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News on The 700 Club: July 12, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” July 12.: President Trump visits England today after delivering a stern lecture to members of NATO; How US Navy chaplains play an intricate role in keeping the military ready for battle; Israeli reports said Russia ... Read Transcript

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of the 700 Club.

It looks like the President ishaving some success at NATO.

He said look guys you've pledged2% of your GDP for defense,

how about doing it, you'renot gonna get a free ride

on America anymore.

We're not gonna carrythe full load of NATO.

We're trying to defendyou Germany and France

and other countries in NATO

and if you want us to do ityou've gotta do your fair share.

If all those NATO countriesbegin to pitch in,

it will be an enormous pool of money.

As I think we've said yesterday,

we have seen reportsthat the German troops

are actually drilling with wooden rifles.

They can't afford rifles,their submarines don't work,

their tanks don't roll and so forth.

But now they're going tohave to put up some money.

They've got plenty of money,

they just need to put it into defense.

And America is spending somethinglike $680 billion a year

in defense spending, we're way ahead

of everybody else it the world.

And I think we all might question the fact

it's nice to have all the latest gadgets

but I think the time hascome we begin to scale back

some of these extravagantpurchases we're making.

And I know the defensecontractors won't like that

but the truth is we've got to, you know,

get this under control.

But nevertheless, if NATO comes through,

Putin will be contained andthat's what NATO's all about.

Well, going to the MiddleEast right now Iranian forces

are threatening Israelacross the border with Syria.

With one general going as far as to say

he's just waiting for theorder to attack Israel.

It's a crisis that PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

is taking directly to RussianPresident Vladimir Putin.

- Well this isn't thefirst time that Netanyahu

has traveled to Moscowto talk about Syria,

given Putin's influenceand involvement there.

Middle East Bureau Chief, ChrisMitchell shows us why Israel

has good reason to worryabout his border challenges.

- [Chris] Following a meetingbetween Israeli Prime Minister

Netanyahu and Russian President Putin,

Israeli reports that Russia was working

to remove Iranian forces fromIsrael's border with Syria.

It's the subject the Israelileader came to discuss.

- It's not new for you

that our focus is on Syria and Iran.

- Netanyahu has been workingvery hard to try to keep open

lines of communication, why?

Because Russian militaryforces are operating

just over the northernmountains of Israel in Syria

and Israel doesn't have amilitary conflict with Russia

and it does not want amilitary conflict with Russia.

- [Chris] Israel has it'sred lines inside Syria.

- [Interpreter] Israel cannot allow

an Iranian presence in Syria.

Of course, we will in noway allow the Iranian bases

or Hezbollah bases on the Israeli border.

That's why the dialogue with the Russians

is very important and I really hope

that also during these talksbetween Trump and Putin,

these subjects will beaddressed and will be solved.

- [Chris] The border continues

to present a challenge to Israel.

On Wednesday, Israel shot down a drone

that violated it's air space.

The IDF retaliated by hittingthree targets inside Syria.

An a top Iranian general hasthreatened Israel's destruction

from just across the border.

"Today an international Islamic army

has been formed in Syria

and the voices of the Muslimsare heard near the Golan.

Orders are awaiting so thecustom of God vis-a-vis

the eradication of the evil regime,

will land and the life of this regime

will be ended for good.

The life of the Zionistregime was never in danger

as it is now."


(gun fires)

In the meantime this Syrian army aided

by Russian air support isseizing strategic territory

from rebel forces in southern Syria.

A top Israeli intelligence group reports

Iranian troops are also in the fight,

often wearing Syrian uniformsto disguise themselves.

All these boots on the ground

threaten Israel's northern border,

a key reason Prime MinisterNetanyahu will insist

Iran must leave Syria either on it's own

or with help from the IDF.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- It's a major threat,

Iran has been threateningIsrael's destruction

all for decades and the time has come

that Israel has got tostand up against them

but a war, Russian wouldconsider Iran their proxy

and if we look at the Biblethat's what's gonna happen

an invasion of Israel bycoalition that includes

Iran and the Islamic Republic

that border the southernpart of Russia and Turkey.

So it's all in there, it's in the Bible

and it's getting, you see thenews, it's all shaping up,

it's going to happen.

Well, President Trumpis heading to Britain

after wrapping a contentiousNATO meeting in Brussels,

Efrem Graham has more of ourtop stories from CBN Newsroom.

Here's Efrem.

- Pat after delivering astern lecture to NATO members,

President Trump announced they've agreed

to increase spending on defense

but not all NATO leadersagree that's what happened.

Our Gary Lane is on this story.

- After scolding NATO on Wednesday,

President Trump praisedthe alliance on Thursday.

Members agree to increasetheir defense spending

by at least $33 billion.

- NATO is much stronger nowthan it was two days ago,

I can tell you that NATO nowis really a fine tuned machine

and people are paying moneythat they never paid before.

They're happy to do it

and the United States is beingtreated much more fairly.

- [Gary] What prompted the NATO decision,

the President took on members

of the 69 year old NATO alliance

by questioning Germany'srelationship with Russia.

- Germany as far as I'mconcerned is captive to Russia.

So we're supposed to protect Germany

but they're getting their energyfrom Russia, explain that.

- [Gary] A $12 billion Gazprom pipeline

doubles the amount of naturalgas flowing from Russia

into western Europe.

The United States says itmakes NATO more dependent

on Russia for energy.

That means increasedRussian political influence

and leverage on an alliancethat America spends billions

of dollars to help defend against Russia.

- Because we understand that the,

well we stand togetheralso in dealing Russia

and we are stronger.

- But Trump says most NATO members

aren't spending their fair share.

Only six of 29 membersare spending barely 2%

of their gross domesticproduct on defense.

The United States spends 3.6%.

The President wants to seeeach NATO member spend 4%.

The United Kingdom is next onPresident Trump's itinerary.

Anti-Trump protestors areexpected to be out in full force.

Some voicing their displeasurewith the American President

by displaying this baby balloon.

One of the highlights of thePresident's England visit

will be a meeting with theQueen at Windsor Castle.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

- French President Emmanuel Macron denied

President Trump's claimNATO allies has agreed

to boost their defense spending beyond 2%

of their gross domestic product.

Macron said the summit'scommunicate quote,

"confirms the goal is 22%by 2024 and that is all."

The FBI agent who'santi-Trump text messages

fueled suspicions ofbias against Donald Trump

during the 2016 electiontestifies before Congress today.

The Inspector General's reportreveal Peter Strzok texted

quote, "We will stop it," inreference to Trump's campaign.

Strzok also led the investigation

into Hillary Clinton's email scandal

and worked on the investigationinto the Trump campaign's

connection to Russia.

Now some members of Congress want answers

on why the Russiainvestigation was started

in the first place.

Strzok has said he has neverallowed personal opinions

to affect his work.

Supreme Court nomineeBrett Kavanaugh continues

his Capitol Hill visits todayworking to win over senators

before his confirmation hearings.

Wednesday Maine's Susan Collins signaled

she's not opposed to Kavanaugh.

Some feared the moderaterepublican would vote against him

because to protect Roe versus Wade.

That's the ruling that legalized abortion

but Collins indicated Kavanaugh passes

her litmus test on the issue.

- Any judge who demonstratedhostility to Roe

would not be a personthat I would vote for.

I have not seen that with Judge Kavanaugh.

- Senator Collins said shediscussed Roe versus Wade

and other cases in her one onone meeting with Kavanaugh.

Democrats fighting Brett Kavanaugh's

Supreme Court nomination sayabortion rights are at stake.

But what would happen

if the case legalizingabortion is overturned?

And would make the court reconsider it?

Jennifer Wishon has some answers.

- If the Supreme Courtoverturns Roe v. Wade,

then legal control over abortionis returned to the states

setting up a new patchwork of laws.

In four states, North andSouth Dakota, Mississippi

and Louisiana, abortion wouldbe automatically banned.

Nine additional states whichhad abortion bans before Roe

would likely become law again.

And in eight states,abortion would remain legal.

If this control returns to the states

it would coincide with thegrowing number of Americans

identifying as pro-life.

Plus republican'scurrently hold more seats

in state legislatures across the country.

So if the last decade is any indication,

new pro-life laws could be on the way.

- We've seen an average ofnearly 60 pro-life laws passed

every single year andsigned into law since 2011.

- [Jennifer] A number of those state laws

already faced court challenges

which would likely become the mechanism

that puts abortion back onthe Supreme Court docket.

- When a case comes up

based on one of these state level laws,

then the court would beable to reexamine the issue

of abortion in Americaand would be able to say

in fact there is no such right,

in fact, Roe was poorly reasoned.

- [Jennifer] Catherine Glenn Foster says

due to that reasoning,she feels confident Roe

will be overturned, it'sjust a matter of when.

- We expect that thenext justice will rely

upon the Constitution,it's original meaning,

the original intent of the founders,

the text of the document itself

when making these very weighty decisions,

life-altering decisions.

- So even if Roe v. Wade is overturned,

the legal fight overabortion will continue.

At the Supreme Court,Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Pat, your thoughts here.

- Well, you know, when that Roe decision

came down a long time ago,I felt that it was wrong.

The reason it was wrong isbecause they federalized

a personal, moral decisionthat human beings make

and if there is a change in the attitude

of the country about that

it should be settled in ademocratic process by the voters

at the ballot box, notby five unelected judges

in the Supreme Courtpushed on by the ACLU.

But that thing has causedrancor and bitterness

across our nation becausepeople who are pro-life feel

so frustrated becausethey can't get through,

even if they push stuffthrough the state legislatures

it's ruled unconstitutionalbecause of a federal decision,

it should never have been federalized.

That's the same thing withthis thing about marriage.

Overwhelmingly the stateshad voted to retain marriage

as a union between a man and a woman.

And now all of a suddenthe Supreme Court comes out

and talks about humandignity and human personality

and all that stuff.

But you've got going all the way

back to Griswold versus Connecticut,

that was the foundation of Roe versus Wade

and that's one where Justice Douglas has

used to teach law at Yale,like he was a Yale graduate

and he comes up with this business

about all these penumbers and aminations

that who in the world heardabout penumbering and amination?

Well, we've found out apenumbering and amination

in the 14th Amendment and therefore

there was a right to privacythat's implicit in the law.

Well, there ain't no penumbersand there ain't aminations.

The whole thing was made up

by a judge who was a Yale graduate

who wanted Mr. Griswold toget condoms in New Haven.

That's what it was all about

and that was the foundationof Roe versus Wade.

The whole thing is nonsensebut we've been stuck with it

and this hideous hatred and animosity

that's been generatedbecause of the frustration

that comes about on these issues.

If was in the states andthe states voted on it,

and the people voted andthey were content, alright,

well the legislation has spoken

and the people have spokenand we've a referendum

and majority of the people voted for it,

then everybody would be quiet.

They'd say okay well that'swhat the people wanted

but this has been imposed uponthem by the Supreme Court.

So it's really been bad

and maybe, maybe, maybe, it'll be settled.

There was an oped in theWall Street Journal today

about what would a Kavanaugh court be?

But indeed, this wholething has got to be settled

and it, the biggest thingis judicial restraint,

get the judges out of politics

and let them go backto interpreting the law

which is what they'resupposed to do, not make law.


- Pat the United States is on pace to pass

both Saudi Arabia and Russia

as the world's biggest oil producer.

The latest data released bythe Energy Department shows

U.S. oil output growing next year

to 11.8 million barrels a day.

Energy officials saythat would make the U.S.

the world's number one producer.

They say production isbooming in shale fields

because of newertechniques such as fracking

and horizontal drilling.

Everyone is strong in mind and heart.

That is the word fromthe doctor in Thailand

treating the boys and their soccer coach

rescued from deep withinthat flooded cave.

The 12 boys made two finger victory signs

from their hospital beds.

They are in isolation ward recovering

from their eighteen day ordeal.

Their parents watch with relieffrom behind a glass wall.

Three are being treatedfor lung infections

but overall doctors saythey're all doing well.

They'll spend seven days in the hospital

and then go home to continue resting.

A Thai official oversaw therescue mission calls it,

quote, "a symbol of unity among mankind."

Can't get enough of that story, Pat.

- Well, we're justgrateful for those boys.

The whole world isinterested, isn't that amazing

there are millions of people who die,

they're victims of trafficking,

they're caught up in disease,

they're caught into war and famine

but here you've got a few youngboys who's trapped in a cave

and all the world is pulling for them

and praying for theirrelease and here are all out

and hopefully they're healthy so.

We rejoice and that isa victory for mankind,

I guess we say.


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