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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - July 10, 2018


- Time for some e-mail are you ready?

- Well I'm not sure.

Let's have a- I'm not sure either.

- Okay well Pat this firstone comes from Gracie

who says Hi Mr. Pat,

I am a young lady whorecently met a Godly young man

who seems to enjoy my company.

And I enjoy his.

My dilemma is that a good friend of mine

has had her sights on him for far longer.

They are good friends

but I don't think he has aromantic interest in her.

I'm caught between damaging a friendship

and rejecting a possible relationship.

Nothing has been communicated on his end,

but I wanna be ready if it does come.

I know this sounds likecheesy chick flick scenario

but I would love anyadvice you could give.

There you go.

- Cheesy chick flick.

Listen a thing like that,

you're not married,

he's not married.

You're not breaking up a relationship

and the fact that yourfriend has had intentions

on this young man longer than you have.

That really doesn't mean anything.

So the question is how serious is the guy?

Is he really serious about you?

- Well she says he hasn't expressed any

- Well that's what I know she says

and that's why I'm asking the question.

You need to determine

Maybe you could come right out.

You know it doesn't hurtto ask people things.

- Like do you wanna marry me?

- Well no

- I'm just kidding.

- That will chase him away guaranteed.

- Okay Gracie don't listen to me.

- She would say look I feelreally attracted to you

and I wonder how do you feel about me.

I mean I know that's hard.

He says well you're a nice girl

but I really there's nothing there.

Talk about stuff.

You know we're very reluctant to open up

and we have all these secret signals.

I think it's time to comeout and say how you feel.

All right.

- Okay this is Kay who says my husband

is the sole provider andI'm a stay at home mom.

He says that I don'tsupport him in his work.

I'm not sure what to do.

I ask him about his day.

We pray together.

And I do the cleaning andcooking, mowing, sewing,

mending plus take careof our three children.

What am I missing?

I thought I was supportive.

- You know what the advantagethat the married man

has over a single man.

It's exactly that.

You've got somebody athome who's gonna take care

of the kids,

look after the bills,

mow the grass,

clean up the house,

cook the food.

- Oh I need a wife.


- You know your husbanddoesn't know what he's got.

He's got something very valuable.

And you need to havesomebody sit down with him

and say listen Charlie,

you've got something wonderful.

Stop complaining.

What does he want you to do?

He wants you to get in business with him?

I mean that's crazy.

You're doing the verything a wife should do

and you apparently

what you say you're doing it very well.

And a lot of men would thankGod for a wife like you.

So just keep that in mind all right.

- This is Victoria who says

Hi I have a question aboutyour prayers for healing.

Are they in response tospecific prayer requests?

Or has God put it on your heart to pray

about a particular concern?

- Well the word of knowledge is something

that is beyond the spoken word.

The Lord himself speaks and gives a word

about somebody in the audience

that's got a particular condition

and we're not planning it

and it just comes because it's the Lord.

That's what we're talking about.

But there's specific times which you have

people who ask wouldyou please pray for my

knees hurt, or I've gota headache or something.

But we don't have too manyof them actually you know.

We just pray in generalfor the whole audience

because we've got a bigaudience all around the world

and we've gotta pray,

ask God's blessing on allof them not just a few.

- Okay this is Arthur

who says Pat my Dr. has advised me

to drink a glass of red wine daily.

However my pastor doesn'tagree with drinking wine

for any reason.

What does the Bible sayabout drinking wine?

- Didn't you read what Jesus did?

His greatest miraclewas at a feast in Cana

where he turned water into wine.

And the head of thefeast said this is better

you saved the best to the last.

He says I'll never drinkthe fruit of the wine

again until we drink itnew in the kingdom of God.

I mean he was called awine a friend of sinners.

There's absolutely nothingwrong with a glass of wine

or two especially in that culture.

If wine would lead somebody to alcoholism,

it's a different matter.

So the Bible also said wine is a mocker

and strong drink is raging.

So you can drink too much of anything.

But the Europeans and others,

they have a glass of wineor two glasses of wine.

There's nothing sinful about it.

They think drinking coffee is sinful.

It just depends on where you are.

- Now you're messing with me.

Get out of my space.

- But it depends on the culture.

Again Paul said if eating meatcauses my brother to offend,

I'll eat no meat while the earth stands.

If my drinking a glass of wine

would cause anybody elseto over indulge and drink

then I wouldn't drink a glass of wine

as long as the world stands.

I'm working on a blood thinner now

and they say you're notsupposed to do anything.

So absolutely.

I don't think there's anything wrong

with somebody taking acouple glasses of wine.

Because that's what Jesus himself did.

So he's their example.

- Well that's all thetime we have for today.

Thank you for your answers.

Thank you for your questions.


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