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'These Children Are Being Trafficked, We Must Have Stricter Border Laws': Pastor Paula White Tours Migrant Detention Facility

'These Children Are Being Trafficked, We Must Have Stricter Border Laws': Pastor Paula White Tours Migrant Detention Facility Read Transcript

- Immigration continuesto be a hot button topic,

the United States military ispreparing to house thousands

of undocumented migrantfamilies and even children,

at two Texas bases.

Meanwhile, a federal judge has agreed

to extend Tuesday'sdeadline for the government

to reunite migrantchildren who were separated

from their parents under President Trump's

zero tolerance policy.

In all this, influential faithadvisor to President Trump,

Pastor Paula White visitedone of those centers

where migrant children were being held.

Paula, thank you for joining us.

- It's such an honor to be with you,

especially, on such animportant issue as this.

I witnessed the centerin Bristol, Virginia,

and it is beyond phenomenal,the care for the children,

not just three square meals,on the psychiatric care,

clinician, medical care,

chapel, events, schooling,

language, love.

Most of the children arrivebetween about 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

and get a good night'srest and are given clothes,

and they start the assessment

and that begins with medical of course.

And then there is a debtupon them that ranges between

three to seven thousand,upwards of 10 thousand

because of a coyote, becausethey've been smuggled,

or their parent has mortgaged their home,

put their land up et cetera.

- Exactly, so this visitkind of strengthened

your issue on border security?

- One hundred percent, andwhile I recognize how well

we're taking care of thesechildren, I also recognize

the situation, we'retalking about children

that are being trafficked.

- Since you did witness thisfirst-hand, talk to me about

what biblical scriptures cometo mind when you saw this?

- Well, ya know, everyone,I think so many people

have taken biblical scripturesout of context on this,

to say stuff like, "Well,Jesus was a refugee,"

and yes he did live in Egyptfor three and a half years,

but it was not illegal.

If he had broke the law,then he would've been sinful

and he would not have been our Messiah.

- Well Paula White, thankyou so much for joining us.

- Thank you.

- Again this is Eric Rosales for CBN News.


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