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CBN NewsWatch: July 12, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: July 12, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much forjoining us for CBN Newswatch

I'm Efrem Graham.

President Donald Trumpheads to England today

after delivering a sternlecture to members of NATO.

At the alliance summitin Brussels Wednesday

the president said it's time the Europeans

foot more of the billfor their mutual defense.

Our Gary Lane is on this story.

- [Gary] After scolding Nato on Wednesday

President Trump praisedthe alliance on Thursday.

Members agreed to increasetheir defense spending

by at least 33 billion dollars.

- NATO is much stronger nowthan it was two days ago.

I can tell you that NATO nowis really a fine-tuned machine,

people are paying moneythat they never paid before.

They're happy to do it.

And the United States is beingtreated much more fairly.

- [Gary] What prompted the NATO decision?

The president took on members

of the 69 year old NATO alliance

by questioning Germany'srelationship with Russia.

- Germany as far as I'mconcerned is captive to Russia.

So we're supposed to protect Germany

but they're gettingtheir energy from Russia.

Explain that.

- [Gary] A 12 billiondollar Gazprom pipeline

doubles the amount of natural gas flowing

from Russia into western Europe.

The United States says it makes NATO

more dependent on Russia for energy.

That means increasedRussian political influence

and leverage on an alliance

that America spends billions of dollars

to help defend against Russia.

- Of course we understandthat when we stand together

also when dealing withRussia we are stronger.

- But Trump says most NATO members

aren't spending their fair share.

Only six of 29 members arespending barely two percent

of their gross domesticproduct on defense.

The United States spends 3.6%.

The president wants to seeeach NATO member spend 4%.

The United Kingdom is next onPresident Trump's itinerary.

Anti-Trump protestors areexpected to be out in full force.

Some voicing their displeasurewith the American president

by displaying this baby balloon.

One of the highlights of thepresident's England visit

will be a meeting with theQueen at Windsor Castle.

Gary Lane CBN News.

- Here now is a look at someof the other major stories

we're following for you todayinside the CBN newsroom.

Papa Johns founder JohnSchnatter has resigned

as chairman of his companiesboard for racist remarks.

He admitted he used aracially insensitive word

during a media trainingsession about race in May.

Along with his resignationhe issued an apology saying,

regardless of the context I apologize.

Simply stated, racism hasno place in our society.

This is just the latestcontroversy for Schnatter,

he previously tried todownplay comments he made

about NFL players protestingduring the National Anthem.

Police have arrested StormyDaniels at an Ohio strip club.

Her attorney tweeted the news early today

stating she was arrested forallegedly allowing a customer

to touch her while she was on stage.

USA Today reports Ohiolaw prohibits anyone

from touching a nude or semi-nude dancer.

Daniels attorney called the arrest

a set-up and politically motivated.

Daniels is currently suing President Trump

over a hush agreement about an affair

she claims to have had with him.

An FBI agent who's anti-Trumptext messages fueled suspicion

is expected to testifybefore Congress today.

Peter Strozk will tellhis side of the story

for the first time publicly

regarding derogatory text messages

during his time leading investigations

into Hilary Clinton's email scandal

and Russia as well asPresident Donald Trump.

He said that he has neverallowed personal opinions

to affect his work.

Now for more on these storiesand others throughout the day

you can always check out

Everyone is strong in mind and heart,

that from the doctor inThailand threatening,

treating the boys rather,

and their soccer coach

rescued from deep withinthat flooded cave.

The 12 boys made two finger victory signs

from their hospital beds,

they are right now in an isolation ward

recovering from their 18 day ordeal.

Their parents watch with relieffrom behind a glass wall.

They're being treated for lung infections

but overall doctors saythey are doing quite well.

We are learning the boy's coach

told the Navy Seals who rescued them,

the order in which theboys should be carried out.

They'll spend seven days in the hospital

and then go home to continue resting.

A Thai official whooversaw the rescue mission

calls it a symbol of unity among mankind.

As senators begin the process

of vetting Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh,

disclosure forms show heis not nearly as wealthy

as many of the justices on the court.

Kavanaugh has a bankaccount worth $65,000.

Add to that a retirementaccount worth about $500,000

and the equity in his home

and he has an additionalmillion dollars in wealth.

Disclosures show he also has little debt

beyond his home mortgage.

The annual salary fora circuit court judge,

his current job, is about $220,000.

A White House spokespersonsays Kavanaugh's bank account

shows he's devoted to hislife of public service.

The so-called fire season ofCalifornia no longer exists.

That's because fighting fires there

has become almost a full time job.

As Heather Sells shows us

this is costing the state 45 lives

and billions in damage just the last year.

- California firefightershave a new normal.

It's focusing on the fire risk year round

and not just during fire season.

- I think we're very prepared

but there's no where else in the nation

that burns like California.

- [Heather] The golden statehas become the burning state.

Ground zero for wildfires.

Insurance estimate show half

of the more than four million U.S. homes

at high or extreme risk ofwildfire are in California.

And wildfires are gettingworse in both size and scope.

What's driving it?

For starters California's vegetation.

Plus cool moist winters

followed by longerhotter and dryer summers.

It's a recipe for worldclass fire conditions.

An extended drought combinedwith bark beetle infestation

has killed off 129 million trees.

Those dead dry trees representan instant fire hazard.

Fire officials say manycommunities can go up in minutes.

Just last October firesin the wine country

that destroyed thousands ofhomes and killed 15 people

were started mainly by treesfalling on power lines.

Cal Fire wants the public,even those in urban areas

to be aware and ready toevacuate when conditions warrant.

- When the firefighters arespending the first 12 hours

going in and just evacuatingpeople and not fighting fire

that should be a clueto the public that hey,

the fire service professionals

can't even start fighting fire

because they need to getpeople out of harms way.

That's how bad it is right now.

- [Heather] Homeownerscan also take simple steps

like clearing brush from their homes

not only to protect their own property

but their communities as well.

Reporting in Sacramento,Heather Sells CBN News.

- The federal government hasreopened it's investigation

into the murder of Emmett Till.

He is the black teenagerwho was brutally killed

by two white men inMississippi back in 1955.

The men were tried and acquitted

and later confessed to thecrime in a magazine interview.

Emmett Till's case was closed back in 2007

after federal agents saidthe suspects were dead.

Now the justice department says

it is reinvestigating the murder

after receiving some new information.

Teenagers today face all kinds of pressure

from getting good grades

to avoiding alcohol anddrugs while in school.

In such a complicated world

one church wants to reach asmany young people as possible

with one simple message,

God has a plan for your life.

Our John Jessup explains.

- It's here against the backdrop

of these majestic mountainsin Colorado Springs

where students comefrom across the country

seeking the God of all creationfor changing their lives

and in the lives of othersin their generation.

On this sunny day thousands of students

from more than 30 statesfile into New Life Church.

They come to DesperationStudent Conference

to learn about purposeand living on mission.

From Christian speakers like Louie Giglio

and artists like Kari Jobeand Elevation Worship.

(worship music)

This is Ian Watkin's third year.

He believes Desperation speaksdirectly to his generation.

- We're just like so hungry andpassionate in different ways

and we're looking for answers

but we're looking to the wrong places.

I believe that theyprovide a lot of answers

and that's Christ.

- [John] Ian says he discoveredthe answer for himself

on his very first visitwhen he became a Christian.

Now as part of a ministrycalled Move of God,

Ian sees his story repeated each year.

- Pray with me, dear Jesus,

I admit I'm a sinner.

- [John] Many here commit to follow Jesus

learning to become fearless in their faith

and devote themselves to making disciples.

- This generation hasbeen mis-characterized

as being narcicisstic,self-centered, materialistic

and all the rest of those things

and those are certainlychallenges within our culture

but I really do believe and we believe

that God is raising up ageneration that is really looking

to be able to make adifference in their world.

- [John] It's a message the students

are putting into action.

- Whether you're in the locker room

or you're in the hallwaysat school, be that light.

So I think what it really does

is create this culture andthis hunger and understanding

that to be wherever youare, to have that passion,

to have that, be desperateto see people know Christ.

- [John] And that passionkeeps them hungry for more.

- [Ian] I'm gonna keepcoming back as long as I can,

as long as they'll let me.

'Cause I just love seeing young kids

just hungry after Christ.

- This is the 17th year

for the Desperation Student Conference.

And with so many teenagelives being changed here

organizers say that's what keepsthem going year after year.

John Jessup, CBN Newsreporting in Colorado Springs.

- Coming up, she performedhundreds of abortions

but then she had a revelation,one that changed her life.

You're gonna hear herstory coming up next.

And welcome back.

Dr. Kathi Aultman wasonce an avid supporter

of a woman's right to choose

and personally performedhundreds of abortions.

But that all changed aftera spiritual revelation.

Our Charlene Aaron sat downwith the former abortionist

for her amazing story of transformation.

- [Charlene] Kathi Aultmanwanted to be a doctor

so she could help women.

After receiving her license

she took a job at a Florida women's clinic

to perform abortions.

- There was no question in my mind

that a woman shouldhave the right to choose

whether she wanted to be pregnant or not.

And that was the most important thing.

I didn't consider the fetusin the equation at all.

- [Charlene] Aultman wenton to become director

of a local Planned Parenthood.

Where she says examining

the parts of abortedbabies fascinated her.

- I was looking at it completely

from a scientific standpoint,

totally devoid of anyemotion and it was amazing

and I used to send the differentparts down to pathology.

And then on our pathology rotation

we would look at thoseslides and it fascinated me.

- [Charlene] She even performedabortions while pregnant.

- I didn't see any problem with that.

My baby was wanted, their baby wasn't.

It didn't seem to bother thewomen that I was aborting.

But yeah I saw no contradiction in that.

No problem with it.

- Dr. Aultman said theonly time she had qualms

about what she was doing

was when she worked in theintensive care unit for newborns.

That's where Aultman foundherself trying to save babies

who were the same age as those she killed.

Thoughts she quickly dismissed.

- If she wanted the baby

then I did everything I could

to give her a happy healthy baby.

If she miscarried I wouldbe distraught with her.

And upset about losing that baby.

- [Charlene] After having her first child

the doctor came face toface with three cases

that changed her thinking.

One involved a young girlwho had three abortions,

all performed by Aultman.

- I went to the clinic manager and I said,

I don't want to do this,

she's just using abortionas birth control.

And they said I didn't have theright to make that decision,

it wasn't a judgmentthat I should be making

and I needed to do the procedure.

- [Charlene] In 1983 afterattending a church service

and a private meeting with the pastor

Aultman became a Christian.

- He gave me Josh McDowell's

Evidence That Demands A Verdict.

It was that point that Ifinally understood who Jesus was

and at that point really Icommitted my life to him.

And then he just startedthe long hard work

of transforming me.

- [Charlene] Part of that transformation

included no longer doing abortions.

Still Aultman held on to her belief

that a woman had the right

to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Two years later after reading an article

comparing abortion with the Nazi Holocaust

she saw herself as a mass murderer.

- I probably murderedmore people than Ted Bundy

or any of the mass murderers

if you consider all theabortions that I did.

- [Charlene] After talkingwith a Christian counselor

Aultman received muchneeded peace and healing.

- And during that time

in my mind I could seeJesus' gown and his feet.

And I was at his feet crying

and he said to me, are youmore powerful than I am?

Are you more important than I am?

Are you stronger than I am?

That I can forgive you butyou cannot forgive yourself?

At that point I understoodthat he had forgiven me

and that I needed to forgive myself.

And that was where Ireally had my healing.

- [Charlene] Aultman is nowretired and has dedicated

the remainder of her lifeto fighting for the unborn.

As a board certified OB-GYN and a fellow

of the American College ofObstetricians and Gynecologists

she recently urged lawmakers

to pass the Heartbeat Protection Act.

A measure that would ban abortionsat six weeks of pregnancy

after an unborn babiesheartbeat is detected.

- I support the Heartbeat Protection Act

because it uses the heartbeat,a very concrete sign of life

that people can identify with

to define when the fetusshould be protected.

- [Charlene] She is grateful everyday

for the opportunity to speakfor those she once silenced.

- I'm so thankful that he'susing me to save babies now

when once I used to kill them.

And that's very healingand restorative in itself.

- [Charlene] Charlene AaronCBN News, Jacksonville Florida.

- [Efrem] A boy from Ugandais kidnapped at age six

and then forced to become a child soldier.

See what happens next,

we got the story comingup after this break.

The Lord's Resistance Army kidnapped Jonah

when he was just six yearsold growing up in Uganda.

As a child soldier

that group forced himto do unspeakable things

and his story could haveended with his own death.

But God had other plans.

One of Jonah's captors sethim on the path of salvation.

Take a look.

- I heard stories ofrebels that killed everyone

and burned entire villages.

So when our neighborsscreamed, they're here,

I ran and hid all day.

But they still found me.

- [Narrator] Jonah toldme the incredible story

of his capture andeventual release and rescue

from the Lord's Resistance Army.

He was taken captive with many other boys

when he was just six years old.

- I was the youngest among them.

We walked for days thenarrived at the base.

The commander gave me a big stick

and ordered me to kill a man.

If I didn't do it they would kill me.

I beat him and beat him

but I was so small andweak he would not die.

Then I said just let me die too.

I'm too young to kill this man.

- [Narrator] The LRA commandergathered all the boys around

and told them not to cry or shout

but only to laugh and celebratewhat was about to happen.

- They made the man liedown and cut him in pieces

as he begged for mercy.

There was so much blood,my heart cried out for him

but I kept it inside.

I lost all my good memories

and only saw the madness around me.

- [Narrator] Forced to fight for the LRA

Jonah was badly injuredduring a crossfire.

The soldiers asked himif he wanted to rest.

- When they ask that it meansthey'll make you rest forever.

I said, I can walk.

I prayed and asked God to take me home.

I knew it was out of my hands.

I could no longer do anything.

- [Narrator] Nobody took care of Jonah

so when his wound didn't heal

a soldier took him to anempty field to kill him.

But instead of shootinghim the soldier let him go.

- I wanted to get as far away as possible.

I stayed in abandoned huts as I fled.

And everywhere I wentI was in so much pain.

At night I woke up andheard a voice saying

you have to keep on going.

I looked to see who spokebut there was no one.

Now I know it was God.

- [Narrator] In one abandoned hut

Jonah found beans and a few matches

and managed to start a fire.

An army fighting the rebels saw the smoke

and surrounded the hut.

When they found Jonah alonethey took him to safety.

Jonah went back to his village,

reunited with his familyand joined a peace club.

The club was startedby Exile International

a ministry supported byCBNs Orphan's Promise.

Through the peace club

he learned about the God who saved him.

- Even before I knewhim he took care of me.

I have given my life to Christ

and I know there's nothingI have outside of God.

You didn't find me byaccident, God sent you to me,

and your love and acceptancehas helped heal my heart.

- Many of the kids whocome to these peace clubs

are either war orphansor former child soldiers.

But here in a therapeutic setting

they sing songs and play games.

Early on when they start coming

a lot of the skits they put on

have to do with violence and war.

But in time they're doing little plays

about school and their friends

because here they have achance to be kids again.

We also enrolled Jonah ina Christian boarding school

where he's doing very well.

- My life is complete.

You have cared for me like a parent

and given me everything I need.

There is nothing I can give you in return

but I pray that Godwill bless every person

who has been a part of helping me.

- Jonah's amazing story.

You can learn about our Orphan's Promise

by going to it's website.


We'll be right back.

Time now for your Thursday thankful

and today I pray you will join me

in this prayer of gratitude,

Father I thank you thatyou are always who I need,

what I need and when I need.

You are indeed the answer to it all.

With that word be sure to make this

a very thankful Thursday.

That is going to do it forthis edition of CBN News.

Remember you can find moreof our exclusive coverage

of the issues you care mostabout always at

And we'd love to hear what you think

about the stories you seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

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Hope you will join usagain right here next time.

Make this a thankful Thursday,

we'll see you right back here tomorrow,

goodbye and God bless.


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