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News on The 700 Club: July 11, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” July 11.: Inside the Democrats' Crusade to Turn SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh into the Boogieman; Volunteer 'Snugglers' Soothe Newborns Addicted to Opioids; Media Research Center Calls Bias on Mainstream Coverage ... ... Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

You know, if you wannaknow how the game is

being played, ladies andgentlemen, behind the scenes,

what is the game plan of the democrats?

What is the game plan of the republicans

or do they have one?

Well, the game plan of the democrats

over the years has been very simple.

We don't have to getinitiatives through the public

because the public won'tbuy our philosophy.

They won't vote for it.

So, we can't win at the ballot box,

but what we can do isset up a case in which

we only need five people to vote for it.

Those five on the SupremeCourt can determine

the course of the socialpolicies of the nation forever.

They're unassailablebecause they come out of

the Supreme Court.

Now, if the democrats lose that,

they have lost their whole lever of power

and that's why they're freaking out.

They won't be able to do this anymore.

And you and I will be freeof that noxious influence

that these people have been imposing on us

all the way up and down the line

where they've overturnedall of the initiatives

that the people want and they forced

the law of the land tobe five judges unelected

on the Supreme Court, on for life,

and suddenly, suddenly, thecourt is turning conservative.

With Judge Brett Kavanaugh,a magnificent jurist,

the democrats are freaking out!

And tough luck!

- They are, indeed, aren't they?

- They really are!

I mean, it's a meltdown andthe media's going crazy!

Ya know?

But that's not, ya know,you've got to do you.

- Well yeah, Pat, it's definitely,

it's not slowing down this nominee.

Kavanaugh began making therounds on Capital Hill Tuesday.

Our Abigail Robertson brings us the latest

on the looming confirmation showdown.

- Judge Brett Kavanaughmay have officially

secured the nomination buthis battle to reach the bench

is far from over.

While Republicans sing his praises--

- I think that the JudgeKavanaugh is just gonna be

a good, objective, balanced judge.

- [Abigail] Many democratsalready playing another tune.

They claim he'll join adecision that takes away

health insurance from peoplewith pre-existing conditions

or protect the President againstthe Mueller investigation.

- This is extremely dangerous.

- [Abigail] Thomas Jippingof the Heritage Foundation

tells CBN News he doesn'texpect much serious evaluation

of Judge Kavanaugh from democrats.

- They'll pick a certainopinion or they'll speculate

about what Judge Kavanaughmight do on a particular issue.

This is really thoughabout their dislike for

President Trump, that'sreally what it comes down to.

- [Abigail] Anotherissue the opposition will

press them on is whether hewould maintain Roe versus Wade,

which as a judge, heshouldn't have to answer.

- They know that they'regonna be asking questions

that they can't answerand then they'll say,

"Well, he won't answer the question."

But anybody who followsthis process, I've been on

judiciary committee for aboutthree and a half years now,

we know that those are out of bounds

for any nominee to answer.

- [Abigail] Senator BenSasse praised Kavanaugh's

strong credentials,adding that something is

clearly broken in our Republic

when there is already thismuch protests over him.

- They have signs printedup for all four of the

different people thatmight have been picked

so that they could havetheir mad libs protest.

Use your sharpie andfill in who the devil's

gonna be that's gonnasupposedly end the world

before the person's even been picked.

- [Abigail] Sasse saysstrong politicization

of Supreme Court nomineesdeeply concerns him.

- The Democrats who areparticipating in this charade

know that this is bad for the Republic,

but they've just sopoliticized the process

that they can't get out of the cycle.

- [Abigail] Since SenatorJohn McCain's health

is keeping him in Arizona,one Republican vote

against Kavanaugh couldkill the nomination.

The GOP is praying for unitywhile hoping to see support

from a few red state democrats.

- I think the President'smade a great appointment,

a great nomination.

- Despite the long roadahead, leader McConnell feels

confident they'll have Kavanaugh confirmed

before the mid term elections.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Well our Jay Sekulowof the American Center

for Law and Justice on thisprogram yesterday said,

I tell y'all, I predict, on August one,

he will be the next Supreme Court judge

and I think that's true.

It looks like SusanCollins and Lucy Murkowski

are going in line, they'regonna be voting for him.

And I don't know if JohnMcCain is in such a condition

that he could fly fromArizona to Washington

to one vote, he has that glioblastoma,

that brain cancer which is fatal.

But he's still got hiswits about him and he--

- You have to be present.

You have to be--

- Coming to the Senate, absolutely.

They haul people in in wheelchairs

and in stretchers to vote.

So I mean, it's not unusualthat you get somebody like that.

But it's life threatening, there's no way

they're gonna do it, but nevertheless,

Jay said they were gonna do it.

I think if you've got Collinsand Murkowski onboard,

I think the rest ofthe Senate will line up

and then, you've gottwo or three of these--

- [Wendy] Red state democrats?

- Red state (laughs).

Joe Ashton, particularly, I think he voted

for Kavanaugh.- Come on West Virginia.

- Yeah, well, yay go.


I think that they'll go and

Heidi Heitkamp and various ones,

they're gonna be onboardbecause they don't wanna vote,

this man is so extraordinarily qualified.

You know, the Democrats used to say,

"Well he's outta the mainstream."

Well, you've got a candidate now.

He was appointed to thefaculty of Harvard Law School

by Elena Kagan who nowsits on the Supreme Court.

She was dean then of the school

and he teaches law at Harvard.

He teaches law at Yale.

He teaches law at Georgetown.

You say that's not mainstream.

The whole thing, thisguy is so well qualified.

- You could argue that thoseare almost liberal schools.

- Exactly!

Well, I'm a product of oneof those liberal schools

and I know how it is.

- But when he came on andthe President introduced him,

he was so likable and he talked about

coaching soccer and allthese down to earth things

and he just, he was soincredibly well rounded.

- That's right.

- He's pretty much the perfect candidate.

- Well, he's the candidate,just like the one

they put in before, Imean, these guys are just

so well qualified that you'd have to be

an absolute fanatic on theleft to oppose somebody

of those qualifications.

But he's, I guess Jay saidand I think he's right,

Republicans are gonna lineup and they can probably

pull off two or three Democratsto bolster their ranks,

but they might, you could charter a plane,

fly McCain into Washingtonif you had to bring him

in a wheelchair into the Senatechamber to make the vote,

they'll do it.

I don't think that wouldjeopardize his life

and I think he wouldprobably like to do it.

So, we'll see about that,but the Vice President,

of course, is there tosee if there's a tie,

he can break the tieand vote for Kavanaugh.

Well, Senate Democrats aren'tthe only ones panicking.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, themedia's having a meltdown.

Charlene Aaron has that story and more

from CBN News.

- That's right, Pat, whilemost conservatives are

supporting PresidentTrump's pick, many liberals

are voicing theirdisapproval and that includes

some members of the media.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthe story from Washington.

(crowd shouting)

- [Jenna] From the Supreme Court--

- No justice!

- No peace!

- No family!

- No peace!

- [Jenna] To Trump Tower.

Protestors railed againstBrett Kavanaugh's nomination

Monday night.

(loud shouting)- You should do everything

we can to fight back, to speak out,

to never give up, to never give in.

- And it wasn't just democratsand liberal activists.

The media research centeris calling biased on

some members of the mainstream media.

- You had Nina Totenbergon NPR who's supposed to be

a correspondent forthat publicly subsidized

radio network saying she thoughtthat whoever Trump picked

was gonna lead to the endof the world as we know it.

Ya know, that's hyperbole.

That is way outside therole of a correspondent.

- That's Kavanaugh on the record saying

there should be no indictmentof the sitting President.

- [Jenna] And on MSNBCthat night, Rich Noyes says

there were no conservative guests.

- From 8:00 until midnight,the only guests that had

a point of view wereliberal activist groups,

democratic elected politicians,

opponents of Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Jenna] Protests at theSupreme Court were so disruptive,

one FOX News anchor decidednot to do her show there.

- We did have it planned tohave our show out there live.

It got so volatile atpoints, that we ultimately

didn't feel like it wouldbe safe to do an hour of

live television out there.

- [Jenna] Noyes says ithasn't always been like this.

- We went back and lookedat how they covered

the nominations of liberalcourt nominees, such as

Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

You didn't have thistremendous labeling of them

as liberal or left wing.

- Of course people areconcerned about what this means

for a woman's right tochoose about Roe v. Wade.

- [Jenna] And he doesn'tsee it getting better

anytime soon.

- It's a meltdown theyhaven't had since the last

meltdown and they're gonnahave another meltdown

in the coming days.

When they had a meltdownjust two or three weeks ago

over immigration, now they'rein meltdown over this.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thank you.

Ya know, ladies and gentlemen,

when they did Roe versus Wade,

it was called Blackmun's abortion.

It was so poorly researched.

One of the professorsat Regent University,

he's writing a book, hasbrilliantly researched

about Roe versus Wade,about all the stuff that

went on behind the scenes andit was a complete put up job.

It is an amazing way thatthey distorted the facts,

that distorted the plaintiff,distorted what was happening,

the whole thing was merelyconceived by the ACLU

to get a case before thecourt that would go along

with permitting abortion on demand.

But even that, now, people in this country

are saying look, we'veslaughtered 55, 60 million

unborn babies and we've had enough.

When science is showingthe fetal heartbeats

and all the things that aregoing on with unborn babies

and the mothers arebeginning with ultrasound

to say well, we just don'twanna murder our children.

So, the population is turning against this

question of abortion on demand

and whether Roe versusWade is reversed or not,

the states are one by onebeginning to vote restrictions

on the unlimited abortion that we've been

seeing in this country.

So, it's going to be restrictedwhether they like it or not,

but Roe was a bad case.

It was badly decided.

It was strictly a put upjob and everything about it

is phony and the reasoningis beyond belief bad

and as I said, it wascalled Blackmun's abortion.

But there again is a republican President

putting in what he considereda republican judge,

Harry Blackmun, and he wrote the decision

in Roe versus Wade.

So, the nice thing that these candidates

that the President hashad, every one of them

is a superb jurist whosticks to the constitution

and the appropriate role ofa judge and it's marvelous

to see that when the President's picking,

he's got the federalists tosay, vetting these judges

and every one of em is very confident.


- Pat, President Trump iscalling out NATO nations

for not paying their bills.

The president is in Brusselsfor the annual NATO Summit

and sent a strong messagebefore the meeting began.

- We're protecting Germany,we're protecting France.

We're protecting everybody,

and yet, we're paying alot of money to protect.

Germany is a captive of Russia.

- [Charlene] He singled outGermany for paying Russia

hundreds of millionsof dollars for energy,

but not investing morein defense spending.

America is one of only six NATO nations

that living up to theirpledge to spend at least

two percent of theirGDP on defense spending.

In 2017, the U.S. paid more to NATO

than Germany, France, Italy, Spain,

and the UK combined.

Wow, Pat.

- You know, if NATO really comes forward,

it'll have a bigger GDP thanRussia or any other nation,

certainly than China.

So if these two percentscome in from all of em,

I read yesterday that the German soldiers

are drilling with woodenrifles because they can't

even afford small arms, thattheir helicopters don't work,

their planes don't fly, theirsubmarines aren't functioning,

and it's really a messbut the reason for NATO

was a bulwark against the expansion

of the Soviet Union and ifVladimir Putin knows that

NATO is really together and really serious

about law arming, hisexpansion concepts will be

shattered and it'll be a real good thing.

So, I just hope the Presidentdoesn't try to tear that

alliance apart because NATOhas been an extraordinarily

viable bulwark against theexpansion of the Soviet Union.


- Trade tensions betweenthe US and China continue

as the Trump administrationis preparing to put

tariffs on another $200 billionworth of Chinese imports.

The administration saidthe tariffs are a response

to China's decision toretaliate against the

first round of US tariffs.

The Chinese governmentsays it will take firm

and forceful measures tocounter this new tariff threat.

The news rattled Asianmarkets and drove down US

stock futures.

Where nearly 2,000tourists had to evacuate

after a fire erupted nearthe Griffith Observatory

in Los Angeles.

The blaze burned atotal of 25 acres before

firefighters contained it Tuesday evening.

Fire officials say nostructures were threatened but

flames left multiple vehiclesdamaged or destroyed.

More than a dozen fires areconsuming tens of thousands

of acres throughout the golden state.

As Heather Sells reports,fighting fires has now become

a full-time job in Californiaand what was known as

fire season no longer exists.

- California firefightershave a new normal.

It's focusing on the fire risk year round

and not just during fire season.

- I think we're very prepared,but there's nowhere else

in the nation that burns like California.

- [Heather] The Golden Statehas become the burning state,

ground zero for wildfires.

Insurance estimates show halfof the more than four million

US homes at high orextreme risk of wildfire

are in California and wildfiresare getting worse in both

size and scope.

What's driving it?

For starters, California's vegetation.

Plus the cool, moistwinters followed by longer,

hotter, and drier summers.

It's a recipe for worldclass fire conditions.

An extended drought combinedwith bark beetle infestation

has killed off 129 million trees.

Those dead, dry trees representan instant fire hazard.

Fire officials say manycommunities can go up in minutes.

Just last October, firesin the wine country

that destroyed thousands ofhomes and killed 15 people

were started mainly by treesfalling on power lines.

Cal Fire wants the public,even those in urban areas

to be aware and ready toevacuate when conditions warrant.

- When the firefighters arespending the first 12 hours

going in and just evacuatingpeople and not fighting fire,

that should be a clueto the public that hey,

the fire service professionals can even

start fighting firebecause they need to get

people outta harm's way.

That's how bad it is right now.

- [Heather] Homeownerscan also take simple steps

like clearing brush from their homes,

not only to protect their own property,

but their communities as well.

Reporting in Sacramento,Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Back to you, Pat.

- Thanks Heather, thatwas an excellent report.

Ya know, the Spanish,California means hot coast?

- Yeah, that's right.

- Cali--

- Yeah, caliente means hot.

- Caliente.

It's always been known as a hot area,

but if there's any truth tothis matter of global warming,

I guess Jerry Brown is sayingit's hitting us in California,

but this is an importantpart of our economy

and there's really not a wholelot they can do about it,

but his father set upreservoirs to capture water

so that they would havewater in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, Jerry Jr.decided they didn't need them

and they cut the budget on some of those

and did away with those reservoirs.

There were a lot.

But they have had a water crisis

and it's really a shamebecause the California economy

is so important to theUnited States of America.

So all I can say now is wereally need to pray for em,

but this is a terriblesituation for those who are

living under that fire danger.

All Americans should beconcerned, not just California.

The whole nation should beconcerned about this crisis.


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