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News on The 700 Club: July 6, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Read Transcript

- Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

Let's go over to the CBNNewsroom for today's top stories.

- President Trumppredicts a home run Monday

when he announces hisSupreme Court nominee.

But liberals are spreadingfears abortion could be outlawed

by one of his candidates and it's unclear

if the President will choosea less controversial candidate

as a result.

Ben Kennedy reports now from Washington.

- After wrapping upinterviews, President Trump

only has the weekend tolock down a final decision.

- I'm just so excited from my perspective

'cause boy, you have so many great picks.

- [Ben] It now appears the listof seven initial contenders

to replace retiringJustice Anthony Kennedy,

is down to two or three.

A source close to theprocess telling CBN News,

that it seems BrettKavanaugh is the top choice,

with Amy Coney Barrett insecond but things could change.

- Do you feel this could be signed, sealed

and delivered by September?

- Absolutely, I mean ...

- [Ben] Carrie Severino ofJudicial Crisis Network says

that the nominee willclearly face intense scrutiny

before even getting a voteto join the high court.

- A set of democrats crosseda very dangerous line,

questioning the religiousbeliefs of the nominees,

how can this be exposed?

- Well, I think it's

so Judge Amy ComeyBarrett's nomination hearing

is what you're talking about

when we had Diane Feinstein saying

the dogma lives loudly within you.

Well I'm not even surewhatever that means,

it clearly means she seems to not want

someone who had deeply held beliefs.

And that's somethingthat's unconstitutional

to have a religious test for office

but the good news is a lot ofpeople even on the left said,

whoa, wait a minute,that is a step too far.

- [Ben] Heritage Foundation'sJohn Malcolm adds

that anti-abortion groups hoping

for a sudden change in thelaw might have to wait.

- I don't see Roe versusWade getting overturned

anytime soon but of course,

that doesn't fit with thedemocratic talking points

that the right to have anabortion is now in peril

by this next pick.

- The prime time event is set for Monday

and President Trump can expecta huge audience awaiting

to hear his choice.

Ben Kennedy CBN News, Washington.

- CBN News Chief PoliticalCorrespondent, David Brody

joins us now with more.

David, what are you hearing on the latest

in terms of these top contenders?

- Well, Efrem a few things,first of all, the same names

we heard about a week agoare still the same names,

top three or four or so.

So you've got Brett Kavanaugh,you've got Amy Coney Barrett,

that's a tongue twister, by the way,

say that five times fast,

along with Raymond Kethledgeand Thomas Hardiman.

Those seem to be the top four

and that really has remained unchanged,

(mumbles), Brett Kavanaugh coming under

some of the toughest criticism

right now within theconservative movement.

- Alright, so let's talk more about this,

in terms of, what he is facing

from the conservative movement,share a little bit more.

- Well, first of all, theybelieve, when I say they,

we're talking aboutmovement conservatives here,

folks that aren't necessarily

the establishmentconservative wing of the party

but more movement conservatism.

They believe that he hasfound in opinions before,

especially, one specificallyI know, a right for Obamacare

or that Obamacare is not unconstitutional.

I think that's part of their concern.

Now remember he never, he'snever said those words,

Obamacare is constitutional or has said

it's not unconstitutionalbut the bottom line is

some of his opinions,especially, one specifically

at the D.C. Court of Appeals,Circuit Court of Appeals,

has suggested that and Ithink that's been a problem.

So you've got Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

and a few other senators callingup President Trump saying,

well let's put the brakeson Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Efrem] Well, let's talkabout Amy Coney Barrett

who's also come undercriticism from liberals though,

for being very outspoken about her faith.

- Right, so in evangelical world,

as we've reported here before on CBN News,

she would be the home run pick,

however, for liberals,she's a major concern

on the Roe v. Wade question,the abortion question,

whether or not Roe v. Wadewould eventually be overturned

by the Supreme Court.

She technically hasnever, necessarily weighed

into that officially, butshe has given indications

that obviously, she sides onthe pro-life side of things,

if you will and she's beenvery outspoken about her faith.

And so obviously, liberalsare gonna target the Judge

on that, however, it's notso much liberals as it is,

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski,

the two pro-choice senatorson the republican side

because Donald Trumpneeds all 51 senators,

or in at least 50 of them

to get the Supreme Court nominee confirmed

and outside that, that's the issue

how much will Murkowskiand Collins be persuaded

or dissuaded from AmyConey Barrett, I said it.

- Certainly be watching that,

what about some of theothers like, Thomas Hardiman

and Raymond Kethledge?

- Well, first of all, onThomas Hardiman, you know,

he made the short list last time,

as a matter of fact, we understand

he was like second in line,

it was Neil Gorsuch and thenHardiman was right there

and Hardiman is again right there, why?

Blue collar guy, a first in hisfamily to ever go to college

and Donald Trump had agreat rapport with him,

of course, we know with Donald Trump,

rapport is a very important thing

and of course, the opticsare very important so.

So that could bode wellfor Thomas Hardiman,

so I think that's part of it.

And Raymond Kethledge,of course, has also,

he's more a sleeper pick,

he's on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

and so I think he's in the mix as well.

But Thomas Hardiman watch outfor him as an actual sleeper,

a real sleeper pick, hecould be the guy here

if Amy Coney Barrett is too toxic

and Brett Kavanaugh getskind of thrown out there,

thrown out the window, if you will,

by movement conservatives.

I think it's anybody's guess right now.

I don't think the President even knows

and if he does he's nottipping his hand quite yet.

- No, we'll watching,David Brody, thank you.

One of President Trump's mosttenacious cabinet members,

has resigned amid ethics concerns.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

aggressively carried outthe President's agenda

to the delight of many conservatives.

But as Jennifer Wishonreports growing questions

about his behavior proved to be too much.

- [Jennifer] Facing anarray of ethical questions,

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

is leaving the Trump administration,

telling the President in a letter,

"unrelenting attacks onme personally, my family,

are unprecedented andhave taken a sizable toll

on all of us."

Pruitt drew ethics investigationsfor expensive travel,

often flying first class.

Installing a $43,000phone booth in his office,

even using his influence to try

and secure a Chic-fil-Afranchise for his wife.

- My wife is an entrepreneur herself.

I love, she loves, we loveChic-fil-A as a franchise

of faith and it's one ofthe best in the country.

- [Jennifer] President Trumppraised him until the end,

tweeting, "within theagency Scott has done

an outstanding job and Iwill always be thankful

to him for this."

In Pruitt's place thePresident is appointing,

Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler

who is poised to pick upwhere Pruitt left off.

He's a former coal industry lobbyist

who fault government regulations.

Before that, he worked on Capitol Hill

and like Pruitt, he'sa target for liberals

who see him as a champion of polluters

and climate change deniers.

Even without a blemish, Pruitthad a target on his back

from the start because hethreatened the liberal religion

of environmentalism.

In fact, he insisted he neededextra privacy on flights

because he was confrontedangrily in public.

Like this confrontation at a restaurant

where a woman appears to read off notes.

- So I would urge you to resign

before your scandals push you out.

- [Jennifer] Despite his short tenor,

Pruitt is leaving his mark.

He was a major player inthe President's decision

to pull out of the Paris climate deal.

He ended PresidentObama's clean power plan

and aggressively cut government red tape.

In an interview with CBN News,

Pruitt explained his motivation.

- There's never been moreof a threat to liberty,

you know, to what weknow as the protections

that are inherit in our Constitution

than what we live today.

- [Jennifer] As an evangelical Christian,

he approached his jobfrom a Biblical worldview,

writing the President, "Ibelieve you are serving

as President today becauseof God's providence.

I believe that same providence

brought me into your service."

Andrew Wheeler takes overthe agency on Monday.

Jennifer Wishon CBN News, Washington.

- Secretary of State Mike Pompeohas arrived in North Korea

to continue talks about denuclearization.

Pompeo is looking tonail down some specifics

on the regime's commitments.

Doubts over North Korea'sintentions have grown

amid reports it may actually be expanding

it's nuclear program.

This is Pompeo's first trip there

since President Donald Trump'ssummit with Kim Jong Un

just last month.

A former Thai Navy SEAL hasdied working to deliver supplies

to the boys soccer team trapped

in a flooded cave in Thailand.

The death of the experienceddiver shows how challenging

it may be for the 12 boysand their coach to get out.

The group is currentlyreceiving scuba diving lessons.

Emergency teams are stilltrying to pump water

from the flooded caves as morerain looms in the forecast.


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