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The 700 Club - July 12, 2018

Abused as a child, one woman finds true peace when an unexpected visitor shows up. Plus, a San Francisco Giants executive shares the key to success. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

(plane engine roars)Coming up,

all aboard a city on the sea.

(tires skid loudly)

Go on a tour of duty on one of the Navy's

newest supercarriers, theUSS George H. W. Bush.

- It just seemed like so much fun.

- [Announcer] And meet the unsung heroes

who set the course for smooth sailing.

- [Man] All things that matter

so that we can defeat our enemies.

- [Announcer] CBN Newstalks to our Navy chaplains.

- I am here so you can besuccessful, and you've got it.

And you go forward, I've done my job.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)(plane engine roars)

(moves to dramatic music)

- Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

to this edition of The 700 Club.

It looks like the president ishaving some success at NATO.

He said, look, guys, you've pledged 2%

of your GDP for a defense.

How about doing it?

You know you're not gonna get

a free ride on America anymore.

We're not gonna carrythe full load of NATO.

We're trying to defend you, Germany,

and France, and other countries in NATO,

and if you want us to do it,

you've gotta do your fair share.

And if all those NATOcountries begin to pitch in,

it will be an enormous pool of money.

As I think we said yesterday,

we have seen reportsthat the German troops

were actually drilling with wooden rifles.

They can't afford rifles.

Their submarines don't work.

Their tanks don't roll, and so forth.

But now they're going tohave to put up some money.

They've got plenty of money.

They just need to put it into defense.

And America is spending something like

680 billion dollars ayear in defense spending.

We're way ahead ofeverybody else in the world,

and I think we allmight question the fact.

It's nice to have all the latest gadgets,

but I think the time hascome we begin to scale back

some of these extravagantpurchases we're making,

and I know the defensecontractors won't like that,

but the truth is we've gotto get this under control.

But, nevertheless, if NATO comes through,

Putin will be contained, andthat's what NATO's all about.

Well, going to the Middle East,

right now Iranian forcesare threatening Israel

across the border with Syria,

with one general going as far as to say

he's just waiting for theorder to attack Israel.

It's a crisis that PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

is taking directly to RussianPresident Vladimir Putin.

- Well, this isn't thefirst time Netanyahu

has traveled to Moscowto talk about Syria,

given Putin's influenceand involvement there.

Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell

shows us why Israel has good reason

to worry about its border challenges.

(dramatic beats)(cameras clicking)

- [Chris] Following the meeting between

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

and Russian President Putin,

Israeli reports said Russia was working

to remove Iranian forces fromIsrael's border with Syria.

It's the subject the Israelileader came to discuss.

- [Translator] It's not new for you

that our focus is on Syria and Iran.

- Netanyahu has been working very hard

to try to keep openlines of communication.

Why, because Russianmilitary forces are operating

just over the northernmountains of Israel in Syria,

and Israel doesn't have amilitary conflict with Russia

and it does not want amilitary conflict with Russia.

- [Chris] Israel has itsred lines inside Syria.

(speaks in foreign language)

- [Translator] Israel cannot allow

Iranian presence in Syria.

Of course, we will in noway allow the Iranian bases

or Hezbollah bases on the Israeli border.

That's why the dialogue with the Russians

is very important, and I really hope that

also during these talksbetween Trump and Putin

these subjects will beaddressed and will be solved.

- [Chris] The border continues to

present a challenge to Israel.

On Wednesday, Israel shot down a drone

that violated its air space.

The IDF retaliated by hittingthree targets inside Syria.

And a top Iranian general has threatened

Israel's destruction fromjust across the border.

Today an international Islamic army

has been formed in Syria,

and the voices of the Muslimsare heard near the Golan.

Orders are awaiting sothat the custom of God

vis-a-vis the eradicationof the evil regime will land

and the life of this regimewill be ended for good.

The life of the Zionist regime

was never in danger as it is now.

(loud explosion)

(loud gunshots)

In the meantime, the Syrian army,

aided by Russian air support,

is seizing strategic territory

from rebel forces in southern Syria.

A top Israeli intelligence group reports

Iranian troops are also in the fight,

often wearing Syrian uniformsto disguise themselves.

All these boots on the ground threaten

Israel's northern border, a key reason

Prime Minister Netanyahu will insist

Iran must leave Syria, either on its own

or with help from the IDF.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- It's a major threat.

Iran has been threateningIsrael's destruction

all for decades, and the time has come

that Israel has got tostand up against them.

But a war, Russia wouldconsider Iran their proxy.

And if we look at the Bible,that's what's gonna happen,

an invasion of Israel by a coalition

that includes Iran andthe Islamic Republics

that border the southernpart of Russia and Turkey.

So it's all in there.

It's in the Bible, and it's getting,

you see the news, it's all shaping up.

It's going to happen.

Well, President Trumpis heading to Britain

after wrapping up a contentiousNATO meeting in Brussels.

Efrem Graham has more of ourtop stories from CBN News Room.

Here's Efrem.(dramatic beats)

- Pat, after delivering astern lecture to NATO members,

President Trump announced they've agreed

to increase spending on defense,

but not all NATO leadersagree that's what happened.

Our Gary Lane is on this story.

(dramatic beats)

- After scolding NATO on Wednesday,

President Trump praisedthe alliance on Thursday.

Members agreed to increasetheir defense spending

by at least 33 billion dollars.

- NATO is much stronger nowthan it was two days ago.

I can tell you that NATO nowis really a fine-tuned machine.

People are paying moneythat they never paid before.

They're happy to do it,

and the United States is beingtreated much more fairly.

- [Gary] What prompted the NATO decision?

The president took on members of

the 69-year-old NATOalliance by questioning

Germany's relationship with Russia.

- Germany, as far as I'mconcerned, is captive to Russia,

so we're supposed to protect Germany,

but they're gettingtheir energy from Russia.

Explain that.

- [Gary] A 12 billiondollar Gazprom pipeline

doubles the amount of natural gas

flowing from Russia into Western Europe.

The United States says it makes NATO

more dependent on Russia for energy.

That means increasedRussian political influence

and leverage on an alliancethat America spends

billions of dollars tohelp defend against Russia.

- Because we understandthat when we stand together

also when dealing withRussia, we are stronger.

- But Trump says most NATO members

aren't spending their fair share.

Only six of 29 members are spending

barely 2% of their grossdomestic product on defense.

The United States spends 3.6%.

The president wants to seeeach NATO member spend 4%.

The United Kingdom is next onPresident Trump's itinerary.

Anti-Trump protestors areexpected to be out in full force,

some voicing their displeasurewith the American president

by displaying this baby balloon.

One of the highlights of thepresident's England visit

will be a meeting with thequeen at Windsor Castle.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

- French President Emmanuel Macron denied

President Trump's claimNATO allies have agreed

to boost their defense spending beyond 2%

of their gross domestic product.

Macron said that somemiscommunicate, quote,

confirms the goal is 2% by 2024,

and that is all.

The FBI agent whoseanti-Trump text messages

fueled suspicions ofbias against Donald Trump

during the 2016 electiontestifies before Congress today.

The Inspector General's report revealed

Peter Strzok texted,quote, we will stop it,

in reference to Trump's campaign.

Strzok also led the investigation into

Hillary Clinton's email scandal

and worked on the investigation into

the Trump campaign'sconnections to Russia.

Now some members ofCongress want answers on why

the Russia investigation wasstarted in the first place.

Strzok has said he has never allowed

personal opinions to effect his work.

Supreme Court nomineeBrett Kavanaugh continues

his Capitol Hill visitstoday, working to win over

senators before his confirmation hearings.

Wednesday, Maine's Susan Collins signaled

she's not opposed to Kavanaugh.

Some fear the moderate Republican would

vote against him toprotect Roe versus Wade.

That's the ruling that legalized abortion,

but Collins indicated Kavanaugh passes

her litmus test on the issue.

(dramatic beats)

- Any judge who demonstratedhostility to Roe

would not be a personthat I could vote for.

I've not seen that with Judge Kavanaugh.

- Senator Collins said shediscussed Roe versus Wade

and other cases in her one-on-onemeeting with Kavanaugh.

Democrats fighting Brett Kavanaugh's

Supreme Court nomination sayabortion rights are at stake,

but what would happen ifthe case legalizing abortion

is overturned, and what wouldmake the Court reconsider it?

Jennifer Wishon has some answers.

(dramatic beats)

- If the Supreme Courtoverturns Roe v. Wade,

then legal control over abortionis returned to the states,

setting up a new patchwork of laws.

In four states, North and South Dakota,

Mississippi and Louisiana,

abortion would be automatically banned.

Nine additional stateswhich had abortion bans

before Roe would likely become law again,

and in eight statesabortion would remain legal.

If this control returns to the states,

it would coincide with a growing number

of Americans identifying as pro-life.

Plus, Republicanscurrently hold more seats

in state legislatures across the country.

So if the last decade is any indication,

new pro-life laws could be on the way.

- We've seen an averageof nearly 60 pro-life laws

passed every single year andsigned into law since 2011.

- [Jennifer] A number of those state laws

already face court challenges,

which would likely become the mechanism

that puts abortion back onthe Supreme Court docket.

- When a case comes up based on one of

these state level laws,then the Court would be able

to reexamine the issueof abortion in America

and would be able to say, in fact,

there is no such right.

In fact, Roe was poorly reasoned.

- [Jennifer] CatherineGlenn Foster says due to

that reasoning, she feelsconfident Roe will be overturned.

It's just a matter of when.

- We expect that the nextJustice will rely upon

the Constitution, its original meaning,

the original intent of the founders,

the text of the document itself

when making these very weighty decisions,

life-altering decisions.

- So even if Roe v. Wade is overturned,

the legal fight overabortion will continue.

At the Supreme Court,Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Pat, your thoughts here.

- Well, you know, whenthat Roe decision came down

a long time ago, I felt that it was wrong.

The reason it was wrong is because

they federalized apersonal, moral decision

that human beings make, and if there is a

change in the attitude ofthe country about that,

it should be settledin a democratic process

by the voters at the ballot box,

not by five unelectedjudges in the Supreme Court

pushed on by the ACLU.

But that thing has causedrancor and bitterness

across our nation becausepeople who are pro-life

feel so frustrated becausethey can't get through,

even if they put stuff throughthe state legislatures,

it's ruled unconstitutionalbecause of a federal decision.

It should never have been federalized.

That's the same thing withthis thing about marriage.

Overwhelmingly, the states had voted to

retain marriage as a unionbetween a man and a woman.

And now all of a suddenthe Supreme Court comes out

and talks about humandignity and human personality

and all that stuff, but you've got

going all the way back toGriswold verses Connecticut.

That was the foundationof Roe versus Wade,

and that's one where Justice Douglas,

who used to teach law at Yale, I think,

he was a Yale graduate, and he comes up

with this business aboutall these penumbras

and emanations, and whoin the world heard about

a penumbra and an emanation?

Well, we found a penumbra and an emanation

in the 14th Amendment, and, therefore,

there was a right to privacythat's implicit in the law.

Well, there ain't no penumbras,

and there ain't no emanations.

The whole thing was made-up by a judge

who was a Yale graduatewho wanted Mr. Griswold

to get condoms in New Haven.

That's what it was all about,

and that was the foundationof Roe versus Wade.

The whole thing is nonsense.

But we've been stuck with it,

and there's this hideoushatred and animosity

that's been generatedbecause of the frustration

that comes about on these issues.

If it was in the states,and the states voted on it,

and the people voted,and they were content,

all right, well, the legislature's spoken,

and the people have spoken,

and we've had a referendum,

and the majority of thepeople voted for it,

then everybody would be quiet.

They'd say, okay, well,that's what the people wanted.

But this has been imposed uponthem by the Supreme Court.

So it's really been bad.

Maybe, maybe, maybe it'll be settled.

There was an op-ed in TheWall Street Journal today

about what will a Kavanaugh court be,

but, indeed, this wholething has got to be settled.

The biggest thing is judicial restraint.

Get the judges out of politics

and let them go back tointerpreting the law,

which is what they were supposed to do,

not make law, Efrem.

- Pat, the United Statesis on pace to pass

both Saudi Arabia and Russia

as the world's biggest oil producer.

The latest data releasedby the Energy Department

shows U.S. oil output growing next year

to 11.8 million barrels a day.

Energy officials saythat would make the U.S.

the world's number one producer.

They say production isbooming in shale fields

because of newertechniques, such as fracking

and horizontal drilling.

Everyone is strong in mind and heart.

That is the word fromthe doctor in Thailand

treating the boys and their soccer coach

rescued from deep withinthat flooded cave.

The 12 boys made two-finger victory signs

from their hospital beds.

They are in an isolation ward recovering

from their 18-day ordeal.

Their parents watched withrelief from behind a glass wall.

Three are being treatedfor lung infections,

but overall doctors saythey're all doing well.

They'll spend seven days in the hospital

and then go home to continue resting.

A Thai official whooversaw the rescue mission

calls it, quote, a symbolof unity among mankind.

Can't get enough of that story, Pat.

- Well, we're just grateful for those boys

that the whole world is interested.

Isn't it amazing there?

They're millions of people who die.

They're victims of trafficking.

They're caught up in disease.

They're going into war and famine.

But here you've got a few young boys

who are trapped in a cave,

and all the world is pulling for them,

praying for their release,and here they are all out,

and hopefully they're healthy.

We rejoice in that.

It's a victory for mankind,I guess we say, Terry.

- Indeed, well coming up, a young sailor

who wasn't battle readywhen called to deploy.

- When I first came onboard,

I needed the chaplain's help a lot.

We talked about God, keeping his Spirit

in mind in your daily work,

and it really pushed me through it.

- [Terry] See how thissailor and many more

are supported by chaplains in the Navy.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Well, you're watching The 700Club on this auspicious day,

and we're so delighted you're with us

in all over the countryand around the world,

wherever you're watching.

We're here for you, and let me remind you

that we have a telephone,and you can call in

all during this programor all 24-hours a day.

If you have a need, a spiritual need,

financial need orsomething you want prayer,

there's somebody here to pray with you.

It's an easy number to remember, 700-7000.

And if you wanna gooutside the local area,

the long distance number is 800,

and it's a toll-free call, 1-800-700-7000.

Like all members of our armed forces,

those who serve in the Navyspends months away from home,

and they face pressures few can imagine.

The U.S. Navy Chaplain Corpsplays an important role

in keeping them ready for battle.

Recently, CBN News reporter Erik Rosales

spent time aboard one ofour huge aircraft carriers,

and he brings us up closeto those chaplains at work.

(dramatic beats)

♪ Lord, we proclaim you now ♪

- [Erik] Welcome to church.

- When we don't trustGod and we don't have

that peace of God in ourlives and things go wrong,

there's a tendency for us at times

to use prayer as a last resort.

(plane engine roars)

- [Erik] Aboard the aircraftcarrier USS George H. W. Bush.

(plane engine roars)

- I wanna say it's oneof the most rewarding,

unique, diversified, multi-faceted

ministries you could ever imagine.

- [Erik] And that imaginationled him to a job at sea.

Growing up in the Virgin Islands,

Navy Commander John Logan says

he always wanted to ride the waves.

- It had to do something with that slogan.

It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

When I was a kid, Navy ships would come

to my home island of Saint Croix

and I would take tours on them,

and it just seemed like so much fun.

- [Erik] After high school,Logan felt called to

the ministry, so he checkedout the Navy's Chaplain Corps.

- See you guys in services tomorrow?

You gonna be in service tomorrow, 10:30?

- Yes, sir.- All right.

Chaplain Lloyd's bringing down the word.

- Navy chaplains serveas to the Chaplain Corps,

not just for the U.S. Navybut also the U.S. Marines

and the U.S. Coast Guard.

They provide a visiblereminder of the presence of God

and offer hope when our men and women

of the armed forces are going through

some of the most difficult times,

especially when theyare months out at sea.

- I don't want people to have to go into

these hard situationsin a military setting

without being reminded that God loves you

(gentle music)

and so do I.

And I want them to be able to hear that.

I want them to be able to experience that

in everything that I do.

- And I have no responsibility to

make anybody a United Methodist.

I'm happy to make them to love God,

understand that Godcares about and love them

and build God's kingdom.

Please join me for the evening prayer.

- [Erik] Providing ministryand spiritual support

is something Navy chaplains have done

since the 1775 Congressional Declaration.

On a ship nearly as long asthe Empire State Building

is tall, and a temporaryhome for some 5,000 people,

it can be also one of the loneliest

places for a young sailor.

- So when I first came onboard,

I needed the chaplain's help a lot.

- [Erik] Carolee Morrowsays she needed help

because she wasn't battle ready

when the Navy called her to deploy.

- She sat me down for quite a few hours,

and we talked about Godand the meaning of life

and what it meant tojust keep pushing forward

and keeping his Spirit inmind in your daily work.

And it really pushed me through it.

It helped me a lot, and I'm sure that

they do the same with other sailors.

- [Erik] And also for commanding officers.

- Chaplains, in a sense,provide readiness.

They allow us to putsailors back into the fight.

And so they're more than just

providing religious accommodation.

They provide counseling services.

They provide suicideprevention techniques.

They provide life skills.

All these things that matter to putting

sailors back on duty so thatwe can defeat our enemies.

- [Erik] It's a delicateprocess because everything said

between a chaplain and asailor is confidential.

- I am here so you can be successful.

I am here so you can be battle ready.

So whatever I can dowith the help of the Lord

to get you where you need to be,

to get you on your feet,

to get you in the rightcourse of direction,

to set you up on leadingyou towards your goals,

and you've got it, and you go forward,

I've done my job.

(plane engine roars)

- Bottom line, chaplains play a vital role

in increasing the resilienceof our military force.

From the flight deck ofthe George H. W. Bush,

from somewhere out in the Atlantic,

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- Well, our salute to our chaplains

as we talk about military,they're very important.

There were those chaplains that went down

in a ship that was sinking,and they waited together.

They all held hands,

various Catholic,Protestant, and so forth.

They all drowned together because

they were the last ones.

Very heroic people, soit's an important job.

- Well, up next the shocking story of

a woman who was molestedby two family members

beginning when she was two-years-old.

(dramatic beats)

- It was torment,

just pure torment because after

the touching and playing and doing

then the intercourse came.

- [Terry] Watch thissurvivor's incredible journey

to healing and wholenesswhen we come back.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- You know, I am a fatherof four, two girls.

I am the grandfather of 14.

A number of them are girls.

And I'm the great-grandfatherof another 13 or so.

A number of them are girls.

And you think of these little baby girls

that are so sweet and soprecious and so adorable,

and you see them when they begin to talk

and then they begin to walk,and they're so special.

And you just see the hand of God

in these little baby girls.

Can you imagine somebodywho would be so evil

that he would want to do sexual molesting

with a little two-year-old baby?

Can you imagine that?

I mean, it tears your heart,

and it just disgusts you to even think

that a human being would do that.

But Jane Stratner, JanieStratton, never had a chance

for a normal childhood because when

she was just two-years-old,

she was sexually molested by two members

of her very own family.

And this came when shewas three, and then four,

and then five, and thensix, and then seven,

and then eight and nine, 10, 11,

till she was finally12-years-old it stopped.

But the pain damaged Janie for decades.

(background chatter)

- [Janie] Just the guys drinking too much,

you know, using a lotof language at times,

and a couple times fights would break out.

- [Narrator] While otherkids went to the playground

and each other's homes,young Janie Stratton

spent most of her time in a bar.

- My mother and father purchased a bar.

We moved in because there wasa part that we could live in.

There was no escaping it.

There was no safety place that I could go.

(gentle music)

- [Narrator] What shesaw and heard was scary

but didn't compare towhat she experienced.

- It was torment,

just pure torment because after

the touching and playing and doing

then the intercourse came.

And I was very confused tothe point of what did I do?

- [Narrator] Janie wasjust two when a couple of

family members, one male and one female,

started molesting her.

To keep her quiet, theythreatened to hurt her.

At age 10, Janie worked up the courage

to tell someone she thought would help.

- And I even said theywere making me do this,

and he just wouldn't hear of it.

And he's like, I don't wanna even know

what you're talking about.

I just gave up because this one person

was supposed to protect me,

was supposed to love me.

He was supposed to keep me safe,

and he failed me.

I was thinking, should I kill myself?

- [Narrator] As she gotolder, she couldn't escape

an overwhelming sense of shame.

- Why am I here?

What did I do to deserve this?

Why did this even happen to me?

And at times I would justfeel useless, worthless.

Nobody could love me.

(gentle music)

Nobody would even likeme after they'd know

what has happened to me

because I didn't even like myself.

- [Narrator] After 10 years,the abuse finally stopped

when Janie was almost 12, not so the pain.

As a teen, she became promiscuous,

started smoking pot, anddrank to cope with the hurt.

She also picked fights with kids at school

to vent her anger, which latermade her feel even worse.

- You're nothing.

You'll never measure up to anybody.

You are just trash.

- [Narrator] Janie had adaughter when she was 17,

and two years later moved inwith another boyfriend, Craig.

The couple drank, abused drugs,

and in time had a son.

They often took their painand anger out on each other.

One night Janie confronted Craig

when he came home late and drunk.

- I'm up in his face.(woman grumbles)

One thing led to another.

It was on.

(woman grumbles)So we went around

a couple different times in the kitchen,

blood slinging.(couple argues)

And he hit me, but thatnight was the breaking point.

- [Narrator] Later when he passed out,

she took the kids andfled to extended family.

They told Janie they couldstay but on one condition,

that they go to churchwith them the next morning.

- And I was like (sighs) okay.

When I walked in, I felt peace,

like something was just taking this pain

for a moment so I can think.

I looked terrible, you know,

'cause I was up all night and, you know,

my eyes were swollen, no makeup.

And they still welcomed me.

It kinda scared me a little bit

because I was like, are they for real?

Are these people for real?

- [Narrator] One of thosepeople was the pastor's wife

who soon paid Janie a visit.

- She'd just share the love of God

and what he did on the crossbecause all of this was new.

I never heard about Godtaking the cross for me.

And she's like, do you wannareceive him as your savior?



I felt like I could breathe.

- [Narrator] That gave Janiethe strength and courage

to stop using drugs and alcohol.

She later returned to Craig,

and in time he beganto see a change in her.

- Like she would standup more instead of just

holding her down, and it was just

a different glow about her, I guess.

I'd hit bottom myself with the drugs,

but I didn't know how to get out,

and I'm like, there's something here.

There's a change in her life.

- [Narrator] Three months later,

Craig gave his life to Christ,

and he and Janie soon married.

In the years to come, theystudied God's Word together

and looked to him forhealing their anger and hurt.

- It was hard living thememories, having the nightmares.

I wanted at times to run back to use.

How can something that I've never seen

cleanse me, take this pain from me,

restore me,

and just blossom me?

- [Narrator] Eventually,she was able to confront

and forgive her abusers, anddecided not to press charges.

It's been more than 20 yearssince Janie came to Christ,

and she can hardly believethe person she is today.

- That sounded arrogant.

I love myself, I do.

I am worthy because God says I am,

and I didn't cause anyof my childhood stuff.

Yes, I am lovable.

Yes, I can love people.

Yes, I can,

and I will.

(gentle music)

- Isn't that marvelous?

When you come to the Lord,you find who you really are.

You're not a worthless piece of trash.

You're not a loser.

You're not a second-rate loser.

You are a victor in Christ.

You are more than a conquerorthrough him that loves you.

That's what happens whenyou come to the Lord.

You become the person thatGod intends you to be.

You're a child of the king.

You're the king's kid.

That's a pretty important thing, isn't it?

Janie, having all that abuse,

she said, I'm worthless, I'm nothing.

She's all hunched overand hanging her head,

and she doesn't wanna lookat anybody in the eye.

But now she's a child of the Lord.

I am lovable because God loves me,

and I can love others because his love

is reflected through me.

That's who you want to be, isn't it?

Isn't that who you wanna be?

I don't care what was doneto you when you were younger.

That's too bad, but that's in the past.

Let's get on with life now.

The Bible talks about havingyour conscience cleansed

from dead works to serve the living God,

and that's you wanna do.

Let's forget the dead works,

the bad things that were done to you,

the abuse you may have suffered, the pain,

I mean the physical abuse,the spousal abuse, whatever.

Let's get on and starta new life right now.

Let's start a new life in Christ.

So if you want that, let's ask him.

Let's ask him to come into your heart.

Pray these words very simply.

Lord Jesus, that's right,

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.

You know what's been done to me.

You know how I've been abused.

You know what a low self-image I have

because of how I've been hurt.

But, Lord, I know that you died for me

and that you say that inyour sight I'm special.

I'm your child if I come to you.

And so right now I receive that

invitation to join your family.

From this moment on,Lord, you are my savior

and I am yours, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Well, now if you prayedwith me that prayer,

I want to give you something.

It's called "A New Day."

It's a little packet, andI'll give it you free,

and all you have to do is call in.

And I've just told earlier in this program

that our number is 800.

It's 1-800-700-7000,so the 800 is toll-free

for the whole nation.

It's gotta be hooked in.

So it's 800-700-7000,toll-free wherever you are.

So call in right now andsay, look, I just prayed.

I've given my heart to the Lord,

and I wanted you to know the good news.

So counselors are standing by right now.

Here's Terry with what's next.

- Well, still ahead, we've got your email.

Robert says, "My wife died of cancer.

"She was prayed for byme and the church pastor,

"but she wasn't healed.

"What more should I have done?"

We have your questionsand some honest answers,

and it's all coming up.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Several missionary groupsare back in the United States

after being trapped inHaiti amid violent protests.

A team from Woodland Community Church

arrived in Florida Monday night,

and thank God for their safe return.

Other missionaries fromchurches in North Carolina

and Michigan flew home Tuesday,

but many teens are still stranded

and unable to leave the Caribbean nation.

The State Department haswarned U.S. citizens in Haiti

to seek shelter andexercise extreme caution.

Papa John's founder JohnSchnatter has resigned

as Chairman of his company's board

for racist remarks he admitted he used,

a racially insensitive word,

during a media trainingsession about race in May.

Along with his resignation,he issued an apology,

saying, "Regardless ofthe context, I apologize.

"Simply stated, racism hasno place in our society."

This is just the latestcontroversy for Shnatter.

He previously tried todownplay comments he made

about NFL players protestingduring the National Anthem.

Remember you can alwaysget the latest news

from CBN News by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are back withmuch more of today's 700 Club.

That's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

(uplifting music)

- For Tom and Catherine Cooney,

time with their grandchildrenis also Superbook time.

The couple own the completecollection of Superbook DVDs,

and the whole family has their favorites.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] Tom and CatherineCooney love nothing more

than a visit from their grandkids.

- It's so good to see you, bud.

It's a great joy.

It means the world to us.

- [Narrator] And what three-year-old Sunny

and two-year-old Weston love to do

when they come over is watch Superbook,

so after playing some games,

they all settle in for an episode.

- It brings the Bible to life.

I love that.

They see Joy and Chris,

and they learn life lessons.

This is right, and this is wrong.

It's a clear-cut thing.

- God is always with me to help me

stand up for what's right.

- [Narrator] The Cooney's have collected

the entire Superbook series,

and they have their favorite episodes.

- The Christmas Story,when the angels come

and sing in the heavenswhen Jesus is born.

(uplifting music)

Another one is Queen Esther.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] Catherine loves that the kids

are learning Bible stories,

as well as the ultimate goal of Superbook.

- Is it an angel?

The most important job of the parent

is to lead their child to Jesus,

and I think Superbook is areally good aid in doing that.

(children's religious music)

And these little childrensee 'em at school

or see 'em at church or wherever

and go home and telltheir parents about it,

so adults are being saved, too.

It's just the most wonderful thing.

It's all about saving souls.

And so when it gets tothe end of the video

and the song comes on Sunnysings, it's just adorable.

♪ Jesus, you died upon the cross ♪

♪ And rose again to save the lost ♪

♪ Forgive me now ♪

- I wanna tell youabout the Superbook Club

because members of the Superbook Club

get the latest episodes delivered right to

their mailbox as soon as they're released.

If you'd like to join,

you can give us a call at 1-800-700-7000,

or you can log on to

When you join, we're gonnasend you three copies

of our newest release,Elijah and the Widow.

Mine just arrived.

Plus, we'll include a Superbooksummer splash party bonus

for you with three more episodes,

Paul and the Shipwreck,Noah and the Ark, and Jonah.

Altogether, that's sixDVDs, and it's yours

for a recurring gift of $25.

So call us today.

It's 1-800-700-7000 or go to

and join the Superbook Club.

It's a great opportunityfor your children,

your grandchildren, your neighbors,

kids in your church, and at the same time

you'll be making it available to children

around the world, so call now, Pat.

- Thank you.

Well, as you know, sports.

Sports are big in people's lives.

So in his role as General Manager of

the San Francisco Giants, Bobby Evans,

has experienced the fullextremes of pro sports.

He's won three World Series championships,

before finishing lastseason with baseball's worst

(laughs) record, so CBNsports reporter Tom Buehring

traveled to the ballparkto talk with Evans

about the highs andlows of his volatile job

and the steadfast anchorof his personal faith.

(dramatic beats)(upbeat music)

- This is AT&T park, homeof the San Francisco Giants,

who build championship quality teams,

not with baseball cards andfantasy leagues, uh huh.

Their General Manager, BobbyEvans, is the real deal

and the guy that makes the real deals.

Come on.

You sign this guy, trade for him.

What would we be surprisedabout in the process

that complicates it orthat accommodates it?

- Yeah, there's so many different elements

that factor into decisions,what our empire staff

and player developmentpeople understand about

the person as well as the performance.

But also their work ethic andthe make-up of the player,

dependence upon theanalytics of the game now.

There's economic factors.

It is a complex formula, but, again,

it's an organic process.

It can't happen overnight.

Some things just take time.

- Like his ascent within the organization.

Hired in 1994 as anadministrative assistant,

Bobby's now emerged asboth Senior Vice President

and GM of the Giants, three-timeWorld Series champions

over the past eight seasons.

On the field, does it get harder

or easier sustaining that success?

- It is hard.

It is getting harder.

I don't think it's getting easier.

There's obstacles froma financial perspective.

There's obstacles in terms of

the pool of talent, their competition.

Teams are getting better and stronger,

and they're sustaining success.

Injuries, you know,players are getting older.

The turnover is a hard part of it.

- For you in the role that you are,

winning aside, that's always the given,

but there's only room for one.

What do you value themost in measuring success?

- That's a great question.

There's a lot of ways to measure success,

but for us on the field it'shaving sustained success

and having a chance tocompete year in and year out.

But I think that there's other ways

and just in terms of the culture of

the organization and thehard work of our scouts,

from whether it be free agent signing,

trades, or players comingup through the system.

A lot of our success is measured in

what kind of impact wemake in the community

of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

You see success measured inthe hearts of our players

in terms of how they reach out.

- The year-round rosterchanges are time-consuming.

Bobby's phone is never off,

often requiring threefull recharges per day.

How did you guys do itwithout a cell phone?

- Yeah, when I firststarted, I had to find

the pay phone in the restaurant first.

(Tom laughs)

That was first and foremost,

and if they didn't have a pay phone,

I'd have to find a new restaurant.

- As a major league GM, Bobbyis among a small fraternity

of only 30 pro baseball executives.

While his field of view is focused,

his perspective stays simple.

What's cool about thissideline nobody else gets?

- The best part of this seat is that

the cookies and coffee are in that room.

(Tom laughs)

- How do you walk, Bobby, that tightrope

of overseeing the organization,

bringing guys in as acommodity to fill a need

while caring for their well-being?

- Well, I think it just goes hand-in-hand.

We care about the whole person,

and so this organization is its people.

It is its players.

I think as General Managers we don't wanna

lead our players astray, to make decisions

that effect their family and their future

and their career based on misinformation.

It all goes together.

Unless you value them first as a person,

you'll never value themappropriately as a player.

- [Tom] Bobby's league-wide reputation

for integrity and consistency

spans and links hispublic and private life.

- One of the ways I keep up with some of

my closer friends is theycome out to the ballpark.

It blends sorta two worlds together,

and it's a great industry for families.

It's hard because you spendtime apart as you work here.

But how many places can you work

where your family is so welcomed

to come out and be a part of it?

We should strive to be the same person

whether in a businessmeeting at the office

or we're in a Bible study.

- How is excellencetied to biblical living?

- I mean I think that'swhat Christ calls us to,

our best in Christ, and our best in Christ

is really our best beyond ourselves.

When our dependence is onhim and not on ourselves

and our trust is in him, and we're not,

you know, performing for him.

We're trusting him and allowing him

to do the work that he will do

in his time in us and through us.

- How does that practically assist you?

- There's a dependence on him,

and that's just part oflife lived day to day.

I look back on times in my life where I've

experienced his presence, at a time where

I felt like I needed direction,

when I needed comfort and had lost my mom

and then not long later my dad,

wisdom in the midst of his guidance.

But ultimately it's a relationship

that Christ gives us withhim that we're privileged.

- [Tom] The engineer and lead negotiator

for one of baseball's storied franchises

remains true to his childhood faith

in his own pursuit of excellence.

- Part of relationshipsrequire time with him

and having the discipline to spend time

hearing his voice orseeking him through his Word

as a man, a husband, and a father.

There's no way to do it alone.

- Fascinating, isn't it?

That's a pressure job.

You need a outlet, and youneed the comfort of the Lord.

Okay, it's time for questions and answers.

- That's right.

This first one, Pat, comesfrom Robert who says,

"My wife died of cancer.

"She was prayed for byme and the church pastor,

"but she wasn't healed.

"Should I have taken herto the elders for healing?

"I feel guilty for not doing that.

"What more should I have done?"

- Look, I have no idea, butI tell you cancer is awful.

I've been on the bedside ofpeople who've died of cancer.

Chemotherapy, in myopinion, kills most cells.

It leaves the person extremely weak.

And when you're trying tohave a spiritual thing,

where you want their own immune system

to wake up and fight this thing,

they don't have the will to do it.

I just read a book about cancer cells

that you can starve them, and apparently

they exist on sugar andsome of these things,

so there's a possibility you can go on

some kind of a fastingdiet and kill the thing.

But it's very hard.

Should she have gone to the elders?

I don't know.

The Bible says if anybody'ssick let them call the elders

and they anoint them and pray,

and the prayer of faithwill raise them up.

But I tell you, cancer islike a maligned presence.

It's got to be rebukedin the name of the Lord,

and it needs everythingknown to man, all right.

- This is Mary who says,"My husband has not

"attempted to have sex in 17 years.

"He could care less.

"Is this normal?"

- Good grief, no.(Terry laughs)

- I was waiting for that answer.

(Terry and Pat laugh)

- I mean, 17 years.

- [Terry] Yeah, what?

- There's something theyadvertise about so-called low T.

If there's low testosterone,

there's little or nointerest in that activity.

If they have so-callederectile dysfunction,

then they oughta go to a urologist,

and they have all kinds of ways of

helping them through that condition.

But this is ridiculous.

The Bible makes it very clear that

the wife's body belongs to the husband,

and the husband's bodybelongs to the wife.

And Paul said you can goapart for a time for fasting,

but then come back togetheragain, lest you be tempted.

So the marital relationis an integral part

of the whole experience of being married,

and to deprive a wifeof that for 17 years is,

in my opinion, grounds for divorce.

But it may be that mancould use some counseling.

But there's a medicalintervention that's needed

in that case, as wellas spiritual, all right.

- Okay, this is Glen who says,

"I said the Lord's name in vain.

"I broke the third commandment.

"I feel fear that afterI die, I'll go to hell.

"What can I do?

"How can I be saved?"

- What does Jesus say?

He said all manner of sins and blasphemies

will be forgiven the sons of man,

and that includes blasphemy, you know,

you use God's name in vain.

But isn't that what goes on all the time?

I was given a scriptfor a potential movie,

and over and over again the characters

were using the nameJesus like it was just,

you know, a regular word,and it was a curse word.

And people used the Lord's name in vain,

and, you know, damnthis and damn the other.

They need to get right,

but will it keep you from heaven?

Unconfessed sin is a problem,

and I think you'll need to confess it,

ask forgiveness, andget on with your life.

But the Lord will forgive it, absolutely.

- Okay, this is Kieran who says,

"What will happen to all those

"left behind after the rapture?"

- There's an awful lot of bad theology,

and I know Tim LaHayemade a bunch of money

on that whole--- Book series, yeah,

Left Behind.- Oh, that whole Left Behind,

series he made a bundle,but it's false theology.

I mean, God bless him,but it's false theology.

The Bible does not teach this business

about what you're thinkingis going to be a rapture.

An elect will be caughtup to be with the Lord.

Then there's gonna be this tribulation,

and then Lord's gonna come.

The Bible doesn't teach that.

The Bible teach that God's gonna come.

There's gonna be a shout of command.

It'll be the voice of the archangel,

the trump of God, andhe will send his angels

to gather his elect from thefour corners of the earth.

That's the rapture, andit'll be at the end of time.

The Lord will take charge of the earth.

But the idea of engineerson trains being caught up,

the trains running off the tracks

and airplanes crashing.

It's all nonsense.

It just ain't gonna happen that way.

You think God's gonna do that?

He's gonna pull all his key people

out of the seats they're in?

Leave their uniforms behind

and they're off being raptured?

No way, that isn't what the Bible teaches.

When he comes, he's going to take

control of the earth, period, all right.

- Okay, I've got a quick one for you here

from Gwen who wants to know.

She said, "I want to tithe regularly,

"have been until myhusband told me not to.

"So can I serve the churchand consider that my tithe?"

- I think you can.

You're doing what's considered right.

You're under submission to your husband,

and he says I don't wantyour money being used

to give to the church.

Now God's not gonna bless your family.

He's gonna deny him and you a blessing.

But you're serving the Lord,

and the Lord honors that.

We leave you with today'sPower Minute from Isaiah.

Though the mountains be shakenand the hills be removed,

yet my unfailing love toyou will never be shaken.

See you tomorrow, bye-bye.


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