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Inside the Democrats' Crusade to Turn SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh into the Boogieman

Inside the Democrats' Crusade to Turn SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh into the Boogieman Read Transcript

- Judge Brett Kavanaughmay have officially secured

the nomination but hisbattle to reach the bench

is far from over.

While Republicans sing his praises--

- And I think that JudgeKavanaugh is just gonna be

a good, objective, balanced judge.

- [Abigail] Many Democratsalready playing another tune.

They claim he'll join adecision that takes away

health insurance from peoplewith pre-existing conditions

or protect the President againstthe Mueller investigation.

- This is extremely dangerous.

- [Abigail] Thomas Jippingof the Heritage Foundation

tells CBN News he doesn'texpect much serious evaluation

of Judge Kavanaugh from Democrats.

- They'll pick a certain opinionor they'll speculate about

what Judge Kavanaugh mightdo on a particular issue.

This is really thoughabout their dislike for

President Trump, that'sreally what it comes down to.

- [Abigail] Another issue theopposition will press them on

is whether he wouldmaintain Roe versus Wade,

which as a judge, heshouldn't have to answer.

- They know they'regonna be asking questions

that they can't answerand then they'll say,

"Well, he won't answer their question."

But anybody who follows this process,

I've been on the judiciarycommittee for about

three and a half yearsnow, we know that those are

out of bounds for any nominee to answer.

- [Abigail] Senator BenSasse praised Kavanaugh's

strong credentials,adding that something is

clearly broken in our Republic

when there is already thismuch protest over him.

- They have signs printedup for all four of the

different people that might've been picked

so that they could havetheir mad libs protest.

Use your sharpie and fill in who the

devil's gonna be that's gonnasupposedly end the world

before the person's even been picked.

- [Abigail] Sasse saysstrong politicization

of Supreme Court nomineesdeeply concerns him.

- The Democrats who areparticipating in this charade

know that this is bad for the republic,

but they've just sopoliticized the process

that they can't get out of the cycle.

- [Abigail] Since SenatorJohn McCain's health

is keeping him in Arizona,one Republican vote

against Kavanaugh couldkill the nomination.

The GOP is praying for unitywhile hoping to see support

from a few red state Democrats.

- I think the President'smade a great appointment,

a great nomination.

- Despite the long road ahead,

leader McConnell feelsconfident they'll have

Kavanaugh confirmed beforethe mid term elections.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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