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'It's a Meltdown': Media Research Center Calls Bias on Mainstream Coverage of SCOTUS Nomination 

'It's a Meltdown': Media Research Center Calls Bias on Mainstream Coverage of SCOTUS Nomination  Read Transcript

- Pat, while mostconservatives are supporting

President Trump's pick,many liberals are voicing

their disapproval and that includes

some members of the media.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthe story from Washington.

(crowd shouting)

- [Jenna] From the Supreme Court--

- No justice!

- No peace!

- No family!

- No peace!

- [Jenna] To Trump Tower,protestors railed against

Brett Kavanaugh's nomination Monday night.

(loud shouting)- We should do everything

we can to fight back, to speak out,

to never give up, to never give in!

- And it wasn't just Democratsand liberal activists.

The media researchcenter is calling biased

on some members of the mainstream media.

- You had Nina Totenberg onNPR who was supposed to be

a correspondent for thatpublicly subsidized radio network

saying that she thoughtthat whoever Trump picked

was gonna lead to the endof the world as we know it.

You know, that's hyperbole.

That is way outside of therole of the correspondent.

- That's Kavanaugh on therecord saying there should be

no indictment of the sitting President.

- [Jenna] And on MSNBC thatnight, Rich Noy says there were

no conservative guests.

- From 8:00 until midnight,the only guests that had

a point of view wereliberal activist groups,

democratic elected politicians,

opponents of Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Jenna] Protests at theSupreme Court were so disruptive,

one FOX News anchor decidednot to do her show there.

- We did have it planned tohave our show out there live.

It got so volatile atpoints, that we ultimately

didn't feel like it wouldbe safe to do an hour

of live television out there.

- [Jenna] Noy says it hasn'talways been like this.

- We went back and lookedat how they covered

the nominations of liberal court nominees,

such as Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan,

you didn't have thistremendous labeling of them

as liberal or left wing.

- Of course people areconcerned about what this means

for a woman's right tochoose about Roe v. Wade.

- [Jenna] And he doesn'tsee it getting better

anytime soon.

- It's a meltdown they haven't had

since the last meltdown andthey're gonna have another

meltdown in the coming days.

I mean, they had a meltdownjust two or three weeks ago

over immigration.

Now they're in meltdown over this.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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