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The 700 Club - July 6, 2018

A New Age teacher gets a lesson in the dark arts. Plus, a young man is caught in the crossfire. Find out what saved his life on today’s 700 Club. Read Transcript

- [Male Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Male Reporter] Today, take a tour

through the National Cathedral

and get an up closelook at the hidden force

that looms over Washington.

- [Male Voiceover] Andthey just want to see him.

- [Male Reporter] Then, a new age teacher

gets a lesson in the dark arts.

- [Female Teacher] And Iknew something very real

was happening spiritually.

- [Male Reporter] Anda young man is caught

in the crossfire.

- Please save me.

- [Male Reporter] Findout what saved his life.

- It was a miracle in itself.

- [Male Reporter] On today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

Well, welcome to The700 Club, let's go over

to the CBN newsroom fortoday's top stories.

President Trump predicts a home run Monday

when he announces hisSupreme Court nominee,

but liberals are spreadingfears abortion could be outlawed

by one of his candidates andit's unclear if the president

will choose a less controversial candidate

as a result.

Ben Kennedy reports now from Washington.

- After wrapping upinterviews, President Trump

only has the weekend tolock down a final decision.

- I'm just so excited from my perspective

'cause boy, you have so many great picks.

- [Ben Kennedy] It now appears the list

of seven initial contenders to replace

retiring Justice AnthonyKennedy is down to two or three.

A source close to theprocess telling CBN News

that it seems BrettKavanaugh is the top choice,

with Amy Coney Barrett insecond, but things could change.

Do you feel this could besigned, sealed and delivered

by September?

- Absolutely.

I mean--

- Carrie Severino ofJudicial Crisis Network

says the nominee willclearly face intense scrutiny

before even getting a voteto join the high court.

A set of democrats crosseda very dangerous line

questioning the religiousbeliefs of the nominees,

how can this be exposed?

- Well, I think, so,Judge Amy Coney Barrett's

nomination hearing iswhat you're talking about

when we had Dianne Feinstein saying,

"The dogma lives loudly within you,"

I'm not even sure, whatever that means,

it clearly means sheseemed to not want someone

who had deeply held beliefsand that's something

that's unconstitutional,to have a religious test

for office, but the goodnews is a lot of people,

even on the left said,"Whoa, wait a minute,

"that is a step too far."

- [Ben Kennedy] HeritageFoundation's John Malcolm adds

that anti-abortion groupshoping for a sudden change

in the law, might have to wait.

- I don't see Roe versusWade getting overturned

anytime soon, but of course,that doesn't fit with

the democratic talkingpoints that the right

to have an abortion is nowin peril by this next pick.

- The primetime event is set for Monday

and President Trump canexpect a huge audience

awaiting to hear his choice.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- CBN News Chief PoliticalCorrespondent David Brody

joins us now with more.

David, what are you hearing on the latest

in terms of these top contenders.

- Well, Efrem, a few things, first of all,

the same names we heard about a week ago

are still the same names,top three or four or so.

So, you've got Brett Kavanaugh,you got Amy Coney Barrett,

that's a tongue twister, by the way,

say that five times fast,along with Raymond Kethledge

and Thomas Hardiman, thoseseem to be the top four

and that really has remained unchanged.

Court Brett Kavanaughcoming under some of the,

the toughest criticism right now within

the conservative movement.

- Alright, so let's talk more about this

in terms of what he is facing from

the conservative movement,share a little bit more.

- Well, first of all, theybelieve, when I say they,

we're talking aboutmovement conservatives here,

folks that aren'tnecessarily the establishment

conservative wing of the party, but more

movement conservatives,and they believe that

he has found in opinions before,

especially one specificallyon a right for Obamacare

or that Obamacare is not unconstitutional,

I think that's part of their concern.

Now remember, he never had,he's never said those words,

Obamacare is constitutional or has said

it's not unconstitutional,but the bottom line is,

some of his opinions,especially one specifically

of the D.C. Court of Appeals'certain accord of appeals

has suggested that and Ithink that's been a problem.

So, you've got Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

and a few other senatorscalling up President Trump

saying let's put thebrakes on Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Efrem] Well, let's talkabout Amy Coney Barrett,

who's also come under criticismfrom liberals, though,

for being very outspoken about her faith.

- Right, so, in evangelical world,

as we reported here before on CBN News,

she would be the home run pick.

However, for liberals,she's a major concern

on the Roe v. Wade question,the abortion question,

whether or not Roe v. Wadewould be initially overturned

by The Supreme Court.

She technically hasnever necessarily weighed

into that officially, butshe has given indications

that obviously she sides onthe pro-life side of things,

if you will, and she's beenvery outspoken about her faith

and so, obviously,liberals are gonna target

the judge on that.

However, it's not so much liberals

as it is Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski,

the two pro-choice senatorson the republican side

because Donald Trump needs all 51 senators

or at least 50 of them toget The Supreme Court nominee

confirmed and that'sthe issue, how much will

Murkowski and Collins bepersuaded or dissuaded

from Amy Coney there in the senate?

- Certainly be watching that.

What about some of theothers like Thomas Hardiman

and Raymond Kethledge?

- Well, first of all, on Thomas Hardiman,

he made the short list last time,

as a matter of fact, weunderstand he was like second

in line, it was NeilGorsuch and then Hardiman

was right there, and Hardimanis again right there, why?

Blue collared guy, a firstin his family to ever

go to college and Donald Trumphad a great rapport with him

and, of course, we know with Donald Trump,

rapport is a very important thing

and of course the opticsare very important,

so that could bode wellfor Thomas Hardiman

and so I think that's part of it.

And Raymond Kethledge, of course,

has also, he's more a sleeper pick,

he's on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

and so, I think he's in the mix, as well,

but Thomas Hardiman, watch out for him

as an actual sleeper, a real sleeper pick,

he could be the guy hereif Amy Coney Barrett

is too toxic and BrettCavanaugh gets kind of

thrown out there, thrownout the window, if you will,

by moving conservatives.

I think it's anybody's guess right now,

I don't think the president even knows

and if he does, he's nottipping his hand quite yet.

- No, we'll be watching.

David Brody, thank you.

One of President Trumps mosttenacious cabinet members

has resigned amid ethics concerns.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruittaggressively carried out

the president's agenda to thelight of many conservatives.

But, as Jennifer Wishonreports, growing questions

about his behavior prove to be too much.

- [Jennifer Wishon] Facing anarray of ethical questions,

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is leaving

the Trump Administration,telling the president

in a letter, "Unrelentingattacks on me personally,

"my family, areunprecedented and have taken

"a sizable toll on all of us."

Pruitt drew ethics investigationsfor expensive travel,

often flying first class,installing a $43,000 phone booth

in his office, even using hisinfluence to try and secure

a Chik-fil-A franchise for his wife.

- My wife is an entrepreneur, herself.

I love, she loves, we love,Chik-fil-A as a franchise,

a faith and it's one ofthe best in the country.

- [Jennifer Wishon]President Trump praised him

until the end, tweeting,"Within the agency,

"Scott has done an outstandingjob and I will always

"be thankful to him for this."

In Pruitt's place, thepresident is appointing

Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler,

who is poised to pick upwhere Pruitt left off.

He's a former coal industry lobbyist

who fought government regulations.

Before that, he worked onCapitol Hill and, like Pruitt,

he's a target for liberalswho see him as a champion

of polluters and climate change deniers.

Even without a blemish, Pruitthad a target on his back

from the start because hethreatened the liberal religion

of environmentalism.

In fact, he insisted he neededextra privacy on flights

because he was confrontedangrily in public,

like this confrontation at a restaurant

where a woman appears to read off notes.

- I would urge you toresign before your scandals

push you out.

- [Jennifer Wishon]Despite his short tenure,

Pruitt is leaving his mark.

He was a major player inthe president's decision

to pull out of the Paris Climate Deal,

he ended PresidentObama's Clean Power Plan

and aggressively cut government red tape.

In an interview with CBNNews, Pruitt explained

his motivation.

- There's never been moreof a threat to liberty,

to what we know as theprotections that are inherent

in our constitution,than what we live today.

- [Jennifer Wishon] Asan evangelical Christian,

he approached his job froma biblical world view,

writing the president, "Ibelieve you are serving

"as president today becauseof God's providence."

"I believe that same providence

"brought me into your service."

Andrew Wheeler takes overthe agency on Monday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Secretary of StateMike Pompeo has arrived

in North Korea to continuetalks about denuclearization.

Pompeo is looking tonail down some specifics

on the regime's commitments.

Doubts over North Korea'sintentions have grown

amid reports it may actually be expanding

its nuclear program.

This is Pompeo's first trip there

since President Donald Trump'ssummit with Kim Jong-un

just last month.

A former Thai Navy Seal has died

working to deliver suppliesto the boys soccer team

trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

The death of the experienceddiver shows how challenging

it may be for the 12 boysand their coach to get out.

The group is currentlyreceiving scuba diving lessons.

Emergency teams are stilltrying to pump water

from the flooded caves as morerain looms in the forecast.

And we'll be back with muchmore of today's 700 Club

coming up right after this.

- It's been six yearssince an earthquake rattled

Washington D.C. and causedmore than 30 million dollars

in damage to the National Cathedral.

Ben Kennedy takes us inside to see a force

is helping with repairs.

- [Ben Kennedy] It's officially known as

The Cathedral Church ofSaint Peter and Saint Paul,

the stately structureoffers spectacular views,

vaulted ceilings and more than200 stained glass windows,

including one depicting space,which is especially unique.

A real piece of the moon is in the window?

- Yeah, it's right there.

It's the only place inWashington where you can

actually see a piece of the moon.

- [Ben Kennedy] Seven gramsof lunar rock, to be exact.

- [Reverand Francis B. Sayre,Jr.] It was not just rock

that day returned to Earth,but in an exciting way,

the very horizon of eternity.

- [Ben Kennedy] Donatedby the crew of Apollo 11,

led by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

- [Neil Armstrong] That'sone small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind.

- [Ben Kennedy] Long beforethat historic landing

came creation symbolized in this window.

10 thousand pieces of hand blown glass

highlight God creatingthe heavens and the Earth.

That cathedral allowed CBNNews a rare, up-close look.

- [Kevin Eckstrom] If you look at the top

of these windows, theyhave The Supreme Court

and The White House andthen the U.S. Capitol.

- [Ben Kennedy] The cathedral sits above

all those famous places,making it the highest point

in Washington D.C.

It is there that stonegargoyles and grotesques

are believed to ward off evil spirits.

(Star Wars theme song)

But, one stone sculpture drawsvisitors to the dark side.

- This is the North side of the cathedral,

the dark side of thecathedral, which is why he is

where he is.

- He is none other than Darth Vader.

May the force be with youwhen trying to track down

Darth Vader.

As you'll see, he's not easy to spot.

Now, I'm no Jedi, so I hadto travel 20 stories up

through an elevator just toget a better sight up top

of the Sith Lord.

- People come and theyjust want to see Vader

and they stand rightdown there on the ground,

like that guy rightthere, and you can walk,

you walk by and they'relooking and they're looking

and they're looking andthey just want to see him.

- [Ben Kennedy] A designcompetition during

the 80s Star Wars craze sparked an entry,

which ended up earningthe well known villain

his spot.

- It's actually been greatbecause it's one form

of engagement that the peoplehave with the cathedral,

which sometimes is all they need and then

they want to come back andthey want to see what's inside

and then maybe they want tocome back and go to church

or they want to, so, whateverit takes to lure people

in the door, Vader has a purpose.

- [Ben Kennedy] Hispurpose could be the force

behind helping the cathedral recover from

the millions in damagescaused by the 2011 earthquake

that rattled the nation's Capitol.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Wherea magnitude 5.3 earthquake

has been felt.

- [Kevin Eckstrom] In here you can see,

this is earthquake damage.

- Repairing and replacingstonework costs big bucks,

money the cathedral doesn't have.

That's where visitors anddonors can make the difference.

A lot of people do visitthe National Cathedral?


- How 'bout the numbers?

How many we talking?

- We have about, I mean, all told,

visitors and worshipers, weget about 750 thousand a year.

- [Ben Kennedy] Oh, wow.

- [Kevin Eckstrom] Christmas and Easter

are our big ones.

- [Ben Kennedy] During those services,

priests and special guestshave shared God's message

from the Canterbury Pulpits for decades.

- Lot of people have preached from here,

Billy Graham, the Dalai Lama,

- Martin--- Martin Luther King,

obviously, yeah.

- [Ben Kennedy] Influencers, tourists

and a faithful following keep

the Washington National Cathedral running

and having the force onthe grounds doesn't hurt,

especially with new StarWars movies bringing in

new generations.

You can come back toit time and time again

and no matter where you are in your life

or your life circumstance,you can find something new

and enriching.

It's something to move yourfaith to the next place.

- [Ben Kennedy] Afterspending a day inside,

we only got to see a fraction of what

the National Cathedral has to offer.

So, bottom line, it appearswe'll just have to come back.

For CBN News, I'm BenKennedy in Washington.

- Well, there's an inside lookat the National Cathedral,

it's part of The Episcopal Church

and it was founded, its foundation stone

was laid by President Teddy Roosevelt.


- It's beautiful.

Well, up next, a spiritualist is tormented

by the forces of evil.

- Hate and evil, just like overwhelming,

in an instant, out of nowhere.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Hear howshe escaped its clutches

for good.

That's next.

(upbeat music)

- Well, Jessica Smith dabbledin yoga and then meditation

and then she started into allkinds of new age practices.

She was a self-described spiritualist.

Well, then one day,Jessica told the spirits

that she was going to follow someone else

and those spirits didn'ttake that news quietly.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Jessica Smith's father

was an alcoholic, hermother raised her to believe

in Jesus and Jessica often turned to God

for comfort and security.

- [Jessica Smith] I loved theidea that God was my father

in heaven and he fulfilledany of the inadequacies

of my real father.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] In highschool, Jessica decided to do

what felt good to her, includingexperimenting with drugs.

- I wanted to be accepted,I wanted to feel cool,

I wanted to be popular,I wanted boys to like me.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Later,when she went to college,

Jessica decided to leaveChristianity behind completely.

- I just saw people livingthese lives that seemed

goody two-shoes to me.

It just pushed me in the other direction.

I just thought, "If that'swhat a Christian is,

"I don't want it."

- [Terry Meeuwsen] But, spiritual issues

were something Jessicacouldn't avoid dealing with

when a close friend was killedin a motorcycle accident.

- I had to know where is she?

Is there such a thing as heaven and Hell?

What do I believe?

I didn't know if she knewJesus and I couldn't stand

the thought of her beingin a place called Hell.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Jessicadesperately wanted answers.

She didn't like what thebible said about Hell,

so she felt compelled tocall a relative for advice.

The relative, a psychic,told Jessica she could talk

to her deceased friend.

Jessica knew the bible warnedagainst talking to mediums,

but she was swayed bythe emotional experience.

- It felt like love, it felt like peace.

I'd been searching foranswers and I was just

in such a state of turmoiland I'm praying what is truth

and then I am overwhelmedby this sensation

of love and peace and Iknew that God was love

and I thought, "Well,it has to be God then."

(ominous music)

- [Terry Meeuwsen] For the next 10 years,

Jessica pursued that feeling full time.

She emersed herself inmeditation, taught yoga,

reiki energy healing andcommunication with spirits.

- Seeking spiritual truthand escalating along

the spiritual path, I viewed all religions

and all modes of spiritualityas going up paths

to the mountain, alldifferent paths to the top

of the mountain, and gettingto the top of that mountain

was absolutely my top priority in life.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] But,the closer Jessica felt

to achieving nirvana, themore her personal life

with her boyfriend fell apart.

She struggled with anger and unhappiness.

- I didn't think any of the tumultuousness

of our relationship wasspiritual, I just needed to see

a real counselor and getto the root of the issue,

which I viewed as mychildhood, this is where

this anger's coming from.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Soshe agreed to meet with

Christian counselorsDonald and Dawn Offerman,

as long as they didn'tpressure her about Jesus.

Over dinner, Jessica andher boyfriend learned

of the Offerman's ministryto the homeless in Alaska.

- I started thinking,"Well, that's really cool,

"here are some people whoare working with Jesus

"the same way I'm workingwith Buddha and Tara

"and these other energies to do good."

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Jessicadecided since Jesus was there

for her during childhood,she should give him

spiritual priority.

- All of these otherspirits really were just

acquaintance spiritscompared to that deep,

foundational relationship thatI had with Jesus as a child

and I just thought, "Why amI not working with Jesus?"

And then I prayed somethingthat I had no idea

how profound it was or whatI was setting into motion

with my prayer, I prayedto all of the other spirits

that I'd been working with, I said,

"Thank you so much for allthat you have taught me,

"but from now on, I'm justgoing to be working with Jesus."

And I had done that beforewith, I'd worked with

a certain spirit or energy forawhile, there had never been

any problems when I transitionedfrom working with one

to another and so, Ijust thought, "Of course,

"there would be no problems,they're all beings of light,

"after all, they justwant what's best for me."

- [Terry Meeuwsen]Jessica and her boyfriend,

who had recently become aChristian, began reading

The Book of Luke aloud everyday.

Neither of them was preparedfor what happened next.

- I was sitting at the kitchen table

and all of a sudden, out of nowhere,

I mean, absolute nowhere, I felt

just this overwhelmingterror and hate and evil.

Just like overwhelming.

In an instant, out of nowhere.

And I knew something very realwas happening spiritually.

In that moment, I completely surrendered

and I knew that the only way to be safe

from what I had allowed intomyself was through Jesus.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Jessicaasked her boyfriend

to pray in the name of Jesus.

- And the lord brought to mind verses

that I hadn't thought ofin a really long time,

"Satan himself masqueradesas an angel of light"

and I knew it, I knew in aninstant that every single word

of the bible was true, notjust the ones that suited

the way I wanted to live, all of it.

And in an instant I knewwhat it was and it just

started coming up and outand I just consciously let it

and this deep-throaty likehiss came from the back

of my throat and I felt an energy leave.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Jessicarededicated her life

to Jesus Christ thatnight and was set free

from many demonic spirits.

- The lord knew what needed to happen,

he allowed it to happen.

He prepared me with histruth of his scriptures

and then he removed theveil and let me experience

the reality of what Ihad allowed into myself

through these practices.

- [Terry Meeuwsen]Jessica returned to church

where she grew in Christ.

She met and married Stewartand they have two sons.

She says that the truthshe was searching for

can only be found in one place.

- The peace that Jesus gaveme was this deep shrew peace,

it wasn't a feeling.

It came by faith and that'swhat really I had to realize

is that my relationship withJesus isn't about a feeling,

it's about truth, it's about faith,

even when it's not comfortable.

It's about trusting himthat he is God and I am not

and that he knows I'm submitting to that

and that I could look backthroughout all the years

and all of the choicesthat I made and I just saw

his patience and how hishand was always protecting me

and he never gave up on me.

- And he hasn't given up on you.

Jessica's story seems to bea common story these days

where we're looking forspiritual experiences,

but we're looking in the wrong places.

Instead of looking forthe experiences that Jesus

has to offer, we start chasingafter these other things,

we start looking at foreigngods and that's what

the Israelites did, theywanted spiritual experiences

away from Yemen, not realizingthat when you do that,

you're opening yourself up to things

you have no concept about,that literally want to own you,

but want to possess you, thatwant to shape your thinking,

your outlook, and they mayappear as an angel of light

and they start off as something good

and they start off assomething pleasurable,

but at the end, it alwaysleads to destruction.

The bible's clear, Satancomes to kill, to steal

and to destroy, he doesn'tcome to build you up,

he doesn't come to give youinsight, all of that is a lie.

And here's the biggestone, all roads, all paths

lead to the top of the mountain.

They don't.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

No one comes to the father, but by him.

And that's what the bible says.

These other paths, the problem with them

is you never get to thetop of the mountain.

You never get there.

But, here's the good news, Jesus came

from the top of the mountainto you and Christianity

is the only religion in theworld where God comes to hell,

to you, to show you the way.

Now, if this is all new to you,

you've never heard this before,

here's a very simple prayer for you:

Jesus, if you're real, if you came for me,

could you show me?

Now, for some of you,that may be a new thought

that you could actuallypray and get an answer,

but he's real and he wants to come to you

and he wants to come to you today.

Now, maybe some of you are like Jessica,

that when you were young,you were in church,

you were raised in a Christian home

and then for whateverreason, you went away

and you went chasing your own thing,

you didn't want to be a goody two-shoes,

you wanted to be somehow independent

and from that very simplethought that led you

down the road, you're nowgoing, "How can I come back?"

Well, I've got good newsfor your, Jesus is ready,

willing and able to bring you back.

He is able to cleanse youfrom all unrighteousness,

he's able to change youfrom your inner most being

and the story of the prodigalchild is the story for you

that God is watching andwaiting, all he wants you to do

is to give him some sign, just say,

"Today I turn, today I look to him."

For Jessica, it was a simple prayer,

"I want to follow Jesus now."

"I want him to be mysavior, I want him to be

"the lord of my life."

If this is you, if this is your story,

just bow your head with me.

Let's pray a very simpleprayer and Jesus will come

and he is the creator,by him and through him,

all things were made,everything is subject to him

and when you pray to himand you ask for help,

he'll run to deliver it to you.

So, let's pray and let'sbelieve and let Jesus

do all the rest.

Pray with me.

Jesus, that's right say hisname and say it out loud,

Jesus, I turn today and I turn to you

and I ask that youwould come into my heart

and restore to me the faiththat I had as a child,

the relationship that I had with you.

Lord, come into my heart andanything that is not of you,

anything, I renounceit now and I command it

by the authority given to meby you, I command it to leave

and to never return.

So, Jesus, come into myheart, fill my being,

let me know your peace,your love, your forgiveness,

for I ask it in Jesus' name, amen.

Father, for those whojust prayed, I just ask

that you would fill themwith your holy spirit,

baptize them in your loveand we just take authority,

we command anything that isnot of you to leave them now

and we renounce over themany vow, any promise,

it's all been paid for,it's all been taken care of

by Jesus on the cross.

So, do it, Lord, fillthem and be with them,

for I ask it in Jesus' name, amen.

And amen.

If you prayed with me,there's one more thing

I want you to do.

The bible says that whenyou believe in your heart

and then confess with yourmouth, you shall be saved.

I want you to do that,it's an important step

to let somebody know, "I just prayed,

"I just asked Jesus tocome into my heart."

All you have to do is go to a phone

and call us, 1-800-700-7000.

When you call, I've gotsomething, a packet for you

and it will help youlive the Christian life,

it's called A New Day andin there is a CD teaching

what do Christiansbelieve, what do I do now,

how do you live the Christian life?

It's all free.

Phone call's free, the packet's free,

no financial obligationat all, all you have to do

is call and we'll beglad to send it to you.

So, do it now, 1-800-700-7000.

Terry, over to you.

Well, still ahead, amother who was terrified

that history was going to repeat itself.

Watch as she gets herson the surgery he needs.

And then later, one footballstar's dreams are dashed

after being shot forbeing in the wrong place

at the wrong time.

Watch what saved his life.

That's later on today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

And welcome back to The 700 Club.

President Trump's tradeshowdown with China is underway.

It officially kicked offovernight with new tariffs

on billions of dollars of Chinese goods,

like tech products.

The Trump Administrationis confronting Beijing

for tactics like stealing U.S. technology.

China is retaliatingwith tariffs of its own

on U.S. products, like soybeans, electric cars and pork.

Operation Blessing ishelping provide food security

to a grandmother and hergrandchildren in El Salvador.

Due to her age, Berta hasstruggled to find steady work

and feed her grandchildren.

She joined OperationBlessing's agriculture program

in her community.

Operation Blessing teams built greenhouses

and taught residents howto grow their own crops.

Now Berta has fresh meals on the table,

so her grandchildren donot have to go hungry.

You can learn moreabout Operation Blessing

by going to its website, it is

Gordon and Terry are back with much more

of today's 700 Club right after this.

(upbeat music)

- Mrs. Wen was born witha cleft lip and pallet

that was sewn togetherwith a needle and thread

and it had never properly healed.

So, when her son was bornwith a cleft lip and pallet,

she and her husband weredesperate to get him

proper medical treatment.

Mr. Wen waited until he was30 years old to get married

and was very happy when he found out

he and his wife weregoing to have a baby boy.

- [Male Interpreter] I wasfinally going to be a father,

it was a dream come true.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Mrs. Wenstarted sewing baby clothes

right away, but theexcitement didn't last long

because Zhen Guo was bornwith a cleft lip and pallet.

- [Male Interpreter] I worriedpeople will make fun of him

and he wouldn't be able togo to school or get married.

I blamed myself.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Mrs. Wenthought it was her fault.

She had a cleft lip and pallet herself.

An inexperienced doctorhad sewn her mouth up

with a simple needle and thread.

It affected her appearanceand speech ever since.

- [Female Interpreter] Idid not want that to happen

to my son, so I vowed thatno matter how poor we were,

we would get professional surgery for him.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Asfarmers, it would take years

to save for surgery.

Meanwhile, Zhen Guo struggledto eat and take his medicine.

(baby sneezing)

- [Female Interpreter] Sometimes he choked

and could not breathe.

- [Male Interpreter] Localdoctors said he could die

at any time.

- [Terry Meeuwsen]Desperate, the couple prayed

to their deceased relatives.

- [Female Interpreter] But,it seemed like they did not

understand anything that we were saying.

- [Male Interpreter] If myancestors couldn't help,

who would?

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Later,a doctor called Mr. Wen

and told him about CBN.

- [Male Interpreter] I got my wish.

Surgery for my son.

No one could believe it.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] The surgerytransformed Zhen Guo's face.

- [Male Interpreter] He's muchstronger than he was before

and he can eat by himself.

- [Female Interpreter] Thesurgery was professional

and perfect.

Zhen Guo never lookedin the mirror before,

but now he loves to see himself.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] And now,the Wens have a new faith.

- [Male Interpreter] NowI believe there must be

a true god, a god whoreally cares about me

and I will love to knowmore about Christianity.

- [Female Interpreter] Now,I'm willing to believe in him

and give my life to himbecause he helped my son

and changed his life.

Thank you CBN.

Jesus gave us hope through you.

- He's precious, isn't he?

The bible says that peoplewill know who Jesus is

by the love we share one for another.

What an opportunity you andI have to express the love

of God through our caringabout other people,

through our giving to makea difference in their lives.

When you join The 700Club, you do all of that.

I want to invite you today tobe a part of what we're doing

here at home and around the world.

It's 65 cents a day, 20 dollars a month,

but you'll be joining with thousands of us

who are out to touch and change the world

with the love of Jesus Christ.

We're doing so much, cleanwater for people who don't

have any water to drink,orphan work around the world,

vulnerable children, makinga difference in the lives

of people like the Wenfamily that you just saw

and then here at home doingall kinds of things, too,

disaster relief, helping the military.

So, you can be a part ofthat without ever leaving

the comfort of your living room.

Go to your phone and call right now.

All you have to do is say, "I want to join

"The 700 Club."

When you do it, would youdo it using Pledge Express?

That's electronic monthlygiving, it's pretty wonderful,

your bank does all the work,you don't have to remember

to send anything, youdon't have to have stamps

or envelopes on hand, it does save us

some administrative costs,so we can put even more

of your gift right intothe lives of people

like the Wens.

When you do that, we want to say thank you

by sending you Power for Life teachings.

You'll get one of these every month

and I think it'll be agreat blessing to you

in your own walk with the lord.

So, call our toll free number now,

it's 1-800-700-7000.

Thank you.

Well, coming up, a freshman, a freshman

attends a party his veryfirst night of college

and a fight breaks out.

- I heard a scream.

(girl screaming)

Gun shots were going off.

Took three steps and my leg gave out.

I was literally in a pool of my own blood.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Watchhow this tragic shooting

sets the stage for a miracle.

That's next.

(upbeat music)

When the phone rang inMandy Hall's hotel room,

she could never have imaginedwhat she was about to hear.

Earlier that day, sheand her husband, Matthew,

had gotten their son Garrett settled

in his college dorm room and now the voice

on the other end of the phone was saying,

"Your son has been in an accident."

- I heard a scream.

(girl screaming)

Gunshots were going off.

Took three steps and my leg gave out.

I was literally in a pool of my own blood

and I was crying out toGod, "Just please save me."

- [Male Reporter] GarrettHall was a star athlete

in high school, especially football.

He hoped it would be his ticketto a college scholarship.

- I was mostly living to play football

'cause that's what Igrew up as a kid playing,

I was fast, physical, sothat was kind of instilled

in my head that hey,that's what I'm gonna do

for the rest of my life.

- I watched my son playfootball, it was very,

very exciting.

- I lived for Friday nights.

- I liked watching him do what he loved

and he just always had fun.

- [Male Reporter] When Garrettdidn't get a scholarship,

he enrolled in a prep schoolnear Charlotte, North Carolina.

Their football program was knownto draw college recruiters.

- After that, I was either going to go to

a division two or a division one school,

I had both kinds of schools looking at me

going into the prep school.

- [Male Reporter] That July,Garrett reported to school

for summer practices.

After helping him move into his dorm,

his family returned to their hotel.

- [Mandy Hall] We were veryexcited to see what the future

had in store for Garrett,see what God had in store

for Garrett.

- [Male Reporter] That first night,

the teammates suggestedthey go to a party.

- When we showed up at the party,

I immediately was like,"Man, I shouldn't be here."

I saw some things that I didn'twant to be associated with

and we stayed for about fiveto 10 minutes and we left.

- [Male Reporter] Outside,they stopped to talk about

what to do next.

Minutes later, a fightbroke out in the house

and people started running out.

- I heard a scream, a girl screaming,

I turned around andgunshots were going off.

Took three steps and my leg gave out.

Couldn't move, I didn'tknow what was going on,

everything was blurry, Iwas literally in a pool

of my own blood.

I started crying out to God, just saying,

"Please spare my life, Ican't die, please don't

"let this be my time."

- [Male Reporter] Bythe time police arrived,

the shooter had fled and was never found.

They discovered Garrett inthe street shot in the thigh

and bleeding badly.

EMTs took Garrett to theER, were the staff notified

his parents.

- When we arrived at the hospital,

it didn't feel real, it didn't feel like

it was actually happening.

- [Male Reporter] Vascularsurgeon Dr. Frank Arko

explained what happened.

- The bullet went and itsort of hit near the bone

and hit the artery and the vein.

It shut the blood flow off tothe lower part of the foot.

A true risk of limb loss thatcould be life threatening,

as well.

- And at that point,everything just stopped.

The room just startedspinning, everything was moving

in slow motion.

- The first thing I wantedto do and did was pray.

"God please put your hand on my son

"and take care of him."

- [Mandy Hall] We were just in shock.

I immediately in my mind started praying.

- [Male Reporter] Thefamily got to see Garrett

before surgery.

- He was laying on his side,all I could see was blood.

It was just pooled inthe bed he was laying in.

That terrified me.

- I was just prayingthat God would heal him

and let him play football again.

- It was hard to walk intothe room and see my son

laying there and when Idid finally see Garrett

and looked him eye toeye, it gave me hope.

- [Male Reporter] Doctorstook Garrett into surgery

unsure if they could save his leg.

- So, bone, artery, nerve, vein.

And he hit these two.

Now, if he'd have gotten the nerve,

it's very hard to get full function back

if the nerve has been fully divided.

- [Male Reporter] Meanwhile,the family continued

to pray.

- I can honestly sayI've never prayed so hard

in my entire life and I'veprobably never cried that hard,

as well, either.

- We called several of ourfriends, family members

and asked them to pray for Garrett.

- [Male Reporter] Afterfive hours of surgery,

Dr. Arko came out with good news.

- The fact that hecompletely missed the nerve

and just got the artery andvein is a miracle in itself.

- [Matthew Hall] It wasa huge relief for me

hearing the doctor'sreport of he will be okay,

the surgery went well.

- [Male Reporter] After a year of rehab,

Garrett was able to tryout for Liberty University

as a walk-on.

- To see my son play football again,

it brought great joy to me.

- To be honest with ya, I never thought

he'd play football again.

If he could walk normalagain, I would've been

happy with that.

That's the type of injury that he had.

- I've always heard of miracles,but I just witnessed one

and I know, there's no shadow of a doubt,

that God answers prayer.

- [Male Reporter] Unfortunately,the team had a full roster

and Garrett didn't make the squad.

While he still hopes to get another crack

at playing college football,Garrett and his family

are taking life one day at a time.

- Kind of going where God wants me to go,

so it's more of a relationshipbetween me and God.

Say, "God, lead me whereyou want me to go."

- I still don't know whythis was allowed to happen,

but I do know that Godwas there, he intervened

and he saved Garrett's life that night.

- Everything that happens inlife that God takes you to,

he's gonna take you through it.

You're never alone andeverything bad that happens

has a purpose.

- If I don't ever playfootball again, that's fine.

If I only reach a couplepeople, that's fine.

I just want to be a inspiration to others

because I've lived it andyou're not gonna get through it

just on your own.

You need something else thereand I'm telling you, it's God.

- Well, life happens, doesn't it?

And when it does, it'susually so unexpected.

And where do you go?

What do you call on?

Who do you call on at that point?

I think of what wouldGarrett's family have done

if they hadn't known the lord?

And for us as believers, asunexpected as those things are,

God often changes ourfocus and our priorities

and just kind of redirects us back to him

and his very big plan for all of us.

I know many of you have needstoday and you're wondering,

"Is God seeing me?"

"Does he hear me?"

"Is he gonna move in my life?"

Well, we want you to be encouraged

not just by Garrett's story,but by some other reports,

as well.

This is Vickie, who livesin Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

She had suffered for yearswith a degenerating disc

in her back, she was in constant pain.

One day, she was watching The 700 Club

and, Gordon, she heard yougive this word of knowledge,

you said, "You've gotdeteriorating vertebrae

"in your spine."

"You're losing the cushioningbetween the vertebrae,

"you're in constant pain."

Vickie claimed the word, began moving

and twisting her back.

There was no pain and shehas been pain free since.

- Alright.

Here's Karen from Henderson, Nevada.

She had five years,for five years suffered

with constant pain in her right foot

and it eventually immobilized her

and doctors had done allthey could do to help.

Well, one day, watching The 700 Club,

Terry said, "You have terriblesoreness in your feet."

Well, Karen claimed theword, got up from her chair,

began to walk around, therewas no pain or discomfort

and there hasn't been sinceand she is praising God.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Yeah.

- Realize that he's there for you.

He wants to help you.

It's not something youhave to argue with him

and it's not something youhave to bargain with him,

it's not something whereyou have to convince him,

he is the god who heals your disease

and when you understand,get the revelation,

and it needs to be a revelation,

that by his stripes, weare healed, were healed.

Ask yourself this question,"When were my sins forgiven?"

That's a interesting question, isn't it?

Well, they were forgiven 2,000 years ago,

that's when the debt was paid.

And when it happens in youis when you believe that

and you receive that foryourself and you turn to him

and you receive what he so freely gives.

It's the same for healingand I love to tell people,

"If you have the faithto believe that your sins

"are forgiven, you haveall the faith you need

"to believe for healing."

Now, don't let the symptoms scream at you,

don't let them overwhelm the word of God,

let's just come to him as little children

with that faith that believes Daddy

and let's just believe and let's trust.

So, in an act of faith,lay your hand on that area

of the body that needshealing and Terry and I

will join hands, we'llagree and the bible says

when two or more agree touching anything,

it shall be done.

So, let's do that and let'sbelieve and let's pray.

Lord, we just lift theneeds of the audience

to you right now and aspeople are laying hands

on that area of thebody that needs healing,

we join with them inagreement and we say out loud,

be healed and be made whole bythe stripes of Jesus Christ,

I am you and I receive it nowin his name, in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you're layinghands on your left thigh

that's, it's above the kneecapand there's just deep pain

and I don't know whatthat is, but you do know,

you're laying that hand right there,

God is healing that, he's restoring it

and you just felt it go through,

the pain just left you, in Jesus' name,

be healed, be restored.

There's a woman namedMartha, you've been laying

your right hand on the rightside of your neck in the back

and you just felt a jolt come through.

God's healed you and justbegin to move your neck

and realize all of thatpain, all of that discomfort

is gone now in Jesus' name.

- Someone else withchronic gastroenteritis,

you've had treatmentthat's kind of been spotty

and it's a relief for you, God's healing

that condition for youcompletely right now.

And someone else, you havechronic, blinding migraines,

right now, just lift your hands and begin

to praise the lord as he sets you free.

- Someone else, who, you'vegot chronic kidney disease

and you're actuallywaiting for a transplant

and God's able, he'sable to restore organs,

he's able to rebuild them,he's able to renew them,

in Jesus' name, be healed,be set free from this

and realize it's never going to return,

it's never going to go, come back,

get, go get tested and realizewhat God has done for you.

Thank you, Lord, we ask itall, in Jesus' name, amen.

If you've been touched byGod, share your good report,

give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word fromPsalms, "O Lord, my God,

"I cried out to you, and you healed me."

God bless you, we'll see you next week.

(upbeat music)


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