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The 700 Club - July 10, 2018

A Super Bowl winning coach is leaving football for a new mission field. Plus, see how one husband’s prayer changes the course of his wife’s diagnosis. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up,

(gavel bangs)

justice Texas style.

- This is the courtroomwhere I was sentenced

to five 99 year sentences.

- [Announcer] Find out what happens when

this con comes face to face with the man

who put him behind bars.

- I said you know what, I think that's

the judge who sentenced me.

- I said, are we okay?

- [Announcer] Plus, the NFL coach

who once called the football field

his mission field.

- What else is gonna matter in the end?

- [Announcer] Now, seewhy this Superbowl champ

is leaving the gridiron for good.

- [Rocky] I felt like the lordprepared me for that moment.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(uplifting music)

- Well welcome folks to thisedition of the 700 club.

Well the president picked the most

qualified of the candidates to be the next

Supreme Court Justice.

Brett Kavanaugh superb manwho, interestingly enough,

teaches law at Harvard,at Yale, and at Georgetown

and who was put intothe position at Harvard

by the then dean ofthe Harvard Law School,

Elena Kagan who is nowsitting on the Supreme Court.

So it's an interesting,

but the Democrats are gonna oppose him

but I said if the presidenthad nominated Moses

the Democrats would find fault with it.

It didn't make a difference what it--

- I think people are finding that true.

- Getting sick of this movement.

This man is uniquely qualified

but when you are a professor at Harvard,

at Yale, and at Georgetown--

- If not you then who, right?

- Yeah, I mean how good can you get.

And his decisions have been followed

by the Supreme Court of the United States

at least 12 times.

Amazing man, Jay Sekulow'sgonna talk about him.

- Oh he is.

Well in the prime timeannouncement Kavanaugh

stepped into the spotlightand introduced himself

to the American people.

Today Vice President Mike Pence

will escort him to Capitol Hill to meet

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell,

the man charged withsecuring his confirmation.

Ben Kennedy has more from the White House.

- This was no doubt a historic moment

for President Trump as he moved to make

his mark on the Supreme Court

with a second nominee.


During the made for prime time event,

President Trump introducedjudge Brett Kavanaugh

as his nominee to replaceretiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

- What matters is not ajudge's political views

but whether they can set aside

those views to do what the lawand the Constitution require.

I am pleased to say that I have found

without doubt, such a person.

- [Ben] Hand picked from a group of 25,

Kavanaugh becomes a crucial appointment

that could tilt the court for decades.

- My judicial philosophyis straightforward.

A judge must be independentand must interpret

the law, not make the law.

- Are you ready for a fight?

- [Ben] Demonstrators gathered outside

the High Court to expresstheir disappointment

with the president's pick

and they aren't the only ones.

- The AFA, the AmericanFamily Association,

which we all know here andtheir I guess deterrent

would be more on the furtheron the right if you will,

remember this is an evangelical,conservative organization,

they are calling on their supporters

to oppose Brett Kavanaugh.

Now that's news and that's big deal.

- [Ben] Kavanaugh has served on the D.C.

Court of Appeals since 2006.

He earned a law degree from Yale.

Clarksford Justice Kennedy and has a vast

judicial record withmore than 300 opinions.

- Tomorrow, I begin meetingwith members of the Senate,

which plays an essentialrole in this process.

- Now President Trump predicts

a vicious confirmation battle.

The lines are already drawn.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell

wants a vote by theFall, however Democrats

want to wait until after the midterms

with a razor thin majority

and Senator John McCainbattling brain cancer at home,

Republicans need total unityto push this nominee through.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- Well, Jay Sekulow, asyou know is Chief Counsel

for the American Centerfor Law and Justice

and he's joining us now.

Jay, you told me and we agreed

that Brett Kavanaugh without question

was the most qualified,what do you know about him?

- Well I've known Brett for a long time,

I knew him when he workedfor the Bush administration.

He worked with us on some cases while

he was in private practice and of course

we've been in front ofhim as a Court of Appeals

judge in the D.C. circuit.

Which is probably the second highest

and second most powerfulcourt in the country.

And I will tell you this,he's a brilliant lawyer,

he's been a brilliantjudge, and he's gonna be

a brilliant justice to the Supreme Court.

This is a guy that you already mentioned

his academic credentials and background

but he understands the Constitution,

he understands the role of the judge

in our constitutional republic

and Pat I was reallypleased that the president

made this selection.

Look, I mean some peopleare picking apart,

the guy's written 300opinions and some people

are still looking at thisopinion or that opinion

saying I wish it wentthis way or that way,

the fact of the matter is this.

Justice Scalia famously said that

a good judge will sometimescome to a conclusion

which bothers him on a personal basis

but is what the law requires him to do.

And the role of the judge is to do what

the law requires him to do.

So this is someone thatunderstands judicial

restraint, separation of powers,

he understands the rolesof each of the three

branches of government so I don't think

there could've been a better pick.

- Well you know thething that's shocked me

is the way that the courts havevaried from the Constitution

you go back to Griswold and all that

penumbras and emanationsand all that nonsense

that came out of that Griswold decision,

I mean they have justgone off the reservation

so often the Democrats apparently

want a Constitution which is malleable

according to the morays of the time.

And Kavanaugh says nono no I want to stick

with the strict letter of the law,

is that what you understand?

- Yeah, look he's a textualist,

he's an originalist,but he also understands

that if you want tochange the Constitution,

the American people can, they've done it

24 times called the amendmentsof the Constitution.

There's a process for amendment,

but judges do not get to make

that determination, they don'tget to make that decision.

So Brett Kavanaugh views the Constitution

as it is written, as atextualist, as an originalist,

he's a constitutionalConservative in that sense,

but let me tell you something else about

Brett Kavanaugh that we saw last night

on display at the White House.

And this is, you saw the humility

and the side of him, thepersonal side of him,

like I said I've knownBrett for a long time,

he's gonna be a great justice.

Look, you said it, this is gonna be

and the president said, this is gonna be

a vicious campaign to discredit

an individual with impeccable credentials

and a brilliant background but you need

to buckle your seat belts'cause this is Washington

and we know what's gonna happen

but at the end of the day

here's my prediction, comethe first Monday in October

which is October first, Justice Kavanaugh

will be on the Supreme Court.

- What does this mean?

We've been fighting the AmericanCenter for Law and Justice

for years against a court that was

stacked against Christian values

and religious tradition and so forth

and it's almost impossible

if you bring a case you almost

know you're gonna fail and therefore

you don't take cases becauseyou get precedent against you.

Now, it's a whole new ballgame if he's on the court,

what are we gonna do,what will the ACLJ do?

- You know, Pat it's interesting because

we had a good term this term,

we had a couple casesup that were attached

to other cases that got reversed

in our favor, that wasvery good on the merits

so we had a good termbut let me tell you this,

we did an analysis of thejustices on the Supreme Court

and you know Justice Anthony Kennedy

ruled in our favor 78.8percent of the time,

almost 80 percent of the time.

That's a pretty good record

before the Supreme Court I mean

so we've had a verygood track record there,

we've got a case that'scoming up right now,

a free speech case out of the 11th circuit

Court of Appeals that I'm optimistic

the court will hear.

It's a straightforward free speech case

you know there's a lackof academic freedom

inside universities in many cases

and there's now lack of academic freedom

and freedom of speechoutside of some universities

even in public areas.

So that case is going tothe Supreme Court right now.

So, look I'm encouraged, we'vehad a good run this year,

with your rights, you've got to be,

our success of the SupremeCourt is because we've been,

as you know Pat, you're the founder

of the ACLJ, we have been selective

on what we take up and the court

is still going to be closely divided.

So no one should assumethat all of a sudden

this is a different world we live in,

this is a very divided court,

you look at the key cases,

we had a case at theSupreme Court this term

involving the crisis pregnancy centers

and their ability to not be compelled

to violate their conscience by referring

individuals, women seeking access

to their facilities but also saying,

you can get a freeabortion down the street,

which would violate the Constitution

and justices agree with our position

in a case, they were five to four,

and that case has been sent back

to the lower court and we're gonna

be successful now in light ofthe opinions that came out.

But it was five to four so you've

gotta be cognizant of the fact

that it's still a closely divided court,

Brett Kavanaugh being added to the court

will still make it a closely divided court

and as you know better than anybody,

it's very difficult topredict how an individual

justice is gonna ruleon an individual case

'cause they have to see the facts,

they have to read the briefs,

they have to hear the arguments

and what I think Brett Kavanaughwill be pushed aggressively

by some on the judiciary committee to say

how he will rule in a particular case

and he should do what Justice Ginsburg did

which is say I am not going to discuss

how I may or may not rule on a case

that is likely to come before me

and that's, they call it the Ginsburg rule

and I actually thinkJustice Ginsburg was right.

- Let me ask you aboutthis Affordable Care Act.

You know, they upheld it on the basis

of it being a tax and of course Obama

had said it's not a tax and then

the Supreme Court said it is a tax

and therefore they upheld it.

Kavanaugh voted along with Judge Robertson

and had some Conservativeswere going after it

on account of that vote,what do you think about that?

- Well let me tell you,I know something about

that case 'cause you knowwhose case that was, ours.

That was a case that the AmericanCenter for Law and Justice

brought in the U.S. District Court

and I was concerned from the outset,

I don't know if you remember this, Pat,

a long time ago when this case was first,

when the issue was first percolating,

I raised the concern, asyou know my background

is as a tax lawyer, I workedfor Chief Counsel's office,

the Department of Treasuryas the IRS' lawyer

in their legal department

and I was concerned that the tax issue

was significant because of two things.

Number one, you got the origination clause

and that issue but also

that the way the caseswere being challenged,

if it was in fact a tax,

which the government initially denied

but ultimately they admitted it,

there is an Anti Injunction Act.

So Brett Kavanaugh did not rule

on the merits of the case, saying that

the ACA was good or bad, he said

that the Anti Injunction Act

prohibited the enforcement action

or the litigation for movingforward in the way that it did.

Now let me tell yousomething about the tax.

Was it a tax?

Well I think we all know it's a tax now

and it's enforced by whatpart of the U.S. code?

The tax code, it's part ofthe internal revenue code,

so the fact of the matteris at the end of the day

guess what it was, a tax.

It's gonna take legislation to fix that.

I don't think we should be,

the courts have gone asfar as they're gonna go,

the individual mandate, priest for life,

Kavanaugh ruled I think exactlycorrectly in the Garza case

which was the illegal immigrant

or the young, she was ayoung girl at that point

that came in and was seeking access

to an abortion and he did not go

as far as someone, I know I heard

in the report that theAmerican Family Association

disagreeing with Brett's decision on that

but he actually ruled exactlywhat the administration

was seeking, and a judge doesn't

go out of their way to expand,

he's a minimalist in that sense

and I think you know an incrementalist

and that's how you view the Constitution,

that's how I view the Constitution,

so I'm optimistic there,I'm not concerned about.

Again, you gotta look at300 opinions, not three.

And you have to understandthat, and you said this,

he'd been affirmed by the Supreme Court

a dozen times so and his cases are cited

all over the circuits,I mean his decisions

are cited in circuits around the country.

So to argue that this isnot a well qualified nominee

is preposterous, frankly.

- Well you remember howthe Democrats used to say,

well they're "out of the mainstream",

I can't imagine anybodywho teaches at Harvard,

teaches at Yale, teaches at Georgetown,

is held out of the mainstream.

He's right dead centerin the midst of the best

legal thinking we have in this country.

- Hired by Justice Kagan, she was then

as you said Dean Kaganat Harvard Law School

and look Brett Kavanaugh'sgonna be confirmed.

I think the press releasesagainst Brett Kavanaugh

were already written, fill in the blank,

whoever it was gonna be,there's nobody that would,

I think you said what Moseswould not be appointed

and then people would be happy about it

on the left of center.

I think that's probably right.

But at the end of the day, look

Brett Kavanaugh's gonnaget a well qualified

recommendation from theAmerican Bar Association,

he has sterling credentials,he's gonna be confirmed.

- Jay, thanks for that prediction

and I think that's one, folksyou can take to the bank.

- Boy, Mitch McConnell'sgot his job cut out for him.

- Yeah he really does,but he's a master of it.

He'll bring it out.

Well there's good news from Thailand,

we've been watching, all the world

has been looking at the fact

that those 12 boys and their soccer coach

have all been rescued

where they were trappedfor nearly three weeks.

Health officials say the boys

are in high spirits, generally healthy

and they're now in ahospital where they'll

stay for at least seven days.

If medical tests show no danger,

parents will be ableto visit their children

for the first time since theyentered the cave 18 days ago.

And so we rejoice at thatand share the good news

with those parents that those little boys,

those young fellas have been--

- Hats off to the Seal teamsthat were involved in that.

- Yeah, one of them lost their life

because he ran out of oxygen

but it was a difficult rescue and they

got them out before the monsoon started

and flooded the thing even worse.

- Absolutely.- Alright.

- Well coming up, a former felon meets

the judge who put him away.

- That's the judge who sentenced me

to five 99 year sentences.

- I said, are we okay?

- [Terry] Hear the answerto that question after this.

(dramatic music)

(uplifting music)

- Well the White House is pointing

to crime fighting methods in Texas

as an example for the nation to follow.

The Lone Star State'scrime rate is falling

and it's actually puttingfewer people behind bars

by moving from a lock 'em up mentality

to one of rehabilitation.

John Jessup shows us anextraordinary example

of how it's changing lives for people

on both sides of the system.

- All rise.

(gavel bangs)

- [John] As a former police officer,

prosecutor, and judge, Robert Newsom

would appear to typifyTexas law and order.

When he judges cases, however, Newsom

follows two other principles,justice and compassion.

- So my judicial philosophy is yes

I believe in the law, I promote the law,

I stand with the law.

But on the other handthere's a place for mercy

built into our law.

Sulphur Springs boasts thispicture perfect town square

but like most stories, lifehas many twists and turns.

One such turn began 20years ago when Judge Newsom

met a young man in his court house

who was on the wrong side of the law.

- Well this is the courtroom where

I was sentenced to five 99 year sentences.

- [John] Ron Adkins fellinto a life of crime at 14

after a string ofburglaries, a jury hammered

him with almost 500 years in prison.

At 22, and with no hopeof ever leaving lockdown,

Ron lashed out.

- So I said about makinga reputation for myself,

making a life for myself in the prison.

You know, I became really violent.

- [John] He joined a prison gang,

fought inmates and staff, and racked up

250 prison violations.

That put him in solitary where

he would eventually spend 13 years.

Alone and suicidal hesays he turned to God

and a worn out Bible.

- Half the pages were missing 'cause I'd

been using it for rolling papers.

I'd been smoking cigaretteswith Bible paper.

All that was left of theBible was the New Testament.

- [John] Ron learnedabout grace, forgiveness

and God's love so he leftthe gang for a Bible study.

In 2012, Ron experiencedhis first miracle.

A surprise review that resulted in parole

more than 80 years before hisprojected release in 2095.

- I didn't even think itwas real 'til I actually

got out of the gate.


- [John] Once out of prison,

he found work and also began sharing

his story at churches and conferences.

- Father god know that Ilove you and I thank you.

- [John] That's how he met his wife,

also a former felon andnow an ordained minister

and a licensed Christian counselor.

Then, one day while sitting in church,

he ran into someone from his past.

- It dawned me, I told the pastor

I said, you know what Ithink that's the judge

who sentenced me tofive 99 year sentences.

He's like, nah I don't think so.

- Afterwards I went up to Ron.

- Came up to me and he's like--

- I said, are we okay?

- I just felt my heartgo out to him, you know.

- And he grabbed meand hugged me real big.

- It was good.

- [John] Burying their past, the judge

and the man he put away,forged a future based on faith.

- I never did go to prison,

I never did do some ofthe things Ron has done

but I'm a sinner saved by grace

just like Ron is, we'rebrothers, we're brothers.

- [John] This new relationship includes

getting together each weekat Judge Newsom's home.

- Come on in, everybody.

- [John] Where, neighbors,family, and other former convicts

spend time together singing and praying.


- To go in the judge's living room

and have them treat me justlike one of the family, you know

it was just really awesome and

God has just developed a relationship

where I mean him and his wife

they're like mama and papa to me you know.

- [John] And the ripple effect

of this unlikely storyexpands much further

into the community.

- Not long after Ronstepped out of prison,

he returned to the placewhere he was once jailed

to share a message of freedom

to men searching for hope and purpose.

- Don't ever discount anything with God,

'cause once he's inyour life, he's working

through every detail, man.

- [John] In the room next door,

his wife Dawn shares her story

with the women in jail.


Ron's relationship with Judge Newsom

opened the door for him to reach others

who identified with his story,

they cling to his every word,

eager to experience thespiritual freedom he proclaims.

- Let's give it all to God,

let's get set free, let's get

some forgiveness in your heart.

You know what's in their lives, lord,

I just pray you reveal to them, God.

- [John] While critics questionthe merits of faith based

prison programs, SheriffTatum tells CBN News

this one makes a difference.

Through Ron and Dawn's ministry,

inmates and even somestaff have been baptized.

According to Judge Newsom, it sparked

a mini revival in the county.

Ron believes this new chapter is evidence,

of God rewriting his pastto create a lasting legacy.

- In the very place where Iwas sentence to die in prison,

he's gonna use this to bringdead things back to life.

And that's what he's doing.

In the jail, in the worship nights,

in the prayer meetings,

he's just bringing dead things to life.

John Jessup, CBN News inSulphur Springs, Texas.

- Thanks, John, youknow I asked their staff

to do a little repriseof the story we've done

about it several years agocalled A Nation of Criminals.

America, America, thisgreat land of the free,

home of the brave, hasmore people incarcerated,

I don't think it's percentage wise,

I think it's absolute and I may be wrong

in those figures so check me but I think

we have more people incarceratedthan the Soviet Union

or Red China, I mean this is,

we've got so many laws Iwant to try to find out

how many laws are out there,

especially how many regulations are put in

by federal agencies, not by Congress

but by agencies that involve incarceration

and I think the whole idea,what we just saw there is

rehab and rehabilitation is the way to go.

I mean just warehousing peopleand it costs a lot of money

and it costs an awful lot of human capital

and the damage to society is grave

and this tough on crime thing,

a lot of people got elected,

I'm gonna be tough on crime.

Well, sure.

Well tough on crime is one thing

but locking people up foreverbecause of minor offenses

is something else and it's really bad.

In that case, you'relooking at three strikes

and you're out, threeoffenses, it may be minor

you might have twooffenses and you steal a

hammer and some nailsfrom a hardware store

and you get life in prison.

That's just not smart, so Terry will be

looking at that down the road.

- I think that's very exciting.

You know, I'm on theboard of an organization

called DiscipleshipUnlimited that just opened

in Texas also, their seventh faith dorm,

women come in for a two year program,

they get immersed in the word of God,

their lives are changed, then they go back

into the population as evangelists

and are bringing the word of God,

people are being set free, they're being

rehabilitated, it's pretty wonderful.

So, go Texas, I mean.

- You're on a board of that, good for you.

- Yes, yeah great great work.

Well up next, the NFL assistant head coach

who left the footballfield for the pulpit.

- Coach Carroll madeannouncement to the team

that I'd be leavingthe Seahawks to go into

full time ministry and it was incredible.

I felt like the lord hadprepared me for that moment.

- Rocky Seto tells whyhe left his lifelong

coaching career to becomea pastor, after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

What would make a Superbowl champion

assistant head coach just walk away

from his lucrative career?

Well that's the questionour sports reporter

Tom Buring asked formerSeahawk coach Rocky Seto.

And here's his answer.

- What else is gonna matter in the end?

Superbowls aren't gonna matter,

national championshipsaren't gonna matter.

In the end, where do we rank Jesus

in all this stuff that God's given us

and simply put, there'snothing better than Jesus.

Jesus is the greatest treasure.

- [Tom] A treasure trovethat Rocky Seto lives for.

The successful NFL and collegiate coach

called the careeraudible, leaving football

to devote his energytraining to help pastor

the church he once attendedin southern California.

A decision announced after aJanuary 2007 team playoff loss.

- You go through that typical

end of season exitmeeting, what did you say?

- Coach Carroll madeannouncement to the team

that I'd be leaving the Seahawks to

go into full timeministry and Coach Carroll

invited me up to talk to the team

and got to talk aboutJesus and about the Gospel,

the goodness of God and so I was able to

talk about that with the team

and leave on that note, it was incredible.

I felt like the lord hadprepared me for that moment.

- [Tom] And the response?

- They gave me a standing ovation

and a bunch of hugs and it was great

it was like ridiculously encouraging

and the lord is good, you know,

and then after that stayedthere for another couple days,

cleaned out my officeand then that was it.

- [Tom] Even those closeto them said listen,

quite honestly Rocky hasbeen pastoring all along.

His employment justhappened to be football.

How has coaching prepared you?

- Coaching and pastoringhave incredible parallels

and God had pressed upon my heart

how have I trained youover the last 20 years?

And in coaching, God'sraised me up to lead

and to develop leaders.

And that's what I'm called to do,

it said lead, developleaders to love Jesus

and give them what they need

and Jesus defines leadership as you know

he says I did not come tobe served but to serve,

to give my life as a ransom.

- [Tom] It's the ambition of most

to get to what you just left.

- I think this is a big point, it's God

who's the one thatblessed, that opened doors

to be coaching at USC, let alone coaching

at the Seattle, it was all God.

When we know that, wedon't hold on to like

I gotta hold on to this.

The trap is thinking that we're the ones

that could make this thing go.

God is the one that makes this thing go.

So it's always betterto be under God's will.

- [Tom] What was theturning point for you.

- I thought this maybe extensivefor the last seven years.

God is it time to go to mission?

I just felt like I was gonnabe called into ministry.

I just didn't know when and where.

So Pastor Cory Ishida of Evergreen Baptist

in the San Gabriel Valley,the church I grew up

in Southern Californiacalled me up and said

hey I think you're gonnabe my next senior pastor.

- For him to make this monumental decision

of leaving pro football toenter into the ministry.

I mean, he makes decisions based upon

what he feels the lord wants in his life

and that is an invaluableattribute and trait for a pastor.

Heck, it's an invaluable trait for anybody

who calls upon the name of Jesus.

- [Tom] Career change, newopportunity, divine appointment,

what do you call it?

- Well certainly a calling, and God calls

people to coach, which he did for me

for almost 20 years, now'cause he's called me

to be a pastor at the church.

This is the ultimatething that we could do,

if he's called you to bean attorney, a gardener,

a homemaker, raising your children,

that's the ultimate callingand so you treasure Jesus

above all things in your life.

I mean he dominates your life,

Jesus is constantly in your thoughts,

he in fact would impart hisdesires into your heart.

- [Tom] What's most misunderstood

about the Christ that we follow,

And that culture has really grown dull to

that you will stress?

- Jesus is the lamb of God,he's the sacrifice of God,

he has tenderness of God but also

he's a lion of Judah, he's the warrior God

and football, they're usually men

and a sort of type of man right

I mean intense men, physically gifted men.

How is this type of man gonna follow

this type of Jesus so are we in the church

presenting Jesus in the waythat he's most accurate?

In Revelation it describes how Jesus

is gonna come back ridinga horse, with a sword,

getting ready to destroyall of his enemies

to set up his kingdom.

We realize that Jesus has a flame of fire

when you see him, he'sglowing like the sun

and when he see himwe're gonna be like whoa,

I could follow you andI need to follow you,

I will follow you.

Jesus is no longerplaying the lamb anymore,

he's the lion forever.

- [Tom] What have you learnedsince becoming a pastor?

- Yeah, to be very clearwhat God has called me to be

and preach the word of Godin a Christ exalting way.

So in essence, Tom, everytime we preach the word

we're bringing them Jesus.

And they raise up leaders.

Those two things.

- From the pulpit, with responsibility

of a congregation,

does he look any different to you

than he did before?

- Well I'm gonna steal a lion

from one of my favoritemovie, Chariots of Fire,

and Eric Little, he goes, when I run,

God made me fast and when I run I feel

his pleasure and when I teach

and preach the word of God I feel God's

pleasure in a different way

that I haven't even felt,

even from coaching footballwhich I love, you know.

But when I teach the word of God

I feel God's pleasure in awhole deeper and different way.

- What an amazing, inspiring story.

What an amazing, inspiring life choice

and what Rocky Seto hasfound you can find as well.

That Jesus that dominateshis thinking and his life

is available to allwho call upon his name.

Wanna encourage you to do that,

we have phone number youcan call if you don't know

what it's like to have a relationship

with Christ and you'd like to

and our number's tollfree, it's 1-800-700-7000.

Time for some email, are you ready?

- Well I'm not sure,let's see what we got.

- I'm not sure either.

Okay, well Pat this first one comes from

Gracie who says, Hi, Mr. Pat!

I am a young lady whorecently met a Godly young man

who seems to enjoy mycompany, and I enjoy his.

My dilemma is that a good friend of mine

has had her sights seton him for far longer.

They are good friends, but I don't think

he has a romantic interest in her.

I am caught between damaging a friendship

and rejecting a possible relationship.

Nothing has been communicated on his end,

but I want to be ready if it does come.

I know this sounds like acheesy chick-flick scenario,

but I would love anyadvice you could give.

There you go.

- Cheesy chick-flick,

listen a thing like that, you know

you're not married he's not married,

you're not breaking up a relationship

and the fact that yourfriend has had intentions

on this young man longer than you have,

that really doesn't mean anything.

But the question ishow serious is the guy,

is he really serious about you?

- Well she says he hasn't expressed any--

- Well that's what Iknow she says and that's

what I'm asking the questions.

You need to determine, maybe you can

come right out, you know it doesn't hurt

to ask people things.

- Like do you want to marry me?

- Well no.

- I'm just kidding.

- Let's see, that wouldchase him away guaranteed.

- Okay, Gracie don't listen to me.

- What you would say is look,

I feel really attractedto you and I wonder

how do you feel about me?

I mean I know that's hard and he says

well you're a nice girl but I really,

there's nothing there.

Or you really I mean talk about stuff,

we're very reluctant to open up

and we have all thesesecret signals, right?

I think it's time to come outand say how you feel, alright?

- Okay, this is K, who says

my husband is the sole provider

and I am a stay-at-home mom.

He says I don't support him in his work.

I'm not sure what to do.

I ask him about his day,

we pray together, and I do the cleaning,

cooking, mowing and sewing mending,

plus taking care of our three children.

What am I missing?

I thought I was supportive.

- You know what theadvantage that a married man

has over a single man, it's exactly that.

You've got somebody at home who's gonna

take care of the kids,look after the bills,

mow the grass, clean up the house,

cook the food--

- Wow, I need a wife.


- But you know your husbanddoesn't know what he's got,

he's got something very valuable

and you need to have somebody sit down

there with him and say listen, Charlie,

you've got somethingwonderful, stop complaining.

What does he want you to do?

He wants you to get in business with him,

I mean that's crazy,

I mean you doing the verything a wife should do

and apparently what you sayyou're doing it very well

and a lot of men would thankgod for a wife like you.

So just keep that in mind.

- This is Victoria who says,

hi I have a question aboutyour prayers for healing.

Are they in response tospecific prayer requests,

or has God put it on your heart

to pray about a particular concern?

- Well the word of knowledgeis something that is

beyond the spoken word,the lord himself speaks

and gives a word aboutsomebody in the audience

that's got a particular condition,

and we're not planning it it just comes

because it's the lord.

That's what we're talking about but

there's specific times which you have

people who ask, would you please pray

for my knees hurt or I'vegot a headache or something

but we don't have toomany of them actually.

You know, we just pray in general

for the whole audience 'causewe've got a big audience

all around the world and we've gotta pray,

ask God's blessing on all of them,

not just a few, alright.

- This is Arthur who says,

Pat, my doctor advised me to drink

a glass of red wine daily.

However, my pastor doesn't agree

with drinking wine for any reason.

What does the Bible sayabout drinking wine?

- Well didn't you read what Jesus did,

his greatest miraclewas at a feast in Canaan

where he turned water into wine

and the head of the feastsaid this better than,

you know you save the best for last.

He said I'll never drinkthe fruit of the wine again

but we drink it kneelingin the kingdom of god.

I mean, he was called a winebidder, and a friend of sinners

There's actually nothing wrongwith a glass of wine or two

especially in that culture.

If wine would lead somebody to alcoholism

it's a different matter.

So the Bible also said, wine is a mocker

and strong drink is raging

so you can drink too much of anything

but the Europeans and others,

they have a glass of wineor two glasses of wine

there's nothing sinful about it.

They think drinking coffee's sinful.

It just depends on where you are.

- Now you're messing with me.

Get out of my space.

- Left off preaching and going to meddle.

But it depends on the culture but I...

Again, Paul said you know if eating meat

causing my brother to offend,

I'll eat no meat while they're staying.

If my drinking a glass of wine

would cause anybody else to over indulge

and drink then I wouldn'tdrink a glass of wine

as long as the world stands.

You know, I'm workingon a blood thinner now

and they said you're notsupposed to do anything

so absolutely.

But I don't think there's anything wrong

with somebody taking a glass of wine

'cause that's what Jesus himself did,

so he's our example.

- Well that's all thetime we have for today,

thank you for your answers,thank you for your questions.

Well still ahead, an emergency C-section

goes all wrong.

- It was the most painful

thing I've ever went through

and so I did, I felt like I was dying,

it was horrible.

I can feel every single thing,

I can feel the doctor's hands.

- [Terry] See how this mom's life

and the life of her babywere saved, that's coming up.

(triumphant music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to the 700 club.

Dozens of immigrant children

are set to be releasedfrom detention centers

and reunited with their parents today.

They're among the thousands separated

from their parents who were detained

entering the country illegally.

And the government attorney says

at least 54 children under the age of five

will join their parents bytoday's court ordered deadline.

The parents will be freewhile their cases wind through

immigration court, they may be required

to where ankle monitors.

In Japan, the death toll continues

to rise after heavy rainslammed the country.

The government confirms atleast 134 people are dead

with more than 50 people still missing.

Rescue crews are searching for survivors

as flood waters subsideand landslides now loom.

Thousands of homes are without clean water

and electricity in Hiroshima,and other hard hit areas.

Remember you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club,

it's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

(uplifting music)

- Well nearly one out ofevery nine people on Earth,

just think of it, one out of every nine

does not have access to clean water.

Think of that, we're so usedto it here in this country

but in Kenya, a motherwho is named Kimbosho

used to walk six hoursa day just to fill up

a five gallon bucket of water.

Now she doesn't evenhave to leave her home

because of people just like you.

- [Narrator] As the dustdevils rise in the fields,

Kimbosho rises with them.

She gets up before dawnand works hard every day

to care for her family in this dry region.

- My husband died when my children

were very young so I amthe father and the mother.

I take care of everything.

I leave my room around seven every morning

and walk to get water.

It took me at least six hours every day.

Carrying five gallons gaveme terrible back aches.

Some times I couldn't evenmove because of the pain.

The water was only enoughfor cooking and drinking.

There was none left forcleaning or washing ourselves.

- [Narrator] With very littletime to do anything else,

Kimbosho struggled to make ends meet.

My daughter was sent home from school

because I was unableto pay her school fees.

I decided to pay the feeswith the little money we had,

but there was nothingleft to feed my children.

I believe that mychildren going to school,

will end our struggles one day.

- [Narrator] Then,CBN's Operation Blessing

dug a deep well in her community

and pumped water right to her.

Everything has changed, I wash twice a day

and my children do the same.

I now have cows and goats that I sell

so I can buy and payfor everything we need.

- And now besides all of these,

you even have a dairycow over there right?

- Yes, my dairy cow produces so much milk,

I sell the extra in the market.

Now, I am even payingmy fees for my children

to go to university.

I have everything I need,thanks to the water and to God.

- [Narrator] Now Kimboshohas enough water and food

to take care of her whole family

and all of her livestock.

- I wish I could meet all ofthe people who made this happen

and give them all a big hug.

I pray God will bless you, your work,

your whole generation,and all of your children.

- Clean water, folks,we have helped hundreds

of thousands of people have clean water.

We just had this wonderfulgroup called Well is Might

that was raising money for wells

and they have put in Ithink 12 thousand wells

around the world.- Around the world, yeah.

- But every well is a thousand dollars

but for one thousand dollars you can bring

hope and life to a whole village.

It's just amazing what clean water can do.

And people have to drink this fetid mess

that's you know crawlingwith bugs and disease

and to get clean water,Terry, it's beautiful.

- Well it's just as much the time element,

this woman spent what did we say six hours

a day every day going toget five gallons of water

and couldn't even wash with it.

So you know a wonderful opportunity

to change lives and you can do that

by joining the 700 Club because

that's the kind of thing that our family,

our team here of 700 Club members is doing

in people's lives around the world

and it's 65 cents aday, 20 dollars a month

so see the difference you can make

and that's just one of the things

that 700 Club members are doing.

So join now, our number's toll free

it's 1-800-700-7000 by the way

you've got a great teaching on angels,

that's our way of sayingthank you to people

and we want them to knowthey'll get that right away.

Wilson and Elaine from Leesburg, Florida,

Pat, said thank you forthe wonderful Angels DVD.

At a difficult time in our family,

this teaching encouragedus to see how angels

intervene in the lives of God's children.

So we want people to have it.

I loved that, I thoughtthat was a great DVD.

- Well, you know I'm reading,

you read the New Testamentand it's just full of angels.

I mean angels appear to this group,

and angels come to this one

and angels come to Centurion's house

and tell him to do things

and there're angles allthroughout the New Testament

and they're present,they're these wonderful

beings that God has createdthat have enormous power

and he's given them, they said they watch

over the heirs of salvation.

And so we have angels around us here,

there's no question about it.

People have been here inthe studio at times passed

and they've actually seen angels around us

because there's so much prayer.

We really believe in angelic beings.

- Well when they call and join,

when you call and join the 700 Club now

we're gonna get Angelsout to you right away,

I think you'll be blessed by it.

- You say we'll angels to you.

- [Terry] Sending angels your way.

- We'll get a DVD to you.

Hey what you got in there.

- Well, Jackie Dawson had already

endured 20 hours of labor when her doctor

ordered an emergency C-section.

But the pain medication hadn't kicked in

and Jackie could feel everyaspect of that surgery.

So while she cried out for mercy

her husband stormed heaven with prayer.

- [Narrator] July 6th,2016 was an exciting day

for Jackie and Gabriel Wilford.

That afternoon, Jackie went into labor

with their first child.

- Prayed my whole life,you know I want a son

I want someone that I can raise up

to be a servant for you, God.

- [Narrator] Jackie hadbeen in labor 20 hours

when they learned the babydeveloped an infection.

With mother and child in danger,

her doctor ordered andemergency C-section.

- I don't think it set in, the reality

of a C-section and the complications.

They could both die if they don't

do this procedure so when it really hit me

is when I actually saw her on the table.

That's when actually I'm like,

okay this is somethingreal, this is serious thing.

- [Narrator] They started the surgery

but the pain blockers hadn't taken affect.

- It was the most painful

thing I've ever went through.

And so I did, I felt like I was dying.

It was horrible.

I can feel every single thing,

I could feel the doctor'shands press on my stomach

and then...

It was just really painful.

- [Narrator] The doctordelivered a healthy baby boy

but by then Jackie had gone into shock.

- I kept uncontrollably shaking

and I had to keep my hands to my body

'cause I felt like my bodywas just shutting down.

I couldn't speak at one point.

- I knew it was serious,but I didn't want to

let my mind start to

to think about it andthen if I'm panicking,

well then there's noway that I can be there

for my kid or my wife.

- [Narrator] Gabriel textedfamily in the waiting area

to pray for Jackie.

- I remember the doctor saying

okay well we're gonna putyou to sleep right now

and at that time I was praying

like lord please please please please

help me, help my son, and make sure

we come out healthy.

- [Narrator] The doctor'sstabilized Jackie

and moved her to a recovery room.

Gabriel thought the danger was passed.

- It was, it was a sigh of relief.

I was like, okay Jackie'sin the recovery room,

she's holding the baby,she's a little woozy,

but that's okay.

It all went south when thedoctor walked over to her

and he pulled up theblankets that were on her,

there was so much bloodthat just came out.

It just came pouring out.

- I was really scared.

I was scared of what I saw.

I saw in his eyes a little bit of fear and

I did, I became fearful.

- [Narrator] Jackie passed out

and the doctor called a code blue.

Gabriel and baby Dawsonwere rushed from the room

as the code blue team went to work.

- I just wanted somebodyto come and grab me

and tell me it's gonna be okay.

I was preparing myself for the worst.

I did not want to be a single dad.

Jackie's so fun, and she's my best friend

so it'd be like losing a partof me and things like that.

- [Narrator] Alone in thehall, Gabriel cried out to God.

- I opened my heart to him and I told him,

if you could saveJackie, if you could hear

this prayer of mine, hespoke to me right away.

- [Narrator] Gabriel says God assured him

that he was in control andthat Jackie would be fine.

- I cried out to him and hewas right there, you know.

Before I even cried outto him he was right there

I just didn't see it.

You know, God had taken my burden,

taken those woes andno matter what happened

I knew, hey it's gonna be okay,

you don't have to worryabout anything at all.

- [Narrator] A few minuteslater they told Gabriel

his wife had pulledthrough and was resting.

He recalls the relief ashe walked into her room.

- I just started joking around with her,

how we, you know I was likeyou know you almost died on me.

I remember thinking all those things,

you know we could joke so much.

My best friend.

- [Narrator] Over the next couple of days

Gabriel opened up in a Facebook post

about his love for Jackie and the

miraculous answer to prayer.

- I couldn't let herknow how scared I was.

I wanted to say I love you and tell her

everything's gonna be okay.

I watched helplessly asthey tried to save my wife.

I wanted to cry out toGod and ask him why.

God spoke to me.

Gabriel, my son, I love youmore than you can imagine.

It's okay to call on me,I will always love you.

- [Narrator] Dawson wasgiven a round of antibiotics

to clear out his infection.

A few days later, he and Jackie

were released from the hospital.

Both Jackie and Gabriel believe

that prayer saved her life that day.

- I really believe thatGod heard our prayers

that maybe it was time for me to go.

Maybe my time here on Earth was done,

like there was no more for me

and God heard someone's voicesaying that I have a purpose.

I have a reason to be here.

God answered prayers because I do,

I really thought I was dying.

- A lot of people I don'tthink they understand

the power of prayer.

It's your one connection to God

that he actually hears yourvoice, the maker of the world.

You know they can actually hear you.

- Prayer is power no matterin what circumstance,

no matter how amazingyour circumstances are,

it is powerful, it is themost powerful tool we have

and when we finallyrecognize how powerful it is

we can move mountains.

- That same power is available to you

and we want to take some time

to pray for your needs today.

We've got some encouragement for you

and I know you've got one, Pat.

Sandra says I have a genetic condition

which causes venousinsufficiency to be an issue

in my left leg andsitting can be unbearable.

You had a word of knowledge,Pat about someone having

a problem with their left thigh.

She says, I claimed it, praise God

for the answer to the condition,

I have not experiencedany discomfort since.

- Praise God.

Well here's one Kathleenlives in Killeen, Texas.

Suffering from locked-uptoes called hammer toes

and on June the 15th shewas watching our program

and you had this word,you have a condition

called hammer toe, didyou Killeen, Kathleen.

- I don't know Killeen, no.

- Well you prayed andthe toes straightened out

and she's no longer locked and she wears

any shoes she wants toand she's very happy.

- [Terry] Yay.

- Yay, alright, wellfolks it's time to pray.

We haven't got much timebefore the end of the show

well we want to pray for you right now

wherever you are, we're gonna believe God.

Father, I agree with my sister

we pray for these people in this audience

wherever they are, howevertheir condition is.

Lord for the financialneeds, of the family needs,

for the people in difficult marriages,

people in difficultsituations in their nation,

whatever it is, we join them in prayer

and we pray, lord for thisgreat nation we live in.

Lord let...

Righteousness roll likea river in Jesus' name.

Terry you have any?

- I want to say, there'ssomeone you have a condition

with your tongue thatcauses you to slur words

when you talk, I don't know what it is

but God's healing that for you right now.

There's just gonna bea release in your mouth

to be able to speakclearly and effectively.

- And father, whoever'sout in this audience

is crying to you, lord hear their prayer,

hear their prayer andminister to your people.

Let them know your presence lord,

come into their livesin Jesus' name, amen.

And amen.

Well thanks for being withus, today's power minute

is from the book of Proverbs.

Fear the Lord and depart from evil.

It will be health to your flesh,and strength to your bones.

Well for all of us, this is Pat Robinson

and tomorrow we're gonna tell you a story

about babies who'vebeen addicted to opioids

how they've been set free.

So until then we'll seeyou, God bless you, bye bye.


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