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'God Is Raising up a Generation': This Is the Movement That's Fueling Teens with the Power of Desperation

'God Is Raising up a Generation': This Is the Movement That's Fueling Teens with the Power of Desperation Read Transcript

- Teenagers today faceall kinds of pressure

from getting good grades to avoiding

alcohol and drugs while in school.

In such a complicated world,

one church wants to reach asmany young people as possible

with one simple message.

God has a plan for your life.

Our John Jessup explains.

It's here against thebackdrop of these majestic

mountains in Colorado Springs

where students comefrom across the country

seeking the God of all creation

for changing their lives and in the lives

of others from their generation.

On this sunny day thousands of students

from more than 40 states

file into New Life Church.

They come to DesperationStudent Conference

to learn about purposeand living on mission.

And Christian speakers like Louie Giglio

and artists like Kari Jobeand Elevation Worship.

This is Ian Watkins third year.

He believes Desperation speaksdirectly to his generation.

- We're just like so hungry andpassionate in different ways

and like we're looking for answers.

But we're like lookingto the wrong places.

I believe that they provide

a lot of answers and that's Christ.

- [John] Ian says he discoveredthe answer for himself

on his very first visitwhen he became a Christian.

Now as part of a ministrycalled the Move of God

Ian sees a story repeated each year.

- Dear Jesus I admit I'm a sinner.

- [John] Many here commit to follow Jesus,

learning to become fearless in their faith

and devote themselves to making disciples.

- This generation hasbeen mischaracterized

as being narcissistic,

self centered, materialistic,

and all the rest of those things.

And those are certainlychallenges within our culture

but I really do believe

and we believe that Godis raising up a generation

that is really looking tobe able to make a difference

in their world.

- [John] It's a message the students

are putting into action.

- Whether you're in a locker room,

or you're in the halls atschool like be that light

so I think what it reallydoes is create this culture

and this hunger and understanding

that like to be what ever you are

to have that passion to have that

desperate to see people know Christ.

- [John] And that passionkeeps them hungry for more.

- [Ian] I'm gonna keepcoming back as long as I can.

As long as they'll let me.

Because I just love seeing young kids

just hungry after Christ.

- This is the 17th year for the

Desperation Student Conference.

And with so many teenagelives being changed here,

organizers say that'swhat keeps them going

year after year.

John Jessup CBN Newsreporting in Colorado Springs.


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