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The 700 Club - July 3, 2018

A heart attack called “the widow maker,” sparks one wife's fight for her husband’s life. Plus, after years of alcohol abuse, drugs, and failed relationships, Victorya tried to leave her past behind and found the love of her life. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Gordon] Coming up, he'sa pastor and a prophet.

- You can't hear God's heartwithout having compassion.

- [Gordon] Who walks downHollywood's Red Carpet.

- We're here because God sent us here.

- [Gordon] And then.

- [Doenye] I'd justwatched my husband die.

- [Gordon] After a heartattack called the widow maker.

- [Doenye] We all knew that, I knew that.

- [Gordon] Her husband flat lined.

- [Doenye] Paul was in Jesus' hands.

- [Gordon] And she starteda fight for his life.

- I demand that you hear my prayers.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(lively music)

Welcome to The 700 Club.

For today's top headlines,

let's go over to the CBN news desk.

- Gordon, President Trump is moving

quickly to decide who he will

pick as a nominee forthe US Supreme Court.

The President has promised to announce

his choice next Monday,

and he started interviewing

his candidates for the high court.

Heather Sells has our report.

- [Heather] President Trump met with four

potential Supreme Courtnominees on Monday.

- They are outstanding people.

They are really incredible people.

- [Heather] The four candidates

he's met with so far are

Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh,

Raymond Kethledge, and Amul Thapar.

The president plans to meet

with several more candidates this week

before he announces his nominees July 9th.

They're believed to beFederal Judge Thomas Hardiman

and Sixth Circuit Judge Joan Larsen.

Trump is predicting atough confirmation fight.

- It's probably going to be vicious

because the other side,

all they can do is obstruct and resist.

- [Heather] One quarter of all

those who voted for the President

told pollsters the Supreme Court

was the most important factor.

From abortion to religious freedom,

there's a lot at stakewith this nomination.

Evangelicals have seen the court's

powerful impact in two recent rulings.

The Masterpiece Cakeshop decision affirmed

that government officials cannot

denigrate the beliefs of people of faith,

and the ruling in California

pregnancy centers has major implications.

The Court rules that states

can't come down hard on freespeech in a marketplace.

It shot down a liberal trend

that had created a categorycalled professional speech

and said it didn't have fullFirst Amendment protections.

Those two rulings mean that bans

on sexual orientation counseling

will face severe challenges going forward,

and it means that a California bill

being debated right nowcould be dead on arrival.

The bill seeks to ban sexualorientation change efforts.

Something California pastors oppose.

- We couldn't sit by and watch life

and freedom and joy being taken away

from a very importantpeople group in society.

I mean, Jesus died for everybody

and he certainly died for those who

were in pain.

- [Heather] SeveralFirst Amendment attorneys

tell CBN News that the pregnancy centers

decision undermines the California bill

and that several lawsuits are in the works

assuming the bill passes this week.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- The FBI has prevented a terror attack

that was planned for aFourth of July parade.

Demetrius Pitts has been arrested

for allegedly plotting to set

off a bomb in downtown Cleveland

where people would begathering to watch fireworks.

Pitts has been charged with

attempted support of a terrorist group.

Officials say he's a US citizen

who has expressed support for al Qaeda

and said he wanted to killmembers of the US military.

International rescue crews are working

to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach

trapped deep inside aflooded cave in Thailand.

The boys were found alive by a British

dive team after being trappedunderground for 10 days.

Teams are working to get food

and supplies to thegroup while authorities

figure out how to get them

out since the huge cave is difficult

to navigate and parts are still flooded.

The boys are in weak but stable

condition and have a few minor injuries.

Israel is keeping a close eye

on new developments in the civil war

in Syria after Syrian forces captured

a strategic city near theborder with Jordan and Israel.

As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

the fighting has created problems

and opportunities for Israel.

- [Chris] The fightingcentered on the southern city

of Daraa where Syrian troopspounded rebel positions.

The offensive combines Syrian

ground troops with Russian air power

to regain control of southwestern Syria

along the Israeli and Jordanian borders.

That's an area that recently

had been part of a US-backed truce.

The fighting created a humanitarian

crisis in Southern Syria.

The US estimates 160,000 Syrians

have been displaced by the conflict.

This drone footage shows a camp

set up to house these people.

This activist called theconditions deplorable.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

addressed the crisis athis weekly cabinet meeting.

- [Translator] Withregards to Southern Syria,

we will continue to defend our borders.

We will extend humanitarianassistance as much as we can.

We will not allow entry to our territory.

- [Chris] Following thefighting next to its border,

the IDF deployed more troops

to the Golan Heights and reinforced

their current positions with additional

armor and artillery.

In addition to increasingits military presence,

the IDF launched a humanitarian operation

to assist Syrians caught in the fighting.

In a nighttime operation,

they provided 60 tons ofaid to displaced Syrians.

The aid included tons offood, baby food, clothing,

and shoes sent to an undisclosed

location in the Golan Heights.

The IDF also providedemergency medical care

to a number of Syrians wounded

in the fighting including some children

whose parents had been killed.

IDF medical personnel provided

lifesaving medical treatment

and some were transferred to Israeli

hospitals for further medical care.

The humanitarian aid is part of Israel's

Good Neighbor policy where they have

treated thousands of Syrians

for years during the Syrian Civil War.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- An author whose books sparked an FBI

investigation into the Clinton Foundation

is back with another expose.

The title of Peter Schweizer'snew book speaks for itself.

Hidden Empires: How theAmerican Political Class

Hides Corruption andEnriches Family and Friends.

CBN's Jenna Browder talked with him

about uncovering secrets on both sides.

- Politicians have gottenvery clever about corruption.

- [Jenna] Washington has a long

and well-deserved reputation

for double dealing, and now,

according to bestsellingauthor Peter Schweizer,

the name of the game is changing.

- It used to be they'dtake money in a shoebox,

they'd get a direct payoff.

Now what they're doing is basically

setting up their familymembers or close friends.

- [Jenna] Schweizer lays out his case

in his new book, Secret Empires,

with well-researched examples

featuring some big name politicians.

- [Peter] Vice President ofthe United States Joe Biden

in December of 2013 isflying to Beijing, China,

on Air Force Two on official business.

On the plane is his son, Hunter Biden.

10 days after that trip,

Hunter Biden walks awaywith a $1.5 billion

private equity deal fromthe Chinese government.

- [Jenna] As an equity firm,

that deal wouldn'trequire public disclosure.

Schweizer says it was found

by investigating world capital markets.

Aides to Biden dispute the accusations,

and it's not justDemocrats feeling the heat.

- Corruption is a human problem.

It's a condition of the human heart.

It's not an issue related justto Democrats and Republicans.

- [Jenna] Schweizershows that by including

Senator Majority LeaderMitch McConnell and his wife,

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

- So Elaine Chao's father and sister

run a company that has its ships

built by the Chinese government,

the construction of those ships

are financed by the Chinese government.

Many of the shipping contracts

are with Chinese government entities.

So they've made a lot of money

with the help of the Chinese government.

- [Jenna] Schweizersays some of that money

came to McConnell in the form

of a gift from his father-in-law,

running somewhere between$5 and $25 million.

This too was also neverpublicly disclosed.

- And here's the problem with all of this.

Senator Mitch McConnell knows

that if he were to take a harsh position

on Beijing as it relates to human rights

or trade policy or currency manipulation,

they could shut down thefamily business tomorrow.

- [Jenna] He says McConnell'srecord in Congress is telling.

- [Peter] He's become progressively

softer in his policy views towards China.

It's extremely troubling.

- [Jenna] McConnell's office calls these

wild accusations not backedby credible sourcing.

One of Schweizer's bigtakeaways in the book

is that corruption isupstream from policy.

- So what do I mean?

If you've ever gone backpacking or camping

and you want to drink out of a stream,

you check upstream to make sure

there's nothing toxic because

it's gonna poison thewater you're drinking.

Same thing in Washington, D.C.

Corruption is upstream from policy.

These corrupt deals areaffecting the policies

that we in this countryhave to live under.

- [Jenna] He says the rulesof the game need to change.

- [Peter] It's not a victimless crime.

- [Jenna] And at the end of the day,

the American people deserve to know.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- And we'll be back with more

of The 700 Club right after this.

(lively music)

- Shawn Bolz is an author, producer,

and TV host with a prophetic gift.

As Efrem Graham reports,

he's using it to connectHollywood to Heaven.

- Is there a Justin and Stephanie?

Y'all know Justin and Stephanie?

Oh, you're here for real, thank you.

- [Efrem] Shawn Bolz beginswith just a few words.

- I'm seeing July 15th over you.

What is that?

Your birthday.

And who else's birthday?

Your daught--

That's so cute.

- [Efrem] What follows isa very specific message.

He hears from Heaven.

- The Lord says there'sa family calling on you,

and I feel like he's saying

like he gave me your names because

he really wants you to feel known.

- What's the importance ofprophesy in people's lives?

Why do you seek to do that and desire

to do that and have God use you that way?

- I think

we have this omnipresence God

who's everywhere at once, and yet,

he's the only God who will have

relationship and be present and connected

with us right now in the here and now.

Prophecy causes us

to know that the God of all the universe

who's looking at 7 pointwhatever billion people

is stepping into our momentand saying I value you,

you really are mine, Ireally care about you.

Like what's important to youis even more important to me.

- Here in Hollywood,

Shawn walks Red Carpets and prays

with celebrities like director Mel Gibson,

Redskins running back Shaun Alexander,

and film and television legend Pat Boone.

Shawn is also a bestselling author,

host of Dreams and Mysterieson the Daystar Network,

and travels the worldsharing practical wisdom

about how anyone canhear the voice of God.

10 years ago, he and hiswife started Expression 58.

While the Los Angeleschurch is open to all,

it attracts two verydifferent groups of people:

the homeless and Hollywood entertainers.

Those on the street who are

homeless, prostitutes,

abandoned to the restof the world, invisible,

why do those people stand outand touch your heart so much?

Why do you find yourself reaching

out to them with the prophesy?

- I think what I love abouthearing God's voice is that

when you hear God's voice,

you can close the reality gap

between Heaven and Earth meaning you can,

there's things that God wants

to do that he said he will always do.

Isiah 15 talks about loving the poor,

loving people who no one else sees,

loving the foreigner,and that's our Kingdom,

our Christian mandate to do.

But when you hear God's voice,

you can actually bring a restoration

that no natural process can bring

or a moment in time that can lead

them to a breakthrough moment,

an aha moment, to say God's with me.

He loves me.

It can be a real turning point even if,

even if it still takes alifetime to, you know, overcome.

For me, I just, you can't have,

you can't hear God's heartwithout having compassion.

- [Efrem] From the least of these

to Hollywood's rich and famous.

- I heard when I first came here, Shawn,

I'm homeless in Hollywood,would you build me a home?

- [Efrem] That call contradicts

the popular notion Hollywood is godless.

- Hollywood is like one of the most

alive spiritual places there are.

It's just that, I think, there'snot the same world compass.

Morality to me, it's like it's a virtue.

You have to pursue it.

A lot of people who come

into a leadership influence because

of their talent and their gifting,

we expect them to have themoral influence then as well.

But they may not haveever had a moral compass

in their life if a fatherfigure, a mother figure.

So we put this expectation, well,

you're now leading a society,

so you better be okay in all these areas.

Then when they're not, we judge them.

They did a survey a couple years ago

with the film groups and they said,

"How many of you who are working

"in major studios are there because God,

"as a Christian, sent you there?"

18,000 people responded and said

we're here because God sent us here.

- 18,000?

- 18,000 people.

You know, we're involved with so many

churches here locally and makeup artists

and singers and songwriters and all

this backup singers and all this

managers and agents, writers.

They're all so involved with their faith,

doing things that are so profound.

Then you have one person who proclaims

to be a Christian and who thanks God

at the Academy Award and then have

seven girlfriends at the same time.

We judge all of Hollywood'sChristianity by that.

And it's really sad

'cause we get disappointedin what they're not.

As opposed to celebratingwhat God is doing,

we look at what people are doing,

and we go oh okay,

that's what Hollywood'slike and it's not true.

- [Efrem] Shawn's new home isin the heart of Studio City.

He showed me around the place

where countless movies have been shot

including scenes fromBatman with Michael Keaton.

Marilyn Monroe also spenttime on the property

where her postage stampphoto was likely taken.

These days, the onlysnapshots are of Shawn,

his wife, and their two young daughters,

but it's home base as he works

to connect Hollywood and Heaven.

- The average person only lasts

two years in Hollywoodin pursuing their dream.

Then they go home because it's too hard.

If they last more than two years,

there's some baggage that happened

just because how hardit is here, you know?

When we came here, I didn't really know.

All I knew was that the people

and loving them was my vision.

I didn't know how to builda structure around that.

So we built a church andit's a beautiful church.

I love the church.

In this phase, we're

mostly working with people

to find their empowerment in who they

really are so that they can go into it

before maybe they comeinto their fullness.

They can have a great sense

of self connection and God connection

so that they don't make the same mistakes.

We have a lot of older,

seasoned people helping to pour into that.

It's a beautiful process to watch.

- [Efrem] Efrem Graham, CBNNews, Los Angeles, California.

- Wonderful story.

We need to engage the cultureis the takeaway from this.

Get involved instead of sayinglet's give up on Hollywood.

Let's get involved.

The Christians' there, GOd's there.

We can make a difference.


- Well, up next, awoman comes face to face

with Jesus after flippingthrough the television.

- It was just like all of a sudden,

I'm in this white,

pure white light.

It's just everywhere.

- [Terry] Find out what he told her.

That's next.

(lively music)

- Victoria says at first,

she was betrayed by herdad and then years later,

betrayed by her own husband.

She tried to party away her pain

until she met someone standingright over her shoulder.

- I was brought up to feellike we were not important.

The family wasn't important.

The wife wasn't important.

The children were not important.

- [Terry] Victoria's childhood memories

are of an alcoholic father who neglected

and abused his eightchildren and their mother.

- My dad would take his paycheck

and he would use it for alcohol,

for his horses, for his races.

This made me feel about myself

very sad,

very hurt,

very lonely.

- [Terry] Those years shaped

Victoria's view of family and herself.

- I was told for so many years

by my dad that I was worthless,

that I was no good.

I thought I was stupid.

I did not like myself very much at all.

- [Terry] Victoria's parentsdivorced when she was 16,

and her mom and siblings movedto Oceanside, California.

There, she found a new family,

a group of teenagersinto drinking and drugs.

- Drugs made me like myself.

Hanging out made me like myself.

I was trying to escape

everything I had knownup until this point,

who I was, what I was.

I was trying to escape all those

sad, bad memories.

- [Terry] Later, in her early 20s,

Victoria moved in with a manwho made her feel special.

She stopped partyingand had two daughters.

It wasn't perfect, but it was something.

- The love that I was lookingfor, I figured I found it,

and you know, it created this family.

It created this home.

- [Terry] That is until shecaught him with another woman.

- First, I was betrayed by my dad.

Now, I felt betrayed by

this man in my life.

My heart had been shatteredinto a million pieces.

I'm not good enough.

- [Terry] Victoria feltshe had one place to go.

- Back to what I knew and that was

let's get rid of some pain.

Let's get rid of the heartache.

Let's get rid of

everything that's gone wrong.

- [Terry] For the next two years,

Victoria partied and tried

to leave her past behind,

but she still felt unfulfilled.

Growing up, she hadoften heard her mom pray.

- Standing in my bedroomwindow and it was raining,

and I just remember that.

I started crying.

I started asking God

to help me.

- [Terry] She changed her lifestyle

and for the first time inher life, she was happy.

She grew closer to God,

but even that relationshipfelt incomplete.

- It was the feeling of something's

missing, it's not there.

I don't know what it is.

I can't put my finger on it,

but it's a need that I'm striving for.

- [Terry] Victoria started going to church

and learning that what she had

been missing was arelationship with Jesus Christ.

Then one night, shestumbled upon The 700 Club.

Gordon Robertson was talking

about Jesus and asked viewers to pray.

Victoria joined in and askedChrist to come into her life.

- I got this very tingling feeling in my

feet and then it came higher

and higher and it gotright here to my chest,

and I thought oh my God,

what is this, what's going on?

It went up and went up and as soon

as it got to the top of my head,

everything exploded.

It was just like

all of a sudden, I'm in this white,

pure white light.

It's just everywhere.

- [Terry] There was stillone thing left to do.

- I heard

this voice say to me, "Can you forgive?"

And I very slowly

turn my head to the right

and I looked, and not more than two,

three feet from me,

Jesus was standing there.

I was looking at him

and he said, for the second time,

"Can you forgive?"

Then I said again, "I can forgive."

Right then, it's like


rockets going through me.

It was like all these colors

of the rainbow were just embracing me

and going through meand shooting through me.

All these feelings of joy

and beauty and grace and love.

- [Terry] Victoria wasfinally free of her past

and the hatred she'dcarried so many years.

- I found everything I waslooking for in that moment.

It was everything I was looking for.

It was everything

that was missing.

- [Terry] God restoredVictoria's relationship

with her father and thefather of her two daughters.

- Oh, Jesus is everything to me.

He is the love of my life.

He is my rock.

Give him a mustard seed of a chance,

and he will show you things.

He will take you places.

He will transform your life like

you have never, ever known,

like you wouldn't believe.

- It's a great adventure

to have a relationship with your creator,

to understand the greatness of his power

towards us who believe,

and Victoria says it beautifully.

If you just give him amustard seed of faith,

just a mustard see, just a little bit,

just give him a try.

The Bible says taste andsee that the Lord is good.

All you have to do is try.

All he's looking for is some indication,

something that yes,

I want you in my life.

There's a wonderful prayer.

Jesus, if you're real,

could you show me?

And if you pray thatwith all of your heart,

he'll show up for you.

He'll manifest himself.

That's what the Bible says.

He'll manifest himself to you

so that your faith is not based on words.

It's not based on somethingyou read in a book.

It's based on the power of a living God.

Now if you want this, don't turn away.

Today is the day where you can meet Jesus.

You can start this wonderful adventure

and the manifestations can happen

and you can understand that God's real.

If you want this, bow your head with me.

Let's pray right now,

and let's just believe andGod will do all the rest.

Pray with me.


I come to you right now.

Jesus, I come.

And first, I ask that you forgive me

of all the things that I've done wrong.

And Jesus, I want to forgive anyone

who has ever harmed me.

I want to be free from all of that.

So Jesus, come into my heart.

Manifest yourself in my life.

Be my savior.

And Jesus, if you'll do this for me,

I want to follow you

all the days of my life.

Hear my prayer

for I pray it in Jesus' name.

Father, for those who just prayed,

I ask for a manifestation of your presence

and your power that you would just

envelope them in your grace,your mercy, and your love.

Let them know that right now,

their prayer has beenheard and has been answered

by you.

Do it, Lord, for we ask it all

in Jesus' name.

Amen and amen.

If you prayed with me,

there's one more thing I want you to do.

If you believe in yourheart and then confess

with your mouth, you shall be saved.

So take that step.

Confess with your mouth.

1-800-700-7000 is the number.

Just call, say I prayedwith that guy on TV.

I want Jesus in my heart.

When you call, we've gotsomething free for you.

It's a packet called A New Day.

In there's a CD teachingwhat do you do now,

how do you live he Christian life.

It's all free.

Make the phone call.


Terry, over to you.

- Well, still ahead,

a football coach is sidelined

by a massive heart attackknown as the widow maker.

- They removed me from theroom and to take me out.

I literally go to my knees,

I drop because I justwatched my husband die.

- [Terry] See how this coach survived

11 flat lines to get back in the game.

But first, this young girl needed

lifesaving surgery thather father couldn't afford.

Watch as she receives an operation

free of charge when we come back.

(lively music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

An extreme heatwave is stillgriping much of the country.

Temperatures feeling like they're in

the triple digits from North Carolina

to Maine with heat indexesreaching up to 109 degrees.

Excessive heat warnings are in place

for more than 60 million people

as we head into theFourth of July holiday.

At least one death is blamedon that dangerous heat.

More good news for coffee lovers.

A new health study backs up previous

research showing coffee may boost

your chances for a longer life.

The benefit was seen with instant,

regular and even decaf coffee.

Coffee contains more than 1,000 compounds

that might explain the result

including cell-protecting antioxidants.

The study was published

in The Journal of AmericanMedical Association.

Remember, you can alwaysget the latest news

by going to our website, it's

We'll be back with muchmore of today's 700 Club.

That is coming up right after this.

(lively music)

- In the middle of China,

one young girl said her heart ached

as if it was being attacked by bugs.

She had a conditionthat would've killed her

if it hadn't been for people like you.

After Mr. Lee's wife diedof heart complications,

he was left to raise hisdaughter Lee Ho alone,

and she had two holes in her heart.

- [Translator] Doctors told us that

her heart was not growing

and that she couldn't absorb nutrition.

The longer we waited to get her surgery,

the more dangerous it would get.

I was horrified she woulddie just like her mother.

- [Terry] Lee Ho was constantlyin and out of the hospital.

- [Translator] Lee Ho cried alot after my wife passed away.

That increased the burden on her heart.

She had fevers more often

and her immune systemcontinued to get worse.

When I held her, it was likeholding a kitten in my arms.

- [Translator] My heart ached.

It felt like I was beingattacked by tons of bugs.

- [Terry] So Mr. Lee worked from

before dawn to after darkto save his daughter.

At times, he was so tired, he fainted.

- [Translator] I hadno strength but I would

never give up no matterhow difficult it got.

- [Terry] Meanwhile,Lee Ho's heart weakened.

- [Translator] She said,"It hurts, it hurts."

It was devastating.

- [Terry] Things changed when a doctor

told Mr. Lee about CBN,and we agreed to help.

We quickly scheduled heart surgery

that saved Lee Ho's life,

and we helped Mr. Lee paydown some of his debt.

- [Translator] The peoplefrom CBN encouraged me a lot

and I found hope againbecause my child will survive.

- [Terry] After surgery,

Lee Ho couldn't stop smiling,

and we were there to help her

celebrate her fresh start on life.

- [Translator] Thank you for caring

about poor people like us.

Your love helped me to get through

the coldest winter of my life

and brought the warmth of spring to me.

- [Translator] Thank you for my surgery.

When I grow up,

I want to be kindheartedand show all the people

the same kind of love you showed me.

- Lee Ho is so precious, isn't she?

Hard to imagine that she might not

be with us today if it hadn't been

for the generosity of people like you

saying we not only can make a difference,

we're going to make a difference.

This is just one way that 700 Club

partners are touchinglives around the world.

You're doing it throughall kinds of programs,

but for a dad who's just so

unable financially to help his daughter

with a life-threatening scenario

simply because he couldn't afford it,

you saved this little girl's life.

We want to say thankyou, 700 Club members.

To the rest of you,

if you haven't yet joined The 700 Club,

what a wonderful opportunity to touch

and change lives all around the world

without ever leaving thecomfort of your living room.

65 cents a day, $20 a month,

makes you a 700 Club member,

and it happens when youcall our toll-free number.

It's so simple, 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say, "I'd liketo join The 700 Club today."

We welcome you to thefamily of ministries here.

And by the way, when you call,

would you make your pledge using

something we call Pledge Express?

That's electronic monthly giving.

It means your bank does all the work.

You don't have to havestamps or envelopes,

don't have to remember to send anything.

It's all done for you.

You can stop it whenever you like,

but it saves us some administrative costs

so that we can put even more of your gift

right into the livesof people like Lee Ho.

When you use Pledge Express,

we want to say thank you

by sending Power for Life teachings.

You'll get one of theseevery single month.

These are teachings weget as a CBN family here,

and we'd love to share them with you.

We think they'll be a blessing.

So will you call now?

1-800-700-7000, thank you.


- Well, up next,

a wife who watched her husband

flat line right in front of her eyes.

- It wasn't up to me.

It wasn't up to the doctors.

It wasn't up to all those people there.

There was one person that was in control,

and we all knew that.

I knew that.

- [Gordon] Hear how she helpedsave her husband's life.

Plus, we'll be praying for you.

So don't go away.

(lively music)

- In a 27-hour period,

Paul Essary flat lined 11 times.

The massive heart attack

that he suffered iscalled the widow maker.

But Paul's wife had no intention

of letting it make a widow out of her.

- Hello, rip, rip, rip.

As they say, football is king is Texas.

Good right there, good.

I can't imagine my life without it.

Keep fighting, keep fighting,keep fighting, keep working.

But I almost had toimagine my life without it.

Good job, both of you,good job, both of you.

Both of you.

- [Gordon] On the eveningof March 28, 2009,

high school football coach Paul Essary

and his wife Doenye were out shopping

in their hometown of Pasadena, Texas.

Suddenly, Paul had trouble breathing.

- Everything's good, andjust all of a sudden,

felt like the wind went out of me.

Felt like I had no energy.

I had to sit down.

My wife came by and askedare you feeling okay.

I said, "No, I don't feel real good."

- [Gordon] Paul, only 48, knew the signs.

- And I said, "I'm having a heart attack."

(heart rate monitor beeps)

- [Gordon] Doenye rushedPaul to the nearest hospital.

He flat lines withinminutes of being admitted.

(heart rate monitor beeps)

- They removed me fromthe room and take me out,

and I literally go to my knees.

I dropped because I justwatched my husband die.

(heart rate monitor beeps)

- [Gordon] Unable toget a steady heart beat,

they transferred Paul to the cath lab

where they discovereda blockage in his left

coronary artery alsoknown as the widow maker.

- I was helpless.

I was totally helpless.

I had already gone to the Lord

in prayer I don't know how many times.

- [Gordon] After several failed attempts

to clear the blockage,

they had Paul flown across town

to St. Luke's Medical Center where a team

of specialists better equipped

to perform the procedure got to work.

When Doenye arrived, Paulwas still in surgery.

(heart rate monitor beeps)

- That's the only thing we had to go for.

I mean, Paul was in Jesus' hands.

It wasn't up to me.

It wasn't up to the doctors.

It wasn't up to all those people there.

There was one person

that was in control and we all knew that.

I knew that.

She had gotten word outto family and friends

and found a place to be alone and pray.

- I was telling God you havegot to go to work in there.

You have got to touch those doctors.

You've got to touch those instruments.

You've got to make everything

come out right becauseI need my husband back.

- [Gordon] Finally, doctorsremove the blockage,

restoring blood flow.

Paul was placed on an ECMO machine

to assist his heart and lungs.

Even then, his vital organs had gone

over an hour without oxygen.

Doctors had little hopefor a good outcome.

- If he survived this,

to expect him to be in a wheelchair,

possibly able to hold his head up,

consider assisted living or home bound.

Somebody would have to be with him

24 hours a day.

If he survived this,

my husband would not be my husband.

He would not be the manthat I used to know.

- [Gordon] As the night wore on,

friends and family continued pouring

into the already crowdedwaiting room to pray.

By now, a prayer chain was spreading

throughout the Houston area.

- My prayers were not please Lord.

No, it was Lord, you will do this.

I demand that you hear my prayers.

That's the only thing Icould think of at the time

because of what we were going through,

it wasn't a please, Lord.

- [Gordon] As Doenye andothers held their vigil,

Paul started to improve.

After five days,

he was taken off the ECMOmachine and put on a ventilator.

Doenye knew her prayerswere being answered.

- I did.

I had one of his sisters say,

"Doenye, did you reallytalk to God like that?"

And I said, "Yes, I did and it worked."

- [Gordon] A week later, Paul woke up.

- I see my beautiful wifelooking at me and she's smiling.

- And I looked over at him

and he was sitting there smiling at me.

I went over to him andI said, "Are you okay?"

He said, "I'm gonna be fine.

"I'm gonna be fine."

- [Gordon] Tests revealedPaul had no brain damage,

but whether he would ever

have the strength to return

to coaching remained to be seen.

For Paul, it was aboutmuch more than football.

- And I said, "Lord, you'regonna have to help me."

I never thought I would do it.

I said, "Lord, you'regonna have to help me."

I said, "I want to be able

"to dance at my grandbabies' wedding

(serene music)

"and I wanna hold, Iwanna hold their babies."

And right then,

I did not get out of that bed

and start rehab to coach football again.

I got up for my family.

- [Gordon] After a month of rehab,

Paul learned that he wouldn't be

sidelined after all.

- We go see the doctor,

and the doctor releasesme back at my own pace,

no restrictions.

I can coach again.

- [Gordon] By summer,

he landed a new head coachingjob at Athens High School.

In his first season, he tookthe Hornets to the playoffs.

That, by all accounts, wasa miracle, but these days,

Paul keeps it all in perspective.

(serene music)

- Nobody ever expected Athens

to be in the fourth roundof the playoffs, okay?

And it came togetherand nobody ever expected

me to really be ableto come back and coach.

I know the good Lord had hishand in the entire thing.

I need an offensive line righthere, facing me, right here.

Right here.

I know the Lord has a plan for it.

I tell everybody all the time,

I don't think he brought meback to win football games.

I think he brought me backto share my testimony,

but I sure am glad he's letting

me win a few over the last eight years.

- It's an amazing story, isn't it?

Flat lined 11 times.

Only God, his wife is so right.

You know, when these things happen to us,

it's not up to the doctors,though God uses them.

It's not up to anythinganyone else can do for us.

It's up to God.

We need to go to the creator

who has given us life in the first place.

Well, we want to pray for you today.

I know many of you have needs

that you'd like to have prayed for,

and we have some people who've written

in to say God's already spoken.

This is Amanda, Gordon, of DeSoto, Texas.

She had injured her right shoulder.

There were times when the pain was so bad,

she had problems just raising her arm.

Two months after the injury occurred,

she was watching this program

and she heard you givea word of knowledge.

You said, "You just heard the story

"about a shoulder being healed

"and you're saying,please say right shoulder.

"So I'm saying it for you right now.

"A right shoulder is being healed."

Amanda took off the brace she was wearing

and raised her arm without pain

and has had no pain since that day.

- Hallelujah.

Here's one from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Grace was born with eczema.

Never heard of that.

Born with it.

She'd been living with it for 13 years.

The condition was so badthat it has left scarring.

Well, she was watching The700 Club and Terry said,

"You have been suffering

"your whole life with extreme eczema.

"It's on your scalp and indifferent parts of your body,

"and it's not only unsightly,it's so uncomfortable."

Well, immediately,

Grace's skin began to clear

and she is praising theLord for the healing.

That is wonderful.

That's a miracle.

Born with it.

God's able to heal anything.

What I love about this story is it

reinforces one of theparables in the Bible.

You find it in Luke, Chapter 18.

It begins with Jesus told us

this parable so that we would

know that we should always pray

and not lose heart.

The parable is the importunate widow,

the one who stood at the door

of the unrighteous judge and banged

on the door demanding to be satisfied.

Here she is, she's demandingLord, I need you now.

I need you to hear this prayer.

She says I didn't know any other,

it's the only this that came to mind.

It's the only thing that I could do.

Lord, you need to hear this prayer.

When you have thatattitude, that desperation,

and you know on the other side

of that door there's a God who is able.

When you know that, that's aprayer that gets an answer.

So we're going to prayand whatever your need is,

how small or how great,

let's come to a loving God knowing

he's ready, willing, andable to answer our prayer.

Let's go to him now and seewhat he will do for you.

Let's pray.

Lord, we just life the needs to you

right now and as people are reaching out

and asking for restoration,

asking for genetic conditions,

asking for things thatthey were born with,

asking for things that seem impossible,

that medically are impossible,

we join with them and we ask right now

that you would stretch forth your hand

and do wonders and do miracles today.

We ask it all in Jesus' name.

There's someone,

you've got an obstruction in your sinus

and you've just been living with it,

and God is able to open sinus cavities.

Right now, in Jesus' name,

be opened and breathe freely

from this day forwardin the name of Jesus.


- There's someone named Wendy.

You're asking for something very specific.

Just God would know,

but your prayer is already in the works.

The answer is on its way.

Believe and trust God for that.

There's someone else.

This may seem like a small thing,

but there's a reason God'swanting you to hear this today.

You have an infection where your ear

was pierced on one side,

and it's really very painfulgoing down into your neck.

God is not only healing your ear.

He wants you to know thathe knows you and see you.

He wants to be in yourheart, a part of your life.

Just give your life to him

as well as receiving this healing today.

- Now there's someonewith a scalp condition

that leads to scabbing and

itchy and just God's justrestoring your entire skin.

Your scalp, everythingconcerning your skin

is being restored rightnow in Jesus' name.

- Someone else with a lung condition.

Take a deep breath in, exhale.

God has just healed you in Jesus' name.

- Lord, we thank you.

We thank you for what youhave done, who you are,

how you gave yourself for us.

It is your body that was broken

for us that allows us toenter into your presence.

Lord, we thank you for it, in Jesus' name,


If you've been touched by God,

we want to share in your good report

and we want to tell others

of the miracles that God is doing today.

So call us, 1-800-700-7000,

and if you need prayer,

if you need the prayerof the importunate widow,

you want to have someonecontend with you in prayer,

agree with you in prayer,

all you have to do is call us.


We're here for you.

It's our honor, ourprivilege to pray with you.

We'll be back with email questions.

So don't go away.

(lively music)

- We have some time to answer

some of the email thatyou've sent in today.

Gordon, this first one comes from Cathy

who says the Bible says

we're judge for all the words we speak.

If we repent from past words spoken,

are we still held accountable

or is it forgotten like confession

and repentance of our other sins?

- Cathy, there's no special sins.

Whatever you have confessed and forsaken,

God is faithful and just to forgive

and to cleanse you fromall unrighteousness.

I encourage people, keepa short account with God.

If something has come out of your mouth,

repent of it immediately.

If it's haunting you,

put it away and ask for the peace

of God to come and guardyour heart and mind.

Ask him to guard your lips as well.

There's plenty of scripture for that.

Don't worry that, you know,

if you've repented, you've forsaken,

you've passed from judgment.

Now there is no condemnation

for those who are in Christ Jesus.

- Okay, this is from Lori who says

does God use past hurts to bring purpose?

Why is it that when I step forward

and try to stay on the right path,

I have these people who try

to drag my name down and bother me?

Would God use peoplelike these for a purpose?

- A lot of different questionsin that one question, Lori.

Firs of all, God doesn'tuse your past hurts.

He's not trying to beat youover the heard with that.

He does work all things together for good.

So realize that, but he's notbringing up your past hurts.

Now, when you,

when you fall intocondemnation from other people,

there are a lot of different issues here.

One is you can countit all joy when people.


Realize that it canproduce in you character.

It can produce in you the Godly character.

When Jesus was condemnedand condemned to death,

the Roman soldiers, theysaid a lot of things.

It's amazing to me, Father,

forgive them for theyknow not what they do.

He transcended it.

He didn't respond to it,didn't argue with it.

He just said Father,

forgive them for they donot know what they do.

So when you take on thatcharacter, the character,

the sprit of Jesus andyou respond with that,

boy, it just works something in you.

If you don't have those experiences,

then you don't get tomanifest that character.

That's why the Biblesays count it all joy.

Work out that character.

Work it out within you and ask Jesus.

You're not gonna be able todo it in your own strength.

Ask him to love through you.

- This is Sheila, Gordon,

who says I understand that when you die,

your spirit leaves your body

and will either go to heaven or hell,

depending on if you're saved or not,

and only your body is left behind.

With that being the case,

are there really such things

as hauntings and the paranormal?

- Sheila, there is a demonic realm.

That's responsible for all the things

that we hear about interms of the paranormal.

I don't encourage Christiansto investigate that.

It's not something we need to investigate.

We need to understand thedevil is a defeated foe.

Are there instances?

There's one famous one where Saul

called forth the spiritof Samuel from the dead.

So yes, there's Biblicalevidence for that,

but we're not supposed to do that.

We're not supposed to engage in seances.

We're not supposed to talk to the dead.

We're not supposed to seekout paranormal experiences.

These things are from the enemy.

They're not from God.

Seek him.

Seek his holy spirit.

Seek the presence of Jesus in your life.

If you do those things, you'll be blessed.

If you do the otherthing, you'll be cursed.

Here's a word from Jeremiah.

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed.

Save me, and I shall be saved,

for you are my praise.


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