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Why an Evangelical Group Is Opposing Kavanaugh, Trump's Pick for Supreme Court

Why an Evangelical Group Is Opposing Kavanaugh, Trump's Pick for Supreme Court Read Transcript

- This was no doubt a historicmoment for President Trump

as he moved to make hismark on the Supreme Court

with a second nominee.

(crowd applauding)

During the made-for-primetime event,

President Trump introducedJudge Brett Kavanaugh

as his nominee to replaceretiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

- What matters is not ajudge's political views,

but whether they can set aside those views

to do what the law andthe Constitution require.

I am pleased to say that Ihave found, without doubt,

such a person.

- [Announcer] Hand-pickedfrom a group of 25,

Kavanaugh becomes a crucial appointment

that could tilt the court for decades.

- My judicial philosophyis straight-forward.

A judge must be independent,

and must interpret thelaw, not make the law.

- Are you ready for a fight?

- [Announcer] Demonstratorsgathered outside the high court

expressed their disappointmentwith the President's pick,

and they aren't the only ones.

- The AFA, the AmericanFamily Association,

which we all know here, andtheir, I guess deterrent,

would be more the furtheron the right, if you will,

they, remember, this is an evangelical,

conservative organization,

they are calling on their supporters

to oppose Brett Kavanaugh.

Now that's news, and that's a big deal.

- [Announcer] Kavanaugh has served

on the DC Court of Appeals since 2006.

He earned a Law degree from Yale,

clerked for Justice Kennedy,

and has a vast judicial record

with more than 300 opinions.

- Tomorrow, I begin meetingwith members of the Senate,

which plays an essentialrole in this process.

- Now, President Trump predicts

a vicious confirmation battle,

the lines are already drawn.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

wants a vote by the fall,

however, Democrats want towait until after the mid-terms.

With a razor thin majority,

and Senator John McCainbattling brain cancer at home,

Republicans need total unityto push this nominee through.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.


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