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'A Fit of Heebie-Jeebies': Will Theresa May Still Be Prime Minister When President Trump Visits UK This Week?

'A Fit of Heebie-Jeebies': Will Theresa May Still Be Prime Minister When President Trump Visits UK This Week? Read Transcript

- [Reporter] The majorconcern over President Trump's

visit to Britain had been allthe opposition he could face.

Now a bigger concern isif there will be a British

Prime Minister for the President to meet.

The British left is planningmassive demonstrations

like these for Trump's visit,

complete with a largeballoon depicting the

American President in a diaper.

It caused the White Housein Downing Street to propose

keeping the President out of London.

Now, British Prime Minister, Theresa May,

has bigger problems.

Since she submitted her Brexit plan

to leave the European Union,two cabinet members resigned,

Brexit Secretary, David Davis,

and Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson,

after which Piers Morgan,the host of the TV show,

Good Morning Britaintweeted that May was toast.

May's so-called soft Brexitplan, which would keep Britain

under the EU's thumb onlegislation and trade policy

in perpetuity wasdenounced by Brexit leader,

Nigel Farage, as a totalbetrayal of what people

had voted for.

Boris Johnson described itwith a word for excrement

and the Prime Minister had a rough go

selling the deal in Parliament.

- What we are proposingis challenging for the EU.

It requires them--

(shouting and laughing)

- Problem is that number10 has lost his backbone.

It's decided to get afit of the heebie jeebies

and are straight from Brexit.

- [Reporter] A noconfidence vote by her party

could end her government.

48 letters must be sent to the leadership

by conservative members ofParliament to trigger the vote.

One party source told the British people

it seems pretty certainthat the 48 letters

would be delivered.

Were May to lose that vote,she would have to resign

as conservative partyleader and the visiting

President Trump would haveto meet with someone else.

- It is the right Brexit deal for Britain

and I commend this statement to the House.

- [Reporter] But it couldalso be the Brexit deal

that brings down her government.

Dale Hertz, CBN News.


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