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The 700 Club - July 4, 2018

Celebrate Independence Day with a veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart AND the Congressional Medal of Honor. Plus, The Navy SEAL who overcame impossible odds to become a decorated member of America’s elite warriors. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Gordon] Coming up,celebrate Independence Day

with a veteran who was awarded

a Purple Heart and theCongressional Metal of Honor.

- That was a day of course,I will never ever forget.

- [Gordon] An Iwo Jima hero honors

the soldiers of yesterday and today.

- I wear it on their honor, not mine.

And I still feel that same way today.

- [Gordon] Plus the NavySeal who should never have

made it to training.

How one decorated memberof America's elite

overcame impossible oddson today's 700 Club.

(energetic music)

Welcome to the 700 Club,and happy Independence Day.

Today we want to celebratethe heroes who've made

our freedoms possible.

- Heroes like Hershel Woody Williams,

one of only four Metal of Honor recipients

from World War II still alive.

William served his country in the Marines

during the Pacific Theater.

He took fire on thefront lines on Iwo Jima,

and his actions on that island saved lives

and helped win the battle.

Here's his story.

- [Narrator] They've beencalled The Greatest Generation.

But Woody Williams, a 94 yearold World War II veteran,

a recipient of the PurpleHeart and the Congressional

Metal of Honor doesn't considerhimself as great or heroic.

- I've always said theheroes are those who never

got to come home.

They are the true heroes.

Regardless of how theirlife was sacrificed.

They still did it for us, and America.

So they to my mind are the heroes.

- [Narrator] Woody experiencedcombat for the first

time at Guam in 1944.

And seven months later, hisheroic efforts on the small

island of Iwo Jima were akey component of overtaking

the island.

His captain asked him to attack a Japanese

pill box with his 70 pound flame thrower.

Woody then chose four fellowMarines to give him cover.

- When the commanding officersaid this is what we're

going to do, you never questioned that,

or said well why should we do that?

Or I don't wanna do that.

No, that just never was done.

So I don't know that I had any particular

apprehension about doingwith the flame thrower.

That was my job.

That's what I'd been trained to do,

and when he said will you do it,

what am I gonna do?

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

- [Narrator] The four hourattack was successful.

With it's success and others like it,

the Marines took controlof the lone airstrip

on the island.

- All of a sudden, Marines around me,

I'm talking about threeor four, five Marines

that were around me,now are saying something

about a flag.

And they're firingtheir M1's into the air.

And I guess curiosity got the best of me,

I wondered what they're doing, you know.

So I don't remember whether I stand up,

or just look around, buthere they are doing that

and they're pointing towardMount Suribachi you know.

Saying something about the flag.

But I turned around, and I see the flag

on Mount Suribachi, but when I saw that,

and these other Marinesare doing this crazy stuff,

I start doing the same thing.

Which is now, Old Glory isflying on Mount Suribachi.

That was one of thefirst things that you did

to make sure that theJapanese knew we're here

you know, and Old Glory says we are.

- [Narrator] The iconicphoto made headlines

around the world.

Woody remembers Joe Rosenthal,the man behind the camera.

- I talked to him twotimes before he died.

And he told me it was just an accident

that he got that photo.

He had that big oldcamera that they carried

I think it weighted 14 or 15pounds, it was a big thing.

They developed the film,and sent it on the AP wire

to the states, and there is the picture.

He did not know himself,he didn't know what he had.

But I think that, theflag on the front page

of every major newspaper in the country

did something for America, I really do.

I think it lifted the whole spirit.

- [Announcer] The followingOctober, President Truman

decorated Woody with aCongressional Metal of Honor.

- I don't remember what hesaid to me I was so scared.

I never thought I'd seea president, certainly

not that close, you know.

That was a day of course,I will never ever forget.

And it wasn't until muchlater that I realized

that I received themetal because of others.

Not just because of what I did.

Others made it possiblefor me to receive it.

My commanding officer,the witnesses that were

willing to testify, hadthey not been willing

to do that, you would'venever heard of Woody

Williamson at all.

So I have, and particularlytwo Marines that day

that I had no idea who theywere, and I didn't learn

until this past October who they were,

two Marines that day sacrificed their life

protecting mine.

So even though I didn't know their names,

I did realize that happenedbecause of the testimony

that others gave, andthe way we talked when

we got back to Guamand that sort of thing.

So I've always said I'mjust the caretaker of it.

I wear it in their honor, not mine.

And I still feel that same way today.

- [Announcer] Woody is also a veteran

of the Christian faith.

He accepted Christ as hissavior on Easter Sunday 1962.

He taught Sunday School athis church for 42 years.

In 2010, he establishedthe Hershel Woody Williams

Congressional Metal of Honor Foundation.

The foundation honorsfamilies and relatives

who have lost loved ones inservice to their country.

The foundation has erectedstatues in 38 states

to honor the families.

- Now these monuments that the communities

are putting up, I'm not doing that.

I'm just a clog, I'm just a wheel,

a motivator, a something.

But the communities that are doing that

take a great deal of pridein the fact that they are

for the first time in ourhistory recognizing those

who made that sacrifice for all of us.

We couldn't be the country we are,

we couldn't have theprivileges that we have

if it were not for thoseindividuals who are willing

to go into the armed forcesand protect the values

that we all treasure.

So every veteran has a pride in his soul.

He may not express it,but deep down in his soul,

I believe that everyveteran feels good about

what he did to keep America America.

- Let's honor them as wecelebrate Independence Day,

let's honor those whohave given their lives,

who have served our country.

That was World War II, it's been called

The Greatest Generation, butthere's a generation today

who is fighting in Iraq,fighting in Afghanistan,

with multiple deployments,10, 11, 12 deployments

away from their families.

Let's celebrate them andrealize they're heroes too.

Well coming up, we'llhave today's top headlines

from the CBN Newsroom.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

There's a new warning todayas Americans celebrate

the 4th of July.

Extreme heat is hittingmuch of the nation,

leading to hazardous conditions.

Along with that scorching heat, dozens

of dangerous wildfiresare burning out west.

Mark Martin has the story.

- [Mark] On this Independence Day,

for millions of Americans itwill feel like temperatures

in the triple digits.

In Boston, authorities brought in large

fans to cool the crowds for upcoming

4th of July festivities.

- You need to stay hydrated.

- [Mark] The scorching heat brought

a commuter train to ahalt in Philadelphia,

knocking out the power.

- Stuck on train now for almost two hours

and it's probably about120 degrees on this train.

- [Mark] In New Jersey, rescue workers

helped evacuate 50 seniorsfrom a nursing home

after the air conditioningstopped working.

The temps soared above 100 degrees.

Out west, the heat anddry winds are fueling

more than 40 wildfiresin nearly a dozen states.

The spring fire insouthern Colorado spread

to nearly 80,000 acres.

It's the second largest in state history.

This social media footageshows one of the more

than 100 homes destoyed by the flames.

- It looked like Hiroshimahad another A bomb

dropped on it.

- [Mark] Officials say an illegal campfire

started the massive wildfire.

In Utah, leaders theredeclared a State of Emergency.

The governor urges commonsense this Independence Day.

- Only do a campfire ina designated campground.

Don't leave fires unattended.

Be careful of fireworks.

- [Mark] Mandatory evacuation orders

have been issued for thousands of homes

in the fire zones.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- Federal authoritiesare revealing new details

about an Ohio man's planto launch terror attacks

during the 4th of July celebrations.

They stopped him in time,but as Erik Rosales reports,

extra security measures arebeing taken across the country.

- Here in the nation'scapital, the 4th of July

celebration will bringthousands to the National Mall.

The fences are already up,and you can already see

an increase in police presence.

Just like in other citiesacross the country,

like New York and Boston.

- I want to remind everyonethat the 4th of July

is a family event.

Be smart, if you seesomething say something.

- There's no specificcredible threat to this 4th

of July celebration.

That said, we understand it isa symbolic American holiday.

(sirens blaring)

- [Erik] Law enforcement know attacks

like the one foiled inCleveland can happen anywhere.

A 30 page complaintdetailed how Demetrius Pitts

wanted to carry out the attacks.

The feds say he not onlywanted to have bombs

explode at Cleveland's4th of July celebrations,

but also at a church, theRock and Roll Hall of Fame,

and other beloved Cleveland landmarks.

- He looked for locations to park a van

that would be packed with explosives.

He talked about taking targetslike St. Johns Cathedral

off the map, and justyesterday he discussed

giving remote control carspacked with explosives

and shrapnel to the children

of our military uniform members.

- [Erik] Pitts allegedlywanted to hit Philadelphia.

The affidavit said a map withmultiple landmark targets

was also found.

Agents say Pitts thoughthe was meeting with another

Al Qaeda sympathizer but it was really

an undercover FBI agent.

- The undercover and Mr. Pittshad a lengthy conversation.

Pitts again on his own expressedhis allegiance to Al Qaeda,

his desire to participatein a terror attack

on July 4th in Cleveland, Ohio.

- [Erik] Pitts remainslocked up, awaiting trial.

- Authorities say thebest advice, if you see

something, say something.

Your tip may prevent an attack.

Erik Rosales CBN News, Washington.

- As Americans celebrateindependence, some Iranians

are dreaming they'll befree one day as well.

Public anger is risingagain in Iran, feeding

the idea of possible regime change

in the Islamic Republic.

But as Chris Mitchell reports,protests have been met

by violence from authorities.

(guns firing)

- [Chris] Iranian policefired on protestors

demonstrating in thestreets about salty, muddy

drinking water during asevere drought in the country.

While Iran's Foreign Ministerdownplayed this incident,

it follows last week's protestat Tehran's Grand Bazaar

outside Iran's Parliament,and in dozens more locations

across Iran.

- We are now, I believe,very realistic in being

able to see an end of the regime in Iran.

(audience cheering)

We can see it.

- [Chris] Mayor Rudy Giulianisited those demonstrations

at the annual meeting ofIran's main opposition group.

- They continue to growand grow with numbers

that now threaten to topple the regime.

When that happens, then freedomis right around the corner!

- [Chris] Giulianicredited President Trump's

decision to pull out ofthe Iranian Nuclear Deal

and reimpose sanctions forputting enormous pressure

on Iran's economy.

He noted today's protestswere coordinated,

and that even more economic pressure could

soon hit an Iranian economy,already in free fall.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

addressed the impact of the sanctions.

- In complete contrastto what the international

experts said, not onlyhas the reimposition

of sanctions not united the Iranian public

around the regime, thecomplete opposite is happening.

- [Chris] Netanyahu hasalso used social media

to speak directly to the Iranian people

during the unrest.

Michael Oren, Israel'sDeputy Minister of Diplomacy

told CBN News, Israelis trying to resurrect

an historic friendship.

- You know, the Iranianand Jewish people have an

historic alliance.

It goes back 2500 years.

We were never at war with these people.

Their government, their regimehas been at war with us.

Up to 1979, up to the Iranian Revolution

we had excellent relationswith the Iranian people.

We want to go back towhere those relations were

in 1979, and to restorewhat we see as an aberration

in our historic friendship.

- [Chris] Despite the growing opposition

to the Iranian regime, Oren is cautious

about expecting change.

- For many years, I've been hearing about

imminent change of governments in Iran.

For the last 40 years, it hasn't happened.

So let's be cautious aboutit, and frankly, let's hope.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- And Gordon and Terrywill be back with much

more of today's 700 Club, it's coming up

right after this.

- [Narrator] Coming up.

- We are selling an American Icon.

- [Narrator] 500 millionstars, and 100 million stripes.

That's what it takes to make10 million flags a year.

- People still look at the USflag for what it symbolizes.

Which it symbolizes freedom.

- [Narrator] InsideAmerica's oldest and largest

flag company, next.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- This 4th of July, millions of Americans

will be displaying the flag as a tribute

to our nations vets, andmillions of those flags

will be Annin Flags.

They're from the familyowned company that's been

producing flags like OldGlory for six generations.

Take a look.

(Star Spangled Banner instrumental music)

- [Narrator] The White House.

Iwo Jima.

The North and South Poles.

The moon.

All of these iconic placeshave one thing in common.

Flags made by Annin Flagmakers.

- [Announcer] I believe theyare setting up the flag now.

- [Bob] Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

planted an Annin flag on the moon.

That was something thatAnnin was extremely proud of.

- [Narrator] Annin isthe oldest and largest

flag manufacturer in the United States.

Vice President of SalesBob Caggiano has been

with Annin for over 40 years.

- Annin actually startedin 1820 at ship's chandlers

on the Hudson.

And around 1847 the sonstook over the business

and they just wantedto go into flag making.

- [Narrator] After sixgenerations, the company

is still family owned.

And it makes all sorts offlags, from their plants

in Coshocton, Ohio andSouth Boston, Virginia.

But their bestseller is Old Glory.

They produce 10 million US flags a year.

That's 500 million starsand 130 million stripes

to be exact.

- We are selling an American icon

and regardless of what may be happening

any time, people still look at the US flag

for what it symbolizes,which it symbolizes freedom.

(inspirational music)

Annin Flagmakers grewup alongside America.

In 1849 the young company was commissioned

to make the flags forPresident Zachary Taylor's

inauguration, and they'vemade them for every

inauguration since.

- I've always said Anninis a footprint of America.

When you go back to 1820,and when you think about

there's not too many othercompanies that are around.

And because we make aUS flag, whether it was

the Civil War or WorldWar I or World War II,

Annin has been there.

- [Narrator] Flags start outas bolts of American made

white fabric, which is thendyed, cut, sewn and packaged.

Some of them are printed onindustrial screen printers.

But employees say the flagis much more than a product.

- It is the single greatest symbol

that recognizes our country.

The fact that someonewants to display that

in front of their businessor in front of their home,

or they want to presentthat to someone as a gift,

to me, that's pride in country.

And I think that's pretty awesome.

- When you come in, andyou see all this red,

white and blue hangingevery day, everybody

takes pride in their work.

(sewing machine spinning)

- With a flag thatrepresents your country,

it's something that you really enjoy doing

you know, because you'redoing it for your country.

(crowd cheering)

- [Narrator] Annin Flags haveflown in times of celebration,

like the grand opening of Yankee Stadium

as well as times of mourning,

such as Abraham Lincoln's funeral.

But for Bob, the most meaningful flags

are those that honorveterans who have made

the ultimate sacrifice.

- America has gone to war in other places

so they could have thefreedom that we have here.

Who did that?

It was our veterans, it was our soldiers

that are currently deployed.

And they went out thereand fought that war,

because they believed in something.

They believed in the American flag,

and they believed in freedom.

Every time you see a veteran,you should thank them.

- [Narrator] For theveterans and military spouses

employed at Annin, flagmaking is a special craft.

- My husband is actually aformer Marine, so this job

means a lot to me, because ofwhen he served the country.

- It means freedom, you know.

Stuff that people have foughtfor for years and years.

Had nobody fought it, we wouldn'tbe flying that right now.

- But I'm close to flags, andI feel closer to the flags

since I did serve.

I still get goosebumpswhen I see the flag go up.

- [Narrator] No matter where it's found,

the US flag representsvalues Americans all share.

- It's a rallying point.

To me, that flag just meansthe unity and the freedoms

that us as all Americans have.

It's something we reallyall should be proud of.

- Absolutely, and as wecelebrate Independence Day,

you're gonna see Old Gloryflying here, there and everywhere

and we thought you'denjoy this story of some

of the history that broughtit about, but also the values

and the ideals that arerepresented by the flying

of the flag, and the independencethat we enjoy, Gordon?

- Well life for a militaryfamily can be tough.

They have to deal with long deployments,

frequent relocation, and tight budgets.

So when Helping the Home Front found out

that a Marine named Adamwas getting married,

they wanted to make surethat he and his new fiance

would be able to starttheir new lives together

debt free.

- [Narrator] Beautiful San Diego harbor,

where pleasure boats abound,shares the same waters

as one of the busiestNavy ports in the world,

Naval Base San Diego.

It's from here that MarineSargent Adam deployed

for seven months.

His desire to serve ourcountry was instilled

at an early age because of the patriotic

family members who served before him.

- My grandfather served in the Korean War.

My stepfather, he is Army,looking at the uniform

that they wore, and what it represented.

Just as a kid, you justwant to be a part of it.

I realize it really was family tradition.

- [Narrator] Homecoming was extra special,

since his fiance Delmiwas waiting for him.

- When I actually saw him, Icouldn't contain my excitement.

I've heard his voice, so Iremembered how that sounded.

But to be able to see himin person, it was just

so surreal.

It was just one of the bestmoments that we've had.

- [Narrator] Afterhomecoming, Delmi stayed

a week with friends sothe couple could finish

planning for the wedding, and the move.

Together, they faced thereality of a very lean budget.

They had to arrange tomove Delmi's belongings

to California.

Plus they needed furniturefor their first home.

While separated, Delmidid everything she could

to make sure they were financially set up

for success, working longhours to pay off her debt

before getting married.

- I wanted to be debt free.

That's just a personalgoal that I gave myself

and continuing to placeGod first in everything

that we do.

- [Narrator] Adam savedas much as he could

during deployment, but wasn'tsure if it would be enough.

- I'm thankful to have beenable to save up the money.

However, I know it's going everywhere.

I know it's going to a wedding, it's going

to an apartment, it'sgoing to transportation.

So it's definitely beena concern, something

that's in the back of mymind that yes, I'm thankful

to have been able to save what I saved,

but it'll be spent accordingly.

- [Narrator] Knowing theirconcerns, Pillar Church

contacted CBN's Helping theHome Front to ask to relieve

some financial pressure.

Pastor Trace Martinez wasthrilled that we would

help immediately.

- Because we are a smallchurch, and I know a lot

of churches fall into thiscategory, we just don't

have the resources as much as we'd love to

pour into one particular family in need

on the scale that Helpingthe Home Front does.

That's not somethingthat we're able to do,

and to have that as aresource is tremendous for us.

- [Narrator] PastorTrace invited the couple

over to deliver the big news.

- One of the things that CBN wants to do

to bless your family, and start you guys

off on the right foot, isto pay for your entire move

from Texas to California.

CBN wants to cover that cost completely.

- Oh my God!

- That's awesome, thank you very much.

- There's actually more that they

wanna do for you.

CBN's actually gonna contribute the funds

to be able to buy whatyou need in furniture

to finish out establishing your household.

- Oh my God, that's so exciting.

- That's awesome, thankyou very much, wow.

- Very humbling.

I don't know what to say,but I'm just so happy

and thankful.

- Thank you, that's overwhelming to hear.

- [Narrator] CBN tookAdam and Delmi shopping

to pick out furniture.

A few months later, thecouple headed to Texas

to tie the knot.

When it was time to moveDelmi to California,

CBN paid for the entire move.

- It's a blessing to beable to be a part of this.

To be able to share it to others.

To be able to speak aboutan amazing community

that CBN is and the 700 Club that helps

so many other families in need.

So I really pray that this continues.

- And you can be a part of it. How?

By giving to Helping the Home Front.

It's a wonderful programwhere we recognize

that the families of service members are

serving too.

And we wanna help them.

So you can be a part of it.

All you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can go to the website,


- Well still ahead, theNavy Seal who may not

have had to fight the badguys with one leg tied

behind his back, he just had to deal

with most of his childhoodfeeling like that.

He's gonna share his unbelievable story

of overcoming when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

There are new reportsAmerican pastor Andrew Brunson

could soon get hisindependence day from Turkey.

He's a missionary whohas been held hostage

in a Turkish prison as apolitical pawn since 2016.

The Turkish governmentwants the US to hand over

a controversial Islamic clericin exchange for Brunson.

But now the US congresshas taken steps to sanction

Turkey for jailing Pastor Brunson.

As a result, reports frominside Turkey indicate

he could be released afterhis next hearing, July 18th.

Doctor David Jeremiah isreaching massive crowds in India

with Biblical teaching.

The host of TurningPoint recently preached

to 160,000 people in fiveservices at Calvary Temple

in Hyderabad, India.

Doctor Jeremiah says quote,

"My most passionate goal in all things

is to ensure Jesus Christ is glorified

and lifted up as the Way,the Truth and the Life".

Remember, you can alwaysget the latest from CBN

News by going to our website.


We'll be back with muchmore of today's 700 Club

coming up right after this.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- Only a small percentage of Navy recruits

make it to Seal training.

Only a fraction of thosewho make it to training

are able to finish it.

Patrick Bisher is one of the few deemed

physically and mentally tough enough

to earn his trident.

Not bad for a guy whom doctors said would

never be able to walk.

- [Narrator] Patrick Bisherwas born with a severe

bone disease and spent aportion of his childhood

in leg braces.

When doctors said hewould never walk again,

Patrick proved them wrong.

That same determinationcarried him through

the grueling Navy SealBUDS Training in 2006.

But a parachute accidentnearly crippled him,

leaving Patrick's career in jeopardy.

In his book, No Surrender, Patrick shares

why he never gave up,even in his darkest hour

and offers life lessonsto help those fighting

battles of their own.

- Well Patrick Bisher is here with us now,

and we welcome you to the 700 Club.

- Thank you for having me.

- You were the kind ofkid I'm not gonna lie,

as the mother, I'm reading that book going

holy cow, you have to tiethis guy down, I mean.


- Yeah.

- You were into stuff fromthe time you were little

really, there was somethingin you that just made you

wanna do the daring and the dangerous.

- Yeah, yeah.

- At what point then didyou find out that you had

this issue with yourhips, with your bones,

because you didn't know it for awhile.

- Right, and I didn't haveit, I didn't develop it

until I was about nine years old.

And then that's when my parents noticed

that I was limping along,and trying to be normal.

- And I mean even thenit was a while before

doctors figured out what to do about it.

I mean that must've beenvery frustrating to you

as a nine year old whohad this inner thing

that just wanted to jumpoff of tall buildings.

- Right, right.

(laughing)- What was that like for you?

Because you had legbraces, I mean it changed

everything in you life asthey started to treat you.

- It did, it did.

So I just, I didn't know what I had until

the doctors told me,but I had so much pain,

and it was so difficult totry to do all the things

that I used to be ableto do, and to just be

told that you can't do them anymore.

It's tough for a kid, you know.

- Well and it wasn't just not being able

to do the things you'd always done.

I mean the treatmentsjust seemed never ending.

It was like one thing on top of another.

And then you'd get tothe end of a procedure

or a surgery, and they'dsay well it didn't really

go as well as we thought it was going to.

I mean how did you handle that as a kid,

and how did your parentshelp you move through that?

- I just tried to stay positive.

I really tried to focus onthe shortest goal possible

that I could try to reach.

And if you let negativity into your mind

and into your heart,

then that's all that will come out.

So I was blessed to haveparents that told me

that I could do thingsinstead of limiting me

and telling me that I shouldn't try.

- Well the other aspect of that of course,

is your peers.

I mean a lot was impactedby the braces that

you had to wear wereheavy, and encumbering.

And going to school hadto be just as painful

as the disease itself.

How did you handle howkids responded to it?

- It's tough, because kidsaren't politically correct.

- [Terry] No.

- So kids tell the truth,and often at times, it hurts.

And so being made fun of,and being bullied as a kid

really hardened me,and hardened my spirit.

And so that helped me later on in life.

But it helped me grow up really fast also.

And it just, it was Godbuilding me and working

me and trying to figure out.

- In you, kind of.

- It was in me to go through this process,

and God used that to help me become

who I am today.

- Did you have faith in your life as a kid

when you were going through all this?

- I grew up in the church,my dad was an elder

at the church, my parentswere very involved

in the church.

But I didn't have a deepand meaningful relationship

with God, and didn't havea Christ centered life

because I was dealingwith all of my issues,

and my pain physically.

- Were you angry with God?

- I was angry with God.- I don't blame you.

- I talk about that, and I express

that to people throughout.

- So how did you work with that?

I mean here you are,you've got these issues

that are recurring, andthat are leaving you

having to contend with allof this as you're growing up,

and I think anybody at that stage of life

going through that wouldsay God where are you.

How did you get to theplace where you just

let God do what he was doing in your life

and you decided to learn something?

- Well I had to hit rock bottom first.

I was so prideful in my accomplishments,

and what I was doing,that I idolized myself.

I became my own idol,I became the superman

that I thought I was.

And God had to humble me in order for me

to be saved, and so.

- [Terry] That happens to a lot of us.


- Well I hit rock bottomwhen I had that parachute

accident, and I could no longer go and be

the person who I thought I should be.

And God really put iton my heart and said no.

You are a warrior, butyou're a spiritual warrior.

And He uses me now in thatworld, instead of physical.

- I'm gonna ask you to backtrack a second

so people can get the picture of this.

You actually decide togo into the military,

and to become a Seal, I meanthat's that same quality

I see in your book in youwhen you were like a kid.

What made you thinkyou could do that after

all you'd been through?

Because it's grueling.

- Just the people tellingme that I couldn't.


They said that youcan't walk, so I walked.

They said you can't run, so I ran.

They said you can't playsports, so I played sports.

And then what is the ultimate goal?

What is the biggest challenge?

And for me, I wanted toserve at some capacity

and I wanted to be a helpful person.

I wanted to serve in the military,

because I thought that I am a warrior,

and I need to help otherswho can't help themselves.

And defend this nation.

And it drove me to see whatthe biggest challenge was.

And at that time, nobodyreally knew what Seals were,

and then I found out thatit's a grueling program,

and hardly anybody can make it through.

I said that's it.

That's my next challenge.

- Yeah, that's for me!


Well, then the Seals BUDS training.

I mean, that is even more grueling.

So you make it through that, and then

you jump out of an airplane.

Parachute out of an airplane,you didn't just jump

you parachuted out of the airplane.

But you had an accident thatput an end to everything

that you had worked for.

- Mm hmm.

- I mean, first of all you could've died.

But second, sometimesit's almost harder to live

and have to contend withthe aftermath of that.

How did you handle that?

- Well the injury wassomething that I thought

that I could overcome,because I had already

overcame so many other obstacles.

And that was finallythe one that limited me.

I could not even walk.

- [Terry] Even you.

- Right.

My hip actually had lockedup, and I had to push

it with my arms, just for it to move.

And that was very traumatic.

Very hard to overcome.

- But you walked out heretoday for this interview.

- [Patrick] Yes I did.

- And you've written abook called No Surrender,

Faith, Family and Finding Your Way.

What do you want thetakeaway of those who read

your book to be?

- I would like others to be able to read

and then apply thelessons that I've learned

through my time, and overcoming adversity.

That it's not about metrying to preach to people

or tell people how to live their life,

but to see the lessonsthat I have learned,

and to gain that wisdomso that they don't have to

go though that themselves.

- May it be so.

It's an amazing story,you're an amazing guy.

- Thank you.

- Yeah, unbelievable.

You can get even more ofPatrick Bisher's story

in his book, it's called No Surrender,

Faith, Family and Finding Your Way.

It's available nationwidewhere books are sold.

Thank you for being with us.

- Thank you so much for having me.

- What an amazing story you've got.

Yeah, happy Independence Day.

- [Patrick] Yeah, happy 4th of July, happy

Independence Day.

- Thank you.


- Well coming up, a wife'sworst fears are confirmed.

Her husband is lost at sea.

- [Rex] I mean it was hot.

Right on top of your head.

You're getting dehydrated,getting jellyfish stung.

Of course the swimming, the swimming.

I mean it'd almost kill you.

- [Gordon] Watch whatthis man had to endure

during 20 hours at sea.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- The weather was perfectwhen Rex Willimon and six

family members took off fora day of deep sea fishing.

But when it got dark andthey hadn't returned,

his wife knew they werein serious trouble.

(dramatic music)

- [Keisa] Something's not right.

I said they should be getting back.

Mom said no, they'regonna fish until dark.

I said no, Rex told mehe'd be in by six o'clock.

(emergency radio chatter)

- [Narrator] Keisa Willimon was worried.

Her husband Rex and sixother family members

left that morning for a day of fishing

off the coast ofCharleston, South Carolina.

Now it was late and they hadn't returned.

That's because 12 hoursearlier, they ran into trouble.

- The next thing I know,one engine hiccupped.

And it cut itself off.

So reached down and hit the starter.

Clack, clack, clack.

Probably 10 seconds later,the water alarm went off.

First thing that came to mindwas I better start praying.

You know, three foot of waterin the bottom of a boat,

there's no stopping it.

- [Narrator] Rex put out a mayday call.

Then just minutes later, the boat

went down 20 miles from shore.

The only thing above water was the bow,

which the men and threeboys used to stay afloat.

In just a short time, the elements started

taking a toll.

The group was alsoexhausted from swimming,

because twice the currentpulled them from the boat.

- I mean, it was hot.

Right on top of yourhead, the water was cold.

You're getting dehydrated,getting jellyfish stung.

Of course, the swimming,the swimming was just

I mean, it'd almost kill you.

Just trying to stay up with the boat.

(emergency radio chatter)

- [Narrator] Meanwhile, the Coast Guard

had begun their search.

But the mayday Rex putout had been cut short,

and they were looking forthe boat two miles off shore,

18 miles from where the boat went down.

They found no sign of Rex and the others

and called off the search.

(emergency radio chatter)

As the final hours ofdaylight came to an end,

the group faced more challenges.

- When it first started getting dark dark,

you know I was like we'regonna spend the night out here.

I could feel the sharks.

I was either kicking them,or they were hitting me,

one of the two.

- [Narrator] Rex and his brother-in-law

were the only ones who saw the sharks,

but they didn't tell the others.

Thankfully, the sharksdidn't stick around.

At home, Rex's wife Keisacalled the Coast Guard.

They told her about thesearch earlier in the day,

and asked her to go to the marina

to see if the boat was there.

When she saw the slip was empty,

she reported it to the Coast Guard.

Then she took out herBible and began to pray.

- It was James 1:6.

"But let him ask infaith, nothing waivering.

For he that wavereth islike a wave of the sea

driven with the wind and tossed".

It was like God was tellingme you put your faith

in me, I'll get you through anything.

- [Narrator] With someadditional information

from Keisa, the CoastGuard resumed their search.

But time was running out.

The temperature haddropped, and now they faced

the threat of hypothermia.

- All night long, we were in the water.

I mean, it was so cold we were shivering.

I mean our teeth werechattering continuously.

You know, there ain't nothing you can do.

But we would wrap ourlegs around each other

underwater, and just huddledup as tight as we could get.

But I mean it still, it's cold.

- [Narrator] Friends and family prayed

through the night.

The stranded group alsoprayed as they watched

Coast Guard chopperssearch the dark waters.

At home, the women knew theirprayers had been answered.

- My mom looked at me, shesaid, "we better go get ready".

And I said yeah, they're gonna be calling.

- [Narrator] Then justbefore sunrise, a spotlight

broke the darkness.


After 20 hours at sea,the men were rescued.


- When they turned aroundand put the spotlight

on us, we were oh, it was.

It was Sunday morning.

(emergency radio chatter)

- [Narrator] Everyonewas brought to safety

and treated for dehydration and sunburn.

Recently, the familycame together to remember

the events of that weekend.

But one mystery remains.

How did that 38 footcabin cruiser stay afloat

for 20 hours in 65 feet of water?

Rex believes there's only one answer.

- Oh, there was angelssitting underneath the boat.

I mean, there's no doubt.

Even when the went out to rescue the boat

and pull it back in, hehooked to it with his lines

and it sank you know.

It was there for the time that God needed

it to sit there.

- And He is there for you for the time

that you need Him.

The Bible says He is our very present help

in time of need.

He wants to protect His children.

He wants to provide for His children.

And He wants to heal His children.

Jesus said it very clearly.

Here's a Gentile woman whocomes to him for her daughter.

Now, I think a lot ofpeople go through life

thinking they're not worthy to get healed.

That they're not important enough for God

to pay attention to them.

Or they've done some bad things.

I can't possibly get healed.

Take encouragement fromthis story in the Bible.

Where a Gentile comes to Jesus.

Gentile means not livingkosher, not sacrificing

at the temple, not pure, not clean.

The proper Jew couldn'teven go and eat with them.

So she comes to Jesus for her daughter.

And Jesus says somethingvery curious to her.

It's not good, it's notfit to give the children's

bread to the dogs.

Now can you imagine aminister of the Gospel

saying that to somebody today?

Jesus was doing it for effect.

He wanted to both remindher she wasn't qualified

to get the Messiah, thepromised Jewish savior.

She wasn't qualified.

But he loved her response,and he was provoking

her response.

And she said well eventhe dogs get the crumbs

from the table.

And that pleased him.

She persevered through.

So you persevere through tosay I know God can provide.

I know He wants to provide.

I need to just convince myself of that

in order to get the children's bread.

Now here's something else for you.

You find it in the Lord's Prayer.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Jesus is not telling us to pray for that

just to get food.

He's telling us to pray toget the spiritual sustenance

that we need, the mannawe need every single day.

The children's bread.

Now parents, you're used togiving bread to your children.

You give them breakfast,you give them lunch,

you give them dinner, yougive them a midnight snack.

You're used to that.

You do it every single day.

You don't miss a single day.

Well that's our heavenly Father.

He doesn't wanna miss asingle day in your life.

So together, let's cometo Him and say, even us.

Even poor sinners like us.

We get the bread, we get access.

And Jesus enables us to be His children.

He wants us to be withHim for all eternity.

That means He wants toprovide for us here and now.

So let's pray, with that in mind.

And let's just believe and seewhat Jesus will do for you.

Lord, we just lift those who have needs.

We come together, believing now

that the children's bread is our right.

That because you diedfor us, you enabled us

to be adopted into your family.

You enabled us to be thechildren of the most high God.

You did all of this for us,while we were yet sinners.

So today, in accordancewith your instructions,

we pray give us this day our daily bread.

Give us what we need spiritually for life,

for health, for everything Lord God.

Stretch forth your hand to dowonders, to do miracles today.

For we ask it in Jesus name.

There's a woman namedTina, you've had a blockage

in your right ear, ringingin that ear, loss of hearing

in that ear, pressure in thatear, God has just released

all of that.

He's brought back your hearing.

What you couldn't do before.

Close up your good leftear, and realize your right

ear is hearing perfectlynow, and that swelling

and pain is leaving you rightnow in Jesus mighty name.


- There's a young person,you're watching this program

and you have gotten hooked on opioids.

Your parents don't even know it.

You are crying out to God, help me.

I don't wanna destroy my family.

I don't wanna destroy my own life.

God has heard your prayer.

Surrender your heart to him right now.

Lift up your hands andreceive your freedom,

in Jesus' name.

But walk in that freedomwith the Lord from here out.

- There are many peoplejust being delivered from

compulsions now, thatyou no longer control.

Your will is no longer in control.

You're a slave to compulsion.

In Jesus' name, be healed of that.

He came to set the captives free.

So that you wouldn't be aslave to anything anymore.

You would be a child of the most high God.

Set them free, set thecaptives free Lord God.

Release them.

Renew their minds, theirinnermost being, their spirits.

Take away cravings, takeaway the compulsion now.

In Jesus' name.

- There's someone else,you've had an ankle injury

and you have this strangeclicking in your ankle.

It's actually very uncomfortable.

And it makes your gait odd.

God is healing that for you right now,

almost like lubricatingthat ankle joint again.

You're not gonna have that anymore.

You're not gonna feel it,you're gonna walk freely.

- There's someone, you've got headaches.

And it's almost like there's fire in you.

You feel it like a burning pain.

God is healing you of that.

He's taking it all awayfrom you now in Jesus' name.

- Someone else, you have arash, it's all on the insides

of your arms and your legs.

And your skin is so tender there.

It bleeds sometimes, and nothing you do

seems to get rid of it.

But God is healing that condition for you.

It's going to heal up,dry up, and you'll not

have it again in Jesus' name.

- Someone with pain in your right neck,

going into your rightshoulder, God just released you

of that right now in Jesus' name, amen.

If you need prayer, we're here for you.

All you have to do is call us.


We want to wish you avery happy 4th of July.

We leave you these wordsfrom 2 Corinthians.

"Now the Lord is Spirit, andwhere the Spirit of the Lord

is, there is freedom".

(upbeat music)


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