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The 700 Club - July 11, 2018

Hear how one ministry is freeing the smallest victims of the opiod crisis. Plus, facing prison, one man gets a second chance. Read Transcript

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- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Speaker] Coming up,the smallest victims

of the opioid crisis, newborn babies.

Hear how one ministry is freeing them

and their mothers from addition.

- The name of Jesus is powerful.

- [Wendy] Plus,

- A door opened for darkness.

a teenage gangster with a death wish.

- Someone's gonna kill me andthen this life will be over.

- [Wendy] And he plannedto pull the trigger.

- I'd just rather diethan to live like this.

- [Wendy] Watch what saved his life.

- I'm done with this, I'mnot doing this anymore.

- [Wendy] On today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

You know, if you wanna knowhow the game is being played,

ladies and gentlemen, behind the scenes.

What is the game plan of the democrats,

what is the game plan of the republicans

or do they have one?

Well, the game plan of thedemocrats over the years

has been very simple,

we don't have to getinitiatives through the public

because the public won'tbuy our philosophy.

They won't vote for it.

So we can't win at the battle, ballot box

but what we can do is set up a case

in which we only need fivepeople to vote for it.

And those five on the Supreme Court

can determine the course

of the social policiesof the nation forever

and they're unassailable because

they come out of the Supreme Court.

Now if the democrats lose that

they have lost their whole lever of power

and they, that's why they're freaking out.

They won't be able to do this anymore.

And you and I will be free of that,

I mean that obnoxiousinfluence that these people

have been imposing on us allthe way up and down the line

where they've overturnedall of the initiatives

that the people want and theyforce the law of the land

to be five judges unelectedon the Supreme Court

on for life.

And suddenly, suddenly thecourt is turning conservative

and with Judge Brett Kavanaugh,a magnificent jurist,

the democrats are freakingout and tough luck.


- They are indeed aren't they and it's ...

- They really are, I mean it's a meltdown

and the media's going crazy, you know?

But that's not, you know,you've got the (mumbles).

- Well, yeah Pat, it's definitely,

it's not slowing down this nominee.

Kavanaugh began making therounds on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Our Abigail Robertson brings us the latest

on the looming confirmation showdown.

- Judge Brett Kavanaugh

may have officially secured the nomination

but his battle to reachthe bench is far from over.

While republicans sing his praises,

- And I think that the Judge Kavanaugh

is just gonna be a goodobjective balanced judge.

many democrats alreadyplaying another tune.

They claim he'll join a decision

that takes away health insurance

for people with pre-existing conditions

or protect the President againstthe Mueller investigation.

- This is extremely dangerous.

- [Abigail] Thomas Jippingof the Heritage Foundation

tells CBN News, he doesn'texpect much serious evaluation

of Judge Kavanaugh from democrats.

- They'll pick a certain opinion

or they'll speculateabout what Judge Kavanaugh

might do on a particular issue.

This is really though about their dislike

for President Trump, that'sreally what it comes down to.

- [Abigail] Another issue the opposition

will press him on iswhether he would maintain

Roe versus Wade, which as a judge,

he shouldn't have to answer.

- They know that they'regonna be asking questions

that they can't answerand then they'll say

well he won't answer the question.

But anybody who follows this process,

I've been on judiciary committee

for about three and a half years now,

we know that those are out of bounds

for any nominee to answer.

- [Abigail] Senator Ben Sasse

praised Kavanaugh'sstrong credentials adding

that something is clearly broken

in our republic when there is already

this much protest over him.

- Well they had signsprinted out for all four

of the different peoplethat might have been picked

so that they could havetheir mad libs protest.

Use your sharpy and fillin who the devil's gonna be

that's gonna supposedly end the world

before the person's even been picked.

- [Abigail] Sasse saysstrong politicization

of Supreme Court nomineesdeeply concerns him.

- The democrats who areparticipating in the charade

know that this is bad for the republic

but they've just sopoliticized the process

that they can't get out of the cycle.

- [Abigail] Since SenatorJohn McCain's health

is keeping him in Arizona,one republican vote

against Kavanaugh couldkill the nomination.

The GOP is praying for unitywhile hoping to see support

from a few red state democrats.

- I think the President'smade a great appointment,

a great nomination.

- Despite the long road ahead,

Leader McConnell feels confident

they'll have Kavanaugh confirmed

before the midterm elections.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson CBN News.

- Well our Jay Sekulow

of the American Center for Law and Justice

on this program yesterday said

I'll tell you how I'll predict on August 1

he will be the next Supreme Court Judge

and I think that's true.

It looks like SusanCollins and Lisa Murkowski

are going in line, they'regonna be voting for him

and I don't know if JohnMcCain is in such a condition

that he could fly fromArizona to Washington

to one vote he has that glioblastoma,

that brain cancer which is fatal

but he's still got hiswhits about him and he ...

- You have to be present,you have to be ...

- Come into the Senate.- You have to be, yeah.

- You absolutely be able to,they've hauled people in on

in wheelchairs and in stretchers

to vote.- Wow.

So, I mean, it's not unusually

that you get somebody like that.

But if it's life threatening,

there's now way they're gonna do it.

But nevertheless, Jaysaid they're gonna do it

and I think if you'vegot Collins and Murkowski

on board, I think the restof the Senate will line up

and then you've got twoor three of these ...

- Red state democrats.

Red state democrats, JoeManchin, particularly,

I think he voted for Kavanaugh.

- More of West Virginia.

- Yay, go West ...


Well I think that they'll go and they'll

there Heidi Hietkamp and various ones,

they're gonna be on board

because they don't wanna rub,

this man is so extraordinarily qualified.

You know, the democrats used to say,

well, he's out of the main stream.

Well, you've a candidate now,

he was appointed to thefaculty of Harvard Law School

by Elena Kagan who nowsits on the Supreme Court.

She was dean then of the school.

And he teaches law at Harvard,

he teaches law at Yale, heteaches law at Georgetown

now you say that's not mainstream.

I mean, the whole thing,

this guy is so well qualified, he's ...

- You can argue that thoseare almost liberal schools,

you know.- Exactly, well, I'm a product

of one of those schoolsand I know how it is.

- But he came on and thePresident introduced him,

he was so likable and hetalked about coaching soccer

and all these like, down to earth things

and he just, he was soincredibly well-rounded, he's ...

- That's right.

- He's pretty much the perfect candidate.

- Well, he's the candidate,I mean just like the one

they put in before,

I mean these guys arejust so well qualified

that you have to be anabsolute fanatic on the left

to oppose somebody ofthose qualifications.

But he's as Jay saidand I think he's right,

republicans are gonna line up

and they can probably pulloff two or three democrats

to bolster their ranks but

they might, you could charter a plane,

fly McCain into Washington

if you had to bring him in a wheelchair

into the Senate chamber to make the vote,

they'll do it.- Wow.

- I don't that would jeopardize his life

and I think he wouldprobably like to do it.

So we'll see about that

but the Vice Presidentwill of course, is there

to make the, if there's a tie,

he can break the tieand vote for Kavanaugh.

Well, senate democrats aren'tthe only ones panicking

over (laughs) Judge Brent Kavanaugh.

The media's having a meltdown.

Charlene Aaron has thatstory and more from CBN News.

- That's right Pat,while most conservatives

are supporting President Trump's pick

many liberals arevoicing their disapproval

and that includes somemembers of the media.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthe story from Washington.

- Ho, ho, Kavanaugh must not go.

- [Jenna] From the Supreme Court,

- No justice, no peace,no family, no peace.

to Trump Tower, protestors railed against

Brent Kavanaugh's nomination Monday night.

- You should (mumbles)we have to fight back,

to speak out, to nevergive up, to never give in!

And it wasn't just democratsand liberal activists,

the media research center is calling bias

on some members of the main stream media.

- You had Anita Totenberg on NPR,

who's supposed to be a correspondent

for that publicly subsidized radio network

saying that she thought that

whoever Trump picked was gonnalead to the end of the world

as we know it.

You know, that's hyperbole,that is way outside

the role of a correspondent.

- That's Kavanaugh on the record

saying there should be noindictment of a sitting president.

- [Jenna] And on MSNBC that night,

Rich Noyes says there wereno conservative guests.

- From eight o'clock until midnight,

the only guests that had a point of view

were liberal activist groups,

democratic elected politicians,

opponents of Brent Kavanaugh.

- [Jenna] Protests at the Supreme Court

were so disruptive one Fox News anchor

decided not to do her show there.

We did have it planned tohave our show out there live,

it got so volatile at points,

we ultimately didn't feellike it would be safe

to do an hour of livetelevision out there.

- [Jenna] Noyse says ithasn't always been like this.

- We went back and lookedat how they covered

the nominations of liberal court nominees

such as Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan,

you didn't have this tremendous labeling

of them as liberals or left wing.

- Of course, people areconcerned about what this means

for a woman's right tochoose about Roe v. Wade.

- [Jenna] And he doesn'tsee it getting better

anytime soon.

- It's a meltdown they haven'thad since the last meltdown

and they're gonna have anothermeltdown in the coming days.

I mean, they had a meltdown

just two or three weeksago over immigration,

now they're in meltdown over this.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thank you, you know,ladies and gentlemen,

you know, when they did Roe versus Wade,

it was called Blackmun's abortion,

it was so poorly researched.

One of the professor at Regent University

is writing a book that'sbrilliantly researched

about Roe versus Wade, about all the stuff

that went on behind the scenes

and it was a complete put up job.

It is an amazing way thatthey distorted the facts

and distorted the plaintiff,distorted what was happening,

the whole thing was merelyconceived by the ACLU

to get a case before the court

that would go along withpermitting abortion on demand.

But even that now people arein this country are saying

look, we've slaughtered 55,60 million unborn babies

and we've had enough andwhen science is showing

the fetal heartbeats and allthe things that are going on

with the unborn babies

and mothers are beginningwith ultrasound that say,

well we just don't wannamurder our children.

And so the population is turning against

this question of abortion on demand.

And whether Roe versusWade is reversed or not,

the states are one byone beginning to vote

restrictions on the unlimited abortion

that we've been seeing in this country.

So, it's going to be restrictedwhether they like it or not.

But Roe was a bad case,it was badly decided,

it was strictly a put up job

and everything about it is phony

and their reasoning is beyond belief bad.

And as I say it was calledBlackmun's abortion.

But there again is a republican president

putting in what he considereda republican judge,

Harry Blackmun and he wrote thedecision in Roe versus Wade.

So the nice thing that these candidates

that the President has had,

every one of them is a superb jurist

who sticks to theConstitution and the role,

the appropriate role of the judge.

And it's marvelous to see

that one of the President's picking,

he's got the FederalistSociety vetting these judges

and everyone of them is very competent.


- Pat, President Trump iscalling out NATO nations

for not paying their bills.

The President is in Brusselsfor the annual NATO summit

and sent a strong messagebefore the meeting began.

- We're protecting Germany,we're protecting France,

we're protecting everybody

and yet we're paying alot of money to protect.

Germany is a captive of Russia.

- [Charlene] He singled outGermany for paying Russia

hundreds of millions of dollars for energy

but not investing morein defense spending.

America is one of only six NATO nations

that's living up to their pledge

to spend at least 2% of theirGDP on defense spending.

In 2017, the U.S. paid more to NATO

than Germany, France, Italy,Spain and the U.K. combined.

Wow Pat.

- Well you know, if NATOreally comes forward,

it'll have a bigger GDP thanRussia or any other nation,

certainly than China.

So if these two percentscome in from all of them,

but I read in the, yesterday,that the German soldiers

are drilling with wooden rifles

because they can't have,even afford small arms,

that their helicopters don't work,

their planes don't fly, theirsubmarines aren't functioning

and it's really a mess.

But the reason for NATO was born

against the expansion of the Soviet Union.

And if Vladimir Putin knows that NATO

is really together and reallyserious about law arming,

his expansion concepts will be shattered

and it will be a real good thing.

So President, I just hopethe President doesn't try

to tear that alliance apart 'cause NATO

has been an extraordinarilyvirable bow work

against the expansion of the Soviet Union.


- Trade tensions betweenthe U.S. and China continue

as the Trump administration is preparing

to put tariffs on another$200 billion worth

of Chinese imports.

The administration said that tariffs

are a response to China's decision

to retaliate against the first round

of U.S. tariffs.

The Chinese government said

it will take firm and forceful measures

to counter this new tariff threat.

The news rattled Asian markets

and drove down U.S. stock futures.

Well nearly 2,000 tourists had to evacuate

after a fire erupted nearthe Griffith Observatory

in Las Angeles.

The blaze burned a total of 25 acres

before firefighterscontained it Tuesday evening.

Fire officials say nostructures were threatened

but flames left multiplevehicles damaged or destroyed.

And more than a dozen firesare consuming tens of thousands

of acres throughout the golden state

as Heather Sells reports, fighting fires

has now become a full-timejob in California.

And what was known as fireseason no longer exists.

- California fire fightershave a new normal,

it's focusing on the fire risk year around

and not just during fire season.

- I think we're very prepared

but there's no where else in the nation

that burns like California.

- [Heather] The golden statehas become the burning state,

ground zero for wildfires.

Insurance estimates show halfof the more than four million

U.S. homes at high orextreme risk of wildfire

are in California.

And wildfires are gettingworse in both size and scope.

What's driving it?

For starters, California's vegetation,

plus cool, moist wintersfollowed by longer,

hotter and dryer summers.

It's a recipe for worldclass fire conditions.

An extended drought combined

with bark beetle infestation

has killed off 129 million trees.

Those dead, dry trees representan instant fire hazard.

Fire officials say manycommunities can go up in minutes.

Just last October, firesin the wine country

that destroyed thousands of homes

and killed 15 people were started mainly

by trees falling on power lines.

Cal Fire wants the publiceven those in urban areas

to be aware and ready toevacuate when conditions warrant.

- When the fire fighters arespending in the first 12 hours

going in and just evacuating people

and not fighting fire, thatshould be a clue to the public

that hey, the fire service professionals

can't even start fighting fire

because they need to getpeople out of harm's way.

That's how bad it is right now.

- [Heather] Home ownerscan also take simple steps

like clearing brush from their homes,

not only to protect their own property

but their communities as well.

Reporting in Sacramento,Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Back to you Pat.

- Thanks Heather thatwas an excellent report.

You know, the SpanishCalifornia means hot coast.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Cali ...

- Yeah, like (foreign language) means hot.

- (foreign language) yeah and the,

it's always been known as a hot area.

But if there's any truth tothis matter of global warming,

I guess Jerry Brown is sayingit's hitting us in California

but this is an importantpart of our economy

and there's really not a wholelot they can do about it.

But his father set upreservoirs to capture water

so that they would havewater in times of crisis.

And unfortunately Jerry Junior decided

they didn't need themand they cut the budget

on some of those and didaway with those reservoirs,

there were a lot of them.

But they have had a water crisis

and it's really a shamebecause the California economy

is so important to theUnited States of America.

So all I can say now is wereally need to pray for them.

But it, this is a terriblesituation for those

who are living under that fire danger.

And all Americans should be concerned,

it's not just California, the whole nation

should be concerned about this crisis.

And we've got another crisisthat Wendy did a report on.

- Yes, up next as theopioid epidemic sweeps

through middle America, onegroup is working to protect

it's innocent victims.

- While his stomach wasgiving him a hard time,

I was just whispering thename of Jesus in his ear.

- [Wendy] Hear how these AngelArms are breaking the cycle

of addiction andgenerational curses as well.

That's next.

(inspirational music)

(upbeat music)

- Every 30 minutes, justcount them, every 30 minutes,

a baby is born in thiscountry addicted to drugs

because that baby's motherhad been hooked on opioids.

One ministry called Angel Arms is working

to save the youngestgeneration from this scourge

and our health reporterLorie Johnson show us

how you are helping boththe babies and their mothers

make it through thosecritical days after birth.

- [Lorrie] Each day hospitalworkers deal with babies born

addicted to opioids.

- They often are very, very unconsolable

is probable the best way to describe it.

- [Lorie] It can take around two weeks

to ween these tiny victims off the drug.

Then hospitals discharge the babies

even though they stillfeel the after effects.

- Most of the time the babiesstill go home with mom.

- [Lorie] Provided shepromises to stay clean.

- A new mom who's withdrawing taking care

of a difficult babywho's also withdrawing,

too often breaks under the pressure

and falls into a dangerous relapse.

- I believe unless thepeople of faith stands up,

the opioid crisis is gonnacontinue to overtake us.

- [Lorie] That's why Christiancounselor Dawn Hennessey

started Angel Arms, a ministry

helping both moms and babiesrecovering from addiction.

- I believe, honestly, thatGod has called the people,

his kingdom people to save the lost,

the broken, the orphans, the widows.

- [Lorie] Here at Angel Arms,these volunteers snugglers

focus on the little victims.

- We love them, we do pray for them

and sometimes they justneed held really tight

when they're shaky, belly aches,

coughing, spitting up a lot.

- [Lorie] Thanks to medicaltraining and help from above,

they can help with theextreme agitation suffered

by the babies.

- Well today, while his stomachwas giving him a hard time,

I was just whispering thename of Jesus in his ear

and yeah, I do pray overthem while I'm holding them.

But the name of Jesus is powerful.

- [Lorie] Snugglers also give mom a break

so other volunteers can focus on her.

- There's a lot of help,there's a lot of people

I worked with that havecome out to recovery now

and there's a lot of childrenthat we've been able to help.

- [Lorie] Kathy Shively'saddiction began as many do

trying to ease the pain.

I have three dental implants,

so the pain from the dental implants

caused me to be prescribedlots of pain medication.

So opiates became an addiction.

- [Lorrie] She brings little Connor here

because these snugglers soothehim in a way no one else can.

- It's overwhelming forfamily to watch an NAS baby

because there are timeswhen he's just so fussy

and there's nothing that they can do.

I've had to leave jobs and come home.

- [Lorie] In addition to child care,

Angel Arms provides free baby supplies,

helps moms find housing

and pursues anything thatwill promote stability.

- And I really felt trapped

and I think that the heroin addiction

that's a good description of it,

you just feel trapped andyou can't get out, you know,

until you come, you have somebody

come along your side to help you.

- [Lorie] In order forher child to receive care

at Angels Arms, mom must get

regular Christian counseling here.

- What I tell my staffis you need to see them

through the eyes of Jesus asbroken people that need love.

So we've actually experienced

whole families coming to know Jesus

just because of a little baby.

- When I come here itbrings me encouragement.

If I need to cry, theyhear me cry. (sobbing)

If I need to know what the next step is,

they guide me in the next step.

- [Lorie] Angel Arms never charges a fee

because outside donorshelp fund the ministry.

- We just rely on what God gives us

and so far it's worked. (laughs)

- [Lorie] And as itgrows so does the need.

- We have police officers calling us.

We have people, we have drugcourt here in Pennsylvania,

so we have judges calling us,attorneys, social workers.

We have people from West Virginia,

Ohio, Maryland calling us.

- [Lorie] Fortunately other faith groups

are calling as well.

- I do tell churchesbefore we work with them,

are you ready for the least of these

to come into your congregation?

And are you ready to put your arms

around them and love them?

- And Hennessey plans to expand

because she knows help is needed

beyond regular working hours.

This large home was donated to Angel Arms.

Once it's renovated it will beused as a residential program

where people can stay overnight for weeks at a time.

They're praying God willprovide the resources

for the big renovation.

So while the opioid epidemic rages on

ministries like Angel Arms work to break

the generational curse of addiction.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

- Well, you can learn moreabout Angel Arms Ministry

at our website

And I might add, youknow, this isn't heroin,

it's not cocaine as much aswe're dealing with opioids

and these pain killersare being prescribed,

they're being pushed out byseveral of the drug companies

unbelievable an outpouringof these terrible things.

You know, you've gothydrocodone and Oxycontin

and these other onesand they're all legal.

I mean, you know, peopletake them for pain

because they're hurting andthen they get addicted to them

and , you know it's ...

- But there's been such an outcry

and all these investigations now

and lawsuits- That's right.

so you wonder if they're stilldoing it, the way they were.

- Well, they are, you know, 60Minutes did a fabulous expose

on it and the fact thatCongress had passed legislation

that prohibited the drugadministration from,

you know, taking legal actionagainst these companies

but there are two or three really big ones

that were just pouring outthese drugs and in little towns.

You're from West Virginia,little town in West Virginia,

they have ...

- Big problem in WestVirginia, big problem there.

- There is.

- Huge and they're taking iton with a lot of lawsuits.

- Well what was the problem, the

just what I'm talking about?

- Same thing, just, youknow, people getting addicted

and it being so availableand being prescribed

and just became an epidemic.

- Well, if you've got apain and you're hurting

and you've got a pill that you can take,

it's so easy to pop a couple of pills

and then you take a couple more

and then you've gotta have the pills

and then on it.- Gotta have it.

- Oh man, well ladies and gentlemen,

this is a problem that is facing America,

especially it's in West Virginia,

it's in Ohio, it's inthis part of the country

and Maryland and so forth.

But I think it's spreadingall across the nation

and it's just terrible.

These so-called legitimate drug companies

are pouring these narcoticsinto these communities

and we have to do somethingto stop it, alright.

- Amen, well up next, the gang member

who was tired of being shot at by others,

so he resolved to shoot himself.

- My parents didn't care,my sisters didn't care,

brothers, uncles, no one,that's where I was at.

It's like I'd just ratherdie than to live like this.

- [Wendy] Find out whatstopped this Suicide

when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Well we're so happy you're with us,

this is the 700 Club in case you missed it

and I'm here with Wendy and oh,

we've got some interestingthings coming up.

But right now I wannatell you about a man,

Damien Jackson who'smother was in the mafia.

And before long Damienwas in a gang of his own.

And because of the ever present threats

from cops or drugs or rivals,

Damien felt his days were short.

So he came up with a plan.

Since the gang life was gonna kill him,

he wanted to do it himself.

- I remember literally,everyday after school

when I would walk up to the door

and turn the doorknob,I would literally sigh

every day before.

I would open, it's just okay.

What am I gonna walk into.

- [Speaker] Things were much different now

for Damien Jackson, his familyhad lived well in Miami,

a lifestyle paid for by hismom's job with the mafia.

But when she started feelingpressured by the police,

they fled to a poorneighborhood in Georgia

when Damien was seven.

- I didn't see my dad around

unless he was at home beating us.

I wanna talk to mom, nobut she's there drunk,

she's there poppingPercocets and pain pills.

She'd say I hate you,I wish I never had you.

I should have just shovedyou back up inside of me

when you came out, you should have died.

- [Speaker] His senseof worth diminishing,

Damien started getting into fights,

taking his anger out on others.

- I felt kind of like, I wasimposing my will on them,

it's like now they feel pain.

I'm not nothing, I can beat this person,

I can beat that person.

- [Speaker] He alsostarted smoking marijuana.

- Get high, stay high andjust don't think about life.

I didn't like to sit back

and think how messed up my family was.

- [Speaker] Then whenDamien was a teenager,

his father announced he was gay

and no longer wanted a family.

Damien's mother took the kidsand moved in with another man

but he didn't want a family either.

- She would be so nasty, shewould complain about everything

until one day he said to my mom,

I'm sick of this, I don't want them here.

You have a choice,either they go or you go.

And my mom she justlowered her head and said,

sorry you all have to go.

A door opened for darkness and I just went

and said, I'm unloved,no one cares about me,

so I'm gonna keep going until I die.

Someone's gonna kill me andthen this life will be over.

- [Speaker] Forced to live on the streets,

Damien dropped out of schooland started selling drugs.

He also joined a gang that at first

felt like the family he never had.

- You laugh, you gethigh, you drink, you rap,

you make jokes, you go toparties, you talk together

but then when the otherside of it comes in

is when you start to realize,you know, this is serious.

When you're getting shot at,

when people are trying to kill you.

I was actually sure my entire life

that I would die before 18.

- [Speaker] At one point hedecided it would be better

if he took a handgun and did it himself.

But someone walked in beforehe could pull the trigger.

- My parents didn't care,my sisters didn't care,

brothers, uncles, no one.

That's where I was at, it'slike it was a day to day,

I'd just rather diethan to live like this.

- [Speaker] After twoyears living on the street,

Damien was arrested and found guilty

for attacking an undercover cop.

At 16 years old and facingfive years in prison,

he asked for help from someonehe had reached out to before.

- And I always saidthat little quick like,

oh God help me get outof here kind of thing.

But I think this time, sincerely,

the difference was I had had enough

and I said Lord, if youare real help me this time

because I need to see a sign,

if you get me out of here,that's gonna be my sign to me

that you are real and I promiseyou, I'm gonna do my part.

- [Speaker] Then insteadof pushing for jail time,

prosecution recommendedDamien be put on probation.

The judge agreed and ordered Damien

to go live with his father.

- That was the first timeI saw God work in my favor.

I'm like okay, I think this is my miracle.

- [Speaker] Away from the gang and drugs,

Damien bought a Bible and started reading

but he still felt something was missing.

- I said how can Godaccept me and forgive me

after everything I've done?

I knew that maybe I had a chance

but it's like an inner battle.

When he helped me get out of jail,

I knew okay, this had to be God

but that didn't make mefeel like okay, I'm forgiven

and I'm saved, I'm welcomed.

I still wrestled everydaywith the things I've done.

- [Speaker] At church, apastor started teaching him

about God's love and forgiveness

but even then he found it hard to accept.

- Every week I would ask him man,

because it's like I wasn't believing that

he had accepted me yetand that I was really his.

I realized I couldn't just expect

for everything toautomatically feel perfect,

I had to believe, I had tobelieve that he forgave me.

That was when I said, GodI'm no longer in this game,

I'm done with this, I am notdoing this anymore, I'm yours.

And I want more of you andless of me from now on.

And I'm gonna pursue you andI'm gonna get closer to you

and I wanna bring you to this whole world.

- [Speaker] Havingaccepted God's forgiveness,

Damien was able to forgivehis parents and himself

for his past life.

At 21, he became a pastor in order

to fulfill his promise to God.

- I don't look at the world and say,

oh this person's so bad,they're so evil, they're so this

but if they had God in their life,

then they could change.

See God didn't look atme the way people did.

They saw a criminal, a gangbanger, a thug, a dangerous guy.

God looked at me and sawa hurt child, a hurt soul.

I had to find my peaceand my happiness in Jesus.

I had to realize that his love is enough.

- You know, people are looking for love,

children are looking for love,

teenagers are looking for love.

People really want someone to love them.

You know, there's a song,

You're Nobody Until SomebodyLoves You, it's true.

You need to have love and you know,

there's so many loveless families,

there are husbands and wiveswho don't love each other.

There are parents whodon't love their children

and children don't love each other.

I mean, it's really bad.

And yet, Damien found the answer,

he realized nobody really loved him.

His own parents, his mother,

can you imagine, I wish I'djust shoved you back up in the

my body when you startedcoming out, I hate you.

Can you imagine a childhaving to live with that?

Can you imagine whatgoes on in a little boy

when his father walks out on him,

his mother's working in the mafia?

I mean, what kind of a background is that?

But so many children are that way.

You know, we talk aboutopioids and all the rest of it,

today our children are so vulnerable.

And some of you in thisaudience right now,

you're looking for love,you say nobody loves me.

Well, I tell you what, God lovesyou so much he died for you

and if you were the onlyperson in the world,

get this, if you were the onlyperson in the whole world,

Jesus Christ wouldstill have died for you.

Because you are special,

one soul is worth morethan the whole universe.

One human being and youare precious in God's sight

and in his eyes and he loves you.

And if you want to know real love,

all you have to do is do whatDamien did surrender yourself

to the one who really loves you.

And there's no taking back his love,

he's already proved it,he already died for you.

He died once that you might live forever.

And he's not gonna go back up on the cross

and do it all over again,he's not gonna take it back.

He's done it, he said I love you

and will you accept my love?

And today I'm offeringyou as his representative

the love of God and all Iask you to do is to accept it

and pray with me.

You wanna give up yourhatred and your bitterness

and your rejection and all the rest of it.

Well, if you do justpray with me right now.

Pray these words, mean them in your heart

but pray them silently or outloud, however you wanna do it.

But these words, I willlead you in prayer,

you can pray with me.

Jesus, that's right, Jesus, I am a sinner

and I haven't felt loved andI felt like nobody loves me.

But Lord I know that you love me,

you love me so much you died for me

and right now I want you toknow I receive your love.

I accept it in my heartand I ask you to come now

and be my savior, be the lover of my life

and be my Lord and fromthis moment on I am yours.

Thank you Lord that'syou've heard my prayer

and thank you that you'vecome into my heart.

Now I wanna pray with you,

Father for those who prayed,

let this spirit of God comeinto their lives right now,

in Jesus' name amen.

And where ever you are,if you prayed with me,

I wanna do something to help you

because you need to get started

and you need to confess what you've done,

you've just made a decisionand I want you to confess it.

Now I have a CD, it's a compact disc,

it's about 73 minutesof very intense teaching

about what you just did.

If anybody's in Christ,he's a new creation.

I'll give this to youfree as my gift to you

and also with it is a little packet.

It's got the scriptures on that thing,

it's a little booklet,

it's got all these wonderful scriptures

about what do you do ifyou sin, what if you fall,

what about the Lord receiving you back

and what about being filledwith the Holy Spirit.

All this wonderful stuffis right here for you.

I ask you to pick up the phone and call,

if you prayed with me, saylook, I just prayed with Pat.

1-800, toll free number,

it's easy to remember,700-7000, 700-7000, 700-7000.

And if you're out of the area,

you can dial a one, you candial 800 and it's toll free.

So, call right now and giveus the good news, okay?


- Thanks Pat, well still aheadwe comb through our inbox

for your questions and now it'stime for you to get answers.

Jeff asked why do some peoplesuffer more than others?

Pat weighs in on this and so much more,

so don't go away.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to the 700 Club.

The parents of the 12Thai boys who were rescued

from a flooded cave arethanking people everywhere

for their prayers and support.

One of the recently freedboys attends a youth center

run by Compassion, aChristina ministry designated

to pull children out of poverty.

Amazingly one of the rescuers attended

this same youth center

and was among the first toreport the boys missing.

Local church partners met continuously

to pray for the childrenthrough out the ordeal.

Rescuers even used the church facility

as a base of operation for their search.

Well a number of immigrantchildren are reunited

with their parents today

but many others remain in U.S. custody

as federal officials dismisseda deadline to reunite them.

A judge in San Diego set a 14 day deadline

to reunite children under fiveyears old with their parents

after they were forcibly separated

when their parents crossed

the U.S., Mexico border illegally.

Immigration lawyers say reuniting families

is proving difficult, otherssay the Trump administration's

zero tolerance policy isn'tdeterring more families

from crossing the borderillegally with their children.

And you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Wendy are backwith more of the 700 Club

right after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- In one Honduran village,clean water is non-existence.

And the families who live there are forced

to drink the same pollutedwater as their animals.

- [Speaker] Even when thetemperatures reach 100 degrees

inside their temporaryclassroom, eight year old Ariella

and her classmates stillhave to attend school.

- [Interpreter] It wasso hot at our school

that I couldn't even study.

- [Speaker] The walls are madeof black plastic sheeting.

It's the only materialthe community could afford

in this extremelyimpoverished area of Honduras.

- [Interpreter] Ourclasses our supposed to go

from eight till three butwe can't stand the heat,

I have to send them home early.

- [Speaker] To make matters worse,

the school has no clean water

so they have to get it from this pond

that's polluted with bothhuman and animal waste.

So Operation Blessing provided some help.

First we built thechildren a brand new school

using concrete blocks with windows

that stretch across two entirewalls to provide ventilation.

- [Interpreter] This school is much better

than the other one and heatdoesn't bother us anymore.

- [Speaker] Next we discovered

an underground mountainspring near the village,

we then ran a pipe from it toa 5,000 gallon holding tank

that we also built.

Finally we ran pipes toeach home and the school

so that everyone has cleanwater to use for drinking,

cooking and bathing.

- [Interpreter] Now we havefresh, clean water at home

and my little girl doesnot get sick anymore.

- [Speaker] And ofcourse, the kids at school

are glad they have clean water too.

- [Interpreter] Thanks Operation Blessing

because you build our schooland brought clean water to us.

- Wow, can you imaginenot having clean water

and having to drink where theanimals go to the bathroom

or being in a school that was so hot

that you couldn't even study.

Well, if you're a CBN partner,

you solved both of those problems

and those young kidswill be forever grateful

and their lives changed forever.

If you would like to beapart of what we're doing

all over the world and help spread

the gospel of Jesus Christ, it's so easy

just go to your phones rightthe number on your screen,

1-800-700-7000 and say yesI wanna join the 700 Club.

It's just 65 cents a day,$20 a month is all it takes

to become a CBN partner and to do so much.

When you do that we have aspecial gift for you right now,

it's Pat's new teaching onAngels, I love this DVD.

It's the angel's power theirpurpose and their presence

in your life.

The Bible talks aboutangels many, many times

and if you'd like to knowmore about their purpose

in your life, we want youto have it as our gift

when you call right now.

We have a viewer, Pat,that's already seen angels,

Alan from Wrightwood, California.

He says the Angels DVDwas not only intense

but very powerful.

Alan, thanks for lettingus know that you liked it.

It was intense indeed.

- Okay.

- Guess what, it's time for email.

- Let's go for it,

let's go for it alright.- Alright, let's start

with this one from Jeff, he says hello.

Hello Jeff, would you explainabout the suffering of people

as some people suffer very little, if any,

and some people sufferall their life, Pat.

- You know it's hard tosay why do people suffer.

I think that's been aquestion throughout the ages,

why is there suffering,why do good things happen,

I mean bad things happen togood people and all this,

they're philosophical questions.

You know, but I want youto know some suffering

is caused by the way you live.

Your lifestyle can cause allkinds of disease and suffering.

Your mental attitude an cause suffering.

The Bible says a merry heartdoeth good like medicine.

So if you're happy, if you'rejoyful, if you, you know,

praise God for what'sgoing on in your life,

if you get out of those problems.

So it's true, why does somepeople have those problems?

Well, a lot of it, asI say is self inflicted

and I think there'ssomething about our mind,

you know, we project AM and FMradio waves out of our brains

and I think that, you know,

a man can eat good bythe fruit of his lips,

you eat good by what you say.

I am more than conquerorthrough Christ that loves me,

I am more than conquerorthrough him that loves me.

And I can do all things throughChrist that strengthens me.

If we continue to reaffirm things,

we'll find that our life

around us begins to change, alright.

- Amen, alright, Joe says,I'd like to know your opinion

about street preacherswho stand in the street

and yell at people thatthey're going to hell.

Some even stand in frontof certain churches

and tell people that go therethat they will go to hell.

They even tell young mento cut their hair short

if it's too long.

This doesn't sound likepreaching the truth in love.

What do you think?

- Well, I think you're absolutely right,

these guys are screwballs and they,

I mean, you know, it's a free country

and that's the problem,people can get on it

and shout about anything.

And you see these angryconfrontations, you know,

between skin heads and these others.

And I mean, it's a shame,it's a free country,

you can't put them in jail.

But I guess if they'reinciting riots and things

maybe you can restrain them from doing it.

You know the Supreme Court talked about

shouted fire in a crowded theater.

That's wrong, (laughs) but most of that,

I mean we've got freedom andwhat do I think about it?

I think it's an absolute disgrace.

I think these people are not serving God,

they're serving themselves

and they may have some emotional problem

or they may have some screw lose.

But nevertheless, I don't agree with it.

It's not the way you win somebody.

You win somebody withgentleness, with love,

with compassion, withunderstanding and so forth.

You don't win anybody to anything

by yelling at them, alright.

- Amen alright, Maimie saysPat, you mentioned on the show

that you'd had a total knee replacement.

How long does one wait onGod to heal miraculously

before accepting God isn'tgoing to miraculously heal

and go ahead and have the surgery?

I've been told I need atotal knee replacement.

- Well, I had a partial knee replacement

but there's a man in Chicago,Dr. Burger who is a genius,

he went to MIT as well as medical school.

He came up with a kneereplacement and I had mine done.

It gets so to the pointwhere you can't walk,

about how long you have to be

if every step is in agony,it's time to get it fixed.

And Dr. Burger, I was walkingup steps about 30 minutes

after the surgery, I rode ahorse seven days after surgery.

- Oh wow.

- 30, did you say 30minutes after surgery?

- Right, I was walking up steps.

- Oh.

- As soon as he got me- That's the kind of surgery

from bed.I'd like that.

- Yeah but I mean, it's, wehad a camera crew in there

and they had the, youknow, they took a saw,

you could see the saw,

they cut out the arthritisthat was in there, they put ...

- So maybe in this case thesurgery was the miracle.

- Well, of course it was but,- Yeah.

you ask me, it's when youget so bad you can't move,

it's time to get on with it

but make sure you get somebodythat knows what they're doing

'cause they can ruin your knee as well.

Well, we leave you withtoday with our Power Minute

from Psalm 20, "May he grant you according

to your heart's desire andfulfill all your purpose."

Well for Wendy and all ofus, this is Pat Robertson,

thank you so much for being with us.

And we'll take you on anaircraft carrier tomorrow.

We'll see you then, bye bye.


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