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Israeli Military Joins with Christian Ministry to Help Muslims Victims of New Syrian Crisis

Israeli Military Joins with Christian Ministry to Help Muslims Victims of New Syrian Crisis Read Transcript

(gun shots)

- The Syrian Army capturedareas along its borders

with Israel and Jordan plusthe main crossing into Jordan.

This now more thanseven-year-old civil war

has caught thousands of Syriancivilians in the cross fire.

Just behind me is theIsraeli-Syrian border

and on the other side of the fence

are thousands of Syrians whohave fled the recent fighting.

The UN estimates more than 300,000 people

have fled their homes.

This drone footage showsthe sea of new tents.

The IDF has reached out to help those

who now call this home.

- The main mission is togive as much humanitarian aid

to the other side.

We did first becausewhen you know, understand

what happens on the other side

and you know that they don't have anything

and they really suffer,

you cannot stand aside and do nothing.

I think it's part of what we know to do

is to help other people how need it.

They are neighbors on the other side.

- [Chris] Former IDFLieutenant Marco Moreno

developed this good neighbor policy

several years ago.

Now he works with aChristian relief organization

coordinating operations with the IDF.

- FAI, we are workingon launching a team now,

a medical team inside the refugees' camp

in order to help them on the medical field

because it will take a couple of days

and diseases will start,

children will have issues,

so FAI is engaging immediately,

first of all, sending a medical team

and also relief tents, baby's food,

whatever we can supply.

- [Chris] They are workingagainst the clock to save lives.

- Right now it's criticalto engage the issue

of this placement and therefugees on the ground

because it's the hottestmonths of the year right now,

so in terms of dehydration,

and hunger and medical issues,

we're seeing a mountingescalating humanitarian crisis

and now is the time forbelievers to engage,

the door is open, we have the access.

- [Chris] Thomas says they need help.

- We need human bodies, weneed salt and light people

on the ground, so if you'rea medical professional,

education, psychological,trauma counseling,

you name it, we need it.

This is a field that is ripeand white under harvest.

- [Chris] The crisis hasformed a unique partnership.

- Even if I'm an American that like Israel

and bless Israel so itcan be proud in the IDF

with the Christian ministryhelping the Muslims.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News

on the Israeli-Syrian border.


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