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News on The 700 Club: June 29, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Read Transcript

- Welcome to the 700 Club.

Democrats on Capital Hillare already working hard

to block PresidentTrump's potential nominee

for the Supreme Court.

It's no surprise, thebattle lines are forming

around an issue that's core to both sides,

the right to life.

- While pro-lifers see an opportunity

to overturn Roe v Wade,

abortion supporters are using the issue

to whip up opposition.

However, as Charlene Aaron explains,

they have little powerto stop the nomination.

- For conservatives who hadSupreme Court vacancies in mind

when they voted forPresident Donald Trump,

Justice Anthony Kennedy'sretirement is a dream come true.

Now they see a path tooverturning Roe v Wade,

a case that made abortion legal.

- Kennedy's retirementis a momentous event

for the Pro-Life movement.

- [Charlene] But abortionis also the issue

that democrats will useto mobilize their base

and oppose a Trump nominee.

- This is a battle linethat has been drawn,

that literally will putwomen's lives at risk,

that undermines our civilrights, our human rights.

- [Charlene] Senate MajorityLeader Mitch McConnell vows

to start the confirmation process

as soon as the presidentannounces his pick.

And schedule a vote before themidterm elections this fall.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

is leading Democrats crying foul.

They say McConnell should waituntil after the elections,

when a new senate is elected.

- Because Republicansinvoked the nuclear option

when they were confirming Justice Gorsuch,

they only need a simplemajority of 51 votes

to confirm whoever thepresident nominates.

So, really the Democrats don'treally have any cards left.

- [Charlene] However withabortion rights hanging

in the balance, everyone'swatching two republican women.

- On the republican side I would watch

Senators Murkowski and Collins.

They are two pro-choicewomen, so they might oppose

a justice that they feel is pro-life.

But keep in mind,

those two did vote forJustice Neil Gorsuch.

- [Charlene] Robertson says also watch out

for Democrat senators Manchin,Donnelly, and Heitkamp.

They all voted to confirm Justice Gorsuch,

and are all seeking re-election

in state's Trump won in 2016.

Catherine Glenn Foster withAmericans United for Life says,

while she wants to see Roe fall,

the goal should be nominating a judge

whose duty is to theConstitution, not precedent.

- The fact that we'rehaving this conversation

about a nominee opposing Roev Wade or favoring Roe v Wade,

it shows that we're havingthe wrong conversation.

It means that the processis becoming political

as we're trying to confirm justices,

instead of looking to justices

who do view their highest calling

as being to the U.S. Constitution.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- David Brody is CBN's ChiefPolitical Correspondent,

and he joins us now from Washington.

David it looks like we're going to have

a battle royale on this.

And then both parties are going to have

to pull out all the stops.

What are you hearing?

- Yeah, it's a battle and quite frankly

that battle's already taking place.

We know the presidentof the United States met

with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski,

two moderate pro-choice senators

as we heard Abby speakabout in that piece.

So already some of that negotiation is on.

Because look, this is crucial right here.

You see them up there,Collins and Murkowski,

they really hold a lot of the sway here,

51 - 49 in the senate.

They've gotta get 50 votes and I say 50

'cause Mike Pence wouldcome in and break the tie.

So they need 50.

But if they lose Murkowski and Collins,

then we have all sorts of math issues

and the democrats comeinto play and all of that.

So, it'll be interesting to watch.

- Well what about John McCainand the final vote tally.

He's battling for his life right now.

What about him?

- Well there has been talk about the fact

that maybe John McCain,there might be a chance

that he would retire beforethe vote actually happens

most likely in the fall.

I am told by a source close to McCain,

that the chances of thatis low, very low actually.

And so there's no sense that John McCain

is going to retire anytime soon.

Obviously the idea is, isthat if he would retire

he's probably not gonna be able to make it

to Washington D.C. for the vote,

so republicans can't count on that vote,

and of course Arizonahas a republican governor

who would then appointsomeone to that senate seat.

But it doesn't look like anyof that is happening Gordon.

- Who do you think the top picks are?

Everybody is sort of,I guess second guessing

the president on this one.

Who do you think is thetop ones in the running

for the nomination?

- Well I've talked to multiple,

I should say multiple ofmultiple sources of mine

and three names keep coming up.

Brett Kavanaugh, also Thomas Hardiman

and Amy Coney Barrett.

Now Amy Coney Barrett's interesting

'cause many of my sourcesevangelical in nature love her.

They believe that she is the one

that if they had their kind of dream pick

that she would be the one.

She's a mother of seven, devout Catholic,

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

She's come under fire before Gordon,

for her religious views.

Dianne Feinstein actually grilling her

when she was becoming aSeventh Circuit Federal judge,

about how she said, thisis Feinstein's quote

about how the dogmalives loudly within you,

is what she said to Amy ConeyBryant, Barrett, excuse me.

So talking specifically about the fact

that Barrett has been veryoutspoken in her Catholic views

and God and all of that.

So that could be a flashpoint for sure.

It has already been a flashpoint.

Having said that, very importantto point out here Gordon,

that in Barrett's confirmation hearing

when it came to the yeas and nays,

two democrats Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly

both voted for Barrett.

So if you look at it that way,

and if what the WhiteHouse is thinking here

and trying to game it out a little bit,

that look they've already voted for her

to be a Federal Appeals Court judge.

I understand the SupremeCourt may be a bit different,

so to speak.

But look they are onrecord of voting for her,

so that may be cover ifMurkowski and Collins,

the republicans go the other way.

Because look, if Murkowskiand Collins go the other way,

they're gonna need a democrat or two

to get this thing through.

- Is the age of the nominee a factor here?

I mean one of the thingsgoing for Judge Barrett

is she's still in her 40's.

So you can have an influenceon the court for four decades.

Is that an issue?

- It's a big issue.

As a matter of fact, in private meetings

that I've actually been involvedwith, with the president

and some of those WhiteHouse senior aides,

they always talk about howage is a very good thing,

and younger the better.

And you're right,Barrett's in her mid 40's,

so that's important.

She's also obviously a woman,and when you're a woman

and if Roe v Wade, we've hearthis talk about Roe v Wade,

possibly being overturned or scaled back.

Look you've got three SupremeCourt justices, females

on the liberal side.

Donald Trump's a big fan of optics

and to have a pro-life,

though she wouldn't term herself pro-life

in hearings for sure, butfor someone that clearly

is a devout Catholic, andcould come potentially

on a Roe v Wade hearing,or ruling, excuse me,

and she's a woman, onthat side of the ledger,

on the conservative side of the ledger,

that's a good thing for the White House.

I will also tell you a White House aide

just telling me thismorning that the president

wants this done quickly.

What a shock, that DonaldTrump wants to move quickly.

But the White House is tellingme that they are making this

not only just priority number one,

but you will see aswiftness to all of this.

And I would also point outGordon, very important here,

a lot of people talkabout the fight coming

in the summer and the fall.

The fight is really happening right now.

To define exactly who DonaldTrump is going to pick.

A lot of voices in his ear.

A lot of prayer needed forthis president regardless,

but especially on this

because he's getting alot of different opinions

and remember, he's gottamake the calculation.

Are Murkowski and Collins goingto have some sort of effect

to make this pick a bitmore moderate in nature,

because Trump knows thathe has to get them on board

or at least Donnelly andManchin who are also moderate.

So it'll be interestingto see how bold he goes.

I'm thinking with Trump, he'sprobably gonna go pretty bold.

- Well that's a pretty good guess

and it's a pretty goodguess he's gonna try to

make this happen very quickly.

But it's also a pretty good guess,

this is going to be the battle royale.

I opened with that.

The democrats are goingto pull out all the stops.

You're going to heara lot of doomsday talk

coming out of both parties.

- Yeah and just one quick last note.

Why the midterms...

We know the midtermelections are so important,

but let's remember you'vegot Ruth Bader Ginsburg

in her mid to upper 80's.

I'm not quite sure how old she is exactly.

But Steven Breyer isobviously up there as well.

If the democrats wincontrol of the senate,

you can forget a Ruth Bader Ginsburg

or a Steven Breyer retiring.

They may wanna retire,

but if the democrats control the senate,

they're gonna hold up that potential

Supreme Court nomination,just like the republicans did

with Merrick Garland, whenMerrick Garland was put up

before the republicans and the democrats,

and the republicans, Mitch McConnell said,

"No, I'm not gonna put up Merrick Garland

"because Obama was a lame duck president."

Well democrats would do the same thing.

So this could be it.

It could be just two SupremeCourt rather than three picks

possibly, if democrats control the senate.

- Alright, very important.

Very important election.

Very important nomination.

And David thank you for the analysis.

- Thanks Gordon

- Keep Judge Barrett in mind.

Here's someone, she'sa Catholic Charismatic.

She goes to the People of Praise Church.

And if she's the nomination,

that would be absolutely incredible.

She'll have 40 years on the bench.

And that uh ...

let's be in prayer.

In other news, PresidentTrump is celebrating

the six month anniversaryof his tax reform law,

as a crowning legislative achievement

for republicans and the country.

But as Jennifer Wishon shows us,

there's a little knownprovision in that law

that puts new taxes onchurches and non-profits.

- The tax reform law wasdesigned to lower taxes

and make filing them simpler.

But for thousands ofchurches and non-profits,

it's costing them millions

just to provide parkingspaces for their employees.

- It's kind of unbelievable.

- [Jennifer] Believe it.

The law treats employeeparking as a fringe benefit,

imposing a 21% incometax on each parking space

a church or non-profit provides.

It's meant to createan equal playing field.

Putting non-profits in linewith for-profit corporations,

that also pay the tax.

Dan Busby is president of the

Evangelical Council forFinancial Accountability.

He says churches weren'texpecting to get hit with,

of all things, an income tax bill.

- There are nearly 15 million employees

that work in the UnitedStates for non-profits.

Nearly 10% of the workforce.

So that's 15 million parking places.

And conservatively, it is gonna cost the

non-profit community as awhole up to a billion dollars.

- [Jennifer] That's a lotof money for ministries

that rely on donations.

So, how much does a parking space cost?

The IRS is still calculating it.

And Busby predicts it will costnon-profits even more money

as some will have to hire accountants

to sort through the new requirement.


- Really something special.

- [Jennifer] Last winter aslawmakers touted tax savings,

and the ability to file on a postcard,

no one mentioned the newtax on their local churches.

Legislation to removethe tax is now before

the House Ways and Means Committee.

- We had the big corporate...

the push for corporate tax rate reduction,

and the postcard, and inbetween were a jillion

pieces in that legislationjust like this one

that impact you and I.

- [Jennifer] And millionsof parking places.

- And millions of parking places.

- It's certainly not thepolicy many lawmakers

want to be explaining

as they gear up theircampaigns for re-election.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News,Stephen City, Virgina.

- This is one of those you'vegotta be kidding me issues.

And it just goes to show you,

you gotta really payattention to legislation.

Here's an example for you.

Let's say you go to a small church,

and that small church hassay five staff members.

And there's a parking lot.

The parking lot's beenthere for that church

since it was founded, since it was built.

But because the church is providing

quote free parking close quote,to those five staff members,

there are now five individual tax bills

for each parking space.

And it's going to require that church

to hire an accountant tofigure out how to file for it,

because it's unrelatedbusiness income tax.

And it's a taxablebenefit for the employees.

The provision was designedto even the playing field,

if you will, between thenon-profit and for-profits sector.

In the for-profit world,

if you pay for your employees to park

at the municipal garage,

then you're out of pocketfor that monthly fee,

and that becomes a taxablebenefit to the employees.

And so they're just trying to say

well we need to equal that out.

But nobody thought that, wellwhat if that church building

has been there for 100 years,

and that parking space has been there

for the same amount of time.

What does that mean?

Well it means that they'regonna have to pay a tax.

So, if you go to church,

and I hope you do,

make sure your church'svoice is heard on this issue.

The Evangelical Council forFinancial Accountability,

that's ECFA, has a petitionyou can sign online,

and you can find the link to that website

at our website on

And please get your church,get your non-profits

to start signing this petition.

Our voice needs to be heard.

This thing needs to berepealed this tax year,

so a tax bill isn't due by the all the

non-profits in the countryfor providing free parking.

It is again, you've gottabe kidding me provision.

And we need to get it reversed.

There's a current billgoing through congress.

ECFA is lobbying for that to pass.

The more people sign thepetition, the more congress

and the senate are going to pay attention.

So again, go to

We'll give you a link to the ECFA website.

Please make your voice heard on this.

This is a big deal.

This is gonna costnon-profits a lot of money.

And it needs to get changed.


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