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Danger on Israel's Border: Why Israel's Netanyahu Keeps Meeting with Russia's Putin

Danger on Israel's Border: Why Israel's Netanyahu Keeps Meeting with Russia's Putin Read Transcript

- [Reporter] Following the meeting between

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

and Russian PresidentPutin, Israeli reports said

Russia was working toremove Iranian forces

from Israel's border with Syria.

It's the subject the Israelileader came to discuss.

- [Translator] It's not for you

that our focus is on Syria and Iran.

- Netanyahu has been working very hard

to try to keep openlines of communication.


Because Russian militaryforces are operating

just over the northernmountains of Israel in Syria.

And Israel doesn't have amilitary conflict with Russia

and it does not want amilitary conflict with Russia.

- [Reporter] Israel hasits redlines inside Syria.

- [Translator] Israel cannot allow

Iranian presence in Syria.

Of course, we will in noway allow the Iranian bases

or Hezbollah bases on the Israeli border.

That's why the dialogue withthe Russians is very important

and I really hope thatalso during these talks

between Trump and Putin thesesubjects will be addressed

and will be solved.

- [Reporter] The border continues

to present a challenge to Israel.

On Wednesday, Israel shot down a drone

that violated its airspace.

The IDF retaliated by hittingthree targets inside Syria.

And a top Iranian general has threatened

Israel's destruction fromjust across the border.

Today an international Islamicarmy has been formed in Syria

and the voices of the muslimsare heard near the Golan.

Orders are awaiting sothat the custom of god

vis-a-vis the eradicationof the evil regime will land

and the life of this regimewill be ended for good.

The life of the Zionist regime was never

in danger as it is now.


(gunshots banging)

In the meantime, the Syrian army aided

by Russian air support isceasing strategic territory

from rebel forces in southern Syria.

A top Israeli intelligence group reports

Iranian troops are also in the fight

often wearing Syrian uniformsto disguise themselves.

All these boots on the ground threaten

Israel's northern border.

A key reason Prime MinisterNetanyahu will insist

Iran must leave Syria either on its own

or with help from the IDF.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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