What about him?

- Well though there hasbeen talk about the fact

that maybe John McCain,there might be a chance

that he would retire beforethe vote actually happens,

most likely in the fall,I am told by a source

close to McCain that thechances of that is low,

very low actually, and sothere's no sense that John McCain

is going to retire anytime soon.

Obviously, the idea is, isthat if he would retire,

he's probably not goingto be able to make it

to Washington DC for the vote,

so Republicans can't count on that vote,

and of course Arizonahas a Republican governor

who would then appointsomeone to that Senate seat,

but it doesn't look like anyof that is happening, Gordon.

- Who do you think the top picks are?

Everybody's sort of Iguess second-guessing

the President on this one.

Who do you think is the top ones

in the running for the nomination?

- Well I've talked tomultiple, I should say multiple

and multiple sources of mineand three names keep coming up.

Brett Kavanaugh, also Thomas Hardiman,

and Amy Cona, oh excuse me Coney, Barrett.

Now, Amy Coney Barret's interesting

'cause many of my sources,evangelical in nature,

love her: they believe that she is the one

that if they had their kind of dream pick,

that she would be the one.

She's a mother of seven,

devout Catholic, SeventhCircuit Court of Appeals.

She's come under fire before, Gordon,

for her religious views.

Dianne Feinstein actually

grilling her when she was becoming

a Seventh Circuit federaljudge about how she said,

this is Feinstein'squote, about how the dogma

lives loudly within you, is what she said

to Amy Coney Bryant,Barrett, excuse me, so,

talking specifically about the fact

that Barrett has been very outspoken

in her Catholic viewsand God and all of that

so that could be a flashpoint for sure.

It has already been a flashpoint.

Having said that, very importantto point out here Gordon,

that in Barrett's confirmation hearing,

when it come to the yaysand nays, two Democrats,

Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly,both voted for Barrett,

so if you look at it that wayand if what the White House

is thinking here and tryingto game it out a little bit,

that look, they've already voted for her

to be a federal appeals court judge,

I understand the SupremeCourt maybe a bit different,

so to speak, but look, they are on record

of voting for her, so that may be cover

if Murkowski and Collins, the Republicans,

go the other way becauselook, if Murkowski and Collins

go the other way, they're going to need

a Democrat or twotoget this thing through.

- Is the age of the nominee a factor here?

I mean one of the thingsgoing for Judge Barrett

is she's still in her 40s, soyou could have an influence

on the Court for four decades.

Is that an issue?

- It's a big issue.

As a matter of fact, in private meetings

that I've actually beeninvolved with with the President

and some of those WhiteHouse senior aides,

they always talk about howage is a very good thing

and younger the better, and you're right,

Barrett's in her mid-40s,so that's important.

She's also obviously a womanand when you're a woman

and if Roe v. Wade, we've heardthis talk about Roe v. Wade,

possibly either beingoverturned or scaled back, look,

you've got three Supreme Court Justices,

females on the liberal side.

Donald Trump's a big fan of optics,

and to have a pro-life, thoughshe wouldn't term herself

pro-life in hearings forsure, but for someone

that clearly is a devout Catholic,

and could come potentiallyon a Roe v. Wade hearing,

or ruling excuse me, and she's a woman,

on that side of the ledger,on the conservative side

of the ledger, that's a goodthing for the White House.

I will also tell you, aWhite House agent telling me

this morning that the Presidentwants this done quickly,

what a shock, that DonaldTrump wants to move quickly,

but the White House is tellingme that they are making this

not only just a priority number one,

but you will see aswiftness to all of this

and I would also point outGordon, very important here,

a lot of people talk about the fight

coming in the summer and the fall.

The fight is really happening right now

to define exactly who DonaldTrump is going to pick.

A lot of voices in hisear, a lot of prayer needed

for this President regardless,

but especially on thisbecause he's getting

a lot of different opinions and remember,

he's got to make the calculation:

are Murkowski and Collins going to have

some sort of effect to makethis pick a bit more moderate

in nature, because Trumpknows that he has to get

them on board or at leastDonnelly and Manchin

who are also moderates, so,

it'll be interesting tosee how bold he goes.

I'm thinking with Trump,

he's probably going to go pretty bold.

- Well that's a pretty good guess,

and that's a pretty good guess

he's going to try to makethis happen very quickly

but it's also a pretty good guess

this is going to be the battle royale.

I opened with that.

The Democrats are goingto pull out all the stops.

You're going to heara lot of Doomsday talk

coming out of both parties.

- Yeah, and just one quick last note.

While the midterms are well,we know the midterm elections

are so important but let's remember,

you've got Ruth Bader Ginsbergin her mid to upper 80s,

I'm not quite sure how old she is exactly,

but Steven Breyer isobviously up there as well.

If the Democrats wincontrol of the Senate,

you can forget a Ruth Bader Ginsberg

or a Steven Breyer retiring.

They may want to retirebut if the Democrats

control the Senate,they're going to hold up

that potential Supreme Court Nomination

just like the Republicansdid with Merritt Garland,

when he was, Merritt Garland was put up

before the Republicans and theDemocrats and the Republicans

Mitch McConnell said "No,I'm not going to put up

"Merritt Garland because Obamawas a lame duck President."

Well Democrats would do the same thing,

so this could be it, it couldbe just two Supreme Court

rather than three picks possibly

if Democrats control the Senate.

- All right, very important,very important election,

very important nomination, and David,

thank you for the analysis.- Thanks Gordon.

- Keep Judge Barrett in mind.

Here's someone, she'sa Catholic charismatic.

She goes to the People of Praise Church,

and if she's the nomination,

that would be absolutely incredible.

She'll have 40 years on the bench,

and that, let's be in prayer.

In other news, PresidentTrump is celebrating

the six month anniversaryof his tax reform law

as a crowning legislative achievement

for Republicans and the country,

but as Jennifer Wishon shows us,

there's a little knownprovision in that law

that puts new taxes onchurches and nonprofits.

- The tax reform law wasdesigned to lower taxes

and make filing them simpler,but for thousands of churches

and nonprofits, it's costing them millions

just to provide parkingspaces for their employees.

- It's kind of unbelievable.

- [Jennifer] Believe it.

The law treats employeeparking as a fringe benefit,

imposing a 21% incometax on each parking space

a church or nonprofit provides.

It's meant to createan equal playing field,

putting nonprofits in linewith for-profit corporations

that also pay the tax.

Dan Busby is president ofthe Evangelical Council

for Financial Accountability.

He says churches weren't expecting

to get hit with, of allthings, an income tax bill.

- There are nearly 15 million employees

that work in the UnitedStates for nonprofits,

nearly 10% of the workforce,so that's 15 million

parking places and conservatively,it is going to cost

the nonprofit community as awhole up to a billion dollars.

- [Jennifer] That's a lot of money

for ministries that rely on donations

so how much does a parking space cost?

The IRS is still calculatingit, and Busby predicts

it will cost nonprofits even more money,

as some will have to hire accountants

to sort through the new requirement.

- Really something special.

- [Jennifer] Last winter, aslawmakers touted tax savings

and the ability to file on a postcard,

no one mentioned the newtax on their local churches.

Legislation to remove the tax

is now before the HouseWays and Means Committee.

- We had the big corporate,

the push for corporate tax rate reduction,

and the postcard, and inbetween were a jillion pieces

in that legislation just like this one

that impact you and I.

- [Jennifer] And millionsof parking places.

- (laughing) And millionsof parking places.

- It's certainly not the policy

many lawmakers want to be explaining

as they gear up theircampaigns for re-election.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News,Stephen City Virginia.

- This is one of thoseyou've-got-to-be-kidding-me issues,

and it just goes to show,you've got to really

pay attention to legislation.

Here's an example for you.

Let's say you go to a small church

and that small church hassay five staff members,

and there's a parking lot,parking lot's been there

for that church since it wasfounded, since it was built,

but because the church isproviding quote free parking,

close quote, to those five staff members,

there are now five individual tax bills

for each parking space,and it's going to require

that church to hire an accountant

to figure out how to file for it,

because it's unrelatedbusiness income tax,

and it's a taxablebenefit for the employees.

The provision was designedto even the playing field

if you will between thenonprofit and for-profit sector.

In the for-profit world, ifyou pay for your employees

to park at the municipal garage,then you're out of pocket

for that monthly fee and thatbecomes a taxable benefit

to the employees, and sothey're just trying to say

well we need to equal thatout, but nobody thought

that well you know, whatif that church building

has been there for a hundredyears and that parking space

has been there for thesame amount of time?

You know, what does that mean?

Well it means that they'regoing to have to pay a tax,

so, if you go to church andI hope you do (laughing)

make sure your church'svoice is heard on this issue.

The evangelical council forfinancial accountability,

that's ECFA, has a petitionyou can sign online,

and you can find the link to that website

at our website, at and please,

get your church, get your nonprofits,

to start signing this petition.

Our voice needs to be heard.

This thing needs to berepealed this tax year

so a tax bill isn't due by allthe nonprofits in the country

for providing free parking.

It is again, you've got tobe kidding me provision,

and we need to get it reversed.

There's a current billgoing through Congress,

ECFA is lobbying for that to pass.

The more people sign the petition,

the more Congress and the Senateare going to pay attention,

so, again, go to CBNnews.ocm.

We'll give you a link to the ECFA website.

Please make your voice heard on this.

This is a big deal.

This is going to costnonprofits a lot of money,

and it needs to get changed.


- Well up next, students visit

the site of the Battle of Gettysburg.

- 300 people influenced theentire course of the nation

in one act of obedienceand one act of courage.

- [Terry] See how thispivotal battle from the past

is inspiring the leaders ofthe future, when we come back.

- Well next week marksthe 155th anniversary

of the Battle of Gettysburg.

The heroism displayed inthose three days of fighting

inspired President Lincoln to write

his famous Gettysburg Address.

Well today there's growing concern

that future generations aren't learning

about qualities such ascourage and sacrifice,

and Paul Strand introduces us to a pastor

who's making it his missionto teach young people

these valuable lessons from history.

- These church leadership school students

traveled all the way from Washington State

to the Gettysburg Battlefield,

to learn more than Civil War history.

They pursued lessons onvalues and self-sacrifice,

not included in many publicschool classrooms these days.

The 1863 battle wouldlast for three long days.

On the second day, Confederate commanders

tried to take a nearly desertedhill called Little Round Top

where they could hit theUnion Army from the side,

shred the whole line,and open a clear path

all the way to Washington DC.

This Yankee general saw themcoming and moved to counter,

getting troops rushed to Little Round Top.

As depicted in the film Gettysburg,

Colonel Joshua Chamberlain,a fervent Christian,

and his soldiers of the 20th Maine

then fought to hold the hillagainst overwhelming odds,

because retreating could meandefeat of their whole army

and possibly the end ofAmerica as a country.

Some folks would have you believe

history's all about thedecisions of great leaders

and vast movements of people,but sometimes it comes down

to the decisions of just a few,

and those of the little guys, which is why

it's particularly fittingthat the fate of the Civil War

was decided right hereon Little Round Top.

- It's amazing, the sacrificethat these men made to stand

the ground when a lot ofpeople would have cut and run.

- [Paul] Pastor Trevor Seaman read

from a Confederate'sletter how he believed

God saved Colonel Chamberlain that day

after the Confederate got theColonel in his gun sights.

- "I started to pull the trigger,

"but some queer notion stopped me.

"Then I got ashamed of my weakness

"and went through the same motion again.

"I had you perfectly, certain,

"but then that same queersomething shut right down on me.

"I couldn't pull thetrigger and I gave it up."

And that queer feeling we would know

to be the power of the Holy Spirit.

- [Paul] As the soldiers beganto run out of ammunition,

Chamberlain made the boldest of moves:

fix bayonets and charge.- Bayonets!

- [Paul] Seaman calls what then happened

a supernatural act of God.

- Some confusion wentinto the enemy's camp,

and somehow these men without bullets,

charging down, making thisroar, pushed back the enemy.

- They end up capturingthem and winning the day.

- [Paul] The young peoplegot the true meaning.

And 300 people influencedthe entire course of a nation

in one act of obedienceand one act of courage.

- [Paul] Lotz says he wants

that same stand-in-the-gapanointing those men had.

- It's fix bayonets, we'renot going to back up,

we're not going to giveup, we are going to pray,

we're going to cry outfor mercy for our nation.

- [Paul] And they began todo it right then and there.

- Thank you for just the courage

that you gave JoshuaChamberlain and the 20th Maine,

Lord, that they accomplished your will.

- I thank you for the sacrifice

that's represented on this ground.

- Take up the cause,the battles of our day,

the battle of race,the battle of abortion,

and Lord that we justbe a voice when others

want to abandon the post.

- [Paul] Cameron Koma praysfor someone to pick up

where the public schools leave off.

- If they're not teachingthis in the schools,

then this baton's got tobe passed on to the Church,

for the Church to teach it.

- [Paul] Lotz says God isbehind these student excursions,

and told Lotz on one such trip:

- That if you will take those young ones,

stand them on the groundand tell them the stories,

they'll never get away from it.

- [Paul] Kassidy Newsom says

it will never get away from her.

- And here stood a groupof men small in number

but they had the strengthof the Lord on their side,

and they were willing to say yes

and they were willing to do what it took.

- The Civil War lasted years,involved millions of people

spread across dozens ofstates, but in the end

the decision of who'dwin that war to make this

a united nation again wasdecided across this valley

and up these slopes byjust a few thousand men

willing to give their all for their cause.

Paul Strand, CBN News,

reporting from Little RoundTop, Gettysburg Battlefield.

- Let's remember the small things,

seemingly small thingsthat turned a nation.

When you look at thecourage that was evidenced

on that battlefield, andthe amazing coincidences,

all leading up to once again,

we would be the United States of America,

one nation, under God, indivisible.

It's truly amazing how we came to be,

and how we survived one of the worst wars

in our history, the Civil War.


- Well coming up, a womanis injured on the job.

- I could feel this tear in my shoulder.

As time progressed, itwould hurt me so bad.

I suffered about twoweeks with that shoulder.

- Surgery didn't relieve the pain,

but you'll see what did, after this.

After Henrietta Lemireinjured her rotator cuff,

she had surgery to repairit, but the pain persisted

even after she completed therapy.

Today, Henrietta is totallyhealed, thanks to a miracle

that took place right in her own home.

- I had rotator cuff injury on my job.

I could feel this tear in my shoulder,

so I went a couple daysand it was you know,

it was hurting and hurtingand I went to the doctor,

they sent me to the doctor.

Then he decided I need surgery,so I had surgery on it,

and went to therapy and everything.

So, it was better, but as time progressed,

it would hurt me so badthat I'd have to go back

to the doctor, so atthis time I did go back.

He'd given me a shot in my shoulder,

but it didn't work, itdidn't work this time.

I suffered about twoweeks with that shoulder

and one morning I turned on 700 Club,

Gordon gave the word of knowledgeabout the rotator cuffs.

- And someone else, you have problems

with your right shoulder andit's a variety of things,

damage from an injury,damage to the ligaments,

damage to the joint, damage to the nerve.

In Jesus' name, be healed and be restored.

- And I knew that you know,he was just speaking to me

'cause I was praying andasking God to heal me,

but He said do somethingthat I couldn't do,

and at that moment, Icouldn't lift that arm,

but I said, but I tookmy left arm and I did it,

I lifted, as far as Icould get it that day.

You know, the enemy tried to come in

and tell me that I wasn't healed.

I said, "Oh no, I'm healed."

All throughout that day,I just would lift my arm,

and I would raise it as far as I could.

In about three or fourdays, I could lift my arm

totally all the way up,and I was just praising God

for what he had done for me.

My shoulder's totally healed,

no problem, no hurt or anything.

I am totally healed, and I praise

and I thank God for my healing every day,

and today, I'm lifting it all the way up,

praising God and telling everywhere I go

what God has done for me.

- Henrietta, we rejoice with you.

What a great answer to prayer.

And we have more to encourage your faith

as you're listening today,just before we pray for you.

This is Bessie Gordon wholives in Breckenridge Texas.

She was diagnosed with COPD

and was praying ferventlyfor God's healing.

Well last month she waswatching this program

and Gordon, she heard you say,

"God is healing you.

"He's able to restore the lung tissue.

"He's able to remove the scarring.

"He's able to completelyeradicate that disease

"from your body right now,just take in a deep breath

"and declare in Him, I liveand move and have my being.

"Just receive healing into your lungs

"right now in Jesus' name."

Bessie claimed the word,and at her next appointment,

her doctor told her thather lungs sound better

than ever before, she nolonger needs the oxygen

that she has been on for two years.

- Hallelujah, wow.

Doctors will tell youCOPD doesn't go away.

They will say there's no cure for this.

We can't help you.

But God can, God can do all things.

With Him, all things are possible,

and he can even heal cancer.

Here's Linda.

After battling back pain for over a year,

I was told by two doctorsthat I had liver cancer.

After having a biopsy, Icame home from the hospital

to wait for results,and then on April 18th

at the end of the show, Terry said,

"Someone has been toldthat you have cancer,

"but you are healed."

And she knew that that wasfor me, Linda knew that.

The next day I got theresults from the biopsy,

there's no cancer, praiseGod for his wondrous power.

He never ceases to amaze me.

- [Terry] Wow, or me.

- Yeah, He is a miracle-working God.

He works the same yesterday,today and forever.

Here's a thought for you.

Think about Heaven.

Now in Heaven, is anybody sick?

You go well no, it wouldn'tbe Heaven if anybody was sick.

So here's the thought.

In Heaven, sickness isillegal, it's against the law.

So we're supposed to pray that God's will

would be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,

so let's pray specificallyfor you that God's will

would be done in your body,so that sickness is illegal.

Doesn't belong there.

And we're going to pray,we're going to believe,

and we're going to receive, right now.

Lord we just lift those whoare suffering in their bodies,

we lift them, rejoicing inwhat you are about to do,

how your glory is goingto be revealed in them,

your glory is going tosaturate their bodies,

so Kingdom of Heaven, come now to them.

Will of God be done in their bodies now.

We declare sickness, you must leave

by the power and the authority given to us

as believers in JesusChrist, for by his stripes

we are healed, and thesickness, you must leave,

you are illegal, you don'tbelong in these bodies now.

Go from them now.

Be healed, and be restored.

There's someone you'vegot multiple problems

on the right side of your face,you've got some nerve damage

that has left lingering pain

in the upper right part of your cheek.

You also have damage to the ear.

God is restoring allof it, in Jesus' name.

Just receive it now, He'seven able to make the skin

look normal, everything being normal

about that right now in the name of Jesus.


- Yeah and I don't know ifthis is the same scenario

for someone or if it's someone else,

but you have a condition in your ear,

you've had it for some time,you get this crinkling sound

in there, it's almost like plastic

is being crinkled up next to your ear.

God's healing that innerear issue that you have.

You're going to hear perfectly clearly

and you'll not have that again.

- Someone, you've got a redblister on your right eye,

and it's on the outerpart of the right eye,

part closest to your temple.

God has healed that.

He's just taken it all away from you.

Just reach up and touch your right eye

and say, "In Jesus' name,be healed, be restored,

be made whole, and nowgo check and go look.

And for all who are listeningright now, here's your word.

He forgives all your iniquity.

He heals all your diseases, soyou're included in all of it.

You're included in theblessings of the cross.

You're included in forgiveness,you're included in healing,

He wants it for all His children.

Just reach up and grab it right now.

Someone with a rightelbow problem, tendonitis,

real irritated pain, andeven some floating bone chips

in that, in Jesus' namejust be healed, be restored,

let there be free movementright now in the name of Jesus.

- And you'll know (clearsthroat) excuse me,

you'll know that's you becausewhen you move your elbow

there's a clicking sound that it makes

that's very annoying, it'sgone now in Jesus' name.

- Lord we thank You.

We thank you for all thatYou do, all that You are.

When we receive You, we receive

the answer to every human need.

Thank You for it, in Jesus' name, amen.

- [Terry] Amen.- And amen.

If you have been touched byGod, share your good report.

Let people know: 1-800-700-7000,

call us and share your testimonyand if you need prayer,

we're here for you, webelieve in prevailing prayer,

that prayer that gets ananswer, so if you want us

to stand with you inprayer, it's our honor,

our privilege to do it, allyou have to do is call us.

- 800-700-7000, Terry?

- Well still ahead, the pastor

of a 15,000 member church in LA.

- If someone comes up to youand specifically asks you

how to become a Christianand you're first thought is,

I need to call my pastor,something is wrong with that.

- [Terry] Dudley Rutherford joins us live

with practical advice on howyou can share the Gospel.

That's coming up lateron today's 700 Club.

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

The accused gunman who opened fire

inside a Maryland newsroomThursday is in court today.

Police say he killed five people

and injured two in a targeted attack

on the Capital Gazettenewspaper in Annapolis.

Officers arrested 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos

after the incident.

The retired editor saysRamos had a history

of social media threatsagainst him and the paper

following a story itpublished on him in 2011.

Gazette employees refusedto allow the tragedy

to stop them from puttingout their paper today.

Operation Blessing is makingsure the Bedouin tribes

of Israel don't go thirstyduring the difficult dry season.

In one community, allseven Bedouin families

were in desperate need of safe water,

and Operation Blessing delivered

more than 3,000 liters to a holding tank.

The team also brought acommunity chlorine generator,

and trained the leadershow to use the technology

to disinfect their drinking water.

You can always learn moreabout Operation Blessing

by going to its website,

Gordon and Terry are back

with much more of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

- Sharing the Gospel is nothing more

than mouth to ear resuscitation.

So says Pastor Dudley Rutherford.

He also says that any believer

can share the Gospel effectivelywith the proper training.

Take a look.

- If someone comes up to youand specifically asks you

how to become a Christianand your first thought is,

"I need to call my Pastor,"something is wrong with that.

- [Announcer] Dudley Rutherford

is the senior pastor of Shepherd Church,

the 15,000 membercongregation in Los Angeles.

Over the years, he'sobserved that many Christians

feel uncomfortable sharing their faith.

He says the Church is in need of people

who will share thelife-changing message of Jesus

to a world that is spiritually bankrupt.

In his latest book, Compelled,

Dudley gives practical methodsto help you share the Gospel

effectively and withboldness to those around you.

- Please welcome to the 700Club Pastor Dudley Rutherford.

It's great to have you here.

- Thank you, it's an honor.

- Your book Compelled,the Irresistible Call

to Share Your Faith, whatdo you mean when you say

that evangelism is mouthto ear resuscitation?

- Well mouth to mouth resuscitation

is where you help someone,revive them physically,

and sharing the Gospel involves some type

of verbal communication, some way,

someone's gotta hear what the Bible says,

and so mouth to ear isspiritual resuscitation

where people can actuallyunderstand who Jesus Christ is,

invite Him into theirlife and have that gift

of everlasting life,so you've got to speak

and they need to hearit, and salvation occurs.

- You know Dudley, so oftenI'll hear believers say,

"Well they have the giftof evangelism or sharing,

"but it's not my thing." (laughing)

- That's true, some people, I think,

they're better at it than others perhaps,

but the command toactually share our faith

is one that we've all been given.

Jesus told the disciples to gomake disciples of all nations

and then he said, teachthem to do obey everything

I've commanded you to do,which I just commanded you

to go evangelize.- [Terry] Right.

- So the gift or the work of evangelism

is not just for those first disciples,

it's for all disciples,it's for all believers.

- Why do you think we struggle so much

with sharing our faith?

- I think we're afraid first of all.

There's a lot of fears thatwe normally naturally have.

I think we're not properlymotivated, we don't really

understand or think abouthow long eternity is.

We don't really understand howgreat Heaven's going to be,

we don't understand howbad Hell's going to be.

Then of course, the realreason we struggle I think,

is the Devil doesn't want us to share.

The Devil, you know, he's always trying

to put that doubt and that fear in you,

not just to be a Christian,

but to lead others to become a Christian.

- Do you think sometimes we don't care

about the eternity of others enough?

You know, I'm saved, I'm safe.

- There's a mentalityof hey, I've received,

I'm blessed, and thenour society, our culture,

is just so self-centeredthat we fail to see

the need that other peoplehave, but I think we go back

to understanding the compassion of Jesus.

Jesus, when he saw the crowds,he had compassion on them,

they were harassed and helpless

like sheep without a shepherd,

so you have what's calledthe compassion of Jesus,

seeing people as Jesus saw them,

and then the commands of Jesus,where he actually told us

that we're to be the light of the world,

the salt of the Earth,

and to go make disciples of all nations.

But I like to encourage peopleto think about the compassion

of Jesus and the commands of Jesus,

and that should help getyou out of that comfort zone

that you're in and beginto share your faith.

- You say that there areseven traits that are common

to people who share their faith regularly.

Will you talk about some of those?

- Well one of them isjust to be available.

I think that's a big one tounderstand that God put you here

on this Earth and I sharedwith my church the other day

that God is in the business of setting up

divine appointments,it's just what he does.

The Bible says, before wewere born that all the days

of our life were written beforeeven one of them came to be.

And once we're in His family,I do this illustration

where He's going to take your path

and He's going to cross itwith the path of someone else,

and at that intersection, where they meet,

your path meets with theirpath, he wants you to share

what happened on the cross,where he paid that atonement

for our sins, and last week in church

I tried to explain, mychurch, I try to preach

every time I do it, but I've been talking

about divine appointmentsand I told the church

there's a whole 'nother levelwhen you wake up every day

and you say God, lead meto a divine appointment.

There's another level whenyou graduate from that prayer,

to understanding thatevery person you meet

is a divine appointment.- [Terry] Absolutely.

- It's not just one, you'renot looking for just one a day.

It's every single person.- Quota! (laughing)

- Every person you meetis a divine appointment,

it's a chance, and we've beencalled to either plant seeds

or water seeds, accordingto I Corinthinians 3:6,

and it doesn't say how manyseeds you're supposed to plant,

and it doesn't say how longyou have to keep watering.

You just have to keepplanting and you keep watering

and God will give the increase

if you'll be faithful to sow those seeds.

- You know, I think a lot of people

struggle with sharing their faith because,

especially in today's world,they're afraid of rejection,

of somebody really challengingthem in what they believe,

but you really speak in the book to that,

about a willingness tostick your neck out.

- Well, yeah, we'refearful of a lot of things.

We're fearful we don't know what to say,

we're fearful we'regoing to ask a question

that we don't have the answer to.

We're fearful of rejection,what you just mentioned about.

But if you've ever seen a tug of war game,

there's two people on a rope,

and the strongest personusually wins, right?

So you have this tug of war between fear,

fear is I don't want to do it,

but the other side of that isunderstanding that this person

is going to spend aneternity in Heaven or Hell,

and you have the burden of eternity,

the weight of being withJesus forever and ever

or being in a placewithout him for eternity.

That's the tug of war,

and you can't let the fear,you can't let fear overcome

that burden to win people to Christ,

that burden to win peopleto Christ and to have them

have what you've experienced,what you've received

through Jesus Christ, that has to outweigh

any fear that you have.

- But talk just briefly if youwill, about the how to of it,

because nobody wants to besomeone else's spiritual project

so how do we do this with winsomeness?

- Well Isaiah 54 talksabout an instructed tongue

and that God will giveyou the right words,

and I believe it begins with prayer.

I think you've got tocome up, I think every day

you've got to pray,and you just gotta say,

"Lord, I want to be an instrument,I want to be a vessel,"

you can say, "I don'teven know what to say."

But, I am convinced that if you say,

"Lord, use me as an instrument,

"cross my path with someone today,"

pray for open doors, pray for boldness,

pray for that instructed tongue,that door's going to open,

you're going to knowthat God put this person

there in front of you and Godwill give you the right words

in the right way to speak truth and love

into that person's life.

- But He doesn't ask us to do anything

He doesn't equip us for.- Amen.

- I want to mention Dudley'sbook is called Compelled:

the Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith.

We all really need to read this book.

It's available wherever books are sold,

and you can also hear more fromDudley on our Facebook page.

Just go to

Thank you so much.- Thank you.

- A wise word.

Well coming up, a Holocaust survivor

suffers with painful joints anddark memories from her past.

See how she receives practicalhelp plus lots of TLC.

That's next.

- Jenny is a widow who'stormented by memories

of her life in a Ukrainian ghetto

during the Holocaust, but she's not alone.

Today Jenny lives inIsrael where she depends

on her friends from CBNIsrael to help her get along.

(ominous music)

- [Jenny] I remember everythinglike it happened yesterday.

- [Reporter] Jenny was three years old

when the Holocaust cameto her village in 1941.

She and her family were forced to live

in a ghetto in Ukraine.

- We lived in a placewhere the horses stayed,

and this was very coldand smelled not good.

Nothing, not no clothes,not shoes, not food.

- [Announcer] As diseasespread through the ghetto,

Jenny's older sister died from dysentery.

Jenny survived by gatheringfood from nearby fields.

She had to crawl under abarbed wire fence to get it,

but one day, a guard dogattacked, and mauled her leg.

- I see this in my dreams, sometimes.

- [Reporter] When I met Jenny, she told me

most of her family died in the ghetto,

and her father was killedfighting the Nazis.

- I still cry.

When I was young, Ididn't think about this.

When I was now this age, I remember.

Bad memories, bad, very bad.

- [Reporter] After Jenny got married,

she and her husband moved toIsrael and started a family.

Now a widow, she lives aloneand continues to struggle

with bone and jointproblems, so CBN Israel

got her a walker with achair to help her get around.

- Oh, this help me a lot.

I can go outside.

I can go and I can sit and can walk

and I can be independent.

This like my car. (laughing)

- [Reporter] We alsotake Jenny food regularly

and spend time with her.

We even help her put together parties

for the local Holocaustsurvivor group she leads.

- I want to say again,over again and over again,

thank God, for He sent you to us.

This make for us warm in heartwhat somebody think about us.

You know, if we have some hard time,

we know somebody can helpus, and we very happy

to have you, thank you very much.

- Thank you very much.

If you're a member of the 700 Club,

that thank you goes to you.

If you're a member, thereare Holocaust survivors

living in Israel todaythanking God for you,

for what you're doing andhow you're enabling us

to reach the world andyou can be a part of it.

If you're not a member,I invite you to join us.

All you have to do is pick up the phone

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1-800-700-7000, and when you call and join

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It's my father's latestteaching on angels.

A lot of talk about angelsin our culture today,

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What does the Bible sayabout their purpose,

their power, and their presence?

This DVD teaching is yours when you join.

So do it, call us, 1-800-700-7000,

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Either just say I want todesignate when you call,

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CBN Center, or go to the website,

There's a place on the giving page

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And, we're going to be right back

with the email questions,so don't go away.

Right after this.

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We're up to 53 languagesso far in Superbook.

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Now we've got some time for some emails.

So whaddya got?- We do.

Well this is Michael who says,

I recently got alienated over what I said.

I was sharing online with other believers

about prophetic dream experiences.

Out of my own sadness I said

that we all need happier prophetic dreams.

Others who were on this website talking

said they had prophetic dreams

but they seemed to bemore focused on fear.

I know Genesis 15:12 says thatas the sun was going down,

Abram fell into a deep sleep,

and a terrifying darknesscame down over him.

But 2 Timothy 1:7 says,for God hath not given us

the spirit of fear but of power

and of love and of a sound mind.

Did I just blow all fourtires plus the spare

with God for saying out of a heavy heart

that we all need happier prophetic dreams?

- Michael, number one, you can never

blow all four tiresand the spare with God.

Here's a verse for you.

Now there is no more condemnation

for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Imagine you are a parent, maybeyou are, maybe you're not,

just imagine it, andyou've got a little child,

and that child's learning how to walk.

Well if you've ever been a parent

trying to teach a child to walk,

you know they're going to fall down.

They're going to haveproblems along the way,

it's not going to be a smooth thing

and they're not justgoing to instantly start

running around the house,and it's the same with God.

He understands you've got weaknesses.

He is touched by them.

He is moved by compassionby them, so don't ever think

you're out of favor with God.

He loves you infinitely.

He will never leave you.

He will never forsake you.

He will never condemn you.

All you have to do is say,"Daddy, show me the right way."

Now in terms of prophetic dreams,

I encourage people, think about Heaven.

And when you start thinking about Heaven,

you're going to get really happy,

and we'll imitate Jesus in that,

for the joy set beforehim, He adored the cross,

and that joy is you and me.

He's so looking forward to being with us

for all eternity in Heaventhat he endured the cross,

so let that encourage you.

Always be thinking about Heaven.

It'll make Earth a whole lot better.

- Okay this is Dustin, who says,

I've been reading a bookabout Bible prophecy.

In one chapter it saysin the fourth century

Constantine issued a decreemaking Sunday a public festival

and that's how thedevil deceived the world

by using the Church to breakGod's fourth commandment.

So why do people continueto go to church on Sunday?

Isn't it against God's law?

- Dustin, this is errorthat sort of crept in.

Did Constantine set this as the date

within the Roman Empire?

The answer is yes, but he didit based on church tradition.

Go to the Book of Revelation

and you'll see a curious phrase.

Here is the Apostle John and he says,

"It was the Lord's Dayand I was in the Spirit."

In the early church, theLord's Day was always Sunday,

it was the day of resurrection,

and that was the daythey chose to celebrate

and have their lovefeast and have communion

and remember not just hisdeath but also his resurrection

and to realize that sameresurrection power is in us.

Now the Apostle Paulcautioned that we shouldn't be

observing days and weshouldn't be observing Sabbaths

and these are withinthe words of the Bible.

Don't be once again entangledwith the yoke of bondage.

The celebration of Sunday is early on.

If the Apostle John can doit, you and I can do it.

We leave you with thesewords from I Peter.

Always be prepared togive an answer to everyone

who asks you to give the reasonfor the hope that you have.

God bless you, we'll see you next week.


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