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Suffocating Woman Inhales the Power of Almighty God

Judy didn't know what caused her shortness of breath. When she woke up one morning unable to breathe, she turned to prayer for answers. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] In mid March of 2018,

Judy Shimco began experiencinga heaviness in her lungs.

She had no idea what brought it on.

And especially noticed it at her job

managing a shoe store.

- I was thinking aboutmaybe going to the Doctors

And finding out what was going on.

For what I do for work,

I'm standing all the time and I'm walking.

So I'm very active at work.

And it was challenging.

- [Narrator] Several days later,

on the morning of March 19th

she woke up barely able to breathe.

- I sat up in bed andthe feeling that I had

was I could hardly take a shallow breath.

It was a really intenseheaviness but not a pain.

It was like real shortshallow breaths at that point.

After I left my bedroom,

I was having difficultygoing up and down the steps.

I had to stop halfway down the steps

and I only have twelve steps.

And I had to stop halfway and take a break

and then continue back down.

I was getting a little bit concerned

because I knew that theheaviness and the shallowness

and the breathing was getting worse.

- [Narrator] Since it wasJudy's day off from work,

she spent the morning in prayer.

- I wanted to know what was going on.

And I was just praying and asking God

you now speaking the scripturesby your stripes I am healed

and just going throughthe promises in the Bible

and just seeking God in praying that

almost the entire morning.

- [Narrator] And just likeevery day she has off,

Judy sat down to watch The 700 Club.

- Welcome ladies andgentlemen to this edition

of The 700 Club.

- [Narrator] Pat andTerry started praying.

- Asking for a miracle

- Pat said that therewas somebody that had

shortness of breath,

somebody that had aheaviness in their chest.

- There's somebody who's got pleurisy,

your lungs have just been filling up

and right now God isjust completely cleansing

those lungs you are completely healed.

- Immediately I said that's me.

And I started thanking God for showing me

and telling me what was going on.

But I just knew that hewas talking about me.

That God showed him that that was me.

And I was getting healed.

I immediately stood up

and I just started taking breaths

because prior to that Icould not take a breath

and I was maybe a little,

just a little leery of taking a breath.

But when I stood up and Iwas able to take a complete

inhale and out exhale breath.

I went over to the steps,

started up the steps slowly,

then I just started runningup and down the steps.

Just thanking God and I was healed.

God immediately healed me.

- [Narrator] Judy's had no more problems

with her lungs since.

She's always quick totell friends and family

about what God did for her.

- God does still heal and he cares about

every detail in your life.

And he will be there for you.

You just have to trust

and you have to believeand have faith that he will

be with you, he is with you.

And he will never leave you.

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