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News on The 700 Club: July 9, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” July 9.: Dems and Republicans Preparing to Square Off Over Trump's Supreme Court Nominee; Former Senator's Mission to End Persecution; Thailand Rescuers Racing the Rain while Several Boys Saved as Monsoon ... Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- Welcome ladies andgentlemen to this edition

of the 700 Club.

You know it's been said

that those who fail tolearn the lessons of history

are doomed to live them again.

And I wanna give you alittle history lesson.

I was intimately involvedin the early days

with Bush number one

and his Chief of Staffwas name John Sununu

who was a brilliant man, formergovernor of New Hampshire.

Alright, there was a senatorrepublican named Warren Rudman

who was somewhat left of most of us.

And what Rudman got wasSununu and said look,

I've got this guy up in New Hampshire,

he's a brilliant jurist

and he's the one the President oughta pick

for the Supreme Court.

His name was, you remember, Souter?

- Yes, yes.

- Souter, okay, so onthe strength of Sununu

those of us who didn'tknow any better thought

well okay, Sununu, knows what he's doing

and Souter had no record whatsoever,

had no judicial philosophy,

had no decisions that he ever written.

He was a stealth candidate

and nobody knew anything about it

who was being pushed by asenator named Warren Rudman.

And Sununu, you know, said to me,

said this guy is the man,he's a wonderful guy,

he's a marvelous juristand he'll be great.

Okay, so without a lot ofopposition from people like me,

the Senate confirmed JudgeSouter, went on the Supreme Court

where he became an absolute disaster.

He was to the left of everyone,

he was always on the side of the left

and I don't know what his,

he was a confirmed bachelorand I won't go beyond that

but there was somelatent problems with him.

But he was really a horrible judge

and I don't know whetherhe retired or died

or what happened to him but he's not,

no longer on the bench.

Now that's what happens when you get a guy

just because of his,

you can get more votesto get him confirmed.

You have to deal withtheir judicial record.

What have they said,what have they written?

What have they said in theiropinions, in their dissents?

What cases have they dealtwith, how broad is their grip?

Now there's one candidate outthere who's got all of that

and his name is Brett Kavanaugh.

He is without question

the most superblyqualified judge we've got.

And people will saywell maybe we can't get

all the senate votesfor him to be confirmed.

Well, you've got to put him through,

that's the way I see, you'vegot to fight for this thing.

If we have fought against Souter,

we would have been a whole lot better off

but we let him go on to strength

of Warren Rudman andJohn Sununu, that was it.

- Well, so many times the first candidate

that they put up thereis kind of shot down

and then a second one comes up

do you think they'd keep that in mind

when they're making these decisions?

- No, this case is, I mean,

they've got control of the Senate

and Mitch McConnell has gottapush this thing through.

And you can't go withsomebody, for example,

like Hardiman who has no judicialrecord to speak of at all

and say well, he was a cab driver, he's,

he comes from the middleclass and all this stuff.

I mean, you don't putthem in for biography,

you put them in for judicial reasoning

and you've got a man who has,

you know, Brett Kavanaugh as in a dissent

in the lower court wrote six dissents,

every single one of them waspicked up by the Supreme Court

as a majority decision, every one.

So, I mean, here you're looking at a man

who's uniquely qualified

and we'll see what happens,

'cause I don't know what thePresident's gonna choose.

But I just think that givenwhat we did with Souter,

we oughta keep in mind youdon't put them in for biography,

you don't put them in

because some republicansenator likes them,

you don't put them in becausethe vice president likes them,

you put them in because theyare prime judicial scholars.

And fortunately the last man we put in

was a brilliant scholar,he breezed through.

But listen, ladies and gentlemen

here's what you've gotta remember

though one of thecandidates was named Moses

or the democrats would be opposed to him,

it doesn't matter.


It doesn't matter, they wouldof be opposed to anybody

who was President put up.

So you're gonna find them (mumbles)

what they need to do is topick up a few Joe Manchin's

and guys like that with that temperament,

but they need about two or three democrats

to vote along with them.

And it's got to be okay.

- Well, they're already looking for ways

to defeat a candidate thathasn't even been named yet.

Both sides know that the justicecould influence the court

for decades to come.

Amber Strong has thislook at the top candidates

and the fight that lies ahead.

- [Amber] And then there were four.

- We're very close to making a decision.

- [Amber] PresidentTrump narrowing his list

of potential Supreme Court nominees.

- And they're excellent,everyone, you can't go wrong.

- Rounding out the topfour, Brett Kavanaugh,

Raymond Kethledge, Amy ConeyBarrett and Thomas Hardiman.

The President is said to beleaning towards Hardiman.

The 53 year old was therunner up to Neil Gorsuch

the last time thePresident chose a nominee.

Senate republicans saywhoever the President chooses

from this supreme finalfour will be a winner.

- If you're a conservatorrepublican the four people named,

particularly Thomas Hardiman,

I'm glad that he's on thelist, are all winners.

- [Amber] But it's notgoing down without a fight,

with senate democrats claimingthat Roe v. Wade is at stake.

- If you look at what the President said,

which is he will nominate someone

only if that person is committed

to automatically overturn Roe v. Wade.

- [Amber] But Trump SupremeCourt Advisor Leonard Leo says

the Roe v. Wadeconversation is nothing more

than a scare tactic.

- We've been talkingabout this for 36 years,

going all the way back to thenomination of Sandra O'Conner

and after that 36 year period

we only have a singleindividual on the court

who has expressly saidhe would overturn Roe.

- [Amber] With democraticleaders targeting

moderate republicans, Grahamsays red state democrats

may be the key to securing the nomination.

- This is a nightmarefor red state democrats

to oppose a highly qualified nominee

and all four of thesepeople are highly qualified.

- Either way it's a choice

that could have major implications

on vulnerable democrats come November.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Well, you know, the thingabout Roe versus Wade,

it was a horrible decision, itwas put up case by the ACLU,

a put up case, it was a phony plaintiffs,

the whole thing was a fraud.

And the reasoning was Judge Blackmun

who was again, appointed by a republican,

it was called Blackmun'sabortion, it was so bad.

But anyhow, it's been in there,the thing that it did was

something that I knew in the early days,

they federalize the matter of abortion

that should have beenleft to state police power

and the thing that itneeds to be done, frankly,

is to send it back to the states.

And if the states' wanna argue about it

and the political will isthat they restrict abortion

or they allow abortion that's up to them.

But to federalize itwas a terrible mistake

and so but I don't thinkin anyway shape or form

these judges are beingasked about Roe versus Wade.

I don't think that but thedemocrats are trying to use that

as a scare tactic to getpeople to vote against

whoever Trump puts in.

Well our CBN Chief PoliticalCorrespondent, David Brody

join us now and David,

what are hearing about whatMitch McConnell is gonna do

in this thing?

- Pat, there's so much going on right now.

My phone is blowing up with texts

and emails, phone calls, all of that.

But let's try to boil all of this down.

As for Mitch McConnell,

look I think there are a couple judges

that he would like to seeif he had his druthers

which would be ThomasHardiman, Raymond Kethledge,

those are the two.

Why, well it goes with what yousaid at the top of the show,

he's thinking they'remore easily confirmable.

You know, Raymond Kethledge, was confirmed

as an appeals court judge 97and nothing on a voice vote,

and Thomas Hardiman was 95 nothing.

So, you know, in Mitch McConnell land,

Senate Majority Leader,

who's job is to get this nominee through,

to a degree it makes sense in his world

but as you said at the top of the show,

that could be a dangerous road to go down.

- What about Hardiman, does he have

much of a judicial recordthat we know about right now?

- Well, he does, I mean, hehas about 10 years or so, Pat.

Now he has not weighed inspecifically on abortion,

however, when it comes toreligious liberty, he has.

He's sided with the LittleSisters of the Poor,

we all know about them atthe appeals court level.

And then what's really interesting Pat,

on religious expression,what I mean by that is,

students, parents comingagainst school districts

to say hey, I want my childto be able to bring the Bible

to show and tell in a public school,

he has been yes on that, forthe students, for the parents

and against the schooldistricts, time and time again

on religious expression.

And so there is a feeling inthe evangelical community,

at least some folks that I'm talking to

that Thomas Hardiman isactually gonna be very good

for evangelicals if he gets the nod.

Now Amy Comey Barrett is the one

that everybody's talkingabout in evangelical world

but Thomas Hardiman could be

a sleeper evangelical pick here Pat.

- Well, we don't reallyhave any Souters out there,

we don't have anybodythat has fought hard left,

we don't know about, theseare all have been vetted

by the FederalistSociety, is that correct?

- That's right, this comes fromthat list of about 25 or so.

My sources telling me thatall four, this is the quote,

all four are confirmable,no doubt about it.

So whether he goes with AmyConey Barrett or Hardiman

or Brett Kavanaugh.

Look, here's the thing Brett Kavanaugh

when he came up for hisappeals court hearing,

awhile, over a decade ago,

he had about 36 votes against him,

Amy Coney Barrett had43 votes against her.

So you can see how those are gonna be two

of the more tougher fights.

I think there is someconcern about Brett Kavanaugh

on a few different levels.

There's actually a few,one he's a Bush guy,

we've heard that before.

But beyond that, Ithink there's some pause

in the President's circleabout the Obamacare decision

that he came to basically pining

that there is some sort of legality

that would be okay whenit came to Obamacare

which kind of gave JusticeRoberts the go ahead,

if you will, to make hisSupreme Court decision

in 2015 against or for Obamacare.

So I know those are concerns

within the President's inner circle

and that may blow it forKavanaugh if he's not picked.

That's if he's not picked,that might be it, the problem.

- Well, Barrett is a dedicated Catholic

and dedicated pro-life.

She has a whole bunch ofchildren though, doesn't she?

What does she have six or seven children?

- Yeah.

- She adopted a handicapped child.

That's gonna be tough to be a judge

and take care of allthose kids wouldn't it?

- Well, there's no doubt about it,

she has seven children, five naturally,

excuse me, four naturally,or excuse, five naturally,

one special needs child

and two of her seven childrenare adopted from Haiti.

So, you know, she's got quite

an interesting life story for sure.

The concern about Amy ConeyBarrett all along within the,

at the President's legal team level

has been this idea thatshe doesn't have the record

that Brett Kavanaugh has.

Now, unlike David Souter,her scholarly opinions

have been very well thought out

and very well, like anoriginalist, like contextualist

and they believe thatthe scholarly articles

are in essence proxy for the lack of cases

that she has decided.

Remember she's only been onthe appeals court circuit

less than a year Pat.

- What do you think,they're gonna need two

or three gentlemen whohas to come on board,

guys like Manchin of WestVirginia, is that correct?

- Yeah, well here's the situation.

I mean, technically, right,they're 51, 49 in the Senate,

republicans have control.

Let's be honest, it's probably 50

because John McCain,due to health problems

won't be able to makeit back for the vote.

Now you're at 50, MikePence can break that tie,

the Vice President.

So you can't afford tolose any republicans.

So if you lose LisaMurkowski and Susan Collins,

two pro-choice republican Senators,

you're gonna have to pickup democrats somewhere.

The four democrats they are targeting,

Heidi Heitkamp, ClaireMcCaskill, excuse me,

and there are two others,Joe Donnelly and Joe Manchin

as well, those are the four.

Now remember, if it's Amy Coney Barrett,

imagine Heidi Heitkampand Claire McCaskill

in an election year,both up for reelection

as red state democrats,in other words states

that Donald Trump won and theygotta vote against a woman.

Well you know the democrats talk about

how they're the party for woman

and this comes along, itputs them in a pickle.

You know, Pat this is gonnabe really hard to predict,

I'm not in the prediction business

but if you put this intothe Trump mental calculator

of how he does things normally,

it feels like Amy Coney Barrett

kinda checks both of the boxes here.

I think he may not go withKavanaugh based on the fact,

that he's a Bush guy but beyond that,

I think there's a lengthyrecord on Kavanaugh

and that might delaythe process a little bit

in terms of getting all thedocuments the democrats need,

it could delay the hearing

and therefore it could push this back

until a little further down the road.

- Well, one republican senator(mumbles) of the committee

was talking about she, she and her

as if it was a done deal, I mean is that,

does he know something we don't know?

- Well, you're talkingabout Senator Orrin Hatch

- Yeah right.and yeah, I tell you what,

yeah there was a bit of fauxpas, potentially a faux pas

where he talked about shein an article that he wrote.

She as the next Supreme Court pick.

So, you know, since then,everybody's kind of downplayed it

and what I'm told, sources,

the sources that I'm talking to tell me

that on Sunday evening and of course,

it changes by the hour,but on Sunday evening,

Trump pretty much was reallyfocusing on Thomas Hardiman

and Brett Kavanaugh, Amy ConeyBarrett still right there,

don't get the sense thatKethledge is gonna be the guy

but I'm told that it canchange at a moment's notice.

It wouldn't surprise me

if Amy Coney Barrett's the pick here.

That's the one that's gonnacause the left and the democrats

and everybody to go ballistic.

They're already callingher a religious fanatic.

They're talking about thisPeople for Praise group

that she belongs to, whichthe last time I checked

is more of an accountability Bible study

as we would know it.

But democrats think she'sprobably taking blood oaths

and you know, checking in withHarry Potter or something.

I don't know what they think.

- (laughs) Well we willwatch with great interest

as the day progresses.

David thank you very much.

- Thanks Pat.

- Well folks you can see coverage

of the President's announcementand analysis tonight

on, Facebook Live and Twitter.

And we appreciate David Brody's analysis

and it's a conundrum.

- Promises to be interesting. (laughs)

- But the thing of it, we've got four

really top notch conservatives in that mix

and they've all been vettedby the Federalist Society

so they're all,

if you use the termstraight constructionist.

They're not out toremake, rewrite the law.

So Trump is looking ata majority in the court

and then they'll be another one,

I'm sure he'll have another appointee

and there'll be a solidconservative majority.

And that's gonna last for 30 or 40 years,

it's a big time deal.

Well, turning now to a story

that has captured the world's attention.

Rescue teams in Thailandare racing against time

to free the remaining soccerplayers and their coach

from a flooded cave.

They've been trappedfor more than two weeks.

And to make matters worse,

monsoon rains threaten even more flooding.

Efrem Graham has that.

- [Efrem] The rescue began Sunday.

Here one of the firstof four guided to safety

is whisked away by emergency teams.

- It's a very restricted environment,

makes it challenging for eventhose most experienced divers,

much less the kids.

- Divers were forced tosuspend rescue efforts

late Sunday to replenish oxygenand assess the conditions.

But rescue efforts are now back under way.

(foreign language)

This is the aunt of one ofthose rescued boys saying

I'm glad that a lot ofpeople came to help.

A lot of governmentagencies are helping us.

I'm so happy.

The rescue mission involvesmore than a dozen divers,

including Thai Navy SEALS.

They're making their way

through a rocky mazeusing the buddy system

to guide the boys out.

Each boy is surrounded by two divers

with a line tetheringeach of them together.

This reduces the risk of getting lost

in the dark and murky water.

The most challenging partof the journey to safety

is said to be the very first leg,

the rest is on footwalking in muddy waters,

possibly floating in others.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

- That's amazing how theworld has come together

to see those young boys rescued.

Well, stay with cbnnews.comthroughout the day

for updates on this developing story.


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