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Collecting Superbook for the Whole Family

Tom and Catherine have collected the entire Superbook series after seeing the effect is has on their grandchildren. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Tom and KatherineCooney love nothing more

than a visit from their grandkids.

- Lovely to see you.

It's a great joy.

Means the world to us.

- [Narrator] And whatthree year old son Ian,

two year old Westin loveto do when they come over

is watch Superbook.

So, after playing somegames they all settle in

for an episode.

- It brings the bible to life.

I love that.

They see Joy and Chris, andthey learn life lessons.

This is right and this is wrong.

It's a clear, clear cut thing.

- God is always with me,

to help me stand up for what's right.

- [Narrator] The Cooney's have collected

the entire Superbook series.

And they have their favorite episodes.

- The Christmas Story,when the angels come

and sing in the heavenswhen Jesus is born.

Another one is Queen Esther.

- [Narrator] Katherine loves that the kids

are learning bible stories.

As well as, the ultimategoal of Superbook.

- Was it an angel?

The most important job of a parent

is to lead their child to Jesus.

And I think Superbook is areally good aid in doing that.

And these little childrensee' em at school

or see' em at church or where ever,

and go home and telltheir parents about it

so adults are being saved too.

It's just the most wonderful thing.

It's all about saving souls.

And so, when it gets tothe end of the video,

and the song comes on Sunny sings,

it's just adorable.

♪ Jesus you died uponthe cross (child sings) ♪

♪ And rose again to save the lost ♪

♪ Forgive me now of all my sin ♪

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